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Sandy Hook Investigation We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Published on December 3rd, 2014 | by -swansong-


We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

In this article titled We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook we will discuss the new Sandy Hook documentary from Independent Media Solidarity.

First comes thought;
then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans;
then transformation of those plans into reality.
The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

-Napoleon Hill-

A few months ago I had the serendipitous fortune to become acquainted with a couple of dedicated researchers…a couple of dedicated researchers with imagination. They imagined a documentary project bringing together the work and talents of some of the many alternative researchers tirelessly working for the truth.

While this research community is vast and dedicated and has done extraordinary work uncovering curious aspects of the events in Sandy Hook there is one important quality we’ve been lacking…organization.

It’s bad enough that mainstream media (msm), due to it’s close ties with business and politics, chooses to turn a blind eye to any hint of conspiracy in modern events but the inability/unwillingness of researchers to organize has made it even more difficult to forward a cohesive narrative.

Enter YouTuber, Mr.Stosh and Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network


We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook 2


We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Peter Klein is a self-styled journalist, sometimes podcast host, independent documentary producer, blogger and activist. Peter’s career barely hints at what have become his current interests. Those include revisiting and re-contextualizing history, making sense of social and political phenomenon and finding ways to share what he’s learned with others. Peter is from California, but currently resides in Lexington Kentucky.

The Conspiracy Theorist:

History isn’t about events of the past to be learned, but rather conspiracies to be uncovered. Peter isn’t ashamed to be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist, and chooses rather to think of himself as an Anti-Propagandist. As his understanding of the way things are has grown and become more refined, he only holds closer to the notion that conspiracies abound. They are, to him largely the result of an America that has grown to respect anonymous authority, to its peril.

The Social Media Personality:

Peter began his path toward independent journalism with a blog he never got around to promoting. It was always a work in progress. Once he made the switch to producing videos, mostly for YouTube things began to gel. Now, he operates the not insignificant YouTube Channel, Tyranny News Network where he regularly produces videos that either poke fun at the ludicrous nature of society or tackle the difficult subjects that he believes is a valuable exercise.


Wayne Carver Crashing Down


Mr.Stosh – Delving into the many streams of “conspiracy culture,” one can get overwhelmed, frustrated, and utterly disgusted about the ongoing corruption that takes place behind the scenes.

My YouTube handle “MrStosh,” which is often used as a derogatory name (of Polish origin), is a quick reminder not to take myself, or anything too serious. At the same time, investigating information without bias is what I strive to do. It was Herbert Spencer who is attributed with the phrase “Ignorance is Condemnation before Investigation;” a gentle reminder of how not to act.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Between the two of them they began developing a plan; a plan that would include bringing together various researchers under the organizational umbrella of Independent Media Solidarity




Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) is a newly established and loosely connected group of independent journalists. Their first documentary film is entitled, ‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.’

‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook’ is like no other Sandy Hook documentary. The closest match in terms of the depths to which it delves is the PBS documentary, ‘Raising Adam Lanza.’ The many videos independently produced and mostly found on YouTube are meaningful when taken as a whole, but none individually are as ground-breaking. What IMS has done is to push beyond the barrier that separates the independent producers of this type of content and the automatic acceptance enjoyed by main-stream news sources.

IMS has sought to avoid any semblance of the corporate news. They have no corporate structure and the people involved are not bound to the relationship. The underlying story here is about how the new media is unfolding as the old media atrophies from disuse. IMS was keen to exclaim that they encourage others to reach out to them or embark on similar ventures of their own. Ultimately, it may be groups like IMS and others that earn the credibility and popularity needed to become the present day media.

We at Insanemedia were honored to be asked to participate in this production. It has long been our contention that what was needed in order to effectively express our grave concerns about Sandy Hook and other such events was a focused and cohesive narrative. This seemed to be the perfect project at the perfect time.

I asked Peter and Mr.Stosh to describe their motivations for initiating this project.

Mr.Stosh: “It all started about 9 months ago. Peter and I ironically contacted each other, at about the same time, (without having conversed once before) about putting together a group project. Our ideas, the goals of which were some what different, merged into the collaborative project ‘We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.”

“Ultimately, what I observed within the Sandy Hook research community at the time was the endless presentations, by many different people, pointing out various inconsistencies and anomalies within the official Sandy Hook narrative; some false, some weak, and some powerful.”

“The objective was to get as many knowledgeable Sandy Hook researchers together and present only powerful, virtually “undebunkable” topics within the Sandy Hook story. By doing so, our hope was to present a professional looking documentary, one in which you can show your family without being ridiculed and labeled as the now dirty phrase “conspiracy theorist.”

“At the same time, our hope was to finally get somewhere with all the information we have at our fingertips; The main goal being Full Disclosure. Fortunately, 10 of the most intelligent and relentless researchers were willing to participate, and thereafter helping create an unprecedented collaborative documentary.”

“There were many bumps in the road along the way, but Peter, who edited the entire opus, stayed the course and handled all the info I was throwing at him. A very wise man once stated we could put together a documentary on all the inconsistencies within the Sandy Hook event “an hour a month for 4 years,” but at about 3 hours total in length, I think we got the message across.”

Peter: “I think the primary reason why our group wanted to report on Sandy Hook was its recency. Although nearly 2 years has passed, it was thought that an independent group should begin to unravel its secrets before it became another 9/11. Many people feel the opportunity has passed to reveal the secrets of 9/11, which occurred well over a decade ago now.”

“Whether it’s known to the general public or not, an ever-growing number of people question the events of Sandy Hook. Not a day passes that I’m not told by someone that they too have their doubts. This really concerns them. And, it concerns our group. That’s the bottom line. We may each have differences of opinion on certain points, but we all share the common goal of disclosure. We think Sandy Hook is itself cloaked in too much secrecy, but of greater concern to Americans is how Sandy Hook appears to be the opening salvo in a movement by government toward greater secrecy.”

Thus began the process of recruiting just the right band of merry men and women to the project. The recruits would have to be dedicated, informed and not easily intimidated. It was close but I’m pleased to report I made it in on the 3rd ballot. My contribution centered around one of our earliest areas of research…

Memory Hole:The Dawn Hochsprung File

Here are the other tenacious researchers with whom I am honored to have shared this opportunity. I encourage you to click on their links, visit their YouTube channels and subscribe….now! Go! While you’re at the various channels check to see if they have a backup channel. If so, subscribe to that, as well.

You can find Insanemedia’s channel here

You can find all the individual documentary segments by these fine folks here.

While I have chosen to remain mostly a writer rather than a video producer, I assure you, I have leaned on, pinched, grabbed, swiped and flat out stolen pieces of research from all these people and many others.


Tyranny News Network


Professor Doom


Free Radio Revolution

Sherri Questioning All

Sandy Hook Researcher aka NamesNotMary

Up North of the 49th

There were many other fine researchers and video makers we would have loved to have included in this production. Just because your name doesn’t appear in the list above does not mean your contribution goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

A little earlier I suggested you make a point of subscribing to the backup channels for the various participants in this documentary project. You may be wondering why.


YT Ban


That alert is from the Insanemedia YouTube Channel. Lenny Pozner had the documentary removed for a supposed copyright violation. If you’re not familiar with Lenny and his tactics I would invite you to check out one of our more recent articles.

The REAL Sandy Hook Stalkers

Not satisfied with having the documentary removed he also headed over to my backup channel and had that one taken down entirely, since it was my 3rd strike.


YT ban 2


You can find more info on the Orwellian-named “Honr Network” at the link above.

It wasn’t just Lenny that got his panties wadded in his crack over this documentary, either. The initial hosting site chosen was Vimeo.


Vimeo Removal


Reason: Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred or depict excessive violence.

Frankly, it’s difficult to know which of the above Vimeo laws we are accused of breaking. Surely it couldn’t be excessive violence. Inciting hatred would seem to be a stretch (unless hating being lied to, counts), so all that’s left is harassment.

If it’s “harassment” to methodically examine an issue and present your findings in a clear and logical manner…well…we’ll wear the tag proudly. And Vimeo…well…you should have just been thankful we gave you an opportunity to be a part of this revelation.

Even as I write this one of our presenters (FreeRadioRevolution) is being mercilessly attacked on his YouTube channel with multiple vexatious copyright claims by Lenny and his front group.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

I’ll save my last word for Lenny and all others that would attempt to limit the viewership for this documentary and our right to make and discuss it…

Whether you know it or not you are on the wrong side of history. It just hasn’t arrived yet. Try as you may to plug all the leaks they will continue to form faster than you’ll be able to seal them. I hope those with whom you conspire are remunerated well for their efforts because they’re about to really start earning it.

Good luck. You’re gonna need it.


Fingers in a dyke


And now, without further ado, I am thrilled to present the first collaborative effort of Independent Media Solidarity, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. Feel free to download this video and share it far and wide.



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40 Responses to We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

  1. kelley says:

    Watched the video the hour it was first put up on Sunday night and enjoyed the fact filled 2 hours and 46 seconds then I proceeded to send it to various news outlets as well as everyone on my mailing list. It is not too often if at all when the American people can see in a full feature film what is being done to their psyche, how fear needlessly overcomes them based on these false flag psychological operations delivered by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security and overseen by Obama and Holder and Bloomberg. The school shooting hoax unfolds before your very eyes.

  2. Maureen says:

    I tweeted the “We need to Talk About Sandy Hook” video to James O’Keefe, and received a “favorite” from someone immediately following, and I shared it with Ulsterman Books, and DW Ulsterman gave me a “Like” when I mentioned the James O’Keefe share. Also tweeted it to Paul Ryan, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Speaker Boehner, and e-mailed link to Maureen Dowd, NYT, Washington Post, WashingtonTimes, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly (I am aware that Beth Ailes’ newspaper had pre-knowledge). I am going to reach out to as many African Americans as I can, handing out my essay on Sandy Hook, in their communities, for they are looking to Holder and Obama right now, as heroes, and the truth sets EVERYONE free, not just white Americans. Thank you, Swan for providing this background piece, and informing all, just what the seekers of Sandy Hook truth, are up against. You always present your information with clarity, and are a stickler for the facts- which is always appreciated.

    • -swansong- says:

      Many thanks, Maureen. It takes a village…and we’re glad you’re a part of it.

    • Sandy says:

      I have to remain anonymous. I just do. But, I have been posting the name of the video to the comments section of BS news articles regarding Sandy Hook, all over the net. I usually get a message of support as a reply to those posts. Too bad I can’t post a link yet – Lenny is Posnering hard and fast. I just did a torrent download of it for the first time, and was amazed at how fast and easy it was. Now I can send it to people I trust – people with connections.

      • -swansong- says:

        Thank you for having the courage to do so. Every time that video is shared there is the chance that one more set of eyes will be opened.
        We appreciate you like crazy 🙂

  3. medusajoe says:

    we need to talk about sandy hook
    Good start.

    By 5 pm on the day of sandy hook police had seized adam lanzas pediatric records Which included his 8th grade emergency visit while attneding st rose of lima school
    Yet st rose of lima church and school was getting bomb threats form freinds of adams who wanted to finish the job off via telephone
    It took two months for police to obtain adams cell phone records.


    • Sandy says:

      I hope Able Child will access the 8th grade hospital records. Perhaps it was then, that something happened at St. Rose of Lima which destroyed this kid.

      If he did exist as the son and brother of two hugely successful tax executives – the pressure on him to make it into a top tier university would been heavy.

      Since he appears to have two sets of school records – clearly someone is covering up. His cell phone records were originally reported as non-existent, as well as any friendships. Apparently this is all untrue, One researcher found an Adam Lanza to have played a game of college soccer at Western Connecticut and scored a goal. This does not sound like the huddled eccentric as has been described.

      Did Nancy file a lawsuit against St. Rose? Nancy and Adam have certainly been discredited and demonized.

      Two of my sisters were sexually abused by a Catholic priest in Cleveland Ohio by the name of Father Carl Wernet. One of the girls was targeted regularly and repeatedly , and to this day, a full-half century later, is an agoraphobic.

      The St. Rose connection has always been present, yet murky.

      • medusajoe says:

        Aryan empires is in contact with groups in newtown that are outraged by the oca reports blatant lies and he says they want to take legal action

      • Zephyr says:

        Totally agree about the St. Rose oddness! And you can add this bit: Georgeann Manfredonia was a kindergarten teacher at St. Rose when Adam attended–and left the school for good when he did. As of 12/14, she lived a few hundred feet from the Lanza home, and was very likely the 911 caller from the school parking lot that morning. By her own admission, she was there — along with her young son and husband — early enough to see an injured child carried out of the school. Her husband was cuffed by police within five minutes of the 911 call, and her daughter was in Roig’s class–the details of which remain a mystery (it now seems clear the entire class was NOT sheltering safely in the bathroom). Except for the St. Rose teaching part, none of this would be noteworthy were it not for the Herculean effort over the past two years to cover up the Manfredonias’ whereabouts and actions that day.

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  5. Marko says:

    Well, here it is and CBS Sunday Morning couldn’t wait for the anniversary to trot out some supposed 2nd grade SH teachers to talk about gun control with Jane Pauly (she’s still alive… who knew?). After universal background checks they then moved on to magazine capacity. Lanza alone expending 154 rounds in 5 minutes was again presented uncritically, and the unfired rows of ammo he carried were shown. Yeah right – over 1/3rd of his body weight hanging off of him and the rail thin Rambo is changing mags on the move like a video game. Physics ain’t a bitch since when? I for one am sick of the bullshit and being close to retirement myself, am more than willing to take the flak from the Professional Outrage Brigade©
    If it is a naked attack on the Constitution (which a mag cap restriction unequivocally is), then they can expect more push back than they ever imagined as the story refuses to die.

    • -swansong- says:

      Jane Pauly (she’s still alive… who knew?)

      Hilarious…that’s almost exactly what I said. And not one of them wished they had a gun…even in retrospect?

  6. Sandy says:

    As more and more people see the documentary – I am seeing commentary by professionals who want to take action. Any detectives, and especially those with boots on the ground in Connecticut would be invaluable. Independent Media Solidarity needs to take a quick breath, then start work on a sequel. An entire segment should be committed to Allison Wyatt. I looked for her parents, for days, and couldn’t find any that matched-up age-wise. They weren’t shown in any of the coverage of the funeral, nor the building of the playground. I was amazed to see a Google reference to a photo caption listing their names.( The names themselves sound created. Ben Wyatt is the name of a character on the show, “Parks and Recreation.” The mother’s first name, Cheyenne, has a western vibe that combines well with the famous Wyatt Earp.) When I eagerly checked for the photo, they were identified in the caption, but it was a picture of the Wheelers and Ms. Hensel walking on an airstrip. No Wyatts at all, and not sure how anyone could have made such a glaring mistake. Further, they were described in an article written during the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Allison Wyatt Playground, However, there were no photos of them, and the writer noted that they had refused interviews and prohibited photos.
    And finally, photos of Allison’s sadly neglected grave site were inconsistent with a real child’s final resting place. Because of the outcry, I expect there is a mausoleum by now. This is an area of potentially incontrovertible empirical evidence – that can convince any jury.

  7. Marko says:

    Hi Swan – finally saw the epic on my Kindle at work (with the door shut – slow afternoon, what can I say). Amazing work by all. I can now shut up about various things I thought hadn’t been addressed, which were wonderfully covered in this expose. What an accursed place the whole state is. Two things that have bothered me was, in one video Sherrie showed that furniture was blocking the shot out classroom windows, and had to be moved out of the way for the trajectory readings. This means that supposedly hollowpoint rounds (per Carver) traveled through the bookcases and aluminum window frames without expansion by the looks of the holes. Not what I would expect to see at all. A .223/5.56 JHP will blow up to the size of a nickel against resistance. The second thing is, who what why would Nancy or Adam end up with a 10mm? You are going to convince me that a 112 lb kid would agitate for his aged yuppie Mom to get him a hand cannon rejected by the FBI for being too “hot”? It is basically a .40 S&W on steroids. I call bullshit on that as well as that hole in his hat being an exit wound from a point blank 160 grain shot through the skull. Not my area of expertise, but I know a few things about firearms. I would like to know more about the gun shop that lost their license over the Lanza’s. I wonder if that guy has an axe to grind and or fat to chew?

    • -swansong- says:

      Wow…fantastic comments. I am sorry to say I am not near as knowledgeable when it comes to firearms as I’d like to be…but I would very much like to see ballistics part of any possible, future project.

      • Marko says:

        I don’t know if you saw Breaking Bad, but in Season One a character portraying a DEA Agent gave a little cowboy speech about how “real men” carry a .40 instead of a 9mm. The 10mm uses a round that is 1.5 times the length (more gunpowder) than the .40
        They also showed a dramatization of what a .40 would do at a distance of ~10 feet (with technical advisers on set). It wasn’t like Lanza’s hat by any stretch.

  8. knee says:

    Where can I download this!?
    Archive.or gives me this message when I try to download it….

    “This item is not available due to issues with the item’s content”

    I am truly concerned about how the internet is censoring this video.

  9. medusajoe says:

    Eric Langlois the drowned st Rose Drill Photographer : BA in Psychology – was a researcher at Yale Child Study Center Developmental Electrophysiology Laboratory (DEL)


  10. medusajoe says:

    Yale big pharma & sandy hook – Drug regulation; Zyprexa (olanzapine) has murdered 200,000 people International Pharmaceutical Companies and Organised Crime: Psychiatry The Mafia’s Paradise
    the Cochrane report conference video interview


  11. Will Munny says:

    Scarlet Lewis’ ridiculous stories are absurd. “Nurturing, healing, love” and “Angel and the Badman” are so obviously constructed to manipulate emotions, but are so over-the-top, they are simply not believable. Her partnership w/former CIA guy and Obama pal is a huge red flag and the business they’re running is something I predicted would happen from the very start — a school equivalent of TSA. Orwellian madness.

  12. Will Munny says:

    Where some online claims of photos being of someone else are a stretch — and probably deliberate disinfo — the Pozner/Haller 10-year-old photo is obviously the same kid, and another smoking gun in this outrageous scam on the American people.

  13. Will Munny says:

    Mark Barden’s claims are such bullshit. What 10-year-old asks a politician to pass legislation?? Like Lewis, these claims cannot be verified since the alleged speakers of such unbelievable drivel are “dead.”

  14. Will Munny says:

    The segment about police video not matching the story is very well done. Showing the location of the cop car and angle of what should have been captured eliminates any claims of ‘Well, that was in the content redacted moment(s).’

  15. Will Munny says:

    Swansong- Excellent job on Hochsprung. One thing I noticed about her is how few photos there are available of her. As a school principal, you would think she would be in a lot more. Also, her hairdo and age differences in the photos would suggest her hair was long at the time of her alleged “death,” as the older-appearing photos look like her short ‘do period.

    Questions: Is it realistic to think her hair would have grown out that much in the lapse of time alleged? How come there aren’t more photos of her?

  16. medusajoe says:

    Eric langlois was a qualified phychiatrist and worked in the labs of yale child study center http://wp.me/p2ib23-3sj And Yale child study Center & Koenig are guilty of Endangering a child with an illegal drug And Lying about the side effects of the illegal drug, to the legal parent of the child she was Illegally drugging- Adam Lanza was illegally Prescribed Celexa By Yale child study center Connecticut Psychiatry services Whilst still a minor http://wp.me/p2ib23-3sO – See more at: https://www.insanemedia.net/sandy-hookthe-face-of-tragedy/5250#comment-12295

  17. medusajoe says:

    I don’t will money I only will the truth

  18. Will Munny says:

    Here’s the rest of my comments from watching “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.”

    I thought at first the segment about activity at the house next door to the Lanzas didn’t really add anything and may have been better off withheld until something else came from that.

    The Odinrok segment about the TV coverage of the day was something that struck me about it. The very narrow parameters of what was being shown. So controlled. Not to mention the calendar-inappropriate clothing. Compare it to Hocksprung’s (if it really was hers) photo tweeted from the fire station in October – two months earlier – showing much colder weather. Hmmm. Drill to fire station. Incidentally, that photo to me looks like teachers and students waiting for school buses at their respective traffic cones. It’s never made sense to me that they would walk all the way to the fire station for a fire drill. I remember as a kid just gathering outside the school. SHES has plenty of grounds for that. Was that photo of a“fire drill” at firehouse or a field trip to the firehouse? The CT legislation to hide information previously standardly released are some of the biggest red flags. Crime scene photos, 911 tapes — “hearing can be just as bad as seeing” (bad as they are protecting the tender sensibilities of those who have been hearing the same for years, or in it reveals what a sham this is?), death certificates, statements
    CT 13-311 is outrageous. Public records are PUBLIC records, as the one legislator said.

    Freeradiorevolution’s part certainly reveals Whacky Gene Rosen for the phony, horrible actor he is. Gene’s rehearsing reminds me of Jerry Lundergard practicing for his phone call to his father-in-law in “Fargo.”

    Tyranny News Network’s segment about website foreknowledge, i.e. Google and Bing cache, is well-done, showing and explaining how cache is done and pages dated, disproving claims that pre-dated pages could be dismissed as some simple mistake or time zone anomaly. United Way’s clairvoyance gives creedence to the claim that many well-known charity organizations are scams run by TPTB.

    The DNA tests in MrStosh314’s section on the official report and Vance’s out-of-control ego reminds me of the lack of physical evidence connection of Oswald and the Mannlicher Carcano rifle. Also, the photos of the classroom interior are odd. Why would the classroom furniture etc be cleared afterward and everything stacked up on the perimeter like that? It looks way too neat and more like long-term storage stacking.

    The segment by QKUltra on Shannon Hicks is outstanding. Video edited a day before “the event” and Hicks photos’ metadata altered with Photoshop. Why on earth would that ever be done unless as an attempt to mislead?

    Sandy Hook Research’s early statements report. Rick Thorne.. meh.

    Tyranny News Network’s bit on MSM. Robert Skuba doesn’t add much IMO.

    MrStosh314’s part about the day’s footage including the 10:36-11 am helicopter footage showing no sense of urgency, including the cops picnic — one of those ridiculously unrealistic behaviors that day – and Sofia Smallstorn’s production hits some key points toward hoax. The 5-year ER nurse’s comment read by Smallstorm describes one of the blatant anomalies of the day — no EMTs, ambulances or helicopters at school trying desperately to save and/or revive lives of children. As anyone who has been around emergency operations, this is one of the most obvious examples of this being a complete hoax. The people meandering in and out of the firehouse is another thing that stood out to me. They weren’t exhibiting realistic behavior. They reminded me of that video “game” The Sims. This is the great thing about crisis “actors”: they are horrible actors. One of the many silly things I like to do is notice the bad acting in movies, particularly by extras, which essentially is what crisis actors are. They always OVER-do any actual “acting.” This is due to them wanting to be actors so badly (no pun intended), they are so conscious of “acting” they are never convincing in portraying normal behavior. This is evident in the pretend cell phone calls they stop to make in the middle of their “scenes.” They over-gesticulate, flailing their arms about and performing more actions than people do in real life. Also, why would people just continuously hang around a firehouse walking in circles? If this were real, people would be looking toward the school to see any signs of ANYTHING or at least hanging near officials or asking them for updates. None of this is seen. The officer’s statement that he watched the evacuation on dash cams is so blatantly false, it’s absurd. MrStosh314 makes some excellent points, including Lanza’s super-herculean abilities when allegedly he couldn’t even tie his shoes.

    UpNorthofthe49th’s report on the endless fundraising makes a good point: why are people conducting fundraisers over the death of their child? Who does this? Why? Was the 8-year-old the family breadwinner?

    MrStosh314’s segment on gun control legislation and lobbying about “mental health” issues does a good job of pointing out what have been obvious motives of this hoax to those hip to this charade. The parroting of both throughout the MSM has been been so transparent of their motive — future gun-grabbing based on “mental health records.”

    Bulldozing the school and gag orders on those who did it and others, is the type of behavior done by guilty parties trying to cover up crimes. Hmmmm.

  19. Will Munny says:

    I thought they could have/should have included more about the weird behavior of the parents — the Parkers almost busting out laughing when they look at each other during one TV interview, Robbie Parker’s infamous sudden shift into grieving dad character, all the laughing and smiling of all the participants. Also, of course, Dr. Wayne Carver’s odd demeanor – “No. I don’t. HAHA.” and, “It wasn’t a tent. It was this huge.. magnificent …THING. HAH!” and other points made in ‘The Face of Tragedy’ here and red pill revolution’s entertaining 15-minute “Top WTF Moments of Sandy Hook” video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGzYlPoPE1s

  20. medusajoe says:

    Swan if your sick of the lies you gonna have to Make a stand for the sake of the truth
    you should be writing an article similar to the one i wrote above
    because they gona make us all like like fools.
    Easily dismantled arguments are going to be no use to anyone
    And your Research is now in the company of fools with millions of public views, this does not help sandy hook research at all.
    You are better than that.
    You research is not incompetent but its bunched with others who are.

    • -swansong- says:

      As I’m sure you’re well aware…in the early stages of the 9/11 Truth movement there were many projects undertaken…many documentaries released…much information uncovered. You are also likely aware that many of those docs had follow ups to correct information and add new information. I can see this being the same way.

      This entire research project is a work in progress. We can either work together to always try to improve and refine the product…or we can provoke and be at odds.

      Of course there is information that can be refined…such is the nature of information. But there’s no denying this doc has done more to positively further the cause of SH than anything prior.

  21. medusajoe says:

    Swan , out of all the research that professor doom 1 has done , did he not have anything valid to offer for his segment of the documentary?
    I mean, his whole segment only served to make the public think we are just ignorant and clueless.
    The public who we all want to become aware of the anomalies of sandy hook will become aware of the ease of dismissal of the points made, if we do not make sure the information is valid and undebunkable.

    Everyoe complains that is been two years and sandy hook has still not been explained and more money keeps coming in. Etc.

    But likewise, why is it that after two years of research , professor doom 1 spoils the chance to tell people about the anomalies with sandy hook by his including of a complete irrelevance , that was a mistake made because of an agenda to try and prove something not true.
    I.e he was trying to prove Adam Lanza did not attend sandy hook elementary, so as to add weight to his nonsense theory, that Adam Lanza did not exist. By use of documents that states he did exist , and went to st rose of lima.
    Cant you see that complete lack of logic in his means of trying to prove his unprovable theory? The theory that biased his research to the point he spent his whole segment talking about something that plainly is NOT the case.

    Why bother Making a documentary about the problems with the official story of sandy hook if you end up bringing up points that are not problems at all, and make the whole project and research look invalid to the very people you are trying to reach?

  22. medusajoe says:

    I am not going to stand by anyone who’s research is obviously wrong and is biased to Aim at proving a theory.
    It is ok to thoerise, In privacy
    ut in a major millions of views documentary after two years of research
    There should be some editorial fact checking if you want to group
    But that is why i consider the group idea a trap, as you yourself had no control what other information was going to be alongside you valid information.
    And i do not trust the man in charge of the project, and now i have cause not to further.
    This is not my problem as i did not take part.
    but it is yours, and it, The just plain wrong incorrect research
    reflects badly on us all, even me.
    And make us out to be conspiracy theorists
    And not factual methodical researchers
    And that makes us look just as bad as the msm, only we are attached to dis info that has been caught Out and will be explained in full to the public, so we again lose .

  23. rkae says:

    Try this on your friends:

    Q: “Do you think the government playacts phony events in other countries in order to bring about desired events/outcomes?”

    A: (Most likely they agree. If they don’t, then you’re done. You’re talking to a wall.)

    Q: “Do you think they have done so in this – their own – country?”

    A: (They might agree.)

    Q: “Can you give me an instance where they have? I mean, you pooh-pooh every mention of it when specific events are mentioned, so either 1.) they’ve never thought to do it, or 2.) they’ve never been caught.”

  24. medusajoe says:

    Professor Doom 1 : seriously, is he just plain dumb? http://wp.me/p2ib23-3HU

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