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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Warrants Unsealed

The Sandy Hook Warrants will most likely be unsealed this week. Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr. stated that the search warrants in the Sandy Hook school shooting will be released this week, after legislative leaders seek to review the documents before finishing work on a bipartisan bill that addresses gun control and other issues related to the shooting.

UPDATE: Lanza Search Warrants PDF Files & Item List

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Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky met with Democratic and Republican leaders on Friday. He communicated that the search warrants, which includes a documented inventory of property seized, will most likely be released Thursday, 28th of March.

Sandy Hook Warrants

Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr. stated that he expects those documents to include warrants to search the Black Honda that was allegedly used by Adam Lanza, and a search warrant for the home of his mother, Nancy Lanza.

“While it’s my personal belief that we will not see information that will measurably change the tenor of our negotiations or the issues that we’re focused on, the idea that there might even be a tiny chance that there would be new information that could impact on our policy was enough for folks to say, ‘Look, let’s wait a couple of days and see the warrants and the releases'”

State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky objected to a move by The News-Times of Danbury, joined by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press and Gannett Westchester newspapers who asked a Connecticut Superior Court judge to unseal search warrants and all related court records in the Sandy Hook School massacre. Sedensky said the request to intervene is premature because the state hasn’t filed any further requests. (Read More)

Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr.and several other Lawmakers, voiced their concern that Col. Daniel Stebbins had disclosed details of the case at law enforcement seminar in New Orleans. Stebbins discussed evidence that suggested Lanza studied other mass slayings and dedicated extensive planning to the massacre.

House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero Jr., stated that legislators had asked various times without success for information from the Connecticut State Police investigation that would help them craft a legislative response to the Sandy Hook Shooting that addresses gun violence, school security and mental health. Lawrence Cafero Jr. called it “really galling” to read an account in the New York Daily News of comments Col. Daniel Stebbins made to “strangers in our state.”

“I believe the state police are now obligated to brief us, given that much of what was exchanged at the New Orleans conference wound up in the press,” Cafero said in a statement released Wednesday. “We don’t have the benefit of potentially critical information that was obtained somehow by the media.”

State Rep. DebraLee Hovey, R-Monroe, joined House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. and Senate President Pro Tempore Donald E. Williams Jr. in criticizing State Police Col. Danny R. Stebbins.

“We have asked, all of us, on several occasions that, `We don’t want to compromise the investigation, but can you give us some information that would be helpful, given the task that we’re about to undertake?’ ” Cafero said “And when you pick up the Daily News and read that information like (that) which we were requesting, was being shared with — albeit law enforcements officers — but strangers to our state, for lack of a better term, that is really galling.”

Senate President Donald E. Williams stated:

“I certainly believe that any information that the state police have, that would not adversely affect any prosecution that they’re considering, should be released for everyone’s greater understanding of that terrible crime”

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Sedensky will decide what information should and should not be kept secret in the Sandy Hook Warrants, pending the active investigation that is expected to last into June. Several newspapers and the Associated Press said that disclosing the records would be unlikely to jeopardize the investigation, noting that no arrests were anticipated.

Sandy Hook Commission Interim Report 2013.03.18 (Read more)

Interim report from the Advisory Commission Sandy Hook (SHAC) that outlines areas of consideration on the issues of gun violence prevention and school safety, among other issues.

Following these statements led to a response by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who announced that the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office had agreed to release additional information about the state police investigation by March 29th, 2013. It initially hadn’t been expected for several months, as stated on the Connecticut State Police press release (Read More)


After meeting with Sedensky, Senate President Donald E. Williams Jr. stated that he wasn’t expecting an interim report to be released. He was only anticipating the warrants and the completed returns of the warrants.

In a statement Gov. Malloy also stated that he’s “bewildered” by calls from some legislators for more police disclosure on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“I must ask: what more could you possibly need to know?”

“We know for a fact that on December 14, a very disturbed young man took a military-style rifle with high-capacity magazines into a school and murdered 20 innocent children and six innocent adults”

“We know he had access to that weapon and others, although they were registered to someone else.”

That’s very interesting Gov. Malloy. There are several things we would like to know. You state with a fact that it was Adam Lanza. Where is the proof?

1. Release of Security Footage of Adam Lanza entering the school.

2. Release of 911 calls.

3. Release of Adam Lanza’s Toxicology Report.

4. Release of Death Certificates.

5. Who were the men arrested in the woods, including suspects who were surrounded in a purple van with ski masks and nun outfits?

There are several things the public would like to know. It will be interesting to see what the Sandy Hook warrants will reveal.

Sandy Hook Warrants: Court Documents; Motion, House Lanza; Lanza Honda

Adam, Nacy Lanza Court Orders Sealing Records by USAHM

We will update this article with the full unsealed release of the Lanza Sandy Hook Warrants.

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17 Responses to Sandy Hook Warrants Unsealed

  1. Bittercritter says:

    And what will Santa bring us? We’ve been bad boys and girls obviously why we won’t be getting any new information. Nor proof of Adam Lanza’s existence never mind culpability in the SH event. I’ve been wrong before but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for evidence of something that didn’t happen, at least not as described by CSP and Vance.

  2. Pilot says:

    Whatever they reveal has to somewhat match the previous given storyline(s). If it becomes obvious to any in the state gov that something is fishy, will they do anything about it? Can a whole damn state be that corrupt?

  3. Kennedy Ray says:

    I’m really looking forward to see “new” details.Watch them just releasing stuff we already know, and the rest remains closed until the investigation is finished. What investigation anyways? It’s all cut and dry right?

    He just stated it again, Adam Lanza is the sole perpetrator.

    I’m somewhat relieved that the Associated Press and a couple others are on them filing motions so that they have to unseal it.

    I can feel it “crashing down” on Newtown very soon…

  4. RealPerson says:

    Wow, by Gov. Malloy’s standards, we have incontrovertible proof of the Easter Bunny.
    So glad that is out of the way.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      LOL 🙂 ” he’s “bewildered” by calls from some legislators for more police disclosure on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.”

      Translated: “Oh my God, why are you asking questions. Our secret can’t be revealed”

      I think they are working on major damage control..

      Hey I see you registered RealPerson 🙂 Welcome to the club!

  5. Ptah says:

    My guess is they are waiting for the outcome of the Senate gun legislation vote.

  6. mike says:

    “Sedensky will decide what information should and should not be kept secret in the Sandy Hook Warrants”-why would ANY information remain secret-furthermore who is HE to deem it so?

  7. Sojourner27 says:

    Let’s nor forget….. PETER LANZA’S
    DIVORCE DOCUMENTATION => including the rather CONVENIENT aftermath
    (murder-plot of designated patsy-perp son & ex-wife) = which means a sudden end
    to Peter’s required large ALIMONY PAYMENTS to Nancy Lanza (that were actually
    scheduled to increase in January 2013) to almost $300,000 per year ! — (also, another
    longterm financial obligation suddenly becomes unnecessary — Peter’s financial support
    of son Adam, including paying for college & healthcare costs) ??
    Peter Lanza and Nancy Champion Lanza became separated several years before
    the official 2009 divorce, during which time Peter was already dating &
    then living with Shelley Cudiner.
    The SANDY ‘HOKUM’ scenario — HOW (financially) CONVENIENT for Peter !! —
    especially for this Vice President of Taxes at General Electric (GE Energy Services),
    a corporation notorious for not paying taxes & known for elaborate
    off-shore tax evasion scams !!!


    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Peter Lanza definitely had a motive to get rid of Nancy. But I don’t believe he would sacrifice his son…as a patsy..and all the other people who seem to be in to it…I just can’t wrap my head around a theory here.

  8. SEO says:

    Is there any significance to the fact that, in the search warrants, the reference to the car parked in front of the school does not include “registered to Nancy Lanza” while the description of the car parked in the Lanza garage, does.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      In one of the articles comments, I think the Sibley interview, a reader posted a TAX statement of Nancy, that shows a Black Honda was registered to her. When I saw that, I gave up on Rodia.

  9. SEO says:

    Thanks for the tip! It lead me to the tax statements so I could check it myself. No license number, but it was convincing enough for me.

  10. CT Global says:

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  11. CT Global says:

    The CONNECTICUT ATTORNEY GENERAL and CONSUMER PROTECTION COMMISSIONER are questioning the solicitation of donations by many charities which profited from the SANDY HOOK SCAM.

    Please see


    It’s up to you, but we suggest that you send pertinent information and evidence to these officials, who probably realize now that they cannot cover up the crimes any longer.

    Brad DeShane, for CT Global

  12. SavetheRepublic says:

    Not surprised that Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy along with holding public evidence because there is no evidence. The State of Connecticut is spook central with Fema and CIA and NSA recruits everywhere. Ex Director of the CIA George Bush and Family is from there. No wonder Obama received a fake Birth Certificate from that State.

  13. NO SECRETS says:

    “Who were the men arrested in the woods, including suspects who were surrounded in a purple van with ski masks and nun outfits? – See more at: https://www.insanemedia.net/sandy-hook-warrants/2837#sthash.1dlANnRm.dpuf

    Good question.

    “The police scanner said there were TWO occupants in the van”. One possibly wearing a nuns outfit. If you know your English you know that TWO occupants means only TWO occupants and one of the TWO occupants was possibly wearing a nuns outfit.

    That means we are talking about TWO shooters or participants in the hoax. It’s my opinion that the TWO persons in the van were instrumental in the making of the hoax.

    Danbury police dispatch followed the van. The van was stopped by police at 33 Crosby street in Danbury but not before they threw something in the garbage bin behind the donut shop close by. What did the throw in the bin? A gun, A nuns outfit?

    All this was on the police scanner.

    There was another story that the guy just ran out of gas an ran from the van behind a house to get a gas can. I don’t buy that version. Who stops their vehicle a short distance from their house and runs home to get a gas can?

    These were the perps and they let them go. Why?

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