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Sandy Hook Investigation Trentacosta & United Way

Published on December 19th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

In this article titled Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way, we’ll take a look at an issue that has been vexing me for months. Why were police focused on a house other than the Lanza’s that morning in December?

In the days and weeks following the events in Newtown I, like so many others, scoured the internet for video and photographic evidence, looking for any anomalies or errors in continuity that might provide reinforcement to the gut feelings we were having.

One that popped out at me early on was various media outlets publishing photos of the Lanza home that were anything but. Even though it was somewhat provocative I thought little of it. I would write it off to the “chaos of the day”.

Lanza House 1

Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

The above photo was included in an article by The Daily Mail Online. This is the caption accompanying it:

Nancy Lanza’s home in Newtown, Connecticut, where she was found shot dead from a gunshot wound to the face.

It turns out the above house is actually 40 Yogananda. A home owned by Robert & Ann Sandercox. You’ll notice the white “stop line” on the driveway is identical and you can see the Lanza’s house right next door. You can click on the banner for a larger look.

Sandercox House and Lanzas620x350

The next house I found represented as the Lanza’s was this one in an article from The Telegraph. Take note of the swimming pool in the backyard. We’ll discuss that a little more, later. Click banner for a larger look.

Lanza House 2

Set on the brow of a gently sloping hill, surrounded by two acres of woodland and well-tended lawns, the spacious property looked like any American family’s dream home.

A wide veranda had views across the gardens. A swimming pool, flanked by a white pool house, was round the back of the two-storey building.

Yet behind the front door in the affluent Connecticut community of Newtown, all was not well at 36 Yogananda Street.

That last image was especially intriguing for me as it seemed there was a great deal of activity going on in the driveway.

Trentacosta House Zoom

It turns out it’s 34 Yogananda, the home of Lanza’s next door neighbors, John & Linda Trentacosta. Click banner for a larger look.

Trentacosta Birds Eye

The misidentification of the houses might easily be passed off as a simple mistake…and the level of activity seemingly going on, while provocative, means very little without more information or perspective.

Fortunately “perspective” was to be provided by a photo found on the Hartford Courant’s site. As far as I can tell this is the only photograph showing this scene. Click on the banner for large image.

Yoganada Aerial

As you can see from the 3 vehicles in the driveway it is a photo taken at the same time as the zoomed in shot.

The reason this photo so struck me is that it shows everything the closeup image of the Trentacosta’s house doesn’t. What do you see…or equally…not see?

Do you see the road blocked off by police directly in front of the Trentacosta’s home? Do you see the 3 vehicles in the Trentacosta driveway? Including the panel van with the backdoors open?

But what is it we don’t see? We don’t see one vehicle at the Lanzas. We don’t see any activity at the Lanza home. Not one police car…not one ambulance…not one swat member. The driveway is completely empty. Click banner for large image.

Yoganada Zoom w ID

The press photographer in the helicopter is ignoring the Lanza home to focus on where the activity is obviously occurring and even the caption accompanying this photo in the Hrtford Courant makes clear where the activity is.

Police stand outside a home, 2nd from left top, on Yogananda Way in Newtown.

Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

There has been a seemingly never ending stream of people claiming to be from Newtown that have hopped on various internet forums and this blog to support the official narrative to various degrees. One of them even claimed to know people directly across from the Lanzas. I have asked every one of them if they know what was going on at the Trentacosta’s that morning and every one of them claims to know nothing about it.

As I mentioned earlier, as intriguing as these photographs are, without further information it is difficult to draw any conclusions. Then I happened upon this quote, shared in various publications.

Killer, 20, Left Few Footprints in Veiled Life

Friends remembered Nancy Lanza as being very involved in her sons’ lives.

“Their mother was very protective, very hands-on,” said Gina McDade, whose son was a playmate of Ryan Lanza’s and spent much time at his home, which she described as a two-story Colonial with a pool.

“It was a beautiful home,” McDade said. “She was a good housekeeper, better than me. You could tell her kids really came first.”

Yoganada McDade and Lanza w ID

As you can see from the photo the McDades do live on Yogananda and not too far from the Lanza home. Her description of Nancy as a homemaker leads one to believe that she has actually been in the Lanza home. But why on earth would she think the Lanzas had a pool when clearly they did not?

I contacted Gina McDade by email to try and set up an interview to clarify her comments. She was initially willing to speak with me, but when I contacted her again to set up an appropriate time to call she never responded.

Short of cold calling all the homes on Yogananda to get more info I was at a loss as to how to proceed so I decided to check out John Trentacosta.

John Trentacosta – Linkedin

President & CEO
Newtown Savings Bank

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Financial Services industry
June 1998 – Present (15 years 7 months)

Responsible for strategic oversight and executive management of a $950 million mutual savings bank located in Fairfield County, CT. Have held various corporate titles throughout tenure prior to being promoted to President in 2003, Chief Operating Officer in December 2005 and CEO in January 2009. Other titles throughout tenure include Senior, Executive and Senior Executive Vice President. Member of the Bank’s Board of Trustees.

New York Fed Announces Creation of Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today announced the creation of a Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC) and the appointment of new members.

The newly appointed members of the New York Fed’s council are listed below:

John F. Trentacosta
President and Chief Executive Officer
Newtown Savings Bank
Newtown, Connecticut

There sure seems to be no end to the upper-crust financial connections in this saga. Seems like just about everyone who pops up is either a performer or a banker. But there was something about that particular bank that sounded familiar. Now what was it…?

United Way Sandy Hook Google Search

You’ll notice in the above image that Google seems to have somehow visited the United Way Sandy Hook support page on the 11th of Dec. Three days prior to the Sandy Hook Event.

I know there has been a great deal of discussion and debate on the web regarding page caching and donation sites being online prior to Dec. 14. Some are easily explainable and others are not. The following link provides an overview.

Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre

I’m not going to get into much detail regarding these examples except to say that there are logical explanations for some while others are more problematic.

The “GoFundMe” page, for example, is easily explainable. It had caught my eye early on so I contacted GoFundMe and asked if a page, currently used for one thing, was changed to something else, would it retain the previous page’s date? Their answer was, “Yes, it would.”

The United Way page got considerably more attention, even attracting the attention of online media.

United Way: No, we Didn’t Know About Dec. 14 Sandy Hook Shooting in Advance

The United Way of Western Connecticut said it rejects conspiracy theories claiming it knew about the Dec. 14 Newtown, Conn., school shooting three days in advance and leveraged that knowledge to raise money.

TheDC emailed a Google spokeswoman for comment, but the company has not responded.

A public relations firm contracted by the United Way of Western Connecticut, however, forwarded an email to The Daily Caller from an engineer at Google.

This is a technical glitch on our end,” the engineer wrote. “[T]he date Google’s search engine first ‘saw’ the page was 12/14/2012 at 6:58pm. (We’re looking into a fix, but it may take some weeks.)

Whoa, whoa, whoa….a “glitch”? Geez, easy with the technical talk.

Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

The only reason I bring any of this United Way stuff up is because of where the United Way money was being routed.

Newtown Savings Bank Teams With United Way for Sandy Hook Fund

From blankets and books to stuffed bears, there is no shortage of offers to help the families of Sandy Hook from right next door to around the world.

But according to Newtown Public School District’s Web site, the Board of Education has specifically singled out one fund — organized through Newtown Savings Bank and the United Way of Western Connecticut — in lieu of other gifts. The Sandy Hook School Support Fund has been set up to provide direct monetary assistance to families of victims and the community.

Newtown Savings Bank CEO John Trentacosta told Patch that the fund came together as a response to countless requests.

I found that last statement interesting given the earlier quoted remarks from the Google rep…

…the engineer wrote. “[T]he date Google’s search engine first ‘saw’ the page was 12/14/2012 at 6:58pm

Obviously the page was online prior to the time Google visited it. How much prior is open to debate but my point is…that’s what people were doing in the immediate aftermath of the shooting…making “countless requests” to the bank to start a fund?

And how long did it take for all these calls to come in? And how long did it take to decide to set up a fund? And how long did it take to actually set up the fund (do the paperwork…dot the I’s and cross the T’s)? And create the page? And get it online?

Talk about rapid-response banking.

The Sandy Hook School Support Fund: United way of Western Connecticut

Donations can be mailed to:
Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT, 06470

The folks over at WolfBlitzer Blogspot did some good work tracking down the creator/domain owner for that United Way page and it turns out he and his wife are both former employees of GE Capital. It’s rather astonishing how many members of this cast have ties to GE.

Unfortunately, as with so many aspects of this investigation, this article and its information is simply one more loose thread dangling from a confusing and intricately woven tapestry. I won’t speculate as to its meaning or importance but I do find it curious enough to share.


What are your thoughts on Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way? We enjoy hearing from our readers so let us know what you think.

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51 Responses to Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

  1. suspectall says:

    This entire theatrical Sandy Hoax enterprise was a money making scheme as well as a push for gun control. There is only one Tribe of criminals engaged in this enterprise of total government control of the nation’s citizens. The suspicions of all the connected parties becoming obvious in the connection of the money train in this dog and pony show for the uninformed masses of America. Pretty much most of this little community were Tribe members! Enough said.

  2. suspicious says:

    And please make note, the Tribe can pose as anything they choose. Be it another religion or race, they are from the Tribe and have been known throught all of history to be imposters, name changers and identity thieves, all the while stealing your money through legal means and otherwise. It’s called usury and the Federal Reserve!

  3. hsaive says:

    Great work!…….The United Way “last modified date” on the website was pre-12/14. This is the evidence that trumps and is also consistent with the twitter and facebook dates of foreknowledge.

    Also, subpoena of bank records could show foreknowledge of donation account dates.

  4. sushieq says:

    What a GREAT article!

    Apparently, Nancy herself had been in finance. According to an article in the Hartford Courant, though she had most recently been a stay at home mom, she had previously worked as a stock broker at John Hancock in Boston, and in a finance-related capacity in Connecticut, too. There are an astonishing number of ties to finance and performing arts among this bunch…but only one of those professions is generally lucrative, so that is curious to me.

    Remember those reports that Nancy was a regular at neighborhood Bunko games (though they never held the games at the Lanza house, the story goes)? And how she visited a local watering hole called “My Place” two or three times a week? There were also reports of Nancy’s unending generosity in the forms of loans to friends, as well as her love of volunteer work. Where are the interviews with the scores of people with whom she was in regular contact, who might be able to shed more light on WHY this terrible tragedy might have occurred (*sniff*)? That could be a lead for some intrepid reporter, couldn’t it?

    Finally–and this is meant in the best possible spirit–fix the two “it’s” at the very end of your story to “its”. I would hate for typos to potentially affect your message, because it’s a novel and compelling one.

  5. frank says:

    The “its” is appropriate from what I see, it’s not “it’s” (it is) in the connotation used. And as usual – keep up the great work swanny! and keep fighting the good fight, you are a true patriot.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks, Bro…but in fairness to sushie…I may….might….possibly…could have…..there’s an outside chance I made a….mistake (shhh)

      Keep in mind I’m not saying I was wrong. I thought I was wrong once…but I was mistaken 🙂

      • M. William says:

        It’s is it is isn’t it? Sorry coulnd’t resist

        Did the Lanza’s (Nancy and Adan) move to from the home with the pool to the house next door at some point? There would be records of this of course.

        • -swansong- says:

          According to the realty listings they lived in that house from the time they moved to Newtown.

          Danged if I can explain the confusion…but at this point its my duty to point them out…not explain them 🙂
          Maybe this new/final report will tie some threads together.

  6. Callahan says:

    Wow you do some fantastic detective work. A agree there are alot of loose ends and we can only hope that each puzzle piece will get us that much closer to the truth.

    The Hoboken story remains a mystery. The original report was Lanza went to Hoboken and killed his father there first and the returned to the school. The news appeared to report a sealed off crime scene in Hoboken as well. What is noteworthy is that Ryan Lanza and Scott Vollmer both live in Hoboken. Did we ever hear anything else about what transpired there ?

    The “official” report and appendices have some interesting information. Lanza’s “suicide” shot was at the lower rear of his head exiting the top front of his head blowing a hole in his hat. Does that sound logical?

    The 911 calls indicate multiple teachers could not lock their doors. Where are the lawsuits?

    I think early on we actually received some accurate as well as inaccurate reports from the media. Subsequently the PTB may want to scrub some of the initial accurate reports. We must sift through the pieces to find out the truth.

    Here is an example of a report that was squashed in mid production.


    Keep up the great work Swansong

  7. Callahan says:

    BTW – your illustration of the attention at the Trentacosta house appears to have been totally unnoticed and unreported by anyone – you really deserve alot of credit for piecing this element of the puzzle together.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks. I appreciate it.

      The main issue with these anomalies, etc…is that individually they don’t appear to mean much or can be easily explained. Finding links that tie them together is the difficult/time consuming part.

      While I find the Vollmer angle intriguing I just don’t see enough evidence to make it a focus.

      We have one unsubstantiated statement to Mccarren…and Vollmer’s work for a food service/catering company that just happened to do some work for Bloomberg. Note…he didn’t work FOR Bloomberg…he worked for the food company that contracted with Bloomberg. Substantial difference, I think.

      Were I you…looking for info…I would discreetly try to find out what was going on at the Trentacosta’s that morning.

      I might even contact JP Maguire Co. and ask them if they provide services to clean up after my grandma, who passed away while we were on vacation…or if they could recommend someone.

      I may yet do the latter myself…but these are issues that need clarification to be truly worthy of the title “evidence”.

  8. NO SECRETS says:

    Any relation to Anthony Trentacosta the mobster?

    “Anthony Trentacosta (Sept 12 1940 – Dec 25, 2005), also known as “Tony Pep”, was a New York mobster and Caporegime with the Gambino crime family who headed one of their factions in South Florida.”

    “In March 1999, after the death of caporegime Anthony “Fat Andy” Ruggiano, the Gambino family allegedly transferred Anthony Trentacosta to South Florida to lead Ruggiano’s crew. Along with representatives of Leonard “Lenny” DiMaria, Trentacosta joined a crew that was conducting loansharking, extortion and bank fraud. The crew operated out of a pizzeria known as “Beachside Mario’s” in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. By 2000, Trentacosta had become the caporegime of the South Florida crew.”

    As a plea bargain Anthony Trentacosta pleaded guilty to racketeering in 2001 and admitted to being a member of the Gambino family or the Cosa Nostra

    So John…. any skeletons in your closet ?


    • -swansong- says:

      I stumbled across all of that while doing my research but I just couldn’t find a solid tie.

      Much like Erin D’Elia and William “Big Billy” D’Elia.

      William “Big Billy” D’Elia (born June 24, 1946) is a Pennsylvania mobster and leader of the Bufalino crime family.

      But…again…I was not able to make any solid ties between the 2.

      Easy to write it off to coincidence…but who knows.

  9. NO SECRETS says:

    The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants recently appointed John F. Trentacosta, CPA, a resident of Newtown, to serve a three-year term as a trustee of its Educational Trust Fund. The Educational Trust Fund is a non-profit foundation providing financial support to outstanding students, accounting departments, and accounting clubs at Connecticut colleges and universities. Mr. Trentacosta is president and chief operating officer of Newtown Savings Bank in Newtown. http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=17144749&BRD=1380&dept_id=157530

    He is also a member of fellow Jaspers, the alumni of the Manhattan College.

    I am not sure if that helps!


  10. Larry says:

    http://youtu.be/Vwy61iqpKq4 this is my latest video which is on donations. Is the sandy hook school support fund the same as the sandy hook community foundation (overseen by ken feinberg)? Looks like they are both united way? http://touch.courant.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-78500222/ . Also , I love your site. Please check out my other videos. This trentacosta info is very intriguing.

  11. Callahan says:

    Swan Song I just saw your latest video with the fire truck. Very astute observation on your part.

    For what it’s worth let me pass this along. I asked a family member of somebody from the hospital why EMTs were not allowed in to attend the victims. His response “The EMTs got there before the cops”. I pretty much dismissed the comment since I could not find corroboration on the radio, pictures or elsewhere. I did not give that too much thought until I saw your video. Maybe there is something to this issue?

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks, again. It always struck me as odd but it wasn’t until the official timeline was released that I had something to go on.

      I can’t speak to your friend’s comment, except to say that…the volunteer fire dept on Dickinson doesn’t have EMT units. It is only a fire brigade…as you know. I can’t imagine anyone having gotten there in less than 3 minutes…especially a full size fire truck from a volunteer dept that requires a crew of multiple people to operate.

      Furthermore…if the EMTs got there before the police…where are they? I mean…we see them with the tarp setup…but where are their vehicles? They got there first but still parked at the fire station and walked down?

      Very confusing.

  12. Callahan says:

    I agree with your comments that’s why I didn’t give it much thought and just concluded it was a statement based on confusion or misunderstanding. After seeing your writeup I thought I would pass it along.

    Just another FYI- I have been puzzled endlessly at the inability for anyone to determine the original source of the Adam Lanza “mug shot” picture. I just discovered that youtube Ryen Rosche determined it was a local kid name Kateleen Foy. I don’t know how widely known this is but I have been digging for months to find this out. May be worth following up on.

    • -swansong- says:

      Yes, I looked into Ms Foy early on. can’t even remember what I came up with except that she seemed to have taken several photos of Adam at various ages. I think she even took the one of him in front of the blue tech-club wall.

  13. bittercritter says:

    That picture was a hell of a find. WTH was going on that the cops were at the wrong house? It looks to be mid-day to early afternoon by the shadows. I ran across some additional involvement by GE here – http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/GE-Capital-team-deemed-Newtown-s-fairy-godmother-4651410.php#photo-4838573
    GE = Newtown’s Fairy Godmother?
    Good grief! Grief really pays apparently.
    Did you read where the Feds gave the Police a couple million $ to help “defray expenses”?
    I’m sure this is a very tangled web of financial interconnections. You’re on the right track Swan, great work!

    • sushieq says:

      Bittercritter: I hadn’t seen the GE article (or been aware of the level of GE’s involvement, to be honest). Included in the series of photos accompanying the article was a picture of “an unopened letter addressed to those who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shooting”. I wonder how many of those unopened letters there were that went unopened and if any had money inside? I also wonder how, exactly, they’re keeping track of donated funds, especially funds that were sent anonymously? This is kind of a sick thought, but this could be a good way to launder a one-time-only bunch of money…a small fortune coming in from “nowhere”, totally untraceable. Will taxes be paid on this money anywhere down the line? How about the donated items…I wonder what will be done with all that stuff, how it’s to be valued, and how the value will be applied?

      I’m downloading all of the newly released reports, but I don’t know how anyone will be able to go through it all…there is so much information, and I bet a lot of it is redundant. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

      Happy New Year to all.

      • -swansong- says:

        You might like this one, too.


        The selectmen also spent a few minutes getting to know Ms Alzapiedi, who, along with GE Capital staffers Elizabeth Rallo and Newtown resident Tom Kelleher, will be assisting the town with added responsibilities that have developed since 12/14. The three were among a large number of GE Capital staffers who asked to be part of a support team.

        The company employs approximately 150 Newtown residents, according to Mrs Llodra. Among them is Martha Poulter, who has been leading a special team at GE Capital looking into the best ways company talent could be brought to bear for the community.


        From establishing a municipal recovery portal to providing local ticket distribution logistics for special Yankee and Red Sox games dedicated to Newtown, a trio of loaned executives from GE Capital took on a slew of assignments too intensive for local officials to appropriately handle with skill and efficiency.

        All the best for the New Year to you and yours 🙂

    • -swansong- says:

      Tbh I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the time of day…so you may be right. I thought it was trippy regardless the time of day. Actually…if it’s later in the day that’s even stranger.

      As I said, I don’t quite know what to make of it.

      It’s like trying to figure out the plot of a movie only watching 2min at a time and skipping a bunch in between.

  14. doubtingmamas says:

    I would be curious to see if there are any listings for Nancy Lanza or even her using her maiden name (whatever that was) on flights OUT of the country before this event. Perhaps even for Adam, however, I do not believe there is an Adam Lanza…………it’s all Ryan Lanza’s younger photoshopped pictures. The deceit within this giant hoax is enormous………..with the same Tribal characters involved in almost all of the rollplaying! I’d check the flights to Israel first!

    • In the reading I have done on this false flag, the Lanzas only had one son and it was Lanza. If you could get your hands on a reverse telephone directory, you could look up the address and/or phone number to see who lived at the lanza address or find someone who belonged to a club, the mother belonged to and take a look at the directory to see what information is listed for the mom. I do find it ODD the feds gave two million dollars to the police department. Sounds like they got paid off to lie about this event.

      • -swansong- says:

        That does seem to be one thing that all participants in this event have in common…they all get paid.

      • Azrael says:

        What nonsense,where is the evidence for a false flag to start with? Therw are birth records,school records,friends of Adam Lanza who have given interviews,witnesses to his existence.
        If anyone wants to know why police cars were at Trentacosta house why not email CT police,I did and they were helpful in giving me the answer.
        Paranoia about gun control really does have a strange effect on people ,from reading this blog.

  15. doubtingmamas says:

    And I don’t recall what was the last date that anyone actually saw or spoke with Nancy? Perhaps it was stated somewhere but I don’t remember seeing it. Which of course, would be called really sloppy inept incompetent journalistic reporting, wouldn’t you say? One of 1000 questions they just “overlooked” perhaps?! yeah, right.

    • -swansong- says:

      That’s actually a very good question. Nancy had gone out of town for 3 days, I think. She went to the Brettonwoods Hotel. According to one of her friends on the PBS doc Raising Adam Lanza she texted him from the hotel.

      Do a search on the blog for PBS, I did a transcript and a review.

      But we have never seen any cctv footage of her there or heard from anyone that saw her or may have been with her.

      Kate Slate did a vid on it.


  16. P.B. says:

    Has anyone confronted Mr. Trentacosta with questions about the photos of his house and other issues related to his possible involvement? Also, do you think any of the victims are alive and if so, why and where could they be?

    • -swansong- says:

      I can’t speak for “anyone” but I haven’t.

      Tbh…I don’t know whether any are alive or not. All I know is we’ve been given a box of puzzle pieces. There are many missing but even with the ones we have we can tell that they aren’t forming the picture we’ve been told they would.

      I don’t want to speculate on what the missing pieces might be…but at some point I’m going to have to make an hypothesis as to what the picture is. I just hope to collect more pieces before I do that 🙂

      I’ll share this, tho. One theory (not mine but I like it for several reasons…I also dislike it for several others)…is that the participants were carefully brought together/recruited because many/all shared something in common…a terminal illness.

      To give their short lives meaning and serve their country parents were convinced to participate in this charade. I like it because it explains the lack of the sort of emotion most expected to see…but didn’t. They showed the right amount of emotion for parents that lost their kids a year ago (2 years now).

      Anyhoo…it’s just a theory. It has a few hurdles to overcome before it really grabs my attention…but there may be evidence out there to support it. Someone just needs to go looking 🙂

      • Bittercritter says:

        Interesting theory. My mind had bumped around on similar lines (the children gone for several years already by the parent’s reactions). Definitely worth looking in to more.
        I can’t believe the confluence of people and industries in this one tiny town – Genetics/Big capital/Ba’Hai’ HQ/Gun lobby/ etc. etc. Too many big shots of various concerns in one place. Somehow I believe they all tie in to corruption in the great state of Connecticut.
        I can’t believe anyone would do this over the few million dollars to be made, something much bigger is at stake here.
        I ramble, much like the Sandy Hook story.. lol.

        • -swansong- says:

          You’re right about the confluence of business/people/industry, Bitter. And for what it’s worth I also think this is something more than just the collection of several million dollars.

          If indeed this is a hoax of some kind it could not have been carried out without the assistance of federal agencies. That alone makes it bigger than charity fraud.

          You keep on rambling, Bud. At least you have interesting things to say 🙂

  17. flyingtigercomics says:

    The “confusion” regarding where Nancy Lanza lives is much like the apparent silence of a playgroup for moms she belonged to, where he virtual identical twin Ann(ie) E Haddad also belonged… And no one ever remarked that they looked like twins…

    And the official Nancy Lanza death house is empty, old fashioned decor, cheap furniture, cheap drapes, empty and unlived in…

    And Nancy Lanza took all those short breaks to the Hamptons etc. …

    And on and on and on.

    Lee Harvey Lanza and the equivalent of all those fictional left wing views and trips to Mexico.

  18. Callahan says:

    Can Nancy Lanza’s last days alive being at Bretton Woods be a coincidence or is that another IN YOUR FACE statement by TPTB?

  19. Coastin Home says:

    Swansong …Nice work!. There are clear pictures of fresh tire tracks on the adjacent lawn at 34 Yogananda on pages 70 and 71 of “Sec 13 – Aerial Photos.pdf” from the final report.

  20. doubtingmamas says:

    Bittercritter: See that this entire town was almost all of the chosenite clan. They are the ones that own and control the big business industries. Therefore the hoax could be executed rather conveniently when a “group” of people are all in the same “club” so to speak. Their joint beliefs are all incorporated in what is best for Israel…………and you know what the first thing is? MONEY! good for Israel and it’s good for their people! ha
    It matters not what they call themselves, it is strictly a bloodline heritage. The Tribal cabal that has taken over and corrupted this country. History has proven the same.

  21. William Zabel says:

    Did anybody ever see a picture of “Creepy” Gene Rosen’s car at his house when the media was interviewing him? The back window was covered by plastic. The trunk also had dents in it. Remember the police reports where they fired at a black sedan speeding away from the scene?

    Could it be his car? If so what was he doing there? If it was a hoax, was he a “Crisis Actor and things got out of hand?

    Also, if Crisis Actors are involved in this I think I know who created this group, my former acting coach here in Denver, Colorado where the group is based!

    Swansong, if you want more info on the last statement, let me know and I can send you a statement on what this acting coach told me back in the 90’s after he and his fellow tv producer moved to Denver.

    • -swansong- says:

      Hello William,

      Re Rosens car…I remember Marilyn Gudsnuk saying she saw kids running past the fire station…then a black car sped by…then gun shots.

      And yes…Rosen’s car did appear as though it could have had the rear driver’s side window broken out.

      I’d be happy to read anything you’d care to pass along.


  22. Anna says:

    I ran across this in my travels… book 6- 00122995 pg. 46
    “At aproximately 1235 hours, the remaining SPTU personnel moved to the residence using the RG-12 armored vehicle. The RG-12 was positioned in the neighbor’s driveway at 34 Yogananda Street, directly to the South of the Lanza residence”
    and on pg 48
    “During operations at 36 Yogananda Street, SPTU East Personnel noted that the lights and television were on in the neighboring residence at 34 Yogananda.Street. Due to the circumstance and the proximity of this residence to the Lanza residence, there was concern that possible victims could be located within the residence as the residence was unlocked and a vehicle was in the driveway.
    I notified Sergeant Palen of this, and Sergeant Palen said that the family had been evacuated from their residence by uniform police personnel prior to our arrival on Yogananda Street. Due to safety concerns, SPTU EAST Personnel entered the front door of the residence located at 34 Yogananda Street and cleared and secured this residence as well. No one was found within this neighboring residence.”

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  30. ken says:

    I’ll put this out there.

    I believe the I read that the United Way bought that house the Lanza’s lived in. It may have been before the incident happened or it was after as the United Way is connected by the neighbor. The house was shortly demolished to the ground. The neighbor is a Bank Executive and is connected to the United Way charity for finding hones for people. They bought the house and then the house was demolished.

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