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Published on January 10th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Evidence: Dawn Hochsprung Interview, December 13th

In this article we will go over digital Sandy Hook evidence. As you may know It has been reported that on the morning of Dec.14/2012 the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung, was shot and killed while trying to protect her students from a man with gun.

Read the article from ABC here.

What you may not know is, that the morning of the event in Newtown, the local paper “The Newtown Bee” ran an online story, which read in part exactly as follows, including errors in spelling:

“Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows – more than she could count – that went “on and on.”

This, of course, is impossible since the principal, Dawn Hochsprung, according to official reports, was one of, if not the first, person to die in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The original page for this story now contains the Newtown Bee’s retraction. The original version of the page is gone. The retraction was made 3 days later, as claimed by the Bee, but neither I, nor anyone with whom I have spoken, saw it until 7 days later. You can see a larger screenshot of the article in question here.


“An early online report from the scene at the December 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School quoted a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school. The woman was not the school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in the Friday morning attack. The quote was removed from subsequent online versions of the story, but the original story did remain in our online archive for three days before being deleted. We apologize for whatever confusion this may have caused our readers and for any pain or anguish it may have caused the Hochsprung family.”

At this point you may say that this could easily be a simple mistake/miscommunication by someone who assumed they were speaking to the principal. Please note the wording.

“A woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal of the school.”

Unfortunately the story does not go on to explain exactly how that contact was made. By phone? text? in person? At this point it may be instructive to note that Newtown contains approx. 27,000 people. The Newtown Bee has been a family owned business since 1887 and is located less than a mile and a half away from Sandy Hook Elementary. The paper has run innumerable stories on the school system many of which, over the last year and a half, have included Dawn Hochsprung. People knew who she was.


The first Newtown Bee reporter on the scene that day was Associate Editor, Shannon Hicks. It is assumed Ms. Hicks received this quote although no credit is provided in the original article or retraction. In this interview with Time she tells the story of the iconic photograph of children being led from the school.

“At 9:59 last Friday morning, Shannon Hicks pulled her 2006 Jeep Wrangler off the road just outside Sandy Hook Elementary school. As associate editor and photographer for Newtown, Connecticut’s local paper, The Newtown Bee, she was responding to a radio dispatch heard over a local police scanner.”

The interviewer, speaking for Ms. Hicks, then goes on to say…

“But as she pulled up to the school, what she saw and heard removed all doubt.

Stated in this article.

“Pulled up to the school”?

Did she pull over…or drive to the school? How could she have driven to the school through all the backed up ambulances and police tape at the firestation?

This is what the road to the school/fire station looked like that morning. This photo was taken by Ms. Hicks.


The interviewer even manages to provide us with the make and model of the vehicle Ms. Hicks was driving that day but alas, that is where her curiosity expired. If this is where this story had ended I may have been inclined to write it off as some type of misunderstanding, as unlikely as that may have seemed. For the sake of posterity a bing cache of the page was found and saved. It was at that point the cache date was noticed. Dec 13/2012

Sandy Hook Evidence

Cache December 13th!

Check the cache date for the Dawn Hochsprung interview from Bing search engine in the following picture:


Another screenshot can be seen here.


Here is the link to the cached page, you may have to refresh it once or twice. (Update, Bing has deleted the cached page)

Shooting Reported Sandy Hook Elementary School | The Newtown Bee

It was decided at this point to try and obtain confirmation from bing on the accuracy of the timestamp.

Since bing has no option for phone assistance I contacted them by email.

Not wanting to raise suspicion I told them I had prepared some time sensitive
information that was not to have been released until a certain day. I then told them that the information had been caught by one of their webcrawlers a day early and, if true, was very problematic. I requested some type of confirmation as to the accuracy of the server that cached and date-stamped the page.

I exchanged 4 emails with bing over the course of 24 hours before I finally had to provide the url for the main page at the Newtown Bee so they could determine which server had cached it. In their final email to me they did confirm that their server had cached the page but when I pressed them for more concrete confirmation they stopped responding.

I has now been 4 days since I heard from them.

The investigation into this matter is ongoing and updates will be provided.



I contacted the Newtown Bee to speak with the first known reporter on the scene, Shannon Hicks, to ask about this particular aspect of the day’s events. When I explained to Ms. Hicks what it was I was looking into she informed me that it would be a matter best left to the Editor of The Newtown Bee, Curtiss Clark.

I explained to Mr. Clark that I was a freelance journalist looking into allegations of fraud connected to fundraising in the wake of the Newtown event. I went on to explain that during my research I had come across the Newton Bee’s retraction regarding Dawn Hochsprung and wondered if that too was being considered an act of fraud/mischief.

Mr. Clark became immediately defensive at the insinuation and began talking over me to explain how it was a simple mistake. I explained to Mr. Clark that I was in no way attempting to spin this story into something it wasn’t but rather may have been confused by the specific wording of the retraction, “a woman who identified herself to our reporter as the principal”, which made it appear as though the woman may have acted with deliberate intent to mislead. I was assured by Mr. Clark that this was not the case and he went on to explain the mistake as, “just something that happened in all the confusion”.

I told Mr. Clark that his explanation for the source of the confusion seemed very logical and suggested that my investigation would likely need not go any further. Mr. Clark then said something that put the defensiveness I perceived into context. “There’s a lot of conspiracy nonsense around this.” I told Mr. Clark such things have no interest for me.  He then went on to say, “and a lot of them are coming from Canada. You should get your editor to check some of the blogs up there.”

I found out subsequently that the Newtown Bee had been contacted by a Canadian truth seeker who had led them to a forum/blog post that contained many suspected inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook story. I then understood why he seemed “touchy”.

Before I wrapped up our conversation I asked Mr. Clark who it was that took this statement and how it was delivered. He told me the reporter was John Voket (who “is on vacation and won’t be back til next week”). Mr. Voket is an associate editor at the Newtown Bee and has worked for the paper for 8 years. Mr. Voket is also a radio announcer, active in the community and owns his own recorded dance music company. He is also in the process of organizing a benefit concert to aid the affected families of Sandy Hook.


Until this point I had been under the mistaken impression that the statement from “the woman” was delivered to associate editor Shannon Hicks as she seems to be the only named reporter from the Bee associated with this event.

To be as clear as possible about the circumstances surrounding the misidentification I asked Mr. Clark how contact was made between “the woman” and Mr. Voket. Was it in person, phone, etc…? Mr. Clark informed me that he didn’t know but thought it may have been face to face. I must admit it surprised me that Mr. Clark would not know the answer to my question. As one who has worked in media for many years I couldn’t imagine a mistake like this being made at such a widely exposed event without the editor getting the details on how the mistake occurred. This was almost a month after the fact.

I also asked if “the woman” had eventually been identified and again, he was unsure but stressed it was a small matter in comparison to the overall event. I chose not to press the matter and thanked Mr. Clark for his time. I ended our conversation by asking if it would be alright for me to contact Mr. Voket upon his return should I have further questions. He said that would be fine.


A quick internet search found Mr. Voket’s email address so I decided to drop him a line rather than phoning. In my mail I briefly went over my conversation with Mr. Clark and explained that I had a couple of questions that Mr. Clark had said only he could answer.

These were my questions…

How did this woman pass along her statement to you…in person or by some other means?

Did you ask about her connection to the school?

Did you ask her name? (I have no wish to know it)

Just to be clear…there is no current effort to locate this woman and local and state police do not view this as an unlawful/mischievious event…is that correct?

Were you not familiar with Dawn Hochsprung?

John Voket responded the very next day.

“We know who the person is – the mistaken identity may have been my fault due to all the commotion happening around me when she and I spoke. She also shared a number of physical attributes with the late principal, which initially compounded the confusion.

We also were having website issues which may have prevented us from pulling that incorrect report from the web sooner.

There is no issue regarding this person.”

Below you can find various news articles and even a video from the Newtown Bee featuring Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung. It does seem odd that John Voket would not have recognized Dawn Hochsprung given her numerous appearances in the paper for which he is associate editor.


New Principals Prepare For First Days In The District

A ‘Musical’ Work Of Art Taking Shape At Sandy Hook School

One School One Read Sparks ‘Lemonade War’ In Sandy Hook

Full-Day Kindergarten Considered

Dawn Hochsprung Newtown Bee Video

Should current investigative efforts bear fruit I may choose to contact the Newton Bee one more time to give them an opportunity to respond to this article and any new findings. For now I will let the comments speak for themselves.


I have received another email from bing apologizing for the delay in responding and once again asking for what it is I specifically need.

Since the last time I had heard from bing I had done some more searching and managed to find another page from the Newtown Bee that had been cached with the same date stamp, 2012/12/13.

This is the original.


And this is the page cached by bing.


Assuming that I may need to give bing more specific information to help facilitate my request I provided them this page and cache to help them narrow down the server that, I assume, cached both pages. I told them I was hesitant to pass along the actual page due to it’s sensitive nature but hoped that this one would suffice.

As of this writing I have been waiting 3 days for a response.

A friendly forum member has passed along the whois info for the server that cached the Newtown Bee page in question. You will note that their servers are in the US so the notion that the early cache date is a function of overseas servers appears to be unfounded. Admittedly this is not my area of expertise so if anyone has an informed rebuttal I will be happy to hear it.



Since beginning my quest for information regarding this cache date from bing I have sent 7 and received 5 emails to/from bing over the course of 16 days. I have yet to receive any type of confirmation of accuracy and am left to conclude that they have little interest in providing one.


I have found a video shot and narrated by John Voket, from the fire station, on the morning of the 14th. I will assume it captures all the chaos and “commotion” of the scene that morning.



Be sure to check out the much anticipated follow up to this startling article

Memory Hole: The Dawn Hochsprung File



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71 Responses to Sandy Hook Evidence: Dawn Hochsprung Interview, December 13th

  1. Arturo says:

    Thank you for taking the time to follow up on this story.

    • Swansong19 says:

      You’re very welcome. I hope you found it informative.

      Unfortunately getting all the facts is proving to be a most frustrating task.

  2. The Dreamer says:

    Superb work!

    I hope when the Official CT State Police Report is released, you will be right there with me, going over it page by page, line by line, looking for answers to the major unanswered questions (including the unasked questions- unasked by the msm.) The discrepancies, the inconsistencies, the conflicting accounts, the motive, the evidence, the video tape from inside the school, photographs from the school, etc.

    Please remain vigilant! You are making friends with some, and mortal enemies with others, in your quest for truth. This much is certain, however: If your motives are pure and your zeal is for the unveiling of the truth, then God will certainly be by your side!

    • -swansong- says:

      Thank you.

      I am trying very hard to be pure in my motives and as unbiased as possible. Bias is a function of being…but it need not cloud us to the truth.

      I can’t imagine walking away from this investigation willingly, so yes, I’ll be there. Photo by photo…line by line.


      • Hsaive says:

        Great job…please keep digging. Something is very wrong with this.

        Extortion of several key players seems most likely as the basis for this operation. Listening to all the comments it appears that discovery of a child sex/porno ring is involved. Parents who were not allowed to see their children before burial is another clue. Were they kidnapped?… It’s my guess that someone with authority threatened to expose the sex scandal in order to masquerade a false-flag gun-grab.

  3. TC says:

    Good work and thanks for putting it out there!

    • -swansong- says:

      You’re very welcome.

      I am highly dubious about receiving any further information from bing. Had I been…or should I be…able to get positive confirmation of accuracy from bing I would/will contact the Bee again for a follow up. At this point tho, I see no reason.

      Frankly, bing’s lack of response could very well be saying just as much as any confirmation.

  4. Tim Haas says:

    Interesting that John Voket did not answer ANY of your questions, at least directly. Was this interview in person? Did this woman identify herself as Dawn Hochsprung? Did this woman identify herself as “the principal”? If not, why did you identify her in the article as being “the principal, Dawn Hochsprung”?

    • -swansong- says:

      You noticed that too, eh?

      They seemed like fairly straight forward questions.

      From the tone of the reply I got the impression that he was saying she may not have identified herself as the principal and he just assumed she was based on her appearance. I’m not sure how many reporters would make an assumption like that without verification…but…there it is…

      • jimmy corn says:

        Hey awesome work! BUT DID YOU CATCH WHAT HE SAID IN THE VIDEO?
        “The chairman of the school board is here” names her by name (but I cant make out the name) So if he knows the chairman of the school board and points her/he out from 10 ft or so HOW ON EARTH does he not know who the principle of Sandy Hook is? And how could he mistake or ‘be duped’ by an impostor?

        That justs doesn’t make sense, the chairman of the school board is probably around once in a blue moon but the principle is a common face. Just smells like rotten fish doesnt it…..

        But hey probably should go to snoops.com to get answers right? lol snoops.com says go to Newtown Bee but they say go to snoops.com but snoops.com says go to Newtown Bee but Newtown Bee says go to newtown police and ring around the rosy we go……..lol

        • -swansong- says:

          Would it surprise you to know I had not noticed that?

          Geebus, just when I think I’ve noticed everything there is to notice…there’s more. That’s an excellent point.

          When I spoke to the editor he told me that the “school beat” was not Mr. Voket’s normal beat and that was why he might not have recognized Ms. Hochsprung. But here he is recognizing the chairman.

          Good catch. Thanks so much for taking the time to express it.

  5. exceld says:

    Of note here also is the fact that Dawn Hochprung’s husband, 23 years her senior, just retired from teaching 2 weeks ago. I find this to be somewaht peculiar.

  6. Jazz says:

    Really nicely done! I love your “About” too! I with you my man! Many years in a newsroom as well and what is happening is sickening! But this is OUR fault! We ‘love’ Ass-merican Idol, The Superbowl and all of the other DISTRACTIONS. Hopefully this fiasco will be our wake up call once and for all because even Stevie Wonder can see the mountain of bull we’re wading through!

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work my friend! You are a breath of fresh air and for the first time in a long while I feel “all may not be lost”.

    Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!
    Jazz 😉

    • -swansong- says:

      Well that may just be one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me 🙂 Thank you very much, Jazz.

      Yeah…broadcasting. It used to be a lot of fun until it was taken over by salesmen and bean counters.

      I am also hopeful that this event will be the catalyzing wake-up call that a large segment of the population has been needing. Having said that, many have become so obtuse that even this may not be obvious enough…as hard as that may be to believe.

      It’s time we, the people, started to take back control of our information. Thanks for the support. I’ll try not to let you down.

      • Jazz says:

        You’re quite welcome! I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who’s digging your works! 😉

        Re: Wake Up Call– I am optimistic but realistically doubtful. Too many are brain dead. Prior to November I was very optimistic because I found the full on solution to this entire nightmare– not just “The Sandy Hook, Line and Stinker-Stinger”. And before we can gain control over information we must rid ourselves of these ‘devils advocates’ in totality. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts as I simply can’t believe that a 2 STEP PLAN was at our feet and we would have seen results on NOVEMBER 3RD not 10 years from now! Hard to believe, isn’t it? When you have time, check this out, swansong. I can’t imagine that you won’t be impressed! https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/kick-them-all-out-the-strategy-to-end-big-government-once-and-for-all/

        A final thought… from the very start (which appears to be courtesy of Associated “Press”: http://yoy50.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/another-smoking-gun-pointing-at-sandy-hook-by-associated-press-they-think-were-stupid/ ) we’ve been obviously lied to. If masses of people still refuse to believe this was a production and only aimed at our guns, maybe this will convince them that there are indeed plans for us (http://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/u-s-concentration-camps-officially-confirmed/)

        I do have a question for you. I noticed you’re highlighting an Alex Jones video. I think it’s only fair to ask if you are aware of him being exposed as a disinfo agent? One of the more frustrating things about this “journey” is there are go-gobs of them floating around. Never been a fan of his but it’s disturbing to have the proof yet he’s still influencing (distracting) minds.

        • Kennedy Ray says:

          Hi there, thank you for your comments. I wrote the Alex Jones article. I know about the info, but I do not believe he is a disinfo agent. He woke a lot of people up, and he still is. He has his ways, but I happen to appreciate the info he puts out , ever since the waco days 🙂

          • Erik says:

            I read here and there that Alex Jones is a dis-info person. Alex continuously tells people to get the word out, to do their own research (without endangering themselves), to get on their local cable access channel and so on. No true dis-information person would encourage people to find the truth out for themselves.

            And with the guests he brings on air and provides a wide audience to and all the information he opens people up to from Joel Skousen to David Icke, from Rosa Koire to Max Keiser, from Steve Pieczynik to Gerald Celente AND all the health information and doctors, it just is never credible to call him that.

            If it weren’t for Alex Jones I wouldn’t be at this great site right now. If AJ were a disinformation agent then he would have to be considered a complete flop.

          • -swansong- says:

            To be honest I haven’t followed Mr. Jones all that closely, although, I do remember with much fondness his bullhorn “call-outs” of congress people after 9/11.

            My personal take is he’s a little too loud and abrasive for my tastes but you can’t deny he has spread the word to a great many people. My guess is he does more good than bad for the cause.

  7. Madharleyman says:

    First off, excellent citizen journalism and following this story to it’s ultimate conclusion, whatever that maybe and whenever that might occur. I think with the numerous pre-massacre sites including Soto’s “too early” memorial page and the Parker’s “too early” memorial posts something strange is afoot at the Sandy H.
    Is it me, or do things seem just un-chaotic in the video? Also, are the ambulances blocked in preventing them from being emergency vehicles or is just a camera view issue? I teach in a public school and I can tell you I’ve seen more commotion during a drug sweep than what I’m seeing in that video.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thank you. It’s not easy getting answers, I’ll tell ya. People are very stand-off-ish…the ones that will answer a phone or return an email, that is. My phone company is loving all these long distant calls…lol

      It’s not just you, things seem exceptioanlly “un-chaotic”. So much so that I am putting the finishing touches on an article highlighting same.

      You’ll have to let me know what you think once it’s up. I have to rely on Kennedy’s good grace to assist me with the publishing aspect of these articles. Writing’s one thing….slapping it all up on the site is another…so bear with me 🙂

  8. Benjamin Freedman says:

    Thank you for leading the way on this and taking the initiative. Maybe someone can start a “Sandy Hook Whistleblowers” site.

  9. Jeff says:

    This is my third time trying to leave a comment! i keep getting disconnected from this page. So instead of going into detail. Let me say this! You are doing work our forefathers would applaud you for! I will try again to give my opinions and suggestions in another comment. If they dont cut me off again!

  10. Jason Pollard says:

    My comment isn’t about the same point as your article, however I had not seen your video from the Bee reporter before. I noticed he said they have no info outside of “there might have been a shooting”. I find this interesting since if you use Google maps to pull up the fire house and look at its relation to the school, it is directly north of the school, directly. Using the supply garage, (in video when he turns around), you find his location is between the firehouse and garage. When he turn to face the school the sun appears to be over the school in the due south sky. This I find strange since the account of the sun for CT Dec 14, 2012 was, Sunrise 7:11a.m. and sunset was 4:21p.m. with solar noon @ 11:46a.m., according to Timeanddate.com. I bring all of this up because @ 11:46 we were recieving ALOT of info on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN etc. How could he a reporter at the scene have no idea what is going on? Also, it seems logical that the interview took place after this video, given his no info comment. Would he not have recorded this interview since he had the equipment to do so as evident by this video. I would like any input you or anyone else may have on this oddity. By the way nice job on your investigation.

    • -swansong- says:

      Hmmm…interesting points.

      I have been useless with shadow analysis so I have all but given up on it. But…if Shannon Hicks was the 1st reporter on the scene, then Voket got there after. Hicks knew what had happened. She took the shots of the kids evacuating the school. She is also a volunteer fire fighter. After she took those pics, she became a fire fighter, which would have necessitated her going to the fire station…which is where Voket was.

      Honestly. How could he not have known?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • wolf says:

      wish you would spell out what you’re hinting at with sun position. to give average joe a clue.

  11. Justin Case says:

    Hey– I noticed the shadows, too… a few days after the event and told my wife who thought I was imagining things. My initial curiosity was sparked by the length of the shadows and the time of the reporting saying something’s not right… they were too long for late morning. It wasn’t until I saw all the photos & helicopter footage that I realized that the shadows were also, most likely, going the wrong way! It’s all so weird. Thank God somebody else noticed! Keep up the good work. This is the worst false flag I’ve ever seen. I only wish more people would pay attention. By the way — I read in today’s newspaper that a local school out my way (Sage College) is to name a new education center for Dawn Hodgepodge.

    See: http://troyrecord.com/articles/2013/02/05/news/doc511119623be64885268644.txt

    That was what initially sparked my interest…I searched her name on Google and found your site. I have a feeling things are going to get even more bizarre before they get any saner on this matter. I mentioned to my wife that this Dawn’s husband just retired from teaching and my wife shot back: Sounds like somebody got a nice ‘insurance’ payout…guess they’re now part of the witness protection program! (laughs). Jeepers!

    • -swansong- says:

      Dawn Hochsprung Center for the Promotion of Mental Health and School Safety.

      And “school safety”, eh? A woman who ran at a man with a gun and got herself killed and whose brand new security system couldn’t keep out a kid with a gun who killed 25 other people.

      Uh huh. No irony there.

      Thanks for passing that along.

      • flyingtigercomics says:

        Interesting too because the mental health angle is what Sofia Smallstorm says it’s about- the gun grab was designed to fail and the Hegelian trap was to go from failed gun grab to push for mental health prison state. …

  12. Jason Pollard says:

    Andrea McCarren’s reporting has earned international attention and accolades, including the Edward R. Murrow Award, 10 Regional Emmys, national honors from both Investigative Reporters and Editors, and the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation. In 2006, Andrea was awarded the prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, where she developed and taught the first broadcast journalism courses in Harvard history.
    Andrea’s career includes covering the Clinton White House for ABC News, where she frequently traveled with the President on Air Force One. She has served as a DC-based correspondent for NBC News, and has been a local reporter and news anchor in Miami, Portland, OR, Wichita, KS and Savannah, GA. Andrea has been reporting in Washington, DC for more than two decades.
    Andrea McCarren is the reporter shown describing her interview with “the school nurse”, who she stated “was face to face with the shooter, and he turned and left” and the nurse said ” she was in a closet for 4 hours after the shooting with the secretary”. Andrea says the nurse knew Adam and his mother was a kind kindergarten teacher that you would love.
    If you watch all of Sally Cox interviews she states she wasn’t face to face but jumped under her desk then hid in closet with secretary. Did the highly experienced reporter not document her interview or is mistaken who she interviewed. What about Ms Cox, She hid for 4 hours? Lt. Vance of the State Police states “every nook and cranny of the school had been searched and cleared inside of an hour of police arrival” Well they missed a very large “cranny”, big enough for a mildly overweight nurse and a secretary to hide in.
    I have email Mrs. McCarren about this, her response was a one sentence email as follows. I do not wish to comment on this subject at this time. Thank you, Andrea McCarren
    All over the web people are explaining poor reporting for the oddities of that day, yet Ms. McCarren doesn’t defend herself and her performance? Interesting.

    • -swansong- says:

      I’m really glad you brought this up. early on in my “investigation” this interview had been the source of some contention. Most of it revolving around the fact that Sally Cox never uttered those words about seeing him “eye to eye”, or if she did there is no record of it anywhere else besides Ms. McCarren. It was written off as an embellishment by a dramatic reporter. So I kind of forgot about it.

      A few days ag I ran across that clip again. She seems quite sure about who she talked to and what that person said. What I find odd is that no other reporter has been on camera asking her about it, as far as I’m aware. You’d think some reporter might say, “So, I hear you saw him eye to eye?” while interviewing her, which would give her an opportunity to refute the claim.

      The idea that McCarren might have been talking to someone else that pretended to be the nurse seems absurd…until you remember John Voket and Dawn Hochsprung. Very odd.

      Thanks for bringing it up 🙂

      I may have to write Ms. McCarren and see if she has any comment.

      • Parley says:

        I think I read somewhere that one of the kindergarten teachers had a son who is/was an Event planner for either the governor or Bloomberg. If this was an “event,” could that have been who the nurse actually saw

        • -swansong- says:

          Yes, Janet Vollmer’s son is the Bloomberg employee. Janet Vollmer is a kindergarten teacher at SHE.
          She also claims that she saw “just a little blood” when she was leading kids out. Seems odd considering where her classroom is in relation to where Hochsprung was shot. She should have seen a couple of dead bodies.

      • Pat Fallon says:

        Thank you for your work, it is much appreciated.

        Everywhere you look there is strangeness in the Sandy Hook narrative.

        One of the most glaring inconsistencies, as mentioned above, involves School Nurse Sally Cox.

        WUSA reporter Andrea McCarren stated she interviewed Nurse Cox the day of the shooting and that Nurse Cox stated that the shooter entered the room where she was and that she met eyes with the shooter and he inexplicably walked away. She further reported that Sally Cox stated that she knew the shooter’s mother well and she was a wonderful loving person, who was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary class and who was teaching that day in a nearby classroom.

        Sally Cox later in an on camera interview with George Stephanopolous told a different story than the one conveyed by Andrea McCarren. Sally Cox told Stephanopolous that she only saw the shooter’s feet from under the desk and the shooter walked away. She therefore could not identify the shooter.

        The discrepancy between what WUSA reporter Andrea McCarren said Nurse Cox told her in an off camera interview, and what Nurse Cox says on Camera in later interviews with other reporters, seems glaring and clear cut. At first I figured that reporter McCarren was some local cable reporter who probably just got the story wrong, so I looked up what I could find about reporter Andrea McCarren.

        She works for channel 9 WUSA and is based in Washington, D.C. She “just happened” to be CT the day of the shooting and was thus in position to cover the story.

        As Jason Pollard mentions above, McCarren is no ordinary cable news reporter. Her husband is Bill McCarren, the Executive Director of the National Press Club. After attending Vassar College McCarren attended the London School of Economics. She earned an anthropology degree, cum laude. Thereafter, she attended graduate school at the University of Southern California School of Journalism on a KCBS-TV Fellowship. McCarren has served as a local reporter in multiple cities across the United States prior to beginning her career reporting news in Washington D.C. in 1991 at WUSA-TV, the CBS station. She covered the presidency of Bill Clinton for ABC and served as DC correspondent for NBC. She has traveled to and reported on stories in El Salvador and joined Clinton multiple times on Air Force One. She also served as an investigative reporter for WJLA-TV in D.C. McCarren is also an educator. The first teacher of broadcast journalism at Harvard University, she taught a curriculum of her own design. Among other honors, McCarren is the recipient of an Edward R. Murrow Award and the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard.

        Since this discrepancy has come to light, numerous internet posters state that McCarren has not responded to their requests for clarification of her reporting of this incident, and has blocked them from her twitter account so they cannot ask even why she refuses to respond. Since I don’t believe everything I read on the internet, I tweeted McCarren the following simple question: “Hi. Do you stand by your report that Nurse Cox stated to you that she looked the Sandy Hook shooter in the eye?”

        I never received a response and within 24 hours McCarren had blocked my Twitter account.

        • -swansong- says:

          Thank you very much for your well thought out comments.

          I have also written to Ms. McCarren. I did receive a response although it doesn’t go into the discrepencies.

          I haven’t given up on her, yet. She claims to have gotten a great many accusatory comments and claims to be somewhat confused by the level of attention she’s recieiving.

          I don’t have enough quite yet for an article but be assured I will continue to try.

          Stay tuned 🙂

          • Pat Fallon says:

            Dear Mr. Burdett,

            Today I sent the following email to the station manager, MBurdett:

            Reporter Andrea McCarren in her coverage of the Sandy Hook Shooting incident broadcast that day and currently archived at the station’s website at http://www.wusa9.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=2036505567001 states that she interviewed Sandy Hook Elementary School Nurse Sarah Cox off camera and that Nurse Cox stated that the shooter entered the room where she was and that she met eyes with the shooter, she then jumped under her desk, and the shooter inexplicably walked out.

            Sally Cox later in an on camera interview with George Stephanopolous stated she only saw the shooter’s feet from under the desk before the shooter walked away.

            Since this seemed to be a discrepancy, but one I hoped could be quickly cleared up, I sent a simple question to Reporter McCarren via the Twitter link provided at your website. I simply asked her the following question: “Hi. Do you stand by your report that Nurse Cox stated to you that she looked the Sandy Hook shooter in the eye?”

            I never received a response from Reporter McCarren and within 24 hours she had blocked my Twitter account with no explanation.

            I am contacting you today in the hope that you can clarify this question. I apologize for bothering you, but given Reporter McCarren’s apparent reluctance to clarify her broadcast report, I can think of no other option.

            Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

          • -swansong- says:

            Well done, Pat…and well written. Not accusatory, not rude, just a simple request for clarification on a seemingly important matter.

            I also wrote a note today.

            Hello again, Andrea

            I will assume from your lack of response that you have chosen to remain
            silent on this issue.

            In my last note I commented…

            “I would very much like to hear any comments
            you may have regarding my inquiry but should you wish to refrain or save it
            for another time, I understand…”

            After giving this more thought I have to change my mind. I’m afraid I don’t
            understand why you wouldn’t want to take a little time to set the record
            straight regarding this inconsistency in the story line.

            I’ve spent several days considering this from as many angles as I could
            imagine and I honestly can’t come up with a scenario to explain your lack of
            willingness to discuss this that doesn’t involve someone either
            intentionally misleading you, or you having made some kind of mistake.

            If it’s the former, your viewers have a right to know. If you made a
            mistake, then I would think professional ethics would dictate that you issue
            an explanation, retraction or apology.

            Again, Andrea, my intention is not to crucify you for a simple mistake…nor
            is it to theorize. It is for that reason that I have chosen to not write one
            word regarding my thoughts or concerns regarding this issue.

            Admittedly it puts researchers like me in a very difficult spot. We have a
            demonstrably false assertion by someone who should have known better,
            related to a reporter with an impeccable pedigree. Surely you are aware of
            the theorizing that would accompany a lack of clarification, which is why I
            am surprised that you woudn’t wish to set the record straight and send the
            theorizers packing.

            I do understand that you are focused on other reports/investigations at this
            time but I wouldn’t imagine this would take very long to straighten
            out…would it?

            I won’t pepper you with emails. Nor do I wish to be a bother but without
            clarification on this matter you’re leaving folks like me in a very
            uncomfortable position. This is an issue that is receiving much discussion
            on the web and is one worthy of examination/clarification. Without comment
            from you or Ms. Cox, people are left to wildly speculate. Frankly, we’ve all
            had more than enough of that over the last decade.

            I hope you’ll reconsider my request.

            Thanks again for your time.

            Their continuing resistance to responding to questions does nothing more than raise suspicion. While I phrased it more gently I can’t help but think that if they aren’t responding to polite requests it can only be because they have something to hide.

            I’ll be interested to hear if you get a response. Please let us know.

  13. Justin Case says:

    I am speechless.
    Where is this country headed?
    And what about that idiot that found all those kids sitting in his driveway? WTF! He was an old thespian has-been named Eugene Rosen. Gene Rosen’s acting audition was awful. I hope DHS didn’t compensate him for that ridiculous performance. This guy was soooo bad I can’t believe ANYBODY took him seriously. If it was real–Why didn’t he guy call 9-1-1? Why wasn’t 9-1-1 in his script? It was all a series of bad, rank amateur acting, rehearsals, drills and what-if scenarios. Somebody MUST blow the lid on this event & come clean. It’s horrible what these crisis actors did in taking advantage of a gullible citizenry. Maybe EVERYTHING is phony? Is it all gov’t psychological operations? If this keeps going on the electorate will lose all confidence in the system. well, only if they are paying attention, I guess. (sigh)

  14. Dan says:

    How many pictures of Dawn Hochsprung exist in the NewTown Bee before Dec 14th and what if Dawn Hochsprung was interviewed by John Voket before?


  15. jackson says:

    love your site!
    there is one little bit of information that most people aren’t looking at logically, even if you discount all of the “theories”. there are NOT any real life “rambos”.. especially 130lbs kids without any training. the thought of this is preposterous. additionally, if you shoot anything at this close range (whether it be from a rifle, handgun, shotgun), you would blow your target into little bits.. can you imagine the carnage by shooting a 40lbs kid 11 times? it’s not possible as there wouldn’t be anything left to hit. besides, why would you waste your time with overkilling one when you have 500 more potential victims to go? i call shenanigans.
    there is a supposed gag order in place for everyone involved in this case yet those same “victims families” keep talking to reporters every day (mostly in other countries now). why are these few particular parents so privileged to speak? this defies logic.
    my deductive reasoning leads me to the following conclusion. if in fact there was an actual shooting that day – the only actual casualties were of those whose parents haven’t spoken to the press yet. this would explain the oddness of the actor families yet still allow genuine grieving from the other families who actually lost someone due to collateral damage. (the parkers, phelps, sotos, hochsprungs, pozners, Rousseaus, bardens, hockleys, MCDONNELsL, and Pintos most likely were planted)
    Here are few pieces of evidence i have found that nobody seems to be discussing. one – there are some photo inconsistencies with the adam lanza car. one photo seems to have been taken months/years before the actual event. (there is no sealant in the cracks on the pavement). additionally, the police tape isn’t attached in the same positions in reference to the lines of the “fire lane”) it actually seems as if most of the pictures of the event were staged at a different time altogether. if this is the case, then it would explain a LOT! they seemed to have a test run, most likely months or a year ago this time. besides, did adam lanza even have a drivers license? ha
    two – during another press conference, officer vance mentions the bullet holes through the glass door in an odd manner. he describes how his policemen had to break out windows to gain access to the school. he randomly stated that this may seem “suspicious”. why would they have to break out additional glass if adam lanza had already shot it out and walked through himself?
    additionally, a witness mentions seeing the lanza car with 4 doors open, sweaters thrown around, and a broken window near the door of the school. although this witness didn’t seem credible -it just proves that somebody got their script wrong. was it the witness? police? both?
    i have went back and forth a million times on whether or not i think anyone actually died that day. i’m honestly starting to believe that nobody really did. there would be bloody footprints, chaos, uncontrollable emotions from families. i don’t mean to sound harsh BUT nobody is putting this into actual perspective. it is one thing for your child to die, but it is a whole other level to know your child was blown to pieces (brains, organs, skin, blood, guts) splattered all over the floors, walls, ceiling, others. the very thought of a parent being physically able to do an interview about this within hours is preposterous.
    additionally, a genuine police investigation for a shooting of this magnitude would take months/years. forensics would analyze every bullet and motive possible. they didn’t even humor us with pretending to do an investigation (no police tape/markers/flags on the lanza car or the rousseau car with the bullet holes, nothing). BS!
    adam lanza and his mother were either victims or willing participants in this charade. i am leaning more toward them being active participants, simply agreeing to their names being used as a scapegoat while they begin a new life elsewhere. hell, it wouldn’t be too hard – nobody knew them anyway! lol
    so in conclusion, i believe that most of the staged photos of the event took place an entirely different day. i believe they had a practice run and released a combination of old and new footage to the press (cbs and cnn seem to be the active contributors to this madness). this is why there are so many inconsistencies.
    also, if you haven’t done so already, please read the “cop killer” manifesto. it is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen. it ties in nicely with the sandy hook debacle. all of this manufactured government/media garbage is not true and insults my intelligence. it is blatant propaganda. it is not about guns, it is about control.
    once again, keep up the nice work! i just found your site tonight.

    • -swansong- says:

      Greetings and welcome to the site.

      Before I respond in greater detail I’ll allow you a little time to go over some more of the articles on the site. I think you’ll find some of the issues you mention are touched upon in various degrees in those articles.

      Glad to have you with us 🙂

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  17. thewalrus says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and investigative savvy and fortitude, Swansong… it’s much appreciated.
    I, too, have been riddled by the apparent contradiction in what Andrea McCarren reported regarding Nurse Sally Cox comments to her that the shooter looked her in the eye. As a result, I’ve done quite a bit of research about Andrea McCarren….
    To any and all concerned about this, I recommend a piece written by Ms. McCarren which I think might help us understand why she has chosen not to respond to inquiries regarding her report of her interview with Nurse Cox… Read it and draw your own conclusions:

    • -swansong- says:

      You’re most welcome.

      I am familiar with those events. They aren’t the only one’s she’s experienced, either.

      Andrea McCarren, WUSA-TV Reporter, Faces Big Backlash Over Underage Drinking Report

      So she is no stranger to taking heat for her opinions and reporting. Everyone has their limit, though.

      I still don’t think she made it all up. A reporter spends a long time developing credibility and forging contacts. They usually aren’t willing to risk it all by making up the news on live tv.

      Time will tell if she decides to open up.

  18. Christiana says:

    Dawn is now Donna

    You might be interested in the pics posted here:


    And here


  19. swanfan says:

    The following article caught my eye, so I looked up Gerald Stomski, a friend of Dawn, and both from Woodbury,CT. In 2009, the same year Dawn opted for a lateral career move into Sandy Hook, he filed for a patent on security technology similar to what is used in airports. It is his hope that this technology is purchased by the federal government and put in every school in the country. (He is a bigwig in local government, and currently facing a sexual harassment charge.) It seemed odd that they are both friends from the same town, and had potential to benefit on a very grand scale from a school shooting, especially in a grade school. The Parkers are now making noise on this issue, and have begun a new fundraising site to promote school security systems. Hmmmm…….


    Dawn Hochsprung Friend, Security Company Owner, Seeks Input On School Safety

    January 17, 2013|By DAVE ALTIMARI, daltimar@courant.com, The Hartford Courant

    WOODBURY – — Gerald Stomski remembers sitting in principal Dawn Hochsprung’s office at the Mitchell Elementary School, discussing the unthinkable.

    “We talked several times about what you would do if somehow a shooter got into the school and bullets started flying … The first thing she always said was ‘not on my watch'” said Stomski, the town’s first selectmen.

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  21. phil swearingin says:

    If you think the news is reported correctly, guess again. I have had a few news stories that I was involved in over the years and the press never get the facts of a story correct, and good luck getting a retraction, unless you hire an attorney and the courts make them retract it.
    Since day one we haven’t had a correct account of what happened that day, but there seems to be enough contradictory evidence going around to realize it was a DHS Drill and no one died that day. You could have your next door neighbor die and all you would know is what the cops “won’t”tell you. We are being manipulated by the press to forward their
    Left-Wing agenda. Guns, Global Warming, etc.,it’s all BS to me.


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  24. JamesWatchman says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Voket was actually talking to Mary Maloney of St Rose of Lima.

    “We know who the person is – the mistaken identity may have been my fault due to all the commotion happening around me when she and I spoke. She also shared a number of physical attributes with the late principal, which initially compounded the confusion.”

    To me, what Voket said to you backs up exactly what The Paulstal Service has been saying:

  25. medusajoe says:

    Sandy hook was not a hoax says wolgang Halbig

    Nice one here to hold him to
    This is after all his years of research by the way

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  31. Melinda says:

    153news.net for Sandy Hook & other hoax videos.

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  33. JAMES PARISE says:

    Just watched We Need To Talk. Very well done!

  34. stacey says:

    I just received a 2019 Gun Safety in America survey…and guess who is sponsoring it?! Erica Lafferty, Dawn Lafferty’s daughter, of the Everytown Survivor Network

  35. Althea says:

    Being interviewed soon.
    801-255-4919 #125

  36. Karl May says:

    Given the recent lawsuits filed by Lenny Posner against Alex Jones, and the authors of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” (banned by Amazon . . .”the Government”), and terminated FAU Professor James Tracy which are under appeal, I’m wondering why there hasn’t been a groundswell of support from the millions of people (especially folks who’ve spent a lot of time diving into the evidence) who believe, as I do, that Sandy Hook is one of the more transparent False Flag Active Shooter Drills of all time? It took quite some time to find this weblink and many of the videos that YouTube and others have taken off the Internet, such as “Let’s Talk About Sandy Hook” (now on https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4245810/?ref_=adv_li_tt) and “Unraveling Sandy Hook” – By Sofia Smallstorm.

    Despite this censorship, there is enough evidence to take this to court; yet, I don’t see any effort being made to bring it into the public arena as input to these legal actions. Where is everybody and why isn’t that happening?

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