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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Update: United Way of Western Holds Back Donations?

I’m sure everyone remembers the Fundraiser webpages and R.I.P Facebook pages that had been set up prior of the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. Cristina Lafferty Hassinger, daughter of principal Dawn Hochsprung who died in the shooting, voiced her frustration on her Facebook and Twitter account about United Way of Western not releasing funds to the victims families.


People from across the country and around the world donated millions of dollars in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. The United Way of Western Connecticut gallantly stepped up to help manage the influx of donations, but who are they really helping?

They offered their trusted name to evoke confidence from eager donors, but more than two months later the victims’ families are being asked for proof of hardship before even the smallest disbursement is issued. Proof of hardship?

My mother was shot to death trying to protect her students and staff, her last moments on earth echoing her mantra of safety first at Sandy Hook. Five teachers died whispering words of comfort to their students, whose little bodies they tried to shield with their own.

Twenty young lives were cut short; twenty sets of parents were broken. We are who America, who the world, was trying to help. The United Way of Western Connecticut will get on just fine, I am certain. We–the grief-stricken, heart-broken, have to keep going even when we feel like we just can’t we aren’t fine.

We’re broken. We need help. The United Way of Western Connecticut didn’t lose a child, a spouse, a parent. They don’t need help dealing with their grief or putting their life back together after it was ripped apart.

The United Way of Western Connecticut is doing it’s job: collecting money to disburse in a way that aligns with their mission. Victims’ families do not factor in the United Way’s mission.

We’ve been victimized enough.

We shouldn’t have to fight for what is rightfully ours, but we won’t be taken advantage of in our darkest hour. We’ve all been walking a fine line between not wanting to profit from the death of our loved ones and not wanting someone else to profit from our source of grief. We went down when we were kicked, but we are Sandy Hook. It’s time to stand back up.

From Cristina Lafferty’s Twitter account:


This was in response to Kim Morgan, director of the local United Way who stated the Newtown Sandy Hook Community Foundation was recently put into place to distribute money from the support fund after receiving input from the community.

“Last week family members of those murdered at the school were invited to a meeting to meet the new board of directors of the foundation. “We wanted to bring the families in early in the process to make sure their voices are heard,”

“We want to meet with all the groups impacted, including victim’s families, families of the survivors, teacher and first responders, so that wise and thoughtful decisions about how the money should be spent,” Morgan said the United Way will have no voting rights on how the money is spent. “The foundation itself will be managed by people in the community,” she said.

Cristina Lafferty Hassinger also mentioned on her Facebook page that the families are being asked for proof of hardship before the smallest disbursements are issued.

In early January, Fellowship of the minds, wrote an article: Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre


United Way’s Sandy Hook School Support Fund webpage was created on December 11, 2012, three days before the massacre.

Ed Thomas of Daily Sheeple did a Google search for ‘Sandy Hook United Way’ and found a cached page dated December 11, 2012, stating “United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut.”


United Way and Victim Websites Reveal Foreknowledge of Sandy Hook Massacre

As of Jan. 4, 2013, United Way of Western Connecticut said they had already raised over $6 million for the Sandy Hook School Support Fund. The Support fund is now at approx. $9.7 million.

United Way: No, we didn’t know about Dec. 14 Sandy Hook shooting in advance

The United Way of Western Connecticut said it rejects conspiracy theories claiming it knew about the Dec. 14 Newtown, Conn., school shooting three days in advance and leveraged that knowledge to raise money.

“It’s preposterous,” executive vice president Isabel Almeida told The Daily Caller Tuesday, dismissing what she called a “flawed” Google search result that suggests her organization issued a statement of condolence — and launched a support fund for the victims’ families — on Dec. 11.

Note: Google has removed the cached page, and it now reflects the correct Date December 14th..


From this Glamour article the following was posted:

ERICA LAFFERTY: Facebook and Twitter had more info than we did. There was already a memorial page created for our mom on Facebook by 2:00 P.M., although we didn’t get the official word until hours later.

There seem to be some bad blood with their stepsisters, according to another Cristina Lafferty Facebook entry. She also responded to someone om her friends list who believes that the government was involved. Of course I understand that in her grief, Dawn Hochsprung’s daughter might be blind to the various red flags surrounding Sandy Hook.


Article from Step Sisters regarding Gun Control

It’s a little hard to believe that 8+ pages had a computer glitch, all with a prior date of December 14th. Let’s not forget the Newtown Bee article that quoted the principal Dawn Hochsprung,

“Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went “on and on.”

Not only was Dawn Hochsprung one of the first shooting victims, but the cached page for this article was December 13th 2012. 1 day before the actual shooting. The cache on Bing has now been deleted of course. You can see the large screenshot here. Check the first part of the image for the cached date. “Below is a snapshot of the page on how it appeared on 12/13/2012”

Bing is still short of an explanation regarding the cache to our author Swansong. And let’s not forget about Robbie Parker. The main reason I investigated Sandy Hook, was the press interview that he gave in the below video. I’m sure most of you have seen it, but think about this. His daughter just got murdered, and 2 loving friends decided to create the Emilie Parker Facebook Fund on December 14th.

From Fellowship of the minds:

If your precious 6-year-old daughter had just been shot to death, would you immediately think about soliciting money from strangers for yourself, as well as have the presence of mind to set up a page on Facebook with the following detailed instructions:

Instructions on the Emilie Parker Memorial Account at America First Credit Union (account #5001359). For AFCU members making a transfer, select the Savings as the type of account, and the last name on the account is Parker. For non AFCU members, the AFCU routing number is 324377516. This account has been shared by several Utah media outlets and can be trusted. Thank you.

A PAYPAL account is also available if you use the email brookeprothero@yahoo.com

That email address presumably belongs to Brooke Prothero. A woman by that name, Brooke Ann Prothero, has a Facebook page, with an “About” page devoid of information, other than that she lives in Ogden Utah — in which the Parker family had lived before they moved to Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


Robbie Parker also mentioned the Emilie Parker Facebook Fund Page in his interview, we can only imagine how many funds the Parker family has received so far:



Back to United Way of Western, I found an interesting comment:


2/27/2013 11:30 AM PST

Victims of the OKC bombing have the EXACT same complaints. Over 10 million dollars in donations still sits in a foundation, nearly 18 years after the murders in OKC.. Meanwhile, victims and survivors of the OKC bombing have been forced to apply for welfare, have gone homeless and are routinely denied benefits. A committee of survivors, victims families and donors sent a letter to the governor Malloy, the Lt. Governor and to the First Selectman of Sandy Hook on Dec. 18th warning them not to put donations into a foundation where victims would be demeaned and forced to beg for help. The reporter from our local newspaper, in getting a response from government officials, was assured our letter was received and appreciated. Apparently they either did not read our letter, or disregarded our advice. This is insult on top of injury to victims of this tragedy and inconscienable. I truly regret this has happened once more.

I found the following web entries regarding United Way Western

Former United Way Employee Indicted On Fraud Charges

United Ways Accusations – William Aramony

Recent News Sandy Hook:

Facebook Responds to Lawmakers about Sandy Hook

“We appreciate the opportunity to clarify misconceptions that may exist about Facebook’s response to this national tragedy,” wrote Facebook’s Joel Kaplan, the company’s vice president of U.S. policy, in a letter obtained by ABC News.

“Since the horrific shooting, Facebook has been committed to helping the families, assisting law enforcement, and eliminating fraudulent and abusive material while balancing the needs of Americans who have used Facebook to mourn, commemorate the victims, and organize.”

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