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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by -swansong-

Sandy Hook Witness: Barbara and Rob Sibley Interview with Katie Couric

In this article we will go over the Sandy Hook witness accounts and statements of December 14th 2012. In this interview with Barbara and Rob Sibley, Katie Couric conducts the sort of interview we’ve come to expect from her and her ilk. I have taken it upon my self to re-run the interview here with my thoughts and questions placed where they would have been were Katie Couric a motivated journalist. Read the Sandy Hook Witness accounts below.

Barbara and Rob Sibley Interview with Katie Couric

Katie Couric Your son forgot something on Friday morning so you went up to the school and when you got there you knew something was amiss, to say the least. What did you see?

Barbara Sibley There were like 8 or 10 kids who were like, running basically towards the firehouse and I obviously thought that was odd…

So you didn’t pull over or even roll down your window to ask the children if everything was ok, you just kept on driving to the school?

Barbara Sibley …but when I got out of the car and started walking towards the building I noticed a car in the drop off area in front of the entrance like a black hatchback had all the doors open and like black sweat shirts strewn around it and again I thought, that’s really odd you don’t usually see that at the school.

You didn’t hear a sound? No screaming? No gunshots? Nothing alerted you to the events going on?

But she did see “like, a hatchback with all the doors open and like, black sweatshirts strewn around.” No pictures of which I am aware from Dec. 14th show the subject vehicle with the doors open.

At this point I will include what has become a rather vexing issue for me. This collage of photos will show the subject vehicle at various times/places/angles and I hope that you can follow my train of thought. It was the comments of Mrs. Sibley that brought the subject back to my mind.


View Large photo

I will be the first to admit I may be up a tree with this and if so I will admit such upon evidence to the contrary.

In the photo top right you will notice the subject vehicle obviously covered in dust. Top left you will notice a clean vehicle. As mentioned by Mrs. Sibley there are, what appear to be, sweatshirts on the ground. Notice in the top right photo there are no sweatshirts.

The photo bottom left was taken the day the suspect vehicle was towed away, which I think (and this may be where I go up the tree) was the next day and it had rained the previous night (Dec 14th) and into the next day (15th). You will notice it is clean and wet.

My question is…if we conclude the dusty pictures are the “before” and the clean pictures are the “after”, why are the sweatshirts only visible in the “after” photos?

Barbara Sibley And then I walked to the doorway and there was another mom standing there…

Let us reflect on that statement for a moment. She has just driven down Dickinson Dr. and was met by a group of children fleeing the school. She gets to the school and finds a woman standing there. How long had this woman been standing there? She must have seen the children run from the school? She may even have see the shooter enter. Why was she still standing there?

Barbara Sibley …and all the while I’m thinking to myself “the building is so quiet and why is it so quiet”, and I said to her “is there something going on” and she goes, “I don’t know but look”, and she pointed and I looked and next to the door where there’s a buzzer, you have to buzz in to the building, the whole plate glass window to the right of the door was shattered and there was glass everywhere and we looked at that and we said well this is really strange…

Again, very interesting commentary. The shooter had entered the school. Glass had been shattered…but neither Mrs. Sibley nor the woman that was there before her could hear or see anything to alert them to the carnage occurring inside the school. No smell of acrid gunpowder? No screams from children that had just experienced life changing automatic weapons fire and who had seen their friends and teachers die?

On the subject of the broken window. I had tried to find photographic evidence to show whether the glass had indeed been shattered or not. I thought I had found such evidence in the form of this high resolution photo. If you zoom in over the tops of the vehicles you can see the front windows of the school. You can also see the reflection of the outside brickwork proving the glass is not broken. Notice there are 5 sections of glass visible.


When I continued my search, however, I found this still shot from a Newtown Bee “back to school” video. You’ll notice there are actually 6 panes in all. The pane closest the door could very well have been shattered. I have no other photo evidence to prove it either way so I will have to take Barbara Sibley’s word for it.


As I write this a new video clip showing the broken front window has been brought to my attention. Here is the video:

And a screencap…


I would be most interested in knowing exactly how someone climbed through that hole without collapsing the rest of the window.

Barbara Sibley …and as soon as those words kind of came out of our mouth we started hearing gunshots. I knew that it was gunfire but you know I didn’t, I just ran you know, I just ran.

Katie CouricYou were ushered to safety you were waiting by the fire truck and you started to see kids stream out of the building. What were those kids doing?

For some reason Katie Couric chooses to leave out a part of the Sibley’s experience that morning.

Rob Sibley, a volunteer firefighter from the Sandy Hook ladder who had an 8-year-old child at Sandy Hook recalled how his wife, Barbara had been forced to take cover behind a rubbish skip after returning to the school to drop off something her son had forgotten.

“She called me and said there was a shooter, said that she loved me. I said to her ‘stay low, stay safe. Someone is coming to get you,”

He recalled on a local radio show, before dissolving into tears at the memory of what he nearly lost, and the suffering of the friends and neighbors who were so much less fortunate than himself.


Barbara Sibley Well it was, it was all sorts of things. I mean first of all they were amazing in that they were all like, staying in a single file line. Their teachers were at the head of the line classroom aides were kinda strewn in between and, and, they were walking very quickly but they were staying in a line and the teachers were very much you know, very focused on their jobs. I was so single mindedly focused on seeing like, my sons teacher, because I knew if I saw my sons teacher then hopefully, god willing, my son would be in that line coming out.

In all the police audio to which I have listened the only groups being brought out of the school were all led by police officers. That includes the famous Newtown Bee photo. And we only have one photo of any adults at all evacuating the school.
See photo.


Photo credit: Shannon Hicks/Newtown Bee

Katie CouricAnd then you saw him.

Barbara Sibley And then I saw him. And I saw Daniel and I knew, I’m like, I don’t want to make him hysterical, I don’t want him to see me hysterical with relief you know, that he’s there. So I just waited for him to come to me and then I went over and I said “Hey Daniel how are you?” “Mom”, he’s like, “what’s going on?” I’m like, “it’s just crazy isn’t it?”

He asked her what was going on but she didn’t ask him? She wasn’t the least bit curious about what had just happened in the school? Her son didn’t appear deafened by the barrage of gunfire just unleashed within the confined space of the school?

Barbara Sibley – I gave him a big hug and I said well I’m gonna walk you down to the firehouse and he said, “ok come on, come with us ok.” So I held his hand and…

Katie Couric – And you have twins who are in that kindergarten class but they’re in the afternoon program.

Barbara Sibley – Thank god. My twins are in the afternoon kindergarten yes, so they weren’t in the building they were safe at home. So that was a blessing.

Katie Couric – You must feel so lucky.

Barbara Sibley – Yes, yes that’s uh, overwhelming relief, luck, grace I mean uh, yes, absolutely.

Katie Couric – Rob you got to the scene and your wife was ok but then you had the job of going into that school.

At this point Ms. Couric is trying to lead us to believe that a) rescue personnel were allowed in the building and b) that Mr. Sibley would have been one of those people. Neither of those insinuations is correct.

We have no reports of any medical rescue personnel entering the school and Rob Sibley is a volunteer firefighter, he is not a paramedic. Furthermore, he makes no such mention of entering the building in the rest of the interview or in any interviews I have read.

Mr. Sibley is also an employee of the Town of Newtown.

Land Use Agency Deputy Director of Conservation

Robert Sibley. Powers and duties: Enforces Conservation Commission and inland wetlands regulations, is responsible for implementing and enforcing land use regulations.


And he is one of only 3 representatives from the Town of Newtown to have attended a 45min meeting with former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Lt. Gov. of Ct. Nancy Wyman.


Rob SibleyWhen we arrived at the scene the emergency services were set apart from the officers on the scene and those brave men women were protecting Barbara and the children who hadn’t emerged yet because we were still in a lockdown mode we didn’t quite comprehend what was happening. We knew…

Katie CouricYou didn’t know if the shooter was waiting somewhere…

Rob SibleyWas alive or had been killed or was dead by some other means. And it wasn’t ‘til we got word that there might be deceased inside and that actually some of the firefighters relatives might be deceased inside that we realized that we needed to bring this to a new level.

This is interesting commentary from Mr. Sibley. He was unable to see any outward signs of the carnage that had taken place?  No blood? No bloodied, frightened children? Also, somehow, amidst all the chaos, and long before any victims had been identified or medical personnel were allowed in the building, they already had a sense of who had died? And what is this “level” of which you speak?

Katie Couric When did you realize what you thought was a rescue operation was a recovery operation?

Rob Sibley Those men and women from the state and from the town and from other local law enforcement had been holding their ground at the front of the building. When he came over he had a tear in his eye and we looked over and we saw those people who looked like they could handle anything, with the armor on, and being able to handle a situation that they’ve probably done before, fall down on their knees and start weeping. It was the denial. We’re going to be treating these adults. These, maybe parents that came to work or maybe the teachers were taking to another area, and then it began to dawn on everyone that these were children also.

Katie Couric How do you move forward from just experiencing the sheer, I guess, devastation of knowing that there were children in there that you couldn’t help?

Or from having to stare into my dark, soulless eyes for half an hour?

Rob Sibley – I do believe that through tears, and through sharing and through comfort and support that there will be a bright day. The first night I came home I asked Daniel, “do you remember anything do you want to talk about anything?” And he said, as only an 8 year old can see, through their eyes that “the badness is gone. The man is no longer here and that a new day is tomorrow.”

Yeah. Sure he did.

In my opinion the comments by Mrs. Sibley in this interview call the entire timeline and severity of the Sandy Hook event into question. Unfortunately, since we’ve been given scant amounts of information it is difficult to place that question into precise minutes and seconds.

I’m including this series of videos because they pertain to the subject matter and…they made me laugh. Something I’ve done little of since beginning to research this event.


Sandy Hook Witness




I have found a video, included at the end of my Scene of the Crime article that shows my confusion regarding the vehicles is unfounded. It seems the dusty photo I thought was the “before” is actually from the next day (15th).

To show I am a swan of my word I am here to correct my error and ask that someone please help me out of this tree.


What are your views on the Sandy Hook Witness accounts? How did you perceive the Barbara and Rob Sibley interview with Katie Couric? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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64 Responses to Sandy Hook Witness: Barbara and Rob Sibley Interview with Katie Couric

  1. John Smith says:

    Have you seen this photo?
    You can zoom in and there are 3 black robs around the car and what i that in the middle by the gray truck? Is that another one?
    Also I found this video yesterday. Woman lives near the firehouse says 2 boys came running screaming and a black car came looking for them claiming to be the dad? WHAT??? Also shots fired AFTER police arrive. The casings in the lot?


    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hi John, thanks for writing. We have been discussing the robes/sweatshirts/jackets and the nuns. Do you know that one of the first news reports, it was stated stated “Adam Lanza” was wearing a clergy uniform?


      I guess I’m still researching more info, there is so much to be considered, the purple van with one wearing a nun outfit, the nuns at the scene, and the Lima church “involvement ” I will draft something up regarding this.

      I did see this video a while ago from the women by the firehouse. A black car? Also seems like that there probably was a shooting outside of the school. This entire story gives me a major headache..

    • Swansong19 says:

      Hello John,

      yes I have seen that photo. I’m not seeing 3 robes by the car, tho. I do see 2 plus a shdow to the left of the car being cast by the pole to which the police tape is tied.

      And yes I do see that…thing…in the road between the grey vehicle and the parked cars. I wonder what that is?

      Also…and I noticed this all along but assumed it was police gear…there is, what appears to be a bag, leaning up against the wall of the school facing us.

      You can also see the position of Rousseau’s car bordered by police tape.

      I’ll check out that vid now.

      • Swansong19 says:

        Ahh yes. The neighbor.

        It may seem a small thing but I found it interesting that she mentioned one of the boys had a skateboard.

        I wish we knew precisely what time she witnessed this.

        Would a kid in school have access to his skateboard upon evacuating? Would he even be allowed to bring it to school?

        If not…why wasn’t he in school?

        The lack of accurate timelines from witnesses, cops…anyone…makes it tough to put many of these comments in context.

  2. John Smith says:

    Oops should say black robes……at least that’s what they look like….NUNS?

  3. Kennedy Ray says:

    Hi John, thanks for writing. We have been discussing the robes/sweatshirts/jackets and the nuns. Do you know that in one of the first news report, where they stated “Adam Lanza” was wearing a clergy uniform?


    I guess I’m still researching more info, there is so much to be considered, the purple van with one wearing a nun outfit, the nuns at the scene, and the Lima church “involvement ” I will draft something up regarding this.

    I did see this video a while ago from the women by the firehouse. A black car? Also seems like that there probably was a shooting outside of the school. This entire story gives me a major headache..

  4. John Smith says:

    Look what I found……Nancy Lanza owned a BMW, black Honda, and Toyota. Damm confusing radio recordings……….


  5. John Smith says:

    Yes it says it belongs to a relative of Lanza’s as in Adam…….a relative of his is his mother. Also if you see radioman111 video of the origial recording the police chief of Greenwich sent him a letter telling him it was Rodia who was in another stop at the time. Click on show more here and the letter is there:


    • Kennedy Ray says:

      I saw that already, and I really do not know what to believe. I posted all the info regarding the traffic stop in a previous article, and even posted the screenshot that confirms the car Rodia was supposed to be driving this morning, a sage green Nissan in that traffic stop. It is registered to his mother.


      Why did his Name come back on the radio though, and not his mothers name who was the owner of the car? The entire story seems weird.

      I can’t rule him out 100{2bd38f3aa67c5df5134457b3a6cccfa81474f178cea7c899ef32e7849771de96}. It is great that Police tries to clear his name and he may not been involved at all. The Police officer who gave him a VERBAL warning seems to be involved in all kind of stuff, Detective Vincent O’Banner


      So…. we will see what those warrants reveal.

      • Swansong19 says:

        To be fair I think they called the operator in seperately. Plate first…and then a bit later he runs Rodia’s name. We just never ehar anything come back from HQ about what the queery about the car turned up…or his name.

  6. basketcase says:

    Nothing, absolutely nothing is believeable from any of these purposed media interviews. We all have watched local news of awful events and the interviews on scene and off. This so unbelievable and contrived and totally scripted. Why are we even wasting our time? The hoax is so obvious and yet somehow we keep trying to proof somehow it is a farce or real. Stop it. It is about the gun grab or the gun sales!

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Exactly, you know, I watched this from the beginning. But once I saw Parker, and the story kept changing, I went online to research on my own. It has been 4 weeks, and I can’t believe what is going on. Anybody that has common sense , and watched the interviews must know that it is FAKE. I tell you one thing though, not everyone may admit that they don’t buy the official story. I was at a party, when someone started to talk about Sandy Hook in a little circle of people.It quickly turned to a huge discussion, and EVERYONE,agreed that this entire story was BS.

      I was really a bit surprised, as I thought a lot of people just believe the MSM. Not so much, these were people from all walks of life. That just encouraged me even more to blog about it. I just know, that this is not over. What I’m wondering is though, and it makes me worry, I think Sandy Hook was just a little taste of what is to come.

    • Swansong19 says:

      The difficult part for many of us to grasp is that while it is as plain to us as the noses on our faces…to others it is as hard to see as one of those computer generated 3d pictures.

      We have to provide them with so many facts that they’ll have no choice but to take notice.

  7. 11:11 says:

    Another great analysis, swansong.

    As far as dust on the car goes, I’m not necessarily seeing that. Could be dew, condensation on the inside, or frost. Happens to everyone’s cars. Dunno the weather that morning but I’ll bet it would account for one of those three things. Perhaps the car was parked there all night. I mention this because the photo is not all that clear and I don’t think something that can’t be clearly shown is worth much time spent on it. There is sooooo much about this fraud that is CLEARLY visible, especially these LIARS and their ‘stories’. Hmmm, what should happen to people who engage in this kind of conspiracy against the constitution and who lie to the entire world?

    One thing I wanted to point out was the LIAR, Barbara Sibley, saying she saw kids running to the firehouse as she approached the school. This would be BEFORE the shots, she CLAIMED were fired, commenced. More bullshit from these enemies of We the People.

    Now, I’ll watch the videos, as I’ve just read the text.

    BTW, I hope you dl every video, article and photo because these things could disappear, leaving your good work full of dead links. I’ve seen it happen before. SAVE EVERYTHING.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks 11:11,

      Yeah…you were right. I’ve gone over those car pics and found a raw aerial vid from the 15th. It’s 2 different days. Although there’s still soemthing fishy about that car…I just can’t put my finger on what. 🙂

      The whole Sibley interview is a giant red flag. Nothing about her comments make much sense. Not as they pertain to the official narrative, anyway.

      Thanks a lot for the encouragement. It’s much appreciated.

  8. M. William says:

    Observations regarding the glass panels, Sibley interview and above video footage:

    Sibley: “…the whole plate glass window to the right of the door was shattered and there was glass everywhere…”

    > It appears from the video footage that only a portion of the glass was gone, not the “whole” window; a hole that is maybe 3 feet by 3 feet (I’m approximating of course). The shattered glass would mostly be inside if it was broken from the outside. Was Sibley inside the building at the point when she noticed glass was “…everywhere…”?

    > The video shows a hole in the upper half of the panel # 6 (counting from right to left). This is strange because if you look at panel five (5) four (4) there is normal lucency; reflection and thru transmission of light. However, panel six (6) appears to be frosted or dusted ( less thru transmission and therefore more light reflection = lighter) to create a subjective contrast of the hole with the surrounding glass and the hole itself appears to have the same density, reflection and thru transmission as the other panels. The still shot from a Newtown Bee “back to school” video provided above indicates that panel six (6) was NOT frosted and appears to have the same density as the others.

    > At 0:58 in the video provided above there is additional video footage showing the glass panels. I cannot discern a hole or shattered window in panel six (6) in these pictures and all the panels appear to have the same density.

    • -swansong- says:


      Thanks for the analysis. I must admit I hadn’t looked at it quite that closely. There is certainly much about which to be suspicious in Mrs. Sibley’s account and the way the window has been punctured by a hole, as opposed to be shattered, is kinda strange.

      I’m going to have a closer look at that and I’ll comment again.


  9. M. William says:

    Kennedy Ray:
    Umm… but hold on. LT. Paul Vance stated that the suspects car belonged to Nancy Lanza’s relative?

    “The car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia, he said.”

    Is it possible Vance was referring to Adam and his statement “…a relative of [Adam] Lanza’s…” which would be his mother, Nancy.

    We have a saying in the medical profession, “Don’t go off chasing zebras when looking for a horse”. We need to cover ALL bases and always consider possible explanations including integrating the “official story of SHE” with our analysis.

  10. M. William says:

    Barbara Sibley:
    …but when I got out of the car and started walking towards the building I noticed a car in the drop off area in front of the entrance like a black hatchback had all the doors open and like black sweat shirts strewn around it and again I thought, that’s really odd you don’t usually see that at the school….

    This is a very odd interview. Swansong observed there is no pictorial evidence to corroborate her eye witness account; the “hatchback’ remark can be explained as misidentifying a type of vehicle but ALL the car doors open cannot. In addition, the black Honda was not parked “…in front of the entrance” as described. The vehicle in the photo evidence is parked far to the right (as you face the entrance) in front of the wall with a school name. If this vehicle was parked in the area as demonstrated in the photos and videos it would NOT have seemed strange to someone- a parent, for example – entering the building. Many parents of school children would agree a car parked as such would simply indicate a parent dropping someone or something off quickly than being on their way; I have parked in the “drop off only” area to quickly drop off a forgotten backpack, hats and mittens, or bring a note to the office.

    This is very frustrating because it doesn’t seem anyone in the media is addressing these irregularities. This could be considered the crime of the century yet no news person of note will question these “stories” from eye witnesses.

    I’m a simple, College educated (for whatever that’s worth) hardworking, tax paying American husband and father. I have no power or influence on pop culture, the media, or the masses in general. I’m not a person of notoriety pontificating on T.V. every night. I’m not a lawyer, investigator, police officer, or government official. I have never held elected office.

    I’m using this site to simply ask and try to answer questions with like-minded people, so thank you.

    • -swansong- says:

      “Frustrating” is most definitely the word for it.

      One thing I thought in regards to the “hatchback” was, there was a black suv in front of the school that morning with all the doors and back hatch open. I had always assumed it was a LEO vehicle of some sort.

      I have no evidence to prove it was or wasn’t a LEO vehicle but it did seem odd to me that there was, indeed, a black vehicle, in front of the school with all the doors and hatch open.

      If we assume that the vehicle seen with all doors and hatch/trunk open was the one allegedly driven by Lanza, well, it was a 4 door. Why would ALL the doors be open?

      Like you, I am nothing special. I have no magical insight or access to information/people beyond that of others like me. About the only thing that makes me any different than you in this regard is this site.

      Thanks to Kennedy I have a place to compile and publish my research so it can be shared with like-minded souls.

      Glad you found your way here. Thank you for your comments…and you’re welcome.

  11. M. William says:

    It would make more sense that the vehicle described by Sibley is a law enforcement vehicle. I was under the impression that she approached the school prior to law enforcement arriving due to her describing how the school was so quiet and no other police squads and/or emergency vehicles had made it to the school but this does not seem likely that only one dark LEO vehicle made it there before police squads.
    She also said she heard gunshots…was this the shooter or the police firing these rounds…if the vehiclke is LEO than did they have shootout with the perp? I don’t remember hearing that occuring…She also saw the children heading for the firehouse…didn’t the police see the children? How many officers were in the black “hatchback” how many entered the school and in which entrances?

  12. RealPerson says:

    I just noticed on the the sibley interview on KC website that many comments were left by people stating they were UWP (CastA88) alumni or CastB and a number.

    Were the Sibley’s alumni cast members of Up With People?

  13. Kelley says:

    She stated her twins were safe at home. Who was watching the twins while she went to the school???

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  15. medusajoe says:

    Reblogged your link
    As the subject was brought up by wolfgang and prof doom on their interview
    And i added my thoughts in regards to this report of her hearing gunshots and glass broken
    Yet the first 911 call sent from inside the school was at 9.35 am and was said only to be none emergency a medium response that left the responders not arriving until 9.50 am
    Mrs Sibley the mother and the fireman didst bother alerting 911 of gunshits?
    And was the woman inside the school deaf?

  16. medusajoe says:

    About the car
    Early on like around December that year when it all first broke
    I am sure i saw a video showing a pic of that car with all its doors open
    I could be imagining it though, but i seem to remember seeing a vid with that, before we knew what evidence to chase and what to discard as tricks, back when everyone of us were all over the place,

  17. Zephyr says:

    Interesting thing to me about Sibley and Holden (the alleged 2nd mother behind the dumpster) is that thought at least one of them called 911, and we do indeed have a 911 call from a mother somewhere in the parking lot, the latter caller doesn’t match either Sibley or Holden. The caller has a daughter in that school–neither Sibley or Holden did. The caller says she hears shooting. Here’s the call: https://soundcloud.com/zephyranth/09-36-48-ch1loomis-parkinglotmom

    • medusajoe says:

      Thats robbie parkers phone call
      So now we know why he made that call
      To fill in the biggest gap
      They knew they needed a early “theres a shooter call ”
      Instead of the 9.35 call from inside the school none emergency
      “Theres a unwanted person “call by the deaf woman
      After gunshots fired and heard
      by sibley holden and the firetruck man at 9.30

      • Zephyr says:

        Not a dude. Almost certainly Georgeanne Manfredonia, there with husband (and their youngest child, who can be heard in the 911 call) to make gingerbread houses. One of the most sensitive issues of Sandy Hook for some reason; probably because their daughter Alexa was in Roig’s class and saw what really happened there, to possibly include bullets coming in the window from the parking lot as Alexa’s classmate Peter Barth described. Peter’s family home, and all their pets, would be destroyed in a house fire 12 weeks after making that statement.

    • medusajoe says:

      So you are saying that call is NOT Robbie Parker?
      You think its a woman? Georgeanne Manfedonia?
      I agree with Aryan Empires, and he is a specialist in audio, he does it for a living.
      Plus he has a comparison to go off as we have Robbie’s voice to compare it with.
      Have you heard Georgeanne manfredonnia’s voice to compare?
      I think it obvious the voice belongs to a man, and i have no evidence its a man- fredonia !


  18. medusajoe says:

    Parkers outside the school call
    ” there is a shooter in the building and my daughters inside”
    Came at
    Straight after the 9.30 interior
    “Theres a unwanted person”
    911 call
    That unwanted person call was the first 911 call on that morning and the person who made it wasn’t going along with the plan
    so Robbie to the rescue

    So Robbie parker came to the rescue
    And made a call one minute later from outside the building
    Saying theres a shooter and my daughters inside the building
    But if Robbie parker was outside the building why didn’t Sibley and holden and the fireman
    See him? And why didn’t they make a 911 call before him since they were there from 9.30am and heard the shooting and saw the glass broken?

  19. medusajoe says:

    Sorry that should read

    Straight after the 9.35 interior “Theres a unwanted person” – See more at: https://www.insanemedia.net/sandy-hook-witness-interview-sibley-katie-couric/898#comment-10031

  20. medusajoe says:

    Ive just looked through that Adam Lanza report on his medical stuff
    And it is devoid of any supporting copies links notes or documentation
    No medical records and its all hand typed
    Even the emails are not photos or actual screen prints
    And every bite is either a book reference
    Or guideline reference
    Or a note saying we could not get any evidence for this
    Damn right but in actuality there is no evidence for any claim concerning AL
    Throughout the entire thing!
    Its is not a report its a thing.

    Its a complete fairy story written by idiots
    Not one supporting proof
    Not one citation to actual records of any kind

    A long winded piece of nothing
    that as far as standards of evidence goes of documented records ,appointments etc,
    You name it m there is nothing that qualifies as proof of anything written in the so called report.

    It. Is as good as a complete invention is useful.
    And therefore worthless as evidence to prove any factual information concerning
    “AL” rofl

    Thats about the top and bottom of it “AL” it seems was how both Adam himself and even his mother referred to him , according to authors of thats garbage hand typed copies of their supposed emails

    So the writers of that garbage
    Say from the outset
    Throughout this report from now on Adam Lanza shall be referred to as AL
    And amazingly alleged historical correspondence by both Adam and his mother
    Used the same AL abbreviation as does every other fiction writer they quote.

    AL is actually the term used for Adam Lambert
    Queen’s stand in lead singer

    And they use a wordpress !


  21. medusajoe says:

    The entire Report would not be admissible in a court of law
    Even the so called close neighbours opinions have no notes or documentation to back their “quotes” up!

  22. medusajoe says:

    Swan could you add wordpress to your list of reblog sites?

  23. medusajoe says:


    Sandy Hook: The first 911 call was a fail as it was low priority Unwanted Person at school – So Robbie Parker joined the gang of following calls emphasising “there is a shooter”

  24. Zephyr says:

    All due respect, “unwanted person” is just a standard category for someone causing a problem. The first 911 call we’re aware of reported shots fired; it would be worth asking, though, whether there was an alternate category title for something more serious and specific, and if so, why it wasn’t used. At any rate, the “unwanted person” tag was just the text used in the call log; the on-air dispatchers and responders reacted immediately to the more urgent verbal announcement, “Caller is indicating she thinks there’s someone shooting in the building.”

    • -swansong- says:

      Unwanted person isn’t as concerning as “Threat level medium”

      The first thing that happened…apparently…is he shot his way in the building…smashing glass, etc. How in any world could this be defined/described by any caller concerned enough to call 911 as “an unwanted person”…deserving of only a medium threat level?

      • Zephyr says:

        Unwanted person is just a general category for type of call when entered into a call log–it wasn’t the language of any caller that I’m aware of, and it wasn’t the language of the alert immediately transmitted over the radio to officers. That language was “shooting in the building.” I don’t know if it’s because they can’t call it a shooting without confirming it, or if Barocsi/Nute was just in a hurry when entering it. Certainly, to my mind, it might indicate Nute not having enough concern for what was happening. Easy to say he underreacted, in hindsight, but at the same time when you have a shooting reported at a school, I think you have to take it seriously. Remember that his words when responding to Barbara were, “Ok, what makes you think that?” Always struck me as a little low-key. But at least from the 911 calls we have, it’s clear that any underreaction going on was on the part of dispatch, not callers. Nonetheless Nute dispatched immediately and told Jenn to “get everyone you can going down there.”

      • Zephyr says:

        Sorry–just cottoned on to the threat level medium thing–is that in the call log? I’d agree that that’s weird tag. Of course I guess we don’t know how many false alarms they tend to get with gun calls there (I think the description of Newtown as a ho-hum town with nothing going on was always a bit off–plenty going on there and in the surrounding communities relative to fires, drugs, etc.)

      • Zephyr says:

        Sorry for three-fer…I do think that in general a case could be made for Newtown ECC not reacting strongly enough when assigning resources (and, apparently, categories). Again, hindsight, but…it’s a school. You can’t assume it’s just a dispute between adults that will go no further.

        • -swansong- says:

          Hey…where I live I would buy that in a heartbeat…but in a place where they apparently run active shooter drills on a regular basis…have lock down drills monthly…I would think they’d take this stuff seriously.

          • Zephyr says:

            I’d be very curious to see what drill, exactly, they’d recently had. Vincent Riccio (I think that’s who said it) said they’d had some kind of drill *two weeks* before Dec 14. I think the October drill, showing the kids at the FD, must have been a fire/evac drill; doesn’t make much sense to have the kids evacuate by foot to the FD during a shooter drill. But if indeed they’d just had a *lockdown* drill only 14 days before 12/14, they certainly should have discovered all the issues with doors that wouldn’t lock, teachers who didn’t have keys, etc.

          • -swansong- says:

            The window in Roig’s classroom door had black paper over it from a “previous lockdown drill”. Couldn’t have been that long ago if it was still there.

          • Zephyr says:

            Another thing I find kind of sad was the several teachers who said they didn’t know if they were in lockdown, because no one had announced it. I got the sense that they weren’t sure they had the right to take the initiative themselves to to put their own class in lockdown if no one had officially declared it. I just have a hard time with the class system (no pun intended) that seems to permeate the public (and probably private) school environment. Teachers can’t make a move on their own without fear of supervisor backlash, parental outcry, school board freakouts, etc.

        • Zephyr says:

          Good point re blackout paper, Swan; though I take all early efforts to “distinguish” Roig’s experience from Rousseau’s with a grain of salt. But it may well have been true that the paper was there.

  25. medusajoe says:

    It should be stressed that the first 911 call that morning concerning sandy hook elementary from inside the school , did not mention as shooter, but only an unwanted person at the school.
    This jives in with the reports of the shooter being buzzed in because he was dressed as a priest. This was reported by cbs news.
    And is the only eye witness account of the entry of the suspect to the school.
    There is no eye witness account of the suspect shooting glass.

  26. medusajoe says:

    The cbs report of the man dressed as a preist, stresses only one eye witness saying this
    And although this seems to negate the witness, it in fact does not, as it is not that unusual that only one secretary stationed near the door would buzz him in.

  27. medusajoe says:

    I aLso think the story of the van and men dressed as nuns fleeing in the van and also nuns tuning up who look like men later on and black capes being strewn on the ground near the car
    Is a ALL a very good distraction from this key eye witness to the man dressed as a priest being buzzed right into the school without having to break glass.

  28. medusajoe says:

    I often wonder if Robbie parker has a priests outfit.

  29. medusajoe says:

    Its all About nuns, the distraction, nuns with guns and woman who look like men dressed as nuns.

    The eye witness report of how the man got into the school by being buzzed in with the new security system, is about a man dressed as a priest. And it is hardly ever mentioned
    By anyone, its been dropped.

    • Could that have been Father Bob?

      • medusajoe says:

        NO not according to reason
        As it was a witness report describing what occurred before the shooting
        Occurred, as it was about the shooters access and hoe he got into the school

    • According to Father Bob, he received a phone call from someone at Sandy Hook. They put the St. Rose of Lima school on lockdown, and Father Bob fled the scene to Sandy Hook. Was he the one they buzzed in, maybe? I think he plays a much larger part in all of this than we know. He was also appointed to disburse the monies received from the Gov.

  30. medusajoe says:

    For it To be not true, it has to be an outright LIE
    Because there is no way someone working at the school could mistake someone buzzed in dressed as a priest.
    It either did happen that way or its a LIE
    It cannot be a mistaken eye witness account
    The witness would be too close to mistake such a thing.

  31. medusajoe says:

    On the subject of the broken window. I had tried to find photographic evidence to show whether the glass had indeed been shattered or not. I thought I had found such evidence in the form of this high resolution photo. If you zoom in over the tops of the vehicles you can see the front windows of the school. You can also see the reflection of the outside brickwork proving the glass is not broken. Notice there are 5 sections of glass visible. – See more at: https://www.insanemedia.net/sandy-hook-witness-interview-sibley-katie-couric/898#comment-10455

    Hence the reason the priest being buzzed in was silenced by the media and us.
    As it seems so incredible. But it makes more sense if the glass was NOT broken.

  32. medusajoe says:

    The big reveal in aryan empires latest video where he proves of the office of child advocacy report is lying about Adam Lanza having No 8 grade school attendance is directly connected to priests and nuns and that in turn is directly connected to Adam Lanza’s emergency hospital visit


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