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Sandy Hook Evidence unsealed-search-warrants-lanza-item-list

Published on March 28th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Evidence:Lanza Search Warrants (PDF)

The Lanza Search Warrants that Law Enforcement used to conduct a search of the home and car of  Nancy Lanza, and the alleged Killer Adam Lanza  were released Thursday morning, including information regarding the current Sandy Hook Investigation. You can read the Lanza Search Warrants below in PDF form.


Items seized in the Lanza house were boxes of bullets for a Blaser, Winchester, Ruger and Lawmen rifles; a Savage Mark II .22 caliber rifle with a magazine; an Enfield Albian bolt action .323 caliber rifle; and nine knives, including three samurai swords. Other items include various book on autism, a photo of a deceased person wrapped in plastic and a National Rifle Association certificate for Adam Lanza.

Online Statement from the NRA:

“There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association. Reporting to the contrary is reckless, false and defamatory.


The FBI interviewed one person, whose name was redacted, who said that Lanza rarely left home, played the video game Call of Duty and had at least four guns in a gun safe. The person said Sandy Hook was Lanza’s “life.”

Seized Weapons:

3 Samurai Swords: 28 inch, 21 inch, 13 inch blades

9 knives

1 six-foot, 10 inch wood handled pole with a blade on one end and a spear on the other

Savage Mark II .22 caliber rifles

Several boxes with thousands of rounds of ammunition for Ruger, Winchester, Blazer, Lawmen firearms


“NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting”

“Train Your Brain to Get Happy”

“Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asbergers”

“Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Mind of an Autistic Savant”

Seized Documents:

Email from gunbroker.com

New York Times clipping dated 2/18/2008 regard school shooting in Northern Illinois University

Birthday card from Nancy Lanza with Bank of America check made out for purchase of C183 firearm

A handwritten “To-do list” for Nancy Lanza dated Dec. 14-Dec.20

Receipts and emails documenting firearm/ ammunition shooting supplies

NRA certificate

Other seized items:

Various journals and drawings by Adam Lanza

Smashed computer

Various hard drives and cell phones

Three photographs with images of what investigators say appear to be dead bodies covered with plastic and blood

Family photos

X-Box with Call of Duty


Lanza Search Warrants (PDF)

Lanza Search Warrant (1) -Residence Lanza, 36 Yogananda Street

Lanza Search Warrant (2)– Residence Lanza, 36 Yogananda Street

Lanza Search Warrant (3)– Black Honda Civic 2010 License plate 872-YEO

Lanza Search Warrant (4)– Residence Lanza, 36 Yogananda Street

Lanza Search Warrant (5)– Residence Lanza, 36 Yogananda Street


Seized Item List Lanza Search Warrants

Lanza Search Warrant (1)

Affiant Detectives:

Detective James McGlynn, #1268: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad

Detective Scott Wisner, #507: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad


Item #91: One digital print of a child and various firearms



Lanza Search Warrant (2)

Affiant Detectives:

Detective James McGlynn, #1268: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad

Detective Scott Wisner, #507: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad



Lanza Search Warrant (3)

Affiant Detectives:

Detective James McGlynn, #1268: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad

Detective Scott Wisner, #507: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad



Lanza Search Warrant (4)
Affiant Detectives: Detective James McGlynn, #1268: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad
Detective Scott Wisner, #507: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad


Lanza Search Warrant (5)

Affiant Detectives: Detective James McGlynn, #1268: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad Detective Scott Wisner, #507: Connecticut State Police Department – Central District Major Crime Squad search-warrants-lanza-book-list-autism-in-the-mind-of-a-killerwarrants-lanza-notes-documents-report-card-sandy-hook


We were told Nancy Lanza was shot 4 times in the head. According to the warrant, it appears she was only shot once?

From GLP:

“Sedensky said Lanza killed all 26 victims inside Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm handgun. He says Lanza had another loaded handgun with him inside the school as well as three, 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster. Sedensky said 154 spent .223 casings were recovered at the scene. A loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the Honda Civic Lanza drove to the school with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds.

” OTHER “news” reports claim he didn’t empty each magazine and reloaded early, so we’re talking quite a few mags (8 + 1? )he must have had with him to start. I weighed a 30 round loaded PMAG at about 1.16 lbs. If he was determined to get through the door and knew he had to blast it out to get inside, he likely used quite a few rounds and there would be shell casings on the ground outside, never saw any evidence markers or tape for casings outside.

Regarding bullet proof vest:

Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was not wearing body armor during massacre

Adam Lanza went into the Sandy Hook Elementary School wearing a utility vest, not a bullet proof vest, state police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said Thursday.

“It was a fishing type vest, a jacket with a lot of pockets; it was not a bullet-proof vest,” Vance said. ( Read more)


Noted in the warrant is the fact that when police arrived at the scene a “shotgun was noted in plain view to be in the interior of the vehicle”. This would seem to fly in the face of available video records which show police removing what appears to be a Saiga shotgun from the trunk of the Honda Civic the evening of the 14th.

A related press release from CT State’s Attorney Sedensky seems to provide an explanation, regardless how unsatisfactory.

The police found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in the passenger compartment of the car the shooter drove to the school. The shotgun was moved by police from the passenger compartment of the car to the trunk for safekeeping.

Did they wait for the bomb detection/disposal team to arrive before opening the trunk? It was safer in the trunk of the suspect car than in a police car? Why wasn’t it safe right where it was?

2 other things caught my eye while looking over the warrants. The first was that there seemed to be so much ammo for guns the Lanza’s didn’t appear to own, namely, all the .303 caliber ammo and the .45 caliber ammo. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a .303 rifle or .45 cal pistol.

The second was no cash being found in the home. This was a well to do family. I know we increasingly live in a cashless society but I still find it worth noting that no money was found in the house or in Nancy’s purse.



If you’ve been following along lo these many months you’ll know one of the things we’ve been anxiously anticipating is the surveillance camera footage from the entrance of the school. While there was no mention of any footage in the released warrants there was a comment made by an unidentified family member who was briefed on the contents of the warrants prior to their release.

Families Told What Was Seized From Lanza’s House, Car

About 50 family members attended the briefing. A few mothers cried, though most of the parents remained calm. After the more than two-hour session concluded, they left the Municipal Center alone or in small groups, escorted by state police troopers who kept reporters at a distance.

Most who were contacted afterward declined to comment

“Some things made people sad, worried,” a family member, who asked not to be identified, said.

The family member who asked not to be named said police told them there had been no video recording of the crime at the school.

There you have it. If our unidentified family member is to be believed we will not be seeing any security cam footage of the shooter entering the school. While it’s difficult to take unnamed sources too seriously I wonder if this isn’t just the first step in boiling the frog. An initial salvo to prepare us for the eventual, official statement.


Please leave us a comment regarding the Lanza Search warrants, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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44 Responses to Sandy Hook Evidence:Lanza Search Warrants (PDF)

  1. M. William says:

    3 (magazines) x 30 (rounds each) = 90 rounds of .223/5.56mm

  2. Pilot says:

    Lynne over at Sandy Hook Truth dug up some dirt on the man placed in charge of the CT crime lab weeks before the shooting. Guy Vallero was in charge of the MA crime lab, but was forced to resign during a scandal:


    Pretty interesting stuff there…

  3. RealPerson says:

    I thought the ammo inventory seemed unusual too. Why have so much ammo that didn’t match the guns?
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. Ptah says:

    One of the things that caught my eye in the warrant was they said that Lanza had several handguns. Now, I’m no expert in legalese but several is not two, in normal English.

  5. RealPerson says:

    Yes Ptah, for as much time as they spent in that house, it would seem that they could have been more specific with their official report. From all accounts, both Adam and Nancy Lanza was very organized, so going through evidence would have been less challenging than if it had been an untidy environment.

    • Ptah says:

      I should have been more specific, that was how many handguns they said Adam Lanza had on him… two is not several.

  6. M. William says:

    “Items seized in the Lanza house were boxes of bullets for a Blaser, Winchester, Ruger and Lawmen rifles”

    How ould one know based on catridge size which firearm/rifle they belong to unless that specicfic firearm was present? Many different makes of rifle can be chambered for the same cartridge.

  7. Pilot says:

    Good Observation M William, it has been pointed out that they had ammo for guns not present, I hadn’t thought of it that way.

  8. Ptah says:

    The press is trying to make it out like they had an arsenal but I don’t see that much there. Anyone who shoots knows how many rounds you can go through in an hour of target practice. The rest is just knives, swords and a halbert. Also, nothing unusual for a collector.

  9. John Smith says:

    A few things I observed….Adam had his own gun safe. He did not break into his mother’s and it looks as though she was not only buying guns and ammo for him but letting him hold it in his room safe. The warrant states a Saiga shotgun with 2 magazines was found in the car. It is a little strange they would place it in the trunk. I almost think they were try to get away with telling us it was there the entire time except for the fact it made it to the MSM that a rifle was in the front seat. Why did Lance list this as Izhmash on his weapons list when it was listed as a Saiga in the warrant? I know that is the actual manufacture but it is still odd. They listed those 2 magazines as holding 70 rounds. That is impossible as the long magazine pulled from the gun in the trunk only looks to be a 20 round magazine and they do not make more than a 30 round drum so that fact is in error. They also have Nacy Lanza’s birth date wrong 2 times in the warrant. The most disturbing thing is the amount of unspent ammo and unused shotgun. The MSM would have us believe he had studied mass murders and was intent on setting a record for the largest body count. He leaves the shotgun in the car that could have easily blown open classroom doors. He then stops shooting after around 5 minutes and shoots himself with 3 full 30 round magazines left for the AR-15, not to mention at least 2 full clips of handgun ammo? This point absolutely can’t be explained with the given story line. I think it is more likely someone else shot him. He could have easily killed many, many more but stopped….WHY???? AND why was he done so fast? Was there actually another shooter or shooters who quickly departed? Was the shotgun used and placed in the car after? Why would the police say on the radio the shooter should have a shotgun? Either someone saw the shooter with a shotgun or they saw spent shells.

  10. LogicBob says:

    @John Smith – “Clips”? Really? Come on, you clearly know what you’re talking about! Annnnnnyway, on the police scanner recording, an officer clearly states (paraphrasing), suspect is down, we’ve got multiple long guns including rifle and shotgun. Now, its hard to tell if either of those (“rifle” and “shotgun”) are plural, and one could definitely make a case that a rifle could be mistaken for a shotgun or vice versa, BUT I don’t know how a person could listen to that audio and suggest there was only ONE long gun inside the school!

    As far as why he finished so quickly, with ammo left and plenty more helpless victims sitting and waiting for him, that part actually fits the MO when these incidents a really occur. He might have had grand plans for achieving a “high score” (which I don’t believe for a second, BTW, I’m just talking through the theory) but he may not have been as mentally prepared for the horror as he thought. Or he may have really just passed out when he heard the sirens as so many spree killers do (hey look, we found the one part of the official story that makes sense!). There are plenty of other things to question here, but I think that can be explained.

    Now, why he would bring two handguns that don’t even take use the same ammo, when he is already loaded down with hundreds of .223 rounds is beyond me! He’s confident enough to attempt this whole thing but he’s so concerned that he won’t be able to clear a malfunction w/ his Glock that he brings a second sidearm???

  11. M. William says:

    Clarification concerning my first grade math problem above: Lanza would have had to reload his AR magazines during the “rampage” to achieve a casing count above 90 rounds. Loading three AR magazine can take a few minutes…I suppose one could get very fast at it if practiced over and over again but some may not know that every 5 to 10 round inserted into the magazine an experienced AR user would tap the magazine to seat the cartridges to the “rear” of the magazine…I do.
    One can observe soldiers tapping the magazine on their boot or helmet during reloading or immediately after to seat the the rounds. This gives a uniform alignment of the cartridges in the magazine which minimizes jams due to displacement. Of course this process of inserting the cartridges and tapping takes a few minutes (particularly when reloading multiple mags) because you want to be sure no jams will occur.
    This is purely speculative but it seems impossible for an INDIVIDUAL to achieve this in just 5 minutes.

    BTW: The narrative that it took Lanza only 5 minutes to kill all those people would dampen the conclusion that the large body count may have been partly due to the poor response time by law enforcement.

  12. M. William says:

    From a trusted firearm auction site:

    Blaser R8 Luxus With IC, 9.3 X 62, Right Hand………………..$5,449.95

    Blaser R8,Luxus,Right Hand, 300 Win Mag,Right Hand…….$5,245.00

    BLASER R93 300 weatherby mag leupold scope………………$3,990.00


    laser R8 Baronesse Rifle, 7X57 , Right Hand ………………….$14,695.00

    WOW! Where is the Lanzas’ BLASER rifle??

  13. John Smith says:

    @ LogicBob
    Clips? Yes as in handgun clips for the Glock and Sig they were loaded and he carried more ammo for those……..
    From here:


    The shooter took his own life with a single shot from a Glock 10 mm handgun. He also had a loaded 9mm Sig Sauer P226 handgun on his person. Recovered from the person of the shooter, in addition to more ammunition for the handguns,

    The radio traffic says suspect down, then where is suspect down 2 times. They might be talking about any number of suspects they encountered outside so it does not mean they are talking about Adam. Then an officer says be advised he should have MULTIPLE WEAPONS including long rifle and shotgun, NOT multiple long rifles.

    Here at 12:36

    I never said there was only 1 long rifle used. I am asking why he refers to the existence of a shotgun? The officer prior to this spoke to the injured survivor and if they saw a gunman with a shotgun that might be why. He may have also seen spent shotgun shells. IMO that shotgun was used in that school for sure but it also looks like an AR-15 also.

    • -swansong- says:

      I think the commentary about the multiple weapons is explained thusly…

      “Be advised, we should have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns.”

      The officer is advising approaching units that they should be appropriately armed with long rifles and shotguns.

    • LogicBob says:

      Yeah, I should have been more specific… the item you’re thinking of is not called a “clip”, though it is often misidentified by the lamestream media. The word you want is “magazine”. Its a very common mistake, but unfortunately, it has become a universal sign of firearm ignorance and it especially frustrates gun rights supporters when gun-grabbers voice their opinion as if they’re experts but then they continually make such a simple mistake. I try to correct less-knowledgeable gun rights supporters so that we don’t sound as stupid as the anti’s. Anyway, that was the only part of my post that was directed at you.

  14. SEO says:

    I honestly know nothing about firearms, BUT, not only would he have had to shoot a round every 2 seconds or less, on average…he would also have had to stop to shoot out the front door/window glass and enter the school, encounter the two adults he shot near the office, try to get into the office (but the hero teacher held it shut and was shot in the hand/leg) shoot through THAT door, enter the office (another office???) and either look the school nurse in the eye or let her look at his boots only (but either way, the story goes he stood there facing her or her desk and then inexplicably just left), get to the first classroom (before or after encountering the custodian who told him to put the gun down?) get INTO the classroom and shoot everyone inside…at some point he shot down the hallway because a kid “saw” bullets whizzing by…then enter another classroom where he shot “several” (unknown number, because the numbers do not add up) students who were hiding in a closet, and two adults, while 6 children escaped past him, and put down his “long gun” and shoot himself with one of the handguns. In 300 seconds.
    I don’t know if that is possible, but it seems improbable.

  15. SEO says:

    Wait, I forgot he also allegedly tried to get into the music room which I believe is on the opposite side of the school from the other classrooms?

  16. RealPerson says:

    According to the CtPost on 2-16
    “State police also are returning to families the since-laundered clothes worn by the victims when they were killed. Some of the families are accepting them. Others don’t want them back.” 😮

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? For one, they said all the victims had multiple wounds, some dismembered. But the state police laundered the blood stained, bullet riddled clothes and returned them to the families???

    Well, I am speechless.


    • -swansong- says:

      I can’t comment as to whether it’s common practice…but it does seem tacky. Although, I suppose there may be some people that might want stuff like that.

      I could see Veronique Pozner making a flag out of Noah’s shirt that she could wave as she continues her mission.

      • Pilot says:


      • M William says:

        With an on-going investigation, wouldn’t ALL evidence associated with this case be secured until after the investigation is complete?

        • M William says:

          …and included in the evidence gathering would be a certain green 2004 Honda Civic “riddled” with bullet holes…some of which are probably from a calibre of firearm larger than .223/5.56mm.

  17. iil says:

    has anyone seen a photo of adam lanza and ryan lanza together? i’m still waiting to see one.

  18. M. William says:

    “Why did Lance list this as Izhmash on his weapons list when it was listed as a Saiga in the warrant?”

    This Saiga-12 was most likely was MADE IN RUSSIA BY IZHMASH (this would probably stamped on the lower component of the firearm on the left side)

    Many Saigas have the Russian (cyrillic alphabet) spelling stamped on them. The symbols can be described (using upper-case Latin characters as the basis) as follows: The letter C; the letter A; a horizontally mirrored N with a horizontal line above it; a vertically mirrored L, the letter A.

    Originally this shotgun was described by an ignoramus as a “Canta” 12 but translated : САЙГА = Saiga (Si-ga)

    “САЙГА-12” would also be stamped on the firearm.

  19. M. William says:

    A related press release from CT State’s Attorney Sedensky seems to provide an explanation, regardless how unsatisfactory:
    “The police found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in the passenger compartment of the car the shooter drove to the school. The shotgun was moved by police from the passenger compartment of the car to the trunk for safekeeping.”

    This is contamination of evidence. I’m not a forensics expert or a crime scene investigator but the proper handling of evidence was apparently breached with regards to the Saiga-12 shotgun.

    Here’s what I would do:
    Leave ALL evidence AS-IS and secure the firearm by placing an officer near the vehicle. Upon arrival the CSI would don a suit to minimize fibers or microfibers from his/her own clothing from being deposited on the evidence. A hair cover similar to what is used in surgery would also be worn. In addition, rubber exam gloves should be worn also when carefully handling the firearm. CSI would be careful to hold the firearm in a way to avoid smearing of prints of fingers and fiber evidence.
    Of course the firearm would have to be unloaded for safety using great care to release the magazine and than placing it in a sterile plastic bag and sealed. Next, the charging handle/bolt would have to be pulled rearward to eject a shell if one exists in the chamber. This should be done carefully to avoid the shotgun shell from falling on the ground; this shell also would be placed in a sterile plastic bag and sealed. Finally the unloaded firearm would be carefully placed in a large sterile plastic bag and sealed. This evidence would be transported to the CSI lab for analysis.

    I’ve seen something similar to what I described on T.V.s “CSI Miami”.

    • -swansong- says:

      That would seem to be a reasonable way to approach a delicate and important task.

      The further handling of the weapon upon removal from the trunk by people not even wearing gloves is another example of the improper handling of the evidence.

      Very suspect.

    • d says:

      You would certainly think so, wouldn’t you?!

  20. John Smith says:

    M. William

    I know he listed it by the actual manufactures name BUT he could have typed AKA Saiga and didn’t. They also did not list the magazines or ammo in that update yet listed the AR-15 info. IMO this was intentional…….from what I have read that large magazine makes that shotgun highly illegal and they had already said all guns were legal so that would be a problem.


    Do a search on youtube for how to fire an AR-15 as an automatic weapon…….there are videos there that prove it can be done in different ways and even if he did not shoot that way he still could have used that many rounds that fast.

  21. M. William says:

    You are probably referring to the “Bumpfire” or M1 Garand “Shoelace” trick which is kinda Hillbilly and not very precise shooting; and I guess it’s been done… but not in this case.

    John Smith, How fast do you want to heat up the barrel of a bushmaster semi-auto?

    Practically speaking, one cannot fire an AR 15 semi-automatic in FULL automatic mode; It would require a conversion kit some call it a “sear” pin but it is certainly more complex than that just adding a sear; it requires machining the receiver to accept the auto sear (a BIG job), replacing the entire trigger mechanism, installing a full-auto bolt carrier, and some other smaller modifications. A heat shield for a hand guard definitely would be needed.

    …and by the way doing this would also convert you from being a free man to doing 20 years in Federal prison.

    • John Smith says:

      I am not saying he actually had a fully auto weapon but that it could be fired as if it were one. Ever seen a slide stock demonstration?


      I see you know the bumpfire but maybe this punk had a slide stock?

      • M William says:

        Yeah, speed shifting a manual transmission will wear out your clutch, too.

        What you describe did NOT happen…

        NO “slide” stock
        NO “bumpfrie”
        NO “shoelace trickery”

        I’m done discussing this.

        Let’s deal with known facts and the lack thereof.

  22. SEO says:

    My point was, no matter how fast the weapon could technically fire, was it feasible that in the span of less than 5 minutes, he could have done all of the actions attributed to him as well as empty 154 rounds, shooting 27 people in at least 3 different areas of the school?

    • John Smith says:

      No actually it was less than 5 minutes as there were moments of silence in between shooting. Check the radio traffic…….

  23. M. William says:

    More inaccuracies:
    Enfield “Albian” .323 bolt action Rifle (.323 must be a typo):

    Maybe they meant Lee-Enfield rifle which was introduced in November 1895 as the .303 calibre, Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Enfield

  24. M. William says:

    More specifically, the rifle in question is an Enfield SMLE No.4Mk1 in .303 caliber made at Albion Motors during WWII. Officers apparently found .303 ammunition.

  25. M.William says:

    CORRECTION: During World War II, Albion Motors manufactured Enfield No 2 Mk I* revolvers (NOT RIFLES) to aid the war effort…
    I’m not sure what to make of the word “Albian” to describe the rifle in the warrents.
    I will continue to research.

  26. M.William says:

    Exhibit #612 : One (1) Holiday card…for C183 (FIREARM)??????????
    The media flew with this one right outa thier as*
    C183 Kodak Canmera, maybe ??????

  27. M. William says:

    Some have suggested this is ANOTHER typo and they meant CZ83 handgun…maybe.

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