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Sandy Hook Investigation

Published on January 4th, 2016 | by -swansong-


The Life of Adam

In this article we’ll look at the latest documentary from Independent Media Solidarity, The Life of Adam

It has now been over 3 years since the events at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut captured the world’s attention. While the family members of those allegedly slain continue to lobby for their individual causes – be they related to gun control, mental health reforms or attempting to restrict the limits of free speech – the average person has long since moved on. Not so for the members of Independent Media Solidarity.

The Life of Adam

The members of IMS, to this point, are best known for their work on the groundbreaking documentary
We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. You may view the documentary and read commentary from the producers at the preceding link.

We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

Based on the success of WNTTASH and a strong desire to know more about the Sandy Hook event the members of IMS almost immediately began researching ideas for their next Sandy Hook related project. Perhaps not surprisingly their focus fell on the person allegedly responsible, Adam Lanza.

The Life of Adam

I reached out to MrStosh, who along with Peter Klein produced The Life of Adam, for some insight into their choice of topic.

Why did we focus on Adam Lanza you ask? Well, for a variety of reasons. Number one is obvious. He is the central character. To the majority of the public he is considered the perpetrator of a horrific event, but to more inquiring minds, Lanza is the patsy, the scapegoat.

By breaking down Adam Lanza’s life into four major parts – His education, his medical condition, his family, and his connection to the crime scene(s) – we were able to note major discrepancies in all of the above. Why is this? And what does this all mean?

Well, the way the documentary is structured, we left it open to the viewer to make up his/her own mind. The primary reason we didn’t come to any overwhelming conclusion is because of the fact that essential documents are deliberately being withheld from public perusal. That in itself is a conclusion, and therein lies the true crime – the denial of the public’s right to know.

If Lanza was truly the murderer, there would be no reason to withhold his records, photos, and documents.

The life of Adam Lanza is littered with anomalies, contradictions and apparent fictions. Attempts to retrieve further information on him and his life have been an effort in futility, more likely to uncover animosity, threats and harassment than any actual information. Everything from something as important as his genealogy to something as innocuous as where he went to school is up for debate yet authorities continue to stonewall.

Even after being instructed to release information asked for through freedom of information requests authorities continue to obstruct.

CT Police Forced To Turn Over Lanza Document Bonanza

IMS made it’s own attempt to recover redacted items from the official State Police report with no success. Their efforts are outlined in The Life of Adam. Their effort is added to the efforts of others like, Wolfgang Halbig, who has made his own unsuccessful attempts to recover undisclosed and/or redacted information from Connecticut authorities.

Our friends at MaxResistance have done a good job following the efforts of Wolfgang Halbig and you can find their related articles here

The Life of Adam

To illustrate the fact that harassment is part and parcel with the independent investigation into Sandy Hook all 3 special guests featured in the documentary, Sheila Matthews, Sabrina Phillips and James Tracy have experienced various levels of blow back from their efforts to uncover further details on the events in Sandy Hook and the life of Adam.

Sheila Matthews participated in the documentary as a representative of Able Child:Parents for Label and Drug Free Education.

Sheila Matthews Able Child

Sheila relates her experience of arriving in Newtown at the invitation of a local parent in an effort to garner names for a petition asking for the release of medical records related to Adam Lanza. She describes the intimidation and harassment she experienced during that effort, as well as the efforts of AbleChild, to force the release of those documents via the FOIA process. I, for one, found her accounts quite disturbing.

Sabrina Phillips is the co-author of the Sandy Hook related book, Making a Killing – The Unofficial Story of the Sandy Hook Massacre a book she wrote with her husband, Dennis.

Sabrina Phillips Making a Killing

Sabrina’s experiences attempting to uncover more information about the life of Adam and his genealogy literally brought her face to face with her own mortality. She relates a devastating and suspicious car accident in which she was involved shortly after attempting to make contact with James Champion the alleged brother of Nancy Lanza.

It is also worth noting that The Phillips’ book was removed from Amazon after receiving excellent reviews. Yet another example of the efforts being made to hinder discussion and dissemination of this topic.

The final guest presenter is James Tracy, PhD, owner of the Memory Hole Blog and, for the time being, a tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Professor Tracy is dealing with his own issues related to the discussion and investigation of Sandy Hook. As we speak Professor Tracy is preparing his response to the efforts of FAU to remove him from his position. We wish Professor Tracy the best in his efforts. The insistence of those connected with this event to silence discussion and investigation and the complicity of the media in their support of these efforts should be a cause of great concern for us all.

The Life of Adam

In a recent article for James Tracy’s MemoryHoleBlog Peter Klein shared his thoughts on The Life of Adam.

“There are essentially four main aspects surrounding the life of Adam that have been manipulated in such a way as to create a mythological portrait. They are:

His Education
His Medical Condition
His Family
His Involvement at the “Primary Crime Scene”

That breaks it down beautifully. It may not appear so to some readers who may have been swallowed up by one of the two warring factions in conflict over Adam Lanza’s existence. I admit that, I too was fairly firm in my stance that Adam was largely a composite or only existed on paper. Months ago, when we began work on “The Life of Adam,” I slowly shifted to center in my theories about Adam.

Surprisingly, getting an advanced and comprehensive lesson on Adam Lanza doesn’t snap things into clearer view or even narrow the possibilities very much. In my view both extremes–including Adam being a real person and child of the Lanza family who did commit a mass slaughter and Adam being a complete fiction who had nothing to do with what happened–are still possibilities. Both are very unlikely though. The truth is probably somewhere in between.


The Life of Adam was the work of many people. Many researchers contributed to the information it presents. In the end, though, the responsibility for scripting, producing, editting and creating the original music fell to 3 people – MrStosh, Peter Klein and Steve Shine, the creator and performer of the title song. Between the 3 of them they have created the most complete and haunting image of Adam Lanza we have seen to this point. The fact that no conclusions can be drawn is not the fault of the creators, rather, it is the only outcome possible when the rights of citizens to know is trumped by the State’s desire to cover up it’s incompetence, lies and corruption.

We may never really know who Adam Lanza was but in slightly less than 2 hours Independent Media Solidarity will tell you more than you’ve known before about…The Life of Adam.




As an added bonus – we sat down with the creators of The Life of Adam on the ResistanceRoundtable for a live screening and discussion which you can view at the link below

Screening and Q&A with creators of The Life of Adam

And here is the haunting theme song for The Life of Adam by Steve Shine, put together by UpNorthofthe49th from MaxResistance


We welcome your thoughts, opinions and reviews on the IMS production The Life of Adam.

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