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Sandy Hook

Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Pilot


Sandy Hook: Talk about Conspiracy!

If you are new to the Conspiracy game, or just shy about voicing an unpopular opinion,  there are certain pitfalls that can be easily avoided by being aware of how to approach controversial subjects like the Sandy Hook Conspiracy.  This article discusses what you may encounter when attempting to start a conversation around the water cooler about the incredibly bizarre amalgamation of error that is Sandy Hook.

Sometime around Christmas,  I met up with an old school friend who was visiting from out of town.  We don’t speak very often, but have known each other for many years and always slide into comfortable familiarity when we do get together. It would not be inaccurate to characterize her as one of my “home girls”.

Sandy Hook: Talk about Conspiracy

After catching up, and a little gossip about mutual friends, I brought up the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  I had been following the story since the beginning,  and had been gobsmacked by the shoddy reporting and confusion surrounding the incident.  I told her about Ryan Lanza being named as the shooter, the body of his father having been found in his Hoboken apartment,  and that his roommates were reported missing, all of  which was later retracted.  How such glaring mistakes were even possible is still beyond me, but very early in my retelling she was obviously not keen on that kind of discussion.  When I questioned the veracity of the entire event,  she became angry and defensive.

“So, you think everything is just made up,  everything is fake, a conspiracy!”

Things got a bit heated,  and we both backed off the subject. Our evening concluded on a cordial note, but I was left with an uneasy feeling about that exchange.  How is this not obvious to her?  “Pam” is an educated professional with an active social life, has a vague,  passing interest in current events, and doesn’t dig too deeply into things for lack of time and inclination.  Be that as it may,  the grievous mishandling of the story by the news media has not gone unnoticed by people of all persuasions,  people who would not consider themselves to be in any way a “conspiracy theorist”.

Three months have passed.  I had not spoken to Pam since,  so I thought she might have become familiar with some of the anomalies surrounding the story,  had perhaps heard others discussing it,  seen some dubious coverage, something.  I decided to give her a call.  We chatted pleasantly for a time,  and I brought up Sandy Hook again.  This time I asked if she had seen or was aware of the Anderson Cooper/James Tracy flap, she wasn’t.   l told her about the number of hits “Sandy Hook Conspiracy” garners on Google  (8,220,000 as of today 3/13), and the growing number of people questioning the event.

As before, she became agitated and uncomfortable, saying, “I just really don’t want to talk about it.”  I was not out to convince her of anything,  I assured her, what I was really more interested in was her reaction to the information, why does she find it so distressing?  Pam was willing to offer an analysis of her feelings and she told me that she was suspicious of the motives of people questioning the story,  “they’re just a bunch of gun nuts.”  She used the words “fringe” and “paranoid” on several occasions, and wound up her speech by saying that if the general public came to the conclusion that this Sandy Hook thing was a conspiracy,  then she would “get on board”.

I am distinctly reminded of the shop worn term “sheeple” thrown about all over the alt media.  While it does illustrate the herd mentality rather pointedly,  I do not find it particularly helpful.  No one was born with the ability to sniff out corruption,  we have all had our eyes opened to realities not generally known and experienced shock,  even if it’s something trivial like gummy bears containing animal hoofs.  There has been a sea change, however.  The research conducted after 9/11 has altered the way many view the world.  There are now scores of people on the lookout for false sounding,  propaganda- tinged news reports,  things that Sandy Hook has going for it in spades!

I have noticed, in my ramblings about, that there appear to be different levels of awareness at work when discussing a controversial subject like 9/11,  the OKC bombing,  and Sandy Hook.  I would like to offer a mini-analysis of the three most prevalent types for your consideration:

 The Door Slammer  This Individual will not hear what you have to say.  “No! don’t even go there, the very idea!”  They often  immediately resort to ridicule,  “Tin-foil hatter, troofer!!”  These are best left alone.  Although people are very abusive and nasty sounding in print and on message boards,  unless they have a posse to back them up, I don’t see them hurling this abuse in a one on one exchange.  Do expect dismissal and scorn though.

 The Gatekeeper  Someone who thinks of themselves as an open-minded,  critical thinker.  They invariably balk at the suggestion that there could be unseen forces at work guiding the populace with falsehoods to steer an agenda.  This just doesn’t happen in their world.  Everything can be explained logically, and in conformity with their bias.  They are often intellectually proud, and will humor you, mostly for the sport of debunking.  Think Mythbusters,  but less buffoonish.

The Fence Sitter  These folks are intrigued by investigation,  and get a kick out of speculative discussions, but when an internal line is crossed within them,  they attempt to pull back on the reigns and say,  “hold up, no that wouldn’t be possible,  they couldn’t keep all that a secret for that long…”  and so on.  They try to rationalize the anomalous and inconsistent,  make logic apply within the context of an official narrative.  (These people will wear you out!)

There exists the possibility that any one of these folks, at any time, might see or hear something that will set off an alarm in their psyche.  Something that will peel back the layer of residue left over from the cradle to grave mind washing we endure on this planet.  For that we must have hope and gratitude.

I am acquainted with a man, a regular Joe, who was online searching for information about 9/11 to better be able to explain it to his kids.  During his search he came across one of the many documentaries produced on the subject.  He didn’t say which one, but it was critical of the official story.  He told me that after watching it he felt like he’d been “punched in the gut”.  He did not go mad. He did not go on a rampage.  He carries on with his life as before but with an enhanced awareness of the world we are living in,  an awareness he would not give back for anything.  He also got involved with local politics and sees to it that his voice and opinions are heard.

If you live on this side of the fence,  it is inconceivable that people would prefer to remain in the dark.  Willful ignorance is far more insidious and widespread than I would like to admit.  I can completely understand the person who says, ” Just ignore the media crap, live your life, be happy.  If you don’t pay any attention to it,  it won’t affect you.”  If only.

I may avoid the media manipulation and live my life and be happy, which by the way, I do and am for the most part, but I am surrounded by those who don’t avoid the manipulation, and by virtue of being a part of the human race,  I am not immune.

Questioning authority is an honorable function of civil engagement for which we all share responsibility.  Those of us willing to peer into the dark heart of the control structure are held hostage by the sensibilities of those who are not willing to engage,  not willing to demand accountability from authority, who are content to send a donation,  sign a petition,  and forget.  We are vilified for pointing out the naked emperor,  the lies and obvious corruption because it demands real action.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

With regard to Sandy Hook,  it occurs to me that people who refuse to look at the evidence that suggests a media hoax are put into the position of essentially saying,  “I prefer to believe that 26 people,  including 20 children, were massacred on December 14, 2012 because it would be more difficult for me to accept the fact that the media and government engage in falsehoods.”

And they call us delusional!


The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting – Gun Control


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