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Published on November 17th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Shooting: Sedensky’s Abridged Report – A Summary

In response to Gov. Malloy’s demand for the long-completed Sandy Hook investigative report, Sedensky plans to release 2{2bd38f3aa67c5df5134457b3a6cccfa81474f178cea7c899ef32e7849771de96} of the report to the public on November 25th. Last Tuesday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy  stated he wants the Sandy Hook shooting report of state’s attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III released this week.

Family members of the victims got to review Sedensky’s abridged report last Thursday, to prepare them for the public release of the information.

Newstimes reported that family members attended the meeting with FBI agents, CT State police and officials from the Danbury state’s attorney’s office. The families were given approximately 20 minutes to review a summary of the 40 page report.

“Relatives said that the 40-page report they reviewed was written by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky. It is that report that they were told would be released to the public before the end of the month, family members said, and not a far more detailed 2,000-page state police report on the shooting.”

“A family member stated he had already toured the school, and when he was presented with about 20 minutes to review the lengthy report, he decided to only read the parts that pertained to his child. Most of it was information he had already been given by detectives, he said, but some of it was difficult to see written in black and white.”

The report included photographs of the home in Newtown where Adam Lanza lived with his mother, Nancy, and pictures from inside the school after the shooting, but none of the photographs showed any of the victims, a relative said. The children are not named in the report, relatives said.

“It was really just pictures of the guns, bullets, stuff like that,” the relative said.”

Sedensky declined to give any comments regarding the Sandy Hook investigative report or the meeting.

The obvious question is: What happens to the 2,000 page Sandy Hook investigative report from the state police? Are they going to seal the Sandy Hook Investigative report like the government did with the J.F.K files? The investigative report on the assassination of ex president John F Kennedy has been sealed until the year 2029.

Policeone reported the following: No date has been set for the release of the full state police report. Once Sedensky signs off on the investigation as being completed, state police plan to release their report online.

Sedensky’s abridged report is set to be released on November 25th, the same day a judge will rule on the release of the Sandy Hook 911 recordings.
On GLP a member asked the following question: “Another coincidental, smokescreen, or he is going to use the report to persuade the judge?
Sedensky argued that airing the 911 tapes could expose witnesses to harassment from conspiracy theorists. What is Sedensky’s secret? Why would he fear conspiracy theorists?

One can only assume that there are serious errors in the report,  and they don’t want the public to find out about it. For one, violation of protocol regarding EMS personnel, who were not allowed to enter the Sandy Hook Elementary school. They were told to stage by the firehouse where they had set up the triage for the victims who were never transported out of the school, besides 4 wounded victims who were transported to the hospital.

The official story stated that two children were injured and that these children were transported by ambulance to Danbury Hospital, where they perished. Then there is Natalie Hammond who was shot and another older woman shown on a stretcher who has not been identified by the media.

This indicates that Police officers declared the other victims dead. Unless a person is decapitated, a doctor must declare if someone is dead, Police officers can’t make that determination!

Read more about this  in our crime scene article, and view the Sofia Smallstorm Video. Besides that, one can also imagine that Sedensky is worried about the possible release of the 911 recordings  to the public,  what was said on those seven 911 recordings from Sandy Hook School?

A citizen stated: The lack of leadership, the disdain for the rule of law, corruption, and pure arrogance among the “officials” in the state of Connecticut (my home state for the last 37 years) makes me physically ill. It is well beyond sickening.

The NewsTimes published the following yesterday:

“Perhaps the most heart-rending remnants from the long investigation are clothing worn by the victims when they died.  Troopers spent their own money to “launder and re-launder” them, removing bloodstains before packaging them up in case the families wanted them back, the investigator said. Many did, but about a half-dozen sets of clothes remain unclaimed and will go into storage with the other evidence, should those families eventually change their minds, he said.”


I’m at a loss for words..  I guess the clothing worn by the victims were no longer needed as evidence.

Note: I don’t believe they had any bloody clothing from children

What does the law say?

In Connecticut, a crime victim has the right to have any property he or she owns, which was seized by police in connection with an arrest, returned to him or her.

Federal legislation, the “Justice for All Act” of 2004 requires that biological evidence be retained in federal cases. – (View PDF). I’m not sure if this also includes the DNA evidence items of the victims.

It must be the first time in US history that Troopers “launder and re-launder” evidence items..

Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information (CCFOI) stated that there is no area where public transparency is more vital than in the administration of justice. The need for accountability is particularly acute when the police and prosecutorial powers of the state are exercised in the name of society at large.

The Record-Journal in Meriden wrote: “How can the public know whether an emergency was handled well or poorly if the minute-by-minute events are going to be reviewed only by insiders, meeting in secret? Or swept under the rug and not reviewed at all?”

State attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III and the leadership of the CT state police should resign immediately!

I still have hope that the judge will rule in favor of the public regarding the release of the Sandy Hook 911 recordings. Please leave your comments below!

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34 Responses to Sandy Hook Shooting: Sedensky’s Abridged Report – A Summary

  1. Dudashane. says:

    Nice job!. Ever notice we always find out about these parent/family meetings with the state police or other government officials after the meeting has already taken place? Do these reporters get a memo telling them about the meeting or are they just given report from the state police that it happened? It seems weird that these news reporters would get play by play limited information from a family member and not expand on the meeting they witnessed. So read those ” family” articles again and think to yourself….why would this reporter that seemed to just get first hand information from a ” family member” not expand on what happened at the meeting?

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Yes you have a good point there, I asked myself the same question at the very beginning. They blame the media for spreading false information, yet, if you listen to the news reports, for example Pete Williams, he stated twice that the information was confirmed by state and federal officials! Not only Pete Williams, I heard that reference in several reports. Who are these officials releasing false information?

      • Dudeashane says:

        The same officials that are writing all the stories and releasing canned information to news outlets. Again the events of the most recent meeting don’t seem to be told to these reporters from the ” family members” it’s like they are printing what the state police or maybe Sedensky said happened at this supposed meeting. No participants are named other than ” family members” or ” relatives ” . In fact one article starts 3 different paragraphs with ” a family member said”. This is terrible writing and the term redundant is an understatement. So I conclude these are not reporters relaying events they witnessed. They are printing what someone told them to print.

      • Callahan says:

        Pete William was the “CHIEF JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT” – so he either lied, is totally incompetent, was lied to or was reporting the truth. Isn’t it a coincidence that the MEDIA inserts an AR-15 into every shooting event whether or not it is actually utilized ?

  2. Callahan says:

    There are so many inconsistencies in the official story that it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that it is a lie.

    The police radio transmissions indicate that officers were in the classrooms at approximately 9:45 and reported that the shooter had not yet been located. at 9:49 am an officer reports that the last shot was 3 minutes ago (9:46am). At approximately 9:52 am we hear “suspect down”.

    The search warrant paragraph 5 indicates that Lanza was found dead in the classroom. So the question begs to be asked- How did Lanza get by all the officers in the hallway and classrooms with his dead body and guns and drop himself into the 2nd classroom?

    The evidence is clear that there were multiple assailants and that they likely attacked the 2 classrooms simultaneously. Soto should have had time to lock her door if the “shooter” blasted his way in the front door and took out Roussaeu’s entire class right ?

    Who were the assailants ? I believe the kindergarten teacher’s son (Scott Vollmer- Bloomberg employee) , the armed SWAT guy in the woods, the two shadows running and confronted by police on Crestwood. I believe one of the shadows was Chris Manfredonia. Manfredonia’s daughter may have been in Roig’s class which would explain why that class was spared espite being unlocked and the first classroom in the hall.

    I could go on and on. I will try to post a link later.

    • Dee says:

      Boy! You are assuming that people were actually killed? I don’t know how anyone can still believe that after knowing that not 1 allegedly shot child was looked at by ANY EMT, nor transported to the Hospital, and have a doctor pronounce the person dead (which is what their protocol requires!). If the doctors or EMT did not see any injured children that day, then how can you say anyone was shot? or were even in that building? You can’t!

      • Kennedy Ray says:

        Hi Dee,

        I would like comment on this. Do I believe people were actually killed? I believe some of the adults might have been killed, but it is not the ones who’s family members gave happy go lucky interviews on television. There are definitely some “actors” involved. Regarding the kids, I like Sofia Smallstorm’s theory on how they might have used pictures from their kids when they were younger, these kids are much older now and alive. But where are they now?

        We can only go by what they present us with, and then rule out and debunk their version with our research and evidence we do have.

        Some suggested that all these kids actually died, but of other circumstances and were chosen for this event.. Every theory I explore leads me to a dead end, as I don’t have all the puzzle pieces.

        The son of the Kindergarten teacher, Scott Vollmer is an event manager for Bloomberg. That suggest a drill. How about something during that drill went wrong and someone actually died?

        Please tell us your complete theory on what happened that day, I would love to hear it.


  3. Callahan says:

    I would augment that link with:

    1. Chris Manfredonia details (a) he lived right behind Lanza (b) His daughter was possibly in Roig’s class which was spared despite being unlocked and the first classroom in the hall (c) He apparently was one of the “two shadows” fleeing towards Crestwood and was confronted by police. The other guy apparently escaped.

    2. Police Audio Timeline discrepancy- Lanza was found in the 2nd classroom (search warrant paragraph 5) yet police arrived at the classrooms and reported that the shooter was not located. Shots fired subsequently and not until approx 9:52 did they announce “suspect down”

    3. A Police Training Presentation, citing Lessons Learned From Sandy Hook , indicated that the window was not shot out because the Police were required to breach.

    4. Most likely there were at least two teams of shooters that assaulted both classrooms simultaneously. Soto should have had time to lock her door, if the shooter(s) shot out the front door, the Principal and staff and Rousseau’s entire class. Also child witnesses said they heard no shots until the shooter(s)? arrived.

  4. Callahan says:

    I believe most or all of the victims really died lacking compelling evidence to the contrary. I believe that theory is being aggressively promoted to divert attention and investigation resources away from the criminals and the evidence of the crime. It also serves to undermine the credibility and sensitivity of the truth movement. I believe that it is counter productive to pursue that lead unless there is compelling evidence.

    I acknowledge that anything is possible but we can only go where the evidence tales us. Lack of evidence is not evidence. Just because Sophia Smallstorm and I don’t see bodies that doesn’t prove nobody died. Neither do photoshop pictures of Emily Parker or false pictures of Allison Wyatt. Did we see any blood or bodies from VA Tech?

    It may be possible that fake victims and or actors may have been added to the narrative for effect. Blonde Blue eyed victims especially. Notice the same families on TV all the time are performers: Wheelers, Barden, Nicole Hockley was into acting in college, Green. Again I emphasize that there seems to be little payoff in pursuing that issue lacking clear compelling evidence of fraud. The “Hoax Theorists” need only produce a single living victim and have yet to do so.

    I also acknowledge what appear to be egregious failures of protocol in the triage of the victims. There are many legitimate questions on the circumstances but concluding unequivocally everything was a hoax is not prudent.

    By the way I do live here and am unaware of anyone in town who is asserting this was a hoax.

    The motive was to ban guns/AR-15 s in particular – the method was to replicate Dunblane where by an identical event resulted in gun confiscation in the UK. The opportunity – have an individual familiar with a school (Scott Vollmer) lead an assault team on innocent children. Use Adam Lanza as a patsy as a lone crazed gunman. Plant firearms and NRA literature and certificates at Lanza’s house to garner hatred toward gun lobby.

    I think this is the most coherent assembly of the facts and circumstances to arrive at a working theory.

    • -swansong- says:

      By the way I do live here and am unaware of anyone in town who is asserting this was a hoax.

      Thanks for sharing that, Callahan. Having insight into the area can obviously be very beneficial when trying to sort through the flotsam.

      I wonder…have you heard anything about the goings on at the Trentacosta home that morning? Are you familiar with them and their location?

      • Callahan says:

        I know absolutely nothing about the Trentacosta situation.

        I have indirect information and contacts with some people closely effected though.

        I know one person who has a member of their household that handled the victims in the ER that day. I am trying to get information but I don’t want to press to hard on that.

        I ran into a couple that have a mutual friend in Natalie Hammond. I was told that Hammond has not discussed the event at all with her friend.

        My in law worked with the spouse of another victim/

        My friend saw Lauren Rouseau on a daily basis when she worked at Star Bucks.

        Although I did not go to any wakes or verify any dead bodies I really think these hoax theories are pretty out there. While not impossible I just think there would be too many holes to plug. Although the official story has alot of holes to plug too and they seem to be getting away with it.

        Think about it for a minute. If this was a hoax wouldn’t they have pre-recorded 911 calls fully scripted and released ? Fake crime scene pictures with fake blood ?

        Why is Andrea McCarren and Sally Cox absolutely refusing to explain themselves ? The police called an individual contacting Sally Cox inquiring on her story. If all was scripted all of these loose ends would not exist. All witnesses would be available and forthcoming with consistent stories detailing Lanza’s attack and AR-15 assault. Instead we have virtually NO witness statement NOTHING! And not a single piece of evidence against Lanza.

        I recently observed 4 tombstones for Pinto, Green, Bacon and Wyatt. They were set at different times and were all recently maintained with trinkets, footballs, baseballs, flowers, pumpkins.

        Has any hoax advocate produced a single living victim?

        The Hoax , drill, theories are a diversion in my opinion. Focus should be on motive and culpability. All Hoax theories seem to miss one or both of those very important issues.

        • -swansong- says:

          I know absolutely nothing about the Trentacosta situation.

          That’s really all I was looking for, right there. Thanks.

          Btw…in drills…if that’s what this was…the responses (911 calls, witness statements [although some may be], etc… aren’t scripted…only the execution of the event and background of the main participant(s) is determined before hand. Evaluating the “response” is the purpose of the event.

        • Bittercritter says:

          I agree, I think those are diversions. If we look at events from the beginning things go awry at the point where police allow no one else in the school. Once the shooter is down and the scene declared inactive there was no reason to keep EMTs outside, was there?
          I think it’s safe to conclude that this is a cover up instead a drill. Cover up of what though? The possibilities are; Police accidentally killed someone (shot through a door after hearing noise thinking it was the gunman), police response was so slow as to allow an entire class to be butchered while they “got in to entry positions”, there was a hostage situation handled poorly resulting in needless deaths, etc.
          From the afternoon of 12/14 things went crazy so far as news items went. Changes in guns used, guns found, who the shooter was, etc, etc. – all classic tactics of disinformation to cloud the original issue.
          Note how much attention has been paid to the “crisis actors’ scenarios – I believe the PTB are subtly pushing that theory in order to discredit any legitimate investigation by private citizens.
          As for Carver’s slip saying “have it crash on the heads of Newtown later” how could that be construed? He knows the children did not die as reported. This could mean that it was police who killed somebody or that the alleged murder weapon was not what we’ve been told. Both could be true.
          In Sedensky’s summary it reports that .223 casings could be positively matched to the bushmaster rifle. Oddly, they could NOT match any of the bullets fired from the same gun.
          If cops had accidentally shot someone they would need to change the murder weapon to .223 since that was the weapon most cops carried that day.
          The first reports said that handguns and only handguns were used and found inside the school. This is most likely correct. Needing to transfer blame the AR15 bushmaster was inserted in to the story as the weapon used by Lanza.
          Perhaps instead of rushing to outlaw the possession of AR15’s by civilians Americans should be questioning whether it’s safe to allow all police to carry them.
          Considering I have yet to hear a single story of a LEO accidentally shooting someone with an AR15 you can bet it’s been covered up.
          The question I have is was Sandy Hook an instance of police accidentally shooting someone?

          I don’t think they could convict Lanza were he still alive. No fingerprint evidence, no bullet matching, no eyewitness who could positively ID him as the shooter and no video of him coming or entering the school.

          The lack of hard evidence is appalling.

  5. Callahan says:

    Lanza could have been lured to the school under false pretenses by his neighbor Chris Manfredonia- maybe Manfredonia invited him to make gingerbread houses? Maybe he invited Adam to play a role in an active shooter drill? Why else would Lanza smash his hard drives? He had no motive to kill his mother, no motive to kill children.

    Lanza had no history of violence or rage outbursts. The weed whacker noise by his house was unbearable to him so how could he survive 2 seconds at a gun range ? He was incapable of committing this act in my opinion. He is a real person whose social security number could be found on the net, verified to selective service records (age 20) and he was identified in probate records as well as the divorce decree.

    If this whole story was fake don’t you think we WOULD HAVE seen fake bodies, fake blood etc. like people assert occurred in Boston ? If it was all fake why was it reported a SWAT guy was caught in the woods ? Why did Sally Cox need to hide in a closet for 4 hours with Barbara Halstead? Why are witnesses refusing to speak ?Andrea McCarren, Sally Cox, Roy Low? Why would Sally Cox have needed to change her story ?

    Remember that original reports did not say “Nancy Lanza” was a teacher at the school. They said “The SHOOTER’S MOTHER” was a teacher at the school.

  6. Dudeashane says:

    I believe it was a…well the best way to say it is an enhanced drill. I think they had a planned drill with all these different government agencies ready to participate. They also hired a bunch of locals and maybe some imports with the assumption that these extra’s are to play up the scenario. They tell them that this drill is really important to gauge how well they would handle this situation. The extras are told that the news will be there, helicopters, police, medics and they really need them to help make it seem real. My guess is around 2pm the extras learn that the event has moved from drill to ” something really did happen”. I think they all signed non-disclosure agreements so they cannot say they thought it was just a drill. Remember, they were told to act it up to make it seem as real as possible. Think of how scary it is for them if they tell someone they thought they were just part of a drill. The actor claim is probably correct but I think many of them are just innocent participants that got railroaded.

  7. Bittercritter says:

    I don’t think people are looking at what is the most likely possibility – that it’s the police response which is being covered up. Either they let someone get away, needed to swap weapons out to help a political agenda or there was a serious error made by police that resulted in unnecessary deaths – late response, mistakenly shooting an innocent person, etc. It was something done by police that is the source of the cover up.
    As a theory it does fit the evidence we have of no-one but police being allowed in the school (total control of crime scene), the conflicting reports early on weapons and type, the arrest of a fellow officer who happened to be nearby.
    There is also the matter of the car doors being reported as open but later seen shut. It was reported the shotgun was next to the passenger door but was later shown being removed from the trunk along with an AR15. Then there are the “black sweatshirts” (cleric robes?) strewn around the car. Why was there more than 1? Why so many guns? (more than any single person would need or use)
    The victims families are a dead end and will reveal nothing. I think attention has been diverted from what I mention above to keep the drill and hoax theories alive. It’s entirely possible most of the material found on the web is being manufactured by them to keep the misdirection alive.
    Excellent write up!

    • -swansong- says:

      I don’t think people are looking at what is the most likely possibility – that it’s the police response which is being covered up.

      Actually…that’s exactly what I was doing yesterday…til the blog ate my article and I got pissed off and went to bed….bah!

      Oh yeah…btw…good to see ya…bah!

  8. Pilot says:

    Hey Callahan-
    Am I crazy, or did I see your almost identical post at Memoryhole? Do people repeat themselves on the internet? Just asking.

    Sofia Smallstorm has a factual error in her movie that is unfortunate because it’s so “small” but pertinent. She shows a picture of Peter Lanza and a son posing on the set of SNL. I thought we were to believe that it was Adam. Looked nothing like the other photos of him but hey so what…anyway she says it’s of Ryan. Why would someone so otherwise precise make such a silly error? The boy shown in the SNL photo looks like neither Adam nor Ryan. Her mistaken analysis glosses over this fact.

  9. Pilot says:

    Bittercritter, think of your theory of police coverup and include the presence of over 90 grey and black sedans in the parking lot – how do they fit in to your scenario?

    • -swansong- says:

      Were that theory correct I would expect there to be parents even MORE upset/infuriated/demanding of info, etc…then we have thought.

      • Pilot says:

        Yeah-and we have none! of that…the cops have stories to tell. My guess is they were duped into it and offered some $$, signed a non-disclosure agreement and will attempt to live with the lie. It reminds me of Arlington Road.

        • Kennedy Ray says:

          I think it is like Sofia Smallstorm said, there were different levels of awareness. I for one, after going over the scanner feeds again believe that not all EMT personnel was aware of a “drill” if that is the case. You can tell by the timeline post I just published. I have no idea what really happened, but I will point out the obvious lies ..

          • Dudeashane says:

            That is exactly right. Remember in my theory for the drill you don’t have to have everyone in on the ruse you just need the “extras” to all think they are suppose to help with making the drill seem as real life as possible.
            It’s after that the extras become aware of what just took place and they have to decide if they are willing to say ” gosh I thought is was just a drill.”

            The tension in that town must be immense.

  10. Pilot says:

    Right, I think Malloy, Sedensky, and that corpulent bully Vance (among others) know what happened, and the people in their “downline” have been paid off or threatened.

    “When the American people doubt everything coming out of the TV and newspapers, we will have realized or objective.” – William Casey paraphrase

  11. NO SECRETS says:

    What are the lessons learned from the Sandy Hook?

    Government servitude 101

    1 – That guns are bad

    2 – That conspiracy theorists are bad

    3 – That home-schooling is a dangerous practice and must end

    4 – That some medical conditions lead to violent behavior but this can be remedied by clipping a few strands off your DNA

    5 – That parents are legally responsible for their child’s criminal actions

    6 – That more surveillance is required to make everyone safe from criminals (can we predict people like Adam are dangerous?)

    7 – That more supervision is required for the mentally ill and more programs are needed to support them (more interventions)

    8 – That the public is not required to know the details surrounding this crime or any other violent crime

    9 – That you should not question the official story (unless you want to end up like Micheal Hastings or Paul Walker)

    10 – That asking questions can land you in jail: ie: Remember when Scotty Walker called Wayne Carver’s office

    11 – That government officials will take care of you so don’t worry (just drink your Kool-Aid)

    12 – That the media makes mistakes but corrections are not required (hardly anyone will notice anyway)

    13 – That we must destroy a school and everything that reminds us of this violent crime
    (and then rebuild the school in the exact same place)

    14 – That more censorship of the internet is required to protect us from bad people

    15 – That victim’s feelings trump everything else (the law, freedom of information and even kids safety)

    16 – That officials can whip up new laws on the fly to suit the crime and the occasion

    17 – That police officers and EMS suffer from post traumatic stress but not teachers and students apparently

    18 – That lawsuits are not required in some circumstances like violent school shootings

    19 – Donations will fix the problem

    20 – Your government cares

    I hope my sarcasm isn’t taken the wrong way. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

    • -swansong- says:

      I think that was one well thought out recap of the effects and lessons from SH.


      Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel/Feliz Navidad/Greetings of the Season…to you, too 🙂

  12. NO SECRETS says:

    The official report is about to be released. Lets hope we can finally get to the bottom of this mess. I have added the correct links below. Please spread this information far and wide. Thank you!


    The Connecticut State Police report on the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be released on Friday, December 27, 2013, at 3:00 p.m.

    The report will be available only at this website: http://www.ct.gov/statepolicenewtownreport

    The report runs several thousand pages and has been redacted according to law.

    The report does contain some text, photos and 911 calls received by the State Police on the day of the shootings.

    The release of this document is indicative that this State Police criminal investigation is concluded.


    LT. J. Paul Vance




  13. R Castle says:

    First – a preface – I have never considered myself to be a conspiracy theorist by any means. In all cases, I review the evidence and am able to determine for myself what is true and what is not. Unfortunately, after reviewing the “evidence” of Sandy Hook, I am actually leaning towards the “hoax” theory or perhaps the “cover-up of police malfeasance” theory as some have noted above. To sum up the “full report” that was just released, all the 911 calls, all the thousands of pages of documents and photos, there literally is nothing to support the official story. The Conn. AG stated that the photos of the children and adult victims were redacted due to state law. However, this is not even one photo in any classroom that would lead me to believe there was any type of “chaos” or mass murder. Sure, there are bullet holes in places identified along walls, some casings outside the building and broken glass, but nothing like you were able to see with Columbine. So much was redacted in the “official report” that it is absolutely worthless to try to garner any insight into what transpired. Even the 911 calls are made up primarily of people needing directions to the school. Only a few are from actual persons at the school and there is no sound of shooting in the background, no screams of panic. It’s not that I’m morbid and want to see dead children, but if I am to try to understand the and evaluate the nature of the offense, then I should at least see evidence that a crime was even committed. I’m not trying to offend anyone, it’s just that in my opinion, the evidence is lacking.

    • -swansong- says:

      R Castle, you needn’t worry about offending anyone here with thoughts of cover-up or hoax.

      As I mentioned in one of my articles, even a cursory examination of the final report vs previously stated truths will show a plethora of anomalies and discrepancies…each and every one of which, one would think, would be scrutinized by a free and unbiased press.

      Since that is clearly not happening it is left to people just like you to ask those questions and stimulate discussion and debate.

      Good on you for doing so.

  14. Took them a week to release Justin Bieber’s toxicology report. Why aren’t we being filled-in on the SSRI’s Lanza was on? Could it be because there are Big Pharma companies in CT?

  15. DM says:

    Watch the Sandy Hook DOCUMENTARY: http://deepinsidetherabbithole.com/Sandy_Hook.html


    AR15 wasn’t used at Sandy Hoax:

    How did 500 students vanish from Sandy Hook Elementary?

    Adam Lanza didn’t exist. Police shotgun blew out Sandy Hook school foyer window:

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