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Sandy Hook Evidence

Published on April 19th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates

In this article titled, Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates, we’ll take a look at photos found on a couple of international photo repositories, AP Images and SIPA Press.

AP. Those initials will be immediately recognizable to most news junkies. They are the initials/logo, known world wide, for the Associated Press. Wikipedia describes the Associated Press thusly,

The Associated Press is a multinational non-profit news agency based in New York City. The AP is a nonprofit cooperative owned by its contributing newspapers, radio, and television stations in the United States, all of which contribute stories to the AP and use material written by its staff journalists. Many newspapers and broadcasters outside the United States are AP subscribers, paying a fee to use AP material without being contributing members of the cooperative.

As of 2005, the news collected by the AP is published and republished by more than 1,700 newspapers, in addition to more than 5,001 television and radio broadcasters. The photograph library of the AP consists of over 10 million images. The Associated Press operates 243 news bureaus, and it serves at least 120 countries, with an international staff located worldwide.


The Associated press is an historic and venerated institution founded in 1846. They’ve been involved in the news gathering game for a long time. It’s all they do. They should have a pretty good handle on the process by now.

As mentioned, as a co-operative they source their material from people and organizations all over the world. But they also have writers and photographers on staff, a few of whom were in Sandy Hook on 12/14/12.

The photograph library mentioned above is
AP Images. Unfortunately, unlike “many newspapers and broadcasters”, we aren’t financially fortunate enough to have a subscription to AP Images. Without a subscription you can only view small versions of the photos which are rarely useful for investigative purposes. As such I have spent absolutely no time there in my hunt for photos pertaining to Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates

This week I got stuck looking for an aerial photo of the Lanza, Yogananda St. home so I decided to head over to AP Images to see if I could at least find a small version to verify a suspicion.

As one can tell from a cursory search of photos on the AP Images site they are listed chronologically, oldest to newest or newest to oldest depending on your prefered selection. I searched for “Sandy Hook”, went to the oldest search results and worked my way forward. What I found during my search was confusing, to say the least.

The first familiar photos I came across were of Avielle Richman and Josephine Gay. The only problem was their pictures had chronological upload dates of 12/13/2009 and 8/8/2010 respectively. Then I found another photo of Avielle dated 8/27/12 and then a picture of Victoria Soto dated 11/23/12. Click on any of the banners for a larger image.

AP Images Josephine Gay & Avielle Richman

Your first reaction to these dates may be the same as mine. My initial assumption was that the dates referred to when they were taken rather than when they were uploaded. Upon closer examination however, and as you can see in the above compilation, the photos of Richman and Gay are presented as “undated”.

Continuing on I found other pictures of the Richmans with upload dates well preceding the events in Sandy Hook, including one of Jeremy Richman, Jennifer Hensel and Avielle posing by a Sandy Hook fire truck from 6/8/2012. In these cases as well, the photos are presented as “undated” so we are left to assume that the dates actually refer to when they were uploaded to the AP Images site.

AP Images Avielle Richman

As counterintuitive as it may seem I am not a terribly conspiratorial person. I tend to think there are simple explanations for most things that at first glance may appear quite difficult to explain. That being said I still wanted to hear from AP on this matter but I wasn’t especially suspicious. At least, not yet.

I was speaking with a friend about the Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates on the AP Images site and they suggested I check out one of the European repositories of photos, specifically, France’s, SIPA Press.

From the SIPA Press Wikipedia page,

Sipa Press in France is the leading photo agency distributing up to 6.000 newspictures every day to customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. They cover politics, economy, entertainment and sports. 20 million pictures are filed in Sipa’s archives and 12 million in its digital database.

The editorial staff consists of 91 members, about 600 correspondents contribute to the service. Most significant partnerships exist with Associated Press, Rex Features in the United Kingdom and La Presse in Italy. Sipa Inc. in the US is a branch, which manages the distribution and production on the American market.


Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates

Typing “Sandy Hook” into the search bar brought up 28 pages of search results listed newest to oldest. I skipped to page 28 and began working my way forwards, once again. And again, what I found was confusing, to say the least.

SIPA Images Hockleys 1

As you can see from the above images all of the Hockley photos but one has a date of 6/15/2012. The other has a date of 11/23/2012. I’ll ask you to keep both those dates in mind as we look at some other photos.

SIPA Images Grace McDonnell

Above we have several photos of Sandy Hook victims, including Avielle Richman, 2 photos of Grace McDonnell, 3 photos of Victoria Soto and another of Dylan Hockley with apparent upload dates well preceding the event. But this is where it gets a little more confusing. In the above compilation you can see that the photo for Olivia Engel has a date of 11/18/2012. It also says that this is when the photo was taken. At this point it would be easy to assume that the photo dates relate to when they were taken, not posted, that is until you look at the dates of the other photos.

The photo of Victoria Soto is dated 11/23/2012 as is the corner photo of Dylan Hockley. Was Victoria’s photo coincidentally taken on 11/23/2012 too? If so, it is quite an amazing coincidence since it appears that Benjamin Wheeler also had his photo taken on 11/23/2012. How they would know that though, is tough to say, since the photo is listed as “undated”

SIPA Images banner 3

Should this turn out to be a mistake of some kind this next series of photos won’t be the most egregious example but it is certainly the most confusing. An entire page of photos from around Sandy Hook Elementary and the fire station dated 12/13/12.

SIPA Sandy Hook Images 5

While equally confusing this next compilation is far more egregious and far less easy to forgive. You may remember that early on in the Sandy Hook aftermath there was a photo released by media of victim Allison Wyatt. The only problem was the photo was actually of a little girl named Lily Gaubert who was alive and well. It is unclear how the photo came to be in the possession of media or how they made the mistake. Needless to say her mother was mortified.

SIPA Press may not have exactly set the record straight but at least they don’t list Lily as Allison. Lily is between Allison Wyatt to our left and Madeleine Hsu to our right.

Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates

SIPA Images Lily Gaubert Madeleine Hsu

Not only is Lily Gaubert listed as Madeleine Hsu but the dates attached to those photos (6/15/2012) coincide with one another. They also coincide with many of the dates of the Hockley photos. Surely we’re not supposed to believe that all those people/families had their photos taken on the very same day, are we?

Even if we were to entertain that possibility how do we explain the date given to the erroneous Lily Gaubert photo? Since it was not provided by the family no one would have had any idea when it was taken. Frankly, I find the entire discussion most discombobulating.

I will patiently wait to see if I receive a response from AP Images or SIPA press regarding these curious dates. If and when I receive one I will promptly pass it along.

Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates – Update 4/22/13

A member of the Sandy Hook Investigation Team has been kind enough to do some further digging into this topic for us. Thanks, Fred.

Fred was able to find the original Victoria Soto graduation picture featured in the Sipa images, above. As we can see from the insignia on her headgear the photo is from Vicki’s 2008 graduation.

Victoria Soto Grad

When we take that photo and insert it into Foto Forensics you can see that the creation date matches with a 2008 graduation.

Date/Time Original – 2008:05:18 11:31:46
Create Date – 2008:05:18 11:31:46

Create Date – 2008:05:18 11:31:46.00
Date/Time Original – 2008:05:18 11:31:46.00
Modify Date – 2012:12:19 10:44:05.00

What this examination fails to explain is how a copy of the very same photo from the Huffington Post, when run through Foto Forensics, brings us this…

Object Name School Shooting-Soto

Date/Time Created 2012:11:23 09:40:49+00:00
Date/Time Original 2012:11:23 09:40:49+00:00

This 11/23/2012 date does, in fact, match the dates found on the images on both the AP Images site and Sipa Press.

Victoria Soto Grad Thumbs

Thanks to a reader (SEO) in the comments section we now have the means to further confuse the situation. SEO pointed out that if we right-click on the thumbnails in AP Images we can bring up further information on the photos.

Avielle Richman thumbnail

If we right-click on the above thumbnail in AP Images this is the information with which we are presented.

Location CONNECTICUT, United States
Event School Shooting Understanding Violence
Creation Date Sunday, December 13, 2009 8:53 AM
Submit Date Monday, April 15, 2013 3:57 PM

I’m at a loss to explain a photo with a creation date of 2009 showing Avielle looking no younger than in her later photos.

As of this writing I have still not heard from AP or Sipa in regards to my polite requests for information. I have followed up once with each. The AP site requires you to fill out a form when asking even the simplest of questions and I don’t have the time or patience to do it every time I want to follow up.

Should you wish to make an attempt, here is the link for the AP Images info request page. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I.

Update 01/06/14

New video out from YouTube user Timothy Hunter that contains some terrific research and is, I think, a great companion piece for this article.



What are your thoughts on Sandy Hook Evidence:Strange Victim Photo Dates? Are the dates easily explained or are they indicative of something more nefarious?

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