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Sandy Hook Investigation sandy-hook-investigative-report

Published on November 17th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Shooting: Sedensky’s Abridged Report – A Summary

In response to Gov. Malloy’s demand for the long-completed Sandy Hook investigative report, Sedensky plans to release 2{2bd38f3aa67c5df5134457b3a6cccfa81474f178cea7c899ef32e7849771de96} of the report to the public on November 25th. Last Tuesday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy  stated he wants the Sandy Hook shooting report of state’s attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III released this week.

Family members of the victims got to review Sedensky’s abridged report last Thursday, to prepare them for the public release of the information.

Newstimes reported that family members attended the meeting with FBI agents, CT State police and officials from the Danbury state’s attorney’s office. The families were given approximately 20 minutes to review a summary of the 40 page report.

“Relatives said that the 40-page report they reviewed was written by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky. It is that report that they were told would be released to the public before the end of the month, family members said, and not a far more detailed 2,000-page state police report on the shooting.”

“A family member stated he had already toured the school, and when he was presented with about 20 minutes to review the lengthy report, he decided to only read the parts that pertained to his child. Most of it was information he had already been given by detectives, he said, but some of it was difficult to see written in black and white.”

The report included photographs of the home in Newtown where Adam Lanza lived with his mother, Nancy, and pictures from inside the school after the shooting, but none of the photographs showed any of the victims, a relative said. The children are not named in the report, relatives said.

“It was really just pictures of the guns, bullets, stuff like that,” the relative said.”

Sedensky declined to give any comments regarding the Sandy Hook investigative report or the meeting.

The obvious question is: What happens to the 2,000 page Sandy Hook investigative report from the state police? Are they going to seal the Sandy Hook Investigative report like the government did with the J.F.K files? The investigative report on the assassination of ex president John F Kennedy has been sealed until the year 2029.

Policeone reported the following: No date has been set for the release of the full state police report. Once Sedensky signs off on the investigation as being completed, state police plan to release their report online.

Sedensky’s abridged report is set to be released on November 25th, the same day a judge will rule on the release of the Sandy Hook 911 recordings.
On GLP a member asked the following question: “Another coincidental, smokescreen, or he is going to use the report to persuade the judge?
Sedensky argued that airing the 911 tapes could expose witnesses to harassment from conspiracy theorists. What is Sedensky’s secret? Why would he fear conspiracy theorists?

One can only assume that there are serious errors in the report,  and they don’t want the public to find out about it. For one, violation of protocol regarding EMS personnel, who were not allowed to enter the Sandy Hook Elementary school. They were told to stage by the firehouse where they had set up the triage for the victims who were never transported out of the school, besides 4 wounded victims who were transported to the hospital.

The official story stated that two children were injured and that these children were transported by ambulance to Danbury Hospital, where they perished. Then there is Natalie Hammond who was shot and another older woman shown on a stretcher who has not been identified by the media.

This indicates that Police officers declared the other victims dead. Unless a person is decapitated, a doctor must declare if someone is dead, Police officers can’t make that determination!

Read more about this  in our crime scene article, and view the Sofia Smallstorm Video. Besides that, one can also imagine that Sedensky is worried about the possible release of the 911 recordings  to the public,  what was said on those seven 911 recordings from Sandy Hook School?

A citizen stated: The lack of leadership, the disdain for the rule of law, corruption, and pure arrogance among the “officials” in the state of Connecticut (my home state for the last 37 years) makes me physically ill. It is well beyond sickening.

The NewsTimes published the following yesterday:

“Perhaps the most heart-rending remnants from the long investigation are clothing worn by the victims when they died.  Troopers spent their own money to “launder and re-launder” them, removing bloodstains before packaging them up in case the families wanted them back, the investigator said. Many did, but about a half-dozen sets of clothes remain unclaimed and will go into storage with the other evidence, should those families eventually change their minds, he said.”


I’m at a loss for words..  I guess the clothing worn by the victims were no longer needed as evidence.

Note: I don’t believe they had any bloody clothing from children

What does the law say?

In Connecticut, a crime victim has the right to have any property he or she owns, which was seized by police in connection with an arrest, returned to him or her.

Federal legislation, the “Justice for All Act” of 2004 requires that biological evidence be retained in federal cases. – (View PDF). I’m not sure if this also includes the DNA evidence items of the victims.

It must be the first time in US history that Troopers “launder and re-launder” evidence items..

Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information (CCFOI) stated that there is no area where public transparency is more vital than in the administration of justice. The need for accountability is particularly acute when the police and prosecutorial powers of the state are exercised in the name of society at large.

The Record-Journal in Meriden wrote: “How can the public know whether an emergency was handled well or poorly if the minute-by-minute events are going to be reviewed only by insiders, meeting in secret? Or swept under the rug and not reviewed at all?”

State attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III and the leadership of the CT state police should resign immediately!

I still have hope that the judge will rule in favor of the public regarding the release of the Sandy Hook 911 recordings. Please leave your comments below!

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