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Sandy Hook Evidence crime-scene-photo-sandy-hook-evidence

Published on January 31st, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Evidence:Sandy Hook Crime Scene

In this article we will go over the Sandy Hook Evidence and take a deeper look at the Sandy Hook crime scene.

Imagine if you will, a crisp December morning in a quiet New England town. The local elementary school is preparing for the arrival of Christmas. Paper snowflakes and Christmas trees created by the children decorate the walls and the smell of gingerbread wafts through the hallways and mingles with the muffled laughter and discussions of a school containing close to 600 souls.

Now imagine that idyllic scene ruptured by a noise…a loud noise, and maybe, was that shattering glass? It reverberates down the hallways attracting the attention of all. Before anyone has a chance to determine what the noise was it’s followed by more loud noises…bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…and screams. 2 adults lay dead. The intercom is on. We can hear more screaming and what is now the unmistakable sound of gunfire. 10, 20, 30 rounds in rapid succession.

Sandy Hook Evidence


Link to large image

The entire building goes into “lockdown mode”. Sandy Hook Elementary had recently installed a new security system but, even so, not all staff are able to “lockdown”. 30 year old Lauren Rousseau, just 8 weeks employed at Sandy Hook, does not have a key to lock her classroom door. She and all her students perish.

Eight weeks before her death, Lauren Rousseau was hired as a long-term substitute teacher at Sandy Hook. As a substitute, she didn’t have keys to the doors, which her father said locked from the inside only with a key.

Clerk Maryann Jacob was working with a group of 18 fourth-graders in the library when the shooting broke out. She herded the children into a classroom in the library, but then realized the door wouldn’t lock.

Theodore Varga said he was in a meeting with other fourth-grade teachers when he heard the gunfire, but there was no lock on the door.

A custodian is running the hallways shouting, “Guys! Get down! Hide!” The sweet smell of gingerbread has now been replaced by the acrid smell of gun powder. Someone is stalking the halls of Sandy Hook Elementary. He targets a classroom of 1st graders. He murders 14 children and 2 adults in mere moments and with the accuracy of a trained assassin, hits each target between 3 and 11 times. He continues his deafening assault in another classroom…4 more children and 2 more adults lay dead.

Someone manages to call 911. The police have arrived at the crime scene. They have no idea what to expect. How many gunmen? What type of weapons? Is anyone injured? Dead?

Many of those who have not already managed to escape Sandy Hook Elementary in terror are led away to safety by police while the audience looks on.


Link to large image

Others hide, in closets and bathrooms, waiting for someone to come and rescue them from the nightmare unfolding. Some will wait for more than 3 hours after the building has been officially “cleared”.

Parents have been contacted and they begin to gather at the fire station, up the road from the crime scene, to determine what it is that’s happened and find out whether their child is ok. There is confusion…everywhere, confusion.

As the minutes tick away with no sign of their child and word spreading of what has just occurred, panic begins to set in. That panic will soon be replaced by the life altering news that if their child has not yet been evacuated from the school…they are dead. Their child’s body now lays cold and lifeless, riddled with bullet wounds, on the floor of what once was a school but is now a crime scene.

Nothing will ever be the same.

The above dramatization is based partially on eye witness accounts and partially on my own imaginings. Perhaps you imagine it differently. Whatever mental images you have corresponding to the events at Sandy Hook Elementary I would ask that you try to keep them in mind as you view the following photo and video evidence from the crime scene.

We’ll begin with a diagram of Sandy Hook Elementary. The shooting was limited to 2 classrooms and the office, all in the front of the school. The following image and a crude timeline may be found here.

Sandy Hook Crime Scene


Next, we have an eyewitness to the immediate aftermath. By the way, this witness is the guy in the image above (of the children being evacuated) wearing the USA jacket.

The brother of one of the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, tells HLN affiliate WTNH that his sister heard gunshots and screams over the intercom. He also says he saw police officers bringing children out of the school who were bloody and pale.

But listen to what he says…

“My neighbor called us and said, “We heard gunshots…we heard sirens.” “So my Mom and I, we hopped in the car, and went straight to the school, to check, to see what was going on.”

They hopped right in the car and went straight to the crime scene after they heard sirens. The reporter then asks him to explain what happened, and he says…

“Well, before, when we first arrived there, there was not a lot of security to, uh, guard and there were 3 children that came out, one of them was, had a very bloody face. It was a very violent scene.”

Police were bringing children out of the school but there wasn’t much security? View video here.

Next is raw aerial footage purported to be from one the first helicopters on the scene of the crime. This video focuses exclusively on the school and parking lot. A couple of things to note.

•The yellow/red tarp laid out on the ground near the fire truck as well as the group of yellow vested paramedics. This indicates to me a scene prepared for action. This, to me, does not indicate a scene that has been cleared of any and all possible victims but rather one awaiting students/teachers from the school.

•The lack of an ambulance accompanying the medics, or anywhere else.

•And, as I asked you earlier, try to remember what it is we are supposed to be witnessing. Now reconcile that with the absolute lack of urgency or activity. No one is rushing. The paramedics are gathered in a group, apparently with nothing to do. The police in front of the school are just standing around, some with their hands in their pockets. The fire fighters are also gathered in a group near their truck.



I had originally thought this next image was an earlier one than those captured in the above video. I now think this is a somewhat later photo, between the time of the removal of the yellow/red tarps and the arrival of the CSI truck w/awning. It is of tremendous quality and well worth inclusion.


Link to large image 

There are 2 things I will draw your eye to in this photo. The first is Lauren Rousseau’s green car, wrapped in police tape, in the row of parked cars in front of the school. The rounds fired were of such velocity and power that they were able to rip through the school and through Lauren Rousseau’s car. Although, how one bullet seems to have come from inside the car is difficult to explain. Which is likely why no official has tried.



We’ll get to the second thing I’d like to point out in a moment, first, a quick story.

Back in my days as a radio announcer I would have occassion to do “remotes”. Remotes are on-location broadcasts. Many times these were of the sales variety for auto dealerships and sometimes they were large, parking lot sales.

When the dealership would transport the vehicles down to the fairgrounds, mall or wherever the sale was being held they would get a bunch of drivers and move a dozen or more at a time. One car would follow another into their spots, then, another 2 next to them and so on until the parking lot was full of cars all facing in the same direction. That’s the only time I have witnessed such a phenomenon…until Sandy Hook. Take note of the cars in the 2 rows running parallel to the school. Except for one car out of those 2 rows they are all facing in the same direction.


*HighRes of Car Rows* –

For comparative purposes here is an aerial of Sandy Hook Elementary School taken for/by the town sometime in 2012. It should be readily apparent that this parking lot looks like, well, a parking lot. Cars are parked face to face, back to back but mostly face to face, as you might expect.


Link to large image

At some point in the morning police appear to be chasing someone into the woods beside the school. We have reports of a second and even a possible third suspect. Take note of the shed the officers run past as they go into the woods. The doors are open.


Here is a short clip showing 3 officers and a canine inspecting the shed and we see the doors are still closed. It appears as though one officer attempts to open the door but finds it locked.

The doors of the shed are open in the “chase ” video because a tactical team came by, pried the doors open, and searched it.

With all this in mind we are left to assume that at some point after the 3 officers and canine inspected the area and after tactical teams had searched and cleared the area there was still a man/men who police viewed as possible suspects attempting to escape the crime scene? Apparently so. Someone was brought out of the woods in handcuffs.

The witness was correct because here is our man. No other video or photographic record, of which I am aware, exists of this person.


As far as I’ve been able to tell only one media outlet even ran the photo/story and that page has been removed and replaced. Sorry, I didn’t save a screencap.

The idea of police chasing suspects through the woods is difficult to reconcile with these images of people allowed to roam the crime scene barely noticed by the officer with the rifle. 1:37 mark.


Before we get too far away from the school I want to share this example of the level of tension and security in place at the crime scene that day. I direct your attention to the tactical officers preparing to participate in the security at Sandy Hook Elementary. More specifically, at the 3min mark, notice the weaponry laying around and the casual pace with which the parent and child stroll by. And again, at the 6:20 mark we see an officer near the fire station with weapons laying about and people simply milling around.

Courtesy of a Newtown Bee slideshow we will now be moving away from the school, back up the road to the fire station. From 1 min to 1:30 the images are from in front of a group of police cars blocking the road between the fire station and the school. We are looking towards the fire station. Notice as the EMTs move at a leisurely pace towards us (towards the school) the ambulance does not move an inch, nor could it, even if it wanted to, as it’s blocked from the front and rear.


Next we have a high-resolution aerial video from the same time. Most of this video is focused on the area of the fire station. I mentioned the police blockade in the slideshow above and you’ll be able to get a good look at it in this video. Some other things of which to take note.

•Again, the complete lack of panic, rushing and chaos one would expect.

•8…yes 8… ambulances completely blocked in, unable to move. As a matter of fact we can watch a fire fighter cordon off that area with police tape further hindering any possible movement.

•24 folding chairs setup on a tarp behind the station.

Here we have another video showing the mass confusion and chaos at the fire station, this time from ground level.

Having made it to the fire station, let’s have a peek inside. Both of these images are from the front part of the fire station as indicated by all the overhead doors. Someone was either astute enough to order plenty of water when the shooting started or they were coincidentally prepared. I’m going to estimate the number of bottles of water at between 750 and 1000.



also at Twitter HERE

A return to an earlier video will take us around the general area of the fire station. There are a few things I find interesting about this video.

•The number of people milling around while police are apparently still trying to clear the area.

•The foreign voices that seem to be coming from police officers on the scene.

•The coincidence of being able to get almost all the affected families on camera.

•The absolute lack of urgency on the faces or in the actions of anyone, including those encountering police with drawn tactical weapons.



While we’re in this part of the neighborhood let’s pop in and have a chat with Marilyn Gudsnuk and hear her comments about the day’s events.



To recap…little boys run past the fire station. Black car follows them. Police drive by, then shooting starts. To say Marilyn Gudsnuk’s comments are difficult to reconcile with official accounts would be an understatement.


Before we continue, now might be a good time to reflect on what has happened. Tragedy has struck, people have died, children have died, in a most brutal and violent way. The emotional scars from simply hearing the violence will stay with the children forever. Now, imagine yourself as the parent of an unharmed child. You have arrived at the school and found your child safe. What do you do now? Apparently you hang around the scene all day giving interviews.

From an earlier video you can see our couple, with child, in front of the fire station. 1:20 mark. We’ll hear comments from the family at the 5 min mark. We will then see mother and daughter giving another interview, this time to CNN.



The above video is missing what I think is a rather telling comment (or rather a lack of comment) from the young witness regarding gun shots. You can hear the girl’s full comments here.



It seems odd to me that in a school of, say, 600 students and staff combined and another, say, 300 parents…out of those 900 people we find the same people interviewed over and over again. Furthermore, it seems preposterous that after the carnage your child has witnessed you’d allow her to hang around the scene all day giving interviews. That is, until you hear her comments in their next interview, this time, with ABC.

Reporter: “What happened, Alexis?”
Alexis: “Uh nothing really much. We heard an ambulance and a police officer come.”



I think I would have grabbed my daughter under my arm, ran all the way home and never let her out of the house again. No one could have known if there was another shooter hanging around. There could even have been explosives planted for all anyone knew. At least one other person had been cuffed. Why would police allow people to mingle after getting their kids? You’d think they’d want the area as clear as possible, no?

You’d think they’d want the area clear but apparently not. Here is another repeat interview from the crime scene.



Here they are again, only this time the reporter seems to have some familiarity with them. He seems to know that they have a son in high school and he also seems to know that their daughter was already on TV.

Lastly, in the same video, she says clear as day, that after she heard from her husband about what was happening at Sandy Hook Elementary, SHE GOT A TEXT FROM CBS. I would have thought that might be a bit of a shocker for the reporter but he never asks, “Really, a text from CBS? What did it say? How did they get your cell phone number and so quickly?

As night falls on the crime scene we are told By state police Lt. Paul Vance that identification and removal of the bodies will take some time. When asked how long, he states that he expects the bodies to remain where they are, at the crime scene, until Sunday. Somehow though, between Friday night and Saturday morning all identifications were made and all bodies were removed. This is the only photo of which I am aware that shows what may be a body being removed from the school on Friday night.



Next from the crime scene we have Lt. Vance making one of his final statements of Friday night and some footage of more of the evening’s activities. Nice to see officers finally decided to check the vehicle for more weapons and/or explosives.



Our last video in this series is raw aerial footage from the next day (Dec 15th) showing us M.E. Wayne Carver’s “magnificent thing”. I know you’ve been dying to see it.



Obviously there is much more that could have been added here, other images, other videos. I never touched on Wayne Carver’s performance as medical examiner or Eugene Rosen’s roll as the concerned neighbor. Instead I chose to focus on videos and images that may not have been seen before in an effort to more fully round out your impressions of the crime scene.

As much as it pains me to admit it, we may never know with any certainty what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. The only thing that pains me more is knowing that what I was told doesn’t match with what I’ve seen.


Regarding the video posted above of the woman mentioning a text from CBS. It has been brought to my attention that the text may have simply been a news alert from CBS. As one who does not participate in Twitter or any other social media, and as one who NEVER get’s his info from MSM, this possibility never occured to me.

I have no way of proving if that is what the woman in the video meant but I have to accept it as a possibility.


I have come across a diagram/floor plan of Sandy Hook Elementary. To be honest I’ve had this for a while, forgot about it and cannot remember from where I originally found it. I was able to find a corroborating link from a blog by Libor Jany. You may remember Mr. Jany as the photographer responsible for the photo of the detained suspect in the police car, above. His blog can be viewed here.

sandy hook school map

Click on above banner for large image.


In regards to the “man found in the woods”, the Newtown Bee released an article that mentions this man…and that’s about it. Regardless how many questions this one sentence may raise in your mind, it apparently raised none important enough for the Bee to bother asking.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.

Update 3/19/13

A forum poster on the interwebz has provided us with a new, more detailed diagram of the interior of Sandy Hook school. While I can’t independently verify the accuracy of the labeling of the rooms the location and number seem to coincide with the black and white diagram above. Click on the banner for full size.

sandy hook school diagram

And another photo has surfaced of the only apparent victim recorded by media. It is essentially the same…only different.

sandy hook body


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81 Responses to Sandy Hook Evidence:Sandy Hook Crime Scene

  1. exceld says:

    Good job. I think that it would warrant looking into the CT Criminal Court Access page and access any records for the father who just happened to be at the school “4 hours early” to make gingerbread houses. His name escapes me, but it had the letters “RODIA” spaced throughout it. The one video has a caption that the “shooter was a parent of a child at the school”. This is the first time I’ve noticed that on a video.
    I think that this was a team event. It’s strange that Eric Holder was in CT in October, right around the same time that Chris Rodia was arrested for a few of his many crimes.
    I honestly think that there is a connection to Fast & Furious here. If Rodia was driving his mother’s green Nissan when he was pulled over for illegal parking 30 miles away on 12/14/12, how could the license plate of his black Honda have been called in to the dispatcher?
    Then the car with the license plate (Black Honda) that was called in appears on a rollback truck at Newtown the next day?
    The address that was on the Honda’s Registry (Under Rodia’s name) belonged to a guy that was raided by the authorities last summer. They found assault rifles, drugs and had discovered contacts with the Latin Kings drug gang.

    I think Rodia was used as a plausible decoy. Arrest him in another town while a “team” member uses his Honda in NEwtown.
    The authorities would have plausible deniability, usiong radio crosstalk as an excuse.
    Most modern day police scanners have secure channels, to eliminate crosstalk.

    • -swansong- says:

      There is much about the Rodia story that rings hollow to me.

      It doesn’t pass my “sniff-test”. having said that, at this point I have nothing beyond his criminal past and shady associates.

      Both he and his mother are awaiting trial on various charges. We’ll be watching to see what the disposition of those charges is.

      And yes, Mr. Manfredonia. There to make gingerbread. I wonder how much baking they were doing that day, because there is a quote from a mother who said she was also going to be making gingerbread that day…at 2pm.

      It is a deeply tangled web of misinformation and bs but we’re trying to get through it.

      Thanks for your thoughts/comments.

  2. exceld says:

    Another example of hoe the ATF and Holder’s thugs are working in this country. PLease click this on


  3. Kjetil Vidar-Haraldstad says:

    The “gingerbread house father’s” name is Chris Manfredonia. He apparently is the athletic director at the local high school.

    • Bellaice says:

      And Manfredonia lives directly behind the Lanza house. It seems I read Chris was also military or ex CIA?? Also THere is a CHristine Manfredonia with same locations as he?Coincidence his wife has same name, can’t be a sister, what parent would name them the same. He was dressed in cammo. What parent dresses in cammo to go make GBhouses with first graders in a ‘nice’ school? I think the local PD happened upon the scene too quickly and started seizing the staged operation.
      The staged drill down the street was themed ‘son kills mom, the Kindergarten teacher’
      Then there was the ‘disgruntled parent that killed 3 of the 4 teacher’
      and the ‘boyfriend (adam/ryan), lived with teacher he came and killed’????
      Alas, ‘the crazy lone shooter’ wins again.
      I do think some people died. And I think they made up a whole classroom full of kids/teachers that did not die–Rouseau’s room.
      Did you read Ted Varga’s (a fourth grade teacher) account–smoke filled hallways?
      How do the Lanza’s figure in all of this? Mr. Swan if you are a local, you have work to do ;-))

  4. M. William says:

    This may not be suspicious to others but it is to me.

    >>>In a highly secured environment (to say the least) why is Medical Examiner Carver at the Newtown, Conn. (Sandy Hook) crime scene not wearing any identification?

    No name badge, embroidered stitching with his name, and/or official insignia/patch to identify him to law enforcement AND media that he is who he says he is; only a nicely pressed, white lab coat.

    I have not seen one photograph of the medical examiner during the press briefing wearing proper indentification at Sandy Hook to ensure he is who he-and law enforcement- say he is.

    With hundreds of law enforement, first responders, parents, students, and news media would not proper identification by officials be ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to ensure the security of the crime scene?

    M William

    • -swansong- says:

      That is something that had not even occured to me…lol

      No matter how many times one looks at these issues/photos/vids…there’s still more to see.

      Good catch.

  5. M. Willaim says:

    When analyzing the photos, if they were taken on the same day the length of the shadows from the building will determine which ones would be earlier or later. The high resolution photo IS later – but not much- than the captured video; study the length of the shadow; it has moved approx. 6-8 feet towards the east (judging by the height of human figures in the image) this indicates the sun’s rays are more west.

    • -swansong- says:

      Yep. I’m on the same page as you…although it took me quite a while to get there.

      I tried analyzing the shadows, as well…saved as many aerials as I could find…but without knowing for sure what day the shots were taken it’s really tough.

      • ~curious~ says:

        Youtube user Pat Jack has been doing a lot of excellent analysis of the shadows and is coming up with very interesting and revealing results — e.g. the viral shot of the children in a line, taken by Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee, was at approx. 9:45 AM plus or minus 2 minutes. This would have been impossible if taken as claimed on December 14 given the official timeline. I’m left wondering if it might have been shot on a previous day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRAC49edO64

        Another example is the high resolution aerial video of the fire house and school. That is determined to be 10:42 AM. There are a lot of suspicious characters evident in that video, and especially one Gene Rosen who claims to have been with 6 children at his home until well after that time period. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5bVoXK-E9g

        Pat Jack’s videos, which I highly recommend, are here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RonPaulBanners?feature=watch

        • -swansong- says:

          I have been following Pat Jack’s analysis of the shadows and time. The guy is doing some good work.

          There does not seem to be 2 people that provide the same timeline info in the whole Sandy Hook show.

          From the police audio to Sibley to Rosen to the woman that spoke at the Newtown hearings…it all contradicts one another.

  6. M. Willaim says:

    The entrance hole in the green vehicle “appears” larger in diameter than a .223 in. bullet. I have concentrated on the size of the hole in the passenger side door. If you use the key hole depression as a reference on the door handle they appear similar in size. One would have to measure the key hole and than use that as a reference to get a approximate diameter of this entry point. However, analyzing the bullet holes with the given photos is problematic. Angle of penetration and type of round used will effect penetration characteristics albeit exit hole more than the entry hole.

    Also, it seems unlikely that the vehicle in question could sustain a bullet hole in the passenger side door if another vehicle were parked parallel to this vehicle in the next parking space. Again the angle of penetration would have to determined; but it appears the hole was made by a bullet with a path of trajectory more at right angles to the vehicle than originating from the school ; all speculative at this point.

    • -swansong- says:

      Admittedly firearms and ballistics are not close to my area of expertise but I would tend to agree with your break-down. Given the number of rounds supposedly fired I find it hard to believe that her car would have been the only one hit by weapons fire. Perhaps once the warrants are opened we may get a little more info on this matter.

  7. Thomas Paine says:

    When Wayne Carver announced at his press conference that the investigation of the alleged perpetrator and mother would not take place until two days – 48 hours – after the shooting, the jig was up. On what planet does one autopsy (and keep from their families) a couple dozen bodies riddled with bullet holes, and then not examine the supposed gunman until a couple of days later? Not this one…

  8. John says:

    Seems strange that in the wake of this unfolding tragedy, the reporter interviewing the family (the one that got the CBS text) then tells them to go home and “Enjoy the rest of your day” ?!?!?

  9. M. William says:

    NOTE: I am NOT a ballistics expert.

    Here’s a link that may be useful in determining relative size of bullet entry and exit. Holes shown in both paper and, more appropriately a16ga. pipe; Comparing relative size of 9mm NATO, 7.62 x 39 (AK 47), .45 ACP, .223 (most popular AR 15 round) and .22 Long Rifle (LR) and also size of holes with a U.S. penny as a reference. I don’t believe the steel used in a car door is 16 gauge; probably a thinner metal is used for less weight.

    ***Again it is difficult to determine with acceptable accuracy the caliber of firearm which produced the entry points using the photos above. However, it appears that an abnormally big penny would be needed to achieve the size discrepancies provided in the link below.

    By the way, I cannot think of any explanation in what appears to be an exit hole on the upper passenger side door edging near the windshield.

    • -swansong- says:

      By the way, I cannot think of any explanation in what appears to be an exit hole on the upper passenger side door edging near the windshield.

      Nor can I. Considering the distance, angle and position of the car from the school, that bullet hole you’re speaking of, seems physically impossible. As in, impossible within the laws of physics.

      Ya know, I don’t even know where those pics came from. They certainly don’t appear to have been taken at the school, so what reporter would have had access to the car after it was towed/moved?

      That just occured to me but the more I think about it the better a question it becomes. I’ll have to look around for the original.

      I’ll get back to you on this one.

      Never mind. The pics came from after the car had been shipped back to her dad. This vid may provide a better perspective for you, though.


    • criticalbill says:

      Ricochet from bullet entering door then upwards?

  10. Pingback: Awaken Video » Blog Archive » Operation Sandy Hook - Analysis

  11. M William says:

    Thanks for the additional photos of the passenger door bullet hole. I am now NOT convinced the entry hole was made by a .223 caliber round. I am also NOT convinced the projectile came from inside the school. It is at more of a right angle to the long axis of the vehicle.
    I might be going out on a limb but it appears the entry hole in the door would be consistent with a 10mm (1 centimeter) cartridge but other caibers of handgun and rifle could produce the same size hole. According to the official police report of the firearms found at the scene a 10mm Glock was recovered.

    Another observation regarding the official report mentioned above:

    Only one (1) 30 round “high capacity” magazine was found with the rifle?
    According to the coroner the childeren were each shot between 3 and 11 times with .223 cal. rifle; a total of between 60- 220 rounds fired. Witnesses have reported hearing “…hundreds of shots fired” .

    Is it reasonable to assume the shooter had time to reload the 30 round magazine ?

  12. Arturo says:

    Great work! Nice catch about the cars in the parking lot. This is pretty interesting if you have not seen it already: http://sandyhooktruth.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/suspicious-photojournalism-sandy-hook-shootings/

    • -swansong- says:

      I have seen that, thank you. Tbh I have stayed away from photo analysis, for the most part. Most of it is very subjective and there is so much about photography and photographic eq that I don’t understand…but…the link you shared is one that really does make me shake my head.

      I have seen many photos of that area and those shrubs are there…but how they appear in one photo but not the other is a real head scratcher. It’s either an effect caused by a specialized lens or it’s photo-shopped. I’m not sure what other explanation there could be.

    • ~curious~ says:

      Yeah, the lined-up cars in the parking lot has been a real curiosity to me for awhile now. I couldn’t understand why they were all facing the same way — I kept wondering what purpose that would serve. And swansong’s theory makes perfect sense — in fact, it’s the only thing that makes sense when you think about it. Just more props brought in for the big Sandy Hook Show. Excellent analysis, swansong.

  13. brian says:

    The gingerbread dad who showed up four hours early had on camo pants as well as the guy walked out of the woods in handcuffs and seated in the front of the police car. I believe it was mentioned (here or elsewhere)that he had a military past as well. I cant remember what color shirt he had on in the interview but is it the same color shirt as the man seated in the police car. I would love to see a blow up of the image in the passenger side rear view mirror. Both had on camo plants? Just strikes me as odd.

    • -swansong- says:

      I’m not sure if both men had camo pants or if it has been assumed that Chris Manfredonia (the parent) was the man in the cop car, thus must have been the one wearing camo pants…ya know?

      I don’t think we have any idea what Manfredonia was wearing. Nor do I think Manfredonia was the man in the front of the cop car. Manfredonia’s encounter with police is described as being quite short. “Briefly questioned and released”, I believe. He’s never mentioned as being cuffed or taken to a police car.

  14. brian says:

    This is gonna sound crazy but hey you never know. Just an observation from a man with poor eyesight. I was looking at some photos of the two parents who were interviewed and later alleged as actors, the Phelps. I believe the photos were lifted from their face book page and included family photographs with their children and friends at various occasions. There is a blond in at least three of the photos that looked eerily familiar to me. Okay here it goes. It looks just like Nicolle Wallace (Devonish). Yes, from McCain fame, Bush’s communication chief, and now Fox contributor. I thought I was crazy until I googled her name and found out that she too lives in Connecticut. Take a look someone and please tell me it isn’t her and that I’m just crazy. The resemblance is beyond uncanny and the fact that she resides in Conn just too coincidental. I know…I know…just humor me and take a look at the photos. I will try to find the link and post it.

  15. M. William says:

    Water bottles at Fire station :
    Newtown, CT is approx. between 15 and 20 miles (est. from Google maps). inland. It is reasonable to assume the water was stockpiled in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Possibly to accommodate displaced coastal residents.

    • -swansong- says:

      One could certainly suggest that…although why they would all be stacked up in between the overhead doors…where large vehicles need to hastily exit…is another question.

      • Derek says:

        As a firefighter with a “relatively” small station, we have to store our bottled water in between apparatus due to lack of storage space. So, I wouldn’t call the water stockpile out of the ordinary, but that is certainly just a small small piece to this “interesting” puzzle. Definitely makes one think.

        • -swansong- says:

          Thanks for the comment Derek. Point noted. Although…that was a fairly large station. 5 bays up front…another bay in the back addition…oh yeah…and that rather large addition at the back where the 6th bay is.

          I would think it would take up less space to stack those cases 6-7 high in a corner somewhere than having them spread out through the bays.

          But…again…your point is noted.

  16. happydude says:

    “It seems odd to me that in a school of, say, 600 students and staff combined and another, say, 300 parents…out of those 900 people we find the same people interviewed over and over again.”
    Uh… Why? If ~99% of them went home after retrieving their child while the remaining 1% stayed behind and consented to interviews, would it not stand to reason that all the interviews would be with those same people? I mean, am I missing something here?

    • -swansong- says:

      Do you have any evidence that 99% of people left?

      Or, why is ANYONE hanging around a crime scene after checking in with police and collecting their child?

      Seems police were on the hunt for multiple suspects. Clearing and containing the area would seem to be right at the top of the list of priorities. Not that day tho, eh?

  17. M. William says:

    Remember child murderer Susan Smith of Union, South Carolina? Fake crying, fabricated carjacker (she made him black of course), unbelievable story although many believed it; because the truth was unthinkable.

    Great intellect and investigative talent by police in this case:

    “…a big break in the case had to do with her story on where she was carjacked. The particular red light at which she said she stopped is only triggered when a car is coming from the cross street. According to her, there were no other cars around so there would be no reason for her to stop at this intersection (Wikipedia)”

    Many of us have questions regarding the “Sandy Hook Story”. We are concentrating on detail similar to what the police did in the Susan Smith case with the intersection and the stop sign. And yet are confronted with a barrage of ad hominem attacks some of which border on the hysterical. Why?

    • -swansong- says:

      This is an excellent point and one I have made myself.

      The example I’ve used is the suspension of disbelief required to enjoy modern entertainment. It’s difficult enjoying modern movies if they are viewed with a critical eye to reality.

      Apparently we are supposed to leave this suspension engaged at all times…including while ingesting msm propaganda.

  18. Nancy says:

    The picture that shows the pallets of water in the firehouse, there’s a whiteboard (dry-erase board) by the door at the far side of the station. It would be interesting to see what is written on it.

    Also, great catch with the parking lot and how the cars are parked. Wow.

    • -swansong- says:

      Perhaps if we’re patient enough more photos may surface. It wil be interesting to see what evidence presents itself once the warrants are opened…assuming they ever are…lol

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  19. Phylax says:

    Is it possible that the cars all parked facing the school came from a State Police impound lot? That could explain both Rodia’s car and the bullet-riddled car said to belong to Rousseau. Are we to believe that school personnel had to wait for hours at the firehouse before they were able to retrieve their cars? And if they were waiting at the firehouse why weren’t they available for interviews? One would think that if they had to wait with their students until parents had come and retrieved them, there would be pictures of teachers waiting with students.

    • -swansong- says:

      It’s worse than that, I’m afraid. From the aerials I’ve seen those cars were still siting there by at least late the next day. That was a question I asked myself several times…”How long are those people going to be without their vehicles?”

      You’re absolutely correct. One would think all those things would be true. Oddly, though. None of them seem to be.

      As far as where the vehicles may have come from…surely one would think that someone in that town would have seen a line of cars being driven to Sandy Hook in the day leading up to the shooting. That said, I can’t imagine the odds of all those cars being parked in that manner simply by chance.

      Frankly, I don’t know. It’s all very confusing.

      • Phylax says:

        If the cars had been moved at night it would have been less likely to drawn attention and if they were going to drive a bullet-ridden car in for a prop they would need to do it when no one was likely to see it.

        • -swansong- says:

          Agreed…but that’s quite a few cars. If they brought them all at the same time I would imagine someone saw something…although, they likely wouldn’t have realized what they were seeing. I suppose they could even have been bringing them there over the course of several days…but then begs the question of whether or not the school was even active.

          • Phylax says:

            There would be no necessity for all the cars to be driven in at the same time, only that it be accomplished over a period of a few hours of darkness.

            A single, bullet-riddled car with no evidence of bullets hitting anything else or even breaking windows is bizarre in itself, but evidence of bullets exiting the car certainly means that the damage did not occur in the Sandy Hook Elementary parking lot and that the car was brought in to be used as a prop. It was likely kept as evidence in some other crime which makes giving it precipitously to Rousseau’s stepfather akin to calling in a Chinese recycling company to get rid of the evidence of 9/11.

          • -swansong- says:

            looking at those 2 bullet holes it almost appears as tho one shot was aimed at a passenger in the car…who then fired off a shot from inside the car.

            The exit hole appears to only be able to have come from the interior passenger side.

            It’s bizzare as hell.

      • The Outernational says:

        If you look at the setup of the parking lot, the cars all facing that same direction makes perfect sense. The short row of spots next to the handicap spots are likely for visitors and were probably mostly empty until the cavalry arrived. The main rows would be the faculty and staff.

        Picture yourself being the first car to arrive for work in the morning…where would you park? You would drive straight through the outer rows into the first row facing the school. It is the shortest, most convenient path. So on and so on until that row begins to fill up. Then, those arriving afterwards park behind you, facing the same direction. Makes perfect sense to me. The google earth pic is from later in the day, seemingly close to noon, when some staff would have gone to lunch and returned. Now that the second row is full they would have to drive around the cars and a number of them would head into the spaces, facing away from the school.

        For what it’s worth, Robbie Parker is why I am curious, as well. That guy is either an actor or a real psychopath.

        • -swansong- says:

          I’ve considered the same possibility.

          I also have to consider that many teachers, especially of the elementary variety, often bring many things to work with them (crafts/supplies/papers, etc…). Often those things are placed in the trunk and are most easily accessed and removed with the rear facing the school.

          Plus odds would say that one or 2 people might circle around and park with their noses facing out towards the exit.

          Who knows. It’s just an observation.

  20. M. William says:

    Clarifying comment above : The official report by the Newtown police is “30 round clips” were found with Bushmaster rifle. Why not give the specific number and why wouldn’t the police dept. call them by their correct name “magazine” instead of clips. Who’s writing these ignorant reports at the police station.

    • -swansong- says:

      Indeed. In the State police press release regarding the weapons they state a shotgun was found in the back of the suspects car. The police haven’t even officially confirmed the car is his/his mothers. The warrants state the vehicle belongs to a relative of Nancy Lanza.

      I sent a note to the state police asking for clarification on this and they never got back to me. Shocker, eh?

  21. M. William says:

    I have a questions. Because I’m a simple man I’m wondering what is meant by “warrants”. Are these open to the public? Are they warrants the investigators obtain thru a judge to do checks on vehicles and other property as well as searches ? I understand a warrant for arrest but I’m curious about other info one can obtain.

  22. KAR says:

    Excellent excellent blog, thank you!

  23. David Johnson says:

    Let me see if I understand this correctly. You’re supposing that the school had been unoccupied, and that the students in the school were all actors? Or didn’t really exist? And all of the cars were rolled in days before to make it look like it was a real operating school?

    Also, the local fire station was pre-stocked with water for people to drink, just because they knew there would be a shooting nearby and people would be hanging out there waiting for information?

    And then, the EMTs and police were brought in ahead of time to stage this? But there was also another shooter? How many people were involved in this conspiracy? So far, it’s a school full of actors (most of whom are children), their parents, the security people, the police, the EMTs and then the news media. And then we have the people who brought the cars in, picked up the fake Honda Civic, shot a bullet hole in it, and then parked it in front of the school.

    Oh, there’s also all of the neighbors who would know if the school had been closed for a few days. And then, in order to close the school, but have people think that it’s open, you’d need to involve the school administration, the families of the teachers and the families of the students. And then there’s support staff like janitors, secretaries and people like that.

    Plus, the students in that school would need to go to school somewhere, right? So they would all have transfered to other local schools. And they’d need to keep quiet about the plot. Or, if they didn’t transfer, they’d need to be at home. So one of their parents would have to stay home from work, or call in sick. The parents are in on the plot as well apparently. As well as all of the neighboring schools.

    So, as far as you can tell, THAT is the more likely story. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people involved in a cover-up.

    However, the lone gunman who steals his mom’s guns and then enters an elementary school and shoots 30 people before turning the gun on himself is the crazy story?

    Just want to make sure I’m following all of this.

    • Shanon says:

      did you look at the bullet holes in the car..? They are not fresh. No one ever suggested that it was shot up & brought out.

      I dont think many know what to think in that town. Its like a frenzy for them. They have emotions wrapped up in it. Hey, Robbie Parker gets to throw in the pitch at the Rangers home opener… money & attn is being poured into town..

      You guys have investigated into this with hardcore facts, I am still emotion based- thank you for your work and in an intelligent fashion. I just had to chime in after the last comment.

      • Kennedy Ray says:

        Thank you for your comment and welcome 🙂 yes we did find it odd that there appeared to be rust around the bullet holes. It was determined that rust could form within a couple of hours. I believe that there may have been a shooting outside of the school.

        Robbie Parker was my personal main reason for investigating.

    • Joe Miroddi says:

      David, I believe the argument you have made to accept the official narrative for the events of December 14th are totally logical and probably have coursed through the minds of all who question, to whatever degree, the official story. The problem is, there still remain too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies. We dont know if we will ever get the whole truth. The spectrum of understanding this event runs the full gamut..yours, which says “the police said it, the media reported it..end of story..” The other end may be attributing the events of that day to pleiadians. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. But let me say this..something insidious happened that day..and continues on. I dont know who is guilty of what. I guess it must be nice to just be able to accept cut and dry what you have seen and heard from police officials and media. This story has caused me to lose alot of sleep. I damn well want to know the whole truth, and forgive me, but officials lie and distort, and at best, just dont do their jobs very well. It used to be called misfeasance and malfeasance. Lee Harvey Oswald may or may not have killed JFK. That one we may never know (though some do). Adam Lanza may or may not have been the lone assailant at Sandy Hook. We may never know (though some do).
      Anyway, David, maybe you would be nice enough to put an end to all the “conspiracy theories” regarding Sandy Hook by tying up all the loose ends? How about just some of them?

  24. Bryan Eddy says:

    Great thread and investigation.I agree there are some glaring inconsistencies.I posted a few recently discovered tidbits,like yesterdays find of a tweet from a CT NBC reporter that showed the road full of panic filled parents rushing to the “event” the time stamp had it at 7:45 am.I too feel there may have been some kind of shootout out front (remember reports of maroon van with windows shot out?) and didn’t creepy Genes black car have its driver side glass missing in his driveway?And today Ive started wondering about the convenience of Chalk Hill.So this school was “unused” or Available? Why not check out Google Earth shots .We did and found only access to one year ago ,there was 3 dozen or more cars on site.We were not able,however to see anything after August for some reason ,so if you are inclined ,maybe have a look there!Seems the school was readied for business over the holidays, sounds queer.Also ..any G.E. footage of lead up days at SHE? maybe cars loading on set? Great Job Swansong..STAY IN IT!

  25. M. William says:

    From the two photos of the apparent body covered in white sheet the “Todd Hoffman” lookalike (LOL; I’m not suggesting it’s Todd from Gold Rush) dressed in white suit appears to be pushing the gurney…towards the school entrance.

  26. C.E. says:

    So, I just want to make sure I understand this. You’re saying the entire thing was made up, and the town of Newtown is the real life version of The Truman Show? Just want to be clear. So, no one was actually killed, every one is a paid actor, and it was all put on TV for our entertainment? That about sum it up in a nutshell? And the News, FBI, CIA, and everyone else is in on it because they’re getting paid to put on a good show? For what? To pass a RESTRICTION on gun ownership? Is this what you are insinuating with this blog? Just want to make sure I’m reading this with the right idea in mind.

    • -swansong- says:

      Is that what I’m saying? Because I thought I was just painting a more complete picture of the scene so people could come to their own determinations.

      I don’t have a theory beyond the available evidence not matching the official reports/statements.

      Thanks for your comments.

    • M.William says:

      Regardless of whether or not this is just an elaborate hoax it is a FACT, not an insinuation, that CT passed restrictions on gun ownership following this “event”; other states attempted and some were successful, and thankfully Obama failed…

  27. You’ve done a wonderful job here and I appreciate it very much. Thank You.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thank you. You’re very welcome.

      • Kirk says:

        Has anyone ever gotten any of the license plate numbers in the school parking lot ? Maybe someone with access to plate database could give clues to whom they belonged . They should be teachers or parents -yes ?

        • -swansong- says:

          There is a section in the State Police final report that lists all the license plate numbers of all the vehicles in the parking lot that day.

          I don’t have the relevant section to share off the top of my head but if you wanted it I could find it for you.

  28. Do you have a hi-res copy of the photo of Alicia with the name badge? The ones I see look like the rest of the letters are intentionally PS’d to be blurred. I am a photographer.

  29. Johng710 says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back. dkdadegdcgkb

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks, John 🙂

      It may be time to go back and update that article with some new info and pics. Thanks for the suggestion.

  30. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways,
    just wanted to say fantastic blog!

    • -swansong- says:

      Oh poo! I hate it when that happens! Thanks for the kind words. If you ever feel inspired to jot it down again I’ll be happy to read it 🙂

  31. Elisabeth says:

    Hi there, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and
    i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam responses?
    If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can recommend?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any assistance is very
    much appreciated.

    • -swansong- says:

      Actually…spam responses are something we are just now getting more and more of. I’m not the web expert around here…I leave that to Kennedy and she’s up to her neck in other business right now.

      Should she have any advice I’ll be sure she passes it along when she gets back.

  32. medusajoe says:

    This should go viral before they have time to invent history.

  33. wendeelouhew says:

    There was a video awhile back on youtube about the cars in the parking lot. They don’t look like were parked by several different people, most of them are all facing the same way like they were dropped by a tow truck. He zoomed in on the license plates and most of them had tags that from another state that expired in 2006. I wonder if they were maybe flood damaged salvage cars from Katrina? Or police impounds? Was the green car a car someone committed suicide in and used due to the bullet holes?

  34. curious1 says:

    I might be wrong here but if you look at the holes in the car in the parking lot, one of them has evidence of rust. What is up with that? And the angle of the photo taken dose not match were the car was parked. You should see a ball field in the foreground.

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  36. Clenbutrol says:

    That is a good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very accurate information? Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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