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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting sandy-hook-conspiracy-news

Published on November 7th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Winter is coming – Updates & News

“Winter is Coming” is the motto of House Stark in Game of Thrones. The meaning behind these words is one of warning and constant vigilance. Are you awake? December 14th is just around the corner and I decided it is time to update our blog insanemedia. It has been a great summer, the subject “Sandy Hook” had quieted down and I decided to take a break regarding the Sandy Hook Conspiracy. In this article I will write about the latest updates and news surrounding Sandy Hook, 26 Christmas trees, missing individuals and Sofia Smallstorms research video on the Sandy Hook Hoax.

What has been going on in Newtown, Connecticut? Just recently, the mission of the demolition of the Sandy Hook Elementary school has been accomplished and the demolition team has been sworn to secrecy. It has been almost 11 months, and we still don’t have an investigative report regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting, the death records of the victims have been sealed, there is no surveillance footage, no crime scene photos and the release of the Sandy Hook 911 tapes will be discussed in a hearing on Friday, November 8th, 2013.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Winter is coming

CT NewstimesThe FOI Commission ruled unanimously in September that the calls are public information and must be released. Sedensky, who is overseeing the investigation by State Police and writing the report that will be released sometime this fall, appealed that decision on various grounds, including that the shootings were a matter of child abuse. (read more)

Why don’t we take a closer look on what has transpired since last Summer..Let’s refresh our mind:

I found an excellent video on Sandy Hook Hoax, that was just released yesterday, I will post material, links and references to the different subjects, that the creator Sofia Smallstorm covers in the video. If you would like to visit only the parts that are of interest to you, please view the time videostamp I have posted for each subject in Sofia Smallstorm’s video.

Sofia Smallstorm – Unraveling Sandy Hook

Sofia Smallstorm covers and revisits the important material regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that was discussed in groups, forums, blogs and Youtube videos by independent researchers. Some of the findings covered in the video were new to me, so thank you for this great video Sofia Smallstorm!

“Dedicated to America – and all the other researchers and YouTubers without whom I would not have been able to put this together, Thank you for being awake…”


Video timestamp 11:23Discussing the Egregious anomalies and breaches of Protocol, handling MCI’s (Mass Casualty Incident)

We also covered the EMT response, or better lack of response, as paramedics were not allowed near the school and told to stage by the firehouse. From our article “Conspiracy in Newtown” (Link)

Quote from the article:

1. Last I checked dispatches, the police on scene and any school officials that may have seen the carnage did not have EMT training, check every victim on the scene or have the ability to make that medical diagnosis.

2. Even if the ambulance was called 10 minutes after the initial call (overestimating) the fact they were called off so soon defies any ability for the most experienced and trained EMT personnel to make that call on 26 victims.

3. By every state law, only the Coroner or a licensed Doctor (depending on the state), can declare someone dead. That would be the only justification for calling off EMT personnel. So tell me again how in less than (and I am being generous) 30 minutes the police on scene could legally declare all the victims dead?

Timeline entries of the police recordings regarding the ambulances and EMT personnel – Read more

Also revisit our Sandy Hook Crime Scene Article (link)

Sofia Smallstorm


Videostamp 14:11 – Revisting Chief Medical Examiner Dr H Wayne Carver, and his strange behavior.

Our article: Corruption in Connecticut – Medical Examiner Dr H Wayne Carver

Here is an update by YouTuber Kate Slate, who has continuously provided news regarding Sandy Hook, thanks for that!

Details surrounding Dr. H. Wayne Carver and corruption


Dr James Tracy – Memory Hole Blog


The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

Video timestamp 18:45 – Identifiable victims, body-bags, survivors. Natalie Hammond.

Video timestamp 23:56Sandy Hook Families, Masonic lodge, Surveillance camera removed on day of shooting, Chris Manfredonia. Discussion and questioning why most families were new to town (Newtown): Parker, Wheeler, Hockley, Marquez-Greene, Hensel- Richman and the strange real estate buy dates of their homes December 25th, 2009.

Yes, the real estate sale dates. It is not only the victims families, there were several sale dates of December 25th 2009 in Newtown,CT. The exact sale price was zero 0$. Swansong did contact someone from the responsible agency who could shine some light into these strange real estate sale dates and was told, that a new system for the website was put in place, which was responsible for the dates of December 25th, 2009. That is nonsense, because if a new system is put in place, there would be no need to create false sale dates for houses, IMO.

Blog Post from Sandy Hook Truth and the Iroqouis Gas Line through Newtown, CT and the real estate sale dates (link)

Very interesting news surfaced on July 31st 2013 regarding Newtown Resident Robert Hoagland, a real estate agent from Sandy Hook who also works for an attorney in Bridgeport, appeared to be missing since July 28th , 2013.

“Robert (Bob) Hoagland missing, real estate agent in Sandy Hook. His wife Lori teaches culinary arts at Newtown High school. The son of Sandy Hook School teacher Laura Feinstein, just commented on his Twitter that he wondered if the missing man was “Hoagland’s husband. Robert Hoagland was last seen at a gas station at 62 Church Hill Rd; he lives a short distance away on Glen Rd. That road goes right past Sandy Hook School.

Some dots to connect, but it’s creepy that a man with knowledge of real estate issues in the area, and who lives right by the school, and who possibly knows (or his wife knows) one of the Sandy Hook witnesses, is missing.”

Long Thread on GLP regarding Robert Hoagland(link)

Last News from the Newtown Bee, September 18th 2013: Police Continue To Pursue Leads In Search For Missing Man

Twitter – Help Find Hoagie

Video timestamp 29:46: Laughing Parents – Robbie Parker, Lynn McDonnell, Victoria Soto, Anne Marie Murphy, Adam lanza- Picture Anamolies, Sofia Smallstorm goes into detail.

We had captured the reactions of the parents in our “Sandy Hook: When you’re smiling” video:


Also worth reading:

Strange victim photo dates

Peter Lanza Photo Album

Note: Sofia Smallstorm covers the SSDI Death Record entry of Adam Lanza, with a deceased date one day prior of the shooting, December 13th 2012. They have later corrected it, read more at GLP here.

Screenshot of original SSDI Death Record entry of Adam Lanza:


Video timestamp 45:40 Pushing for gun control and mental health

Read our articles regarding this below:

60 Minutes Sandy Hook: Gun Control

CT Gun Control:Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention Bill

Feinstein Introduces New Assault Weapons Ban: Weapons Ban Targets Handguns, Rifles, Pistols

Susan McGuiness Getzinger Interview

Is the real conspiracy the big pharma and SSRI drugs?

Video timestamp 0:50Drills going life

Video timestamp 0:52 Raised bill 1054 – Dr H Wayne Carver

BILL 1054 – Dr H Wayne Carver

Video timestamp 52:37: The Firehouse, Check in sign, people walking in circles at the firehouse

Walking in Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse Video


Something incredible that I haven’t noticed, is covered by Sofia Smallstorm in the video at 55:20

Christmas Trees hidden behind the Sandy Hook Firehouse – December 14th 2012

Christmas trees in front of the Firehouse December 15th – Connecticut school Shooting victims honored with 26 Christmas trees



Sandy Hook News Chopper Helicopter – Crystal Clear – HD: In this video you can see the Christmas trees behind the firehouse on December 14th


christmas trees sandy hook firehouse


The official story was that the Christmas trees were donated anonymously, you can see a tweet history on TWITCHY

You’ll also notice that there were no Christmas decorations at the Sandy Hook Elementary school..

Video Marker 0:57 – John Woodall MD, Psychiatrist – Unity Project

Referenced Article in video by Dr James Tracy – Memory Hole Blog:

Newtown World Order Religion

Video 1:04:24 : Black and silver cars – 68 at the firehouse, 92 around the school, Gene Rosen. Discussion about Eugene Rosen’s Black Honda, that appeared to have a broken window.

Oh yeah, Gene Rosen and his several accounts of the story:

Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

Brendan Hunt, who spoke with Gene Rosen :

Sandy Hook – A Closer Look (Part One) Video


Brendan Hunt also spoke with the daughter of Sandy Hook resident Marilyn Gudsnuk

“When I mentioned to the daughter (Jessica) that her mother had been on TV doing an interview, the daughter volunteered the bombshell information that her mother saw Gene Rosen driving around the Sandy Hook firehouse looking for “his kids” as children were running away from the school screaming bloody murder.”

You can find the video of Marilyn Gudsnuk in our Sandy Hook crime scene article:

“To recap…little boys run past the fire station. Black car follows them. Police drive by, then shooting starts. To say Marilyn Gudsnuk’s comments are difficult to reconcile with official accounts would be an understatement.”

Read more

Video timestamp 1:10:18: Shooting drills, Tweets and time stamps – Libor Jany CT News times reporter tweets as early as 6:51 AM about an active shooter in a school in Dickenson Drive ( the shooting did not start until past 9 AM – Media staging taking place prior to shooting

Video timestamp 1:15 :10: I.P.A.W.S – Integrated Public Alert and Warning system, a partner system for safety and protection – Smart 911, test series, Observation tests, artificial reality, control the reality, life drills, testing for an optimal future society, modeling and surveillance, tracking and observing, DHS project for the benefit of the whole

Video timestamp 1:19:14: FEMA- Capstone Event, Sandy Hook I.C.E Integrated Capstone Event, Boston – A combined event replicating real life

CT Governor Dannell P. Malloy, Statement of Medical Examiner Dr Carver: ” I hope they and the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later”

Video timestamp 1:22: Threatening of people involved in the incident in various ways

I know everyone remembers the video of Roy Low, he was in the news, describing a man that was handcuffed and brought out of the woods, in camo pants at the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. He also gave another interview talking about the new security system that had just been installed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Brendan Hunt just released his video from inside the school of Sandy Hook Elementary, in his video he also talks to Roy Low, who stated that he doesn’t want to say anything because of the FBI.

“I tried to interview a Sandy Hook resident named Roy Low who was on the scene to witness the cops apprehend a possible second suspect at the school shooting. I managed to catch him as he was finishing up repairs on his roof with what appeared to be his sons. In the video, XRU006, you’ll hear an audio recording of our conversation in which he reveals the FBI is intimidating the locals.”

Read more

Video timestamp 1:22:45: The Sandy Hook Children – Noah Pozner, bill drafted to prevent the release of death certificates.

Sandy Hook Update: Newtown Holds Back Death Certificates -The Cover Up

Video timestamp 1:26:13: Independent Researcher reveals, EPA/state police/violent crimes unit could not answer who cleaned up the blood at Sandy Hook Elementary, specialized clean up, Allison Wyatt

Video timestamp 1:28:36: Sofia Smallstorm discusses the possibility that photos of Sandy Hook Children are several years old. Victim Jesse Lewis, same Name below Adam Lanza in the Newtown Highschool year book

You can find the image of the Highschool yearbook in the article below, you will also find a comment from our readers, who mentioned the Name of Jesse lewis below Adam Lanza.

read more

End of Sofia Smallstorm Video references

I also checked back with the SH Investigation Team, they have and still do outstanding research on Sandy Hook. I will quote independent researcher Zephyranth, who provided me with some very interesting information:

[sic] One of the most important developments overall is the fracturing of police along organizational and hierarchical lines. In other words, the CT State Police have accused Newtown PD of errors made in their response, and only recently individual state troopers have come forward to the Hartford Courant with a version of events that differs from their bosses’ official statements. One reason I consider these things significant it that it immediately removes questions over Sandy Hook from a simple “conspiracy crowd” and places these questions squarely in the mainstream. No one–not even Anderson Cooper–can claim that these police factions fighting over Sandy Hook is the result of “conspiracy theorists.”

“The short summary of CSP’s accusation against NPD is that NPD “waited while 10 shots were fired” before entering the building–whatever that means. The short summary of individual CSP troopers version of events is that they indicate more children were alive upon their arrival, and that they personally removed and transported these children.”


From July 2013: Newtown police response to shooting under review

Video and audio from cruiser cameras of Newtown police who responded to the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School show officers did not enter the building while about 10 shots were fired by gunman Adam Lanza, says a source familiar with the State Police investigation into the shootings.

“There is no doubt there was some delay,” the source said. “The question is whether it was significant or justified.”

The source declined to specify how much time elapsed during the period when up to 10 shots were fired by Lanza while officers who had arrived at the scene were yet to enter the school. Sedensky, who will write the final report once the state police conclude their work, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers that it was too early to say whether it will include an assessment of the police department response.

Some Newtown officers have been re-interviewed multiple times by investigators seeking to establish a firm timeline for the events of that morning, department officials confirmed.

Recordings of the police dispatch transmission after the first 911 call was placed from the Sandy Hook school that morning are a welter of confusing scraps of information. The police radio traffic indicated the first dispatch transmission that a shooter was in the building came at 9:35:52 a.m. Later transmissions, many of which are difficult to hear or which were scrambled, don’t provide details for when police entered the building.

From October 19th, 2013 – Details Emerge On Sandy Hook Shooting, Items Found In Lanza Rooms

“Several troopers from Troop A rushed to the school, including barracks commander Michael Hoffbauer, Sgt. William Cario and members of the narcotics task force, who were arriving at the troop for a case meeting. Two troopers, Carlo Guerra and Ken Cournoyer, were driving on I-84 transporting a prisoner to Danbury, when they diverted to the school.Guerra and Cario ran into Rousseau’s room and found the children in the bathroom.

Cario and Trooper Patrick Dragon carried children out of the school to waiting cruisers, which whisked them away to Danbury Hospital. They died there.”

Also of interest is a document provided by the SEPLA Institute – Schools Educators Police Liaison Association, regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. What is SEPLA?

SEPLA is a non profit organization formed with the specific objective of providing training and networking opportunities that create an environment that is conducive to open communication between Law Enforcement Officers, Educators, Students, Parents, and the Community.

The manual gives examples of what went wrong regarding Sandy Hook, and how officers are being trained as a result:

Read the manual – Sandy Hook Lessons

“Initial breach into the south east SHES”

– secured safety doors with inner wire

– first officers on scene had no way of breaching

“Patrol officer recently sent to SWAT training breached safety glass with specialized technique utilizing M4 muzzle and circular motion to clear wire.”


Let’s note that the South east doors are not the front doors at the Sandy Hook Elementary School as first speculated on GLP. But this just reinforces what Mike Powers mentioned in the Joyce Riley interview. The possibility of Adam Lanza shooting his way into the school through the front doors was in his words virtually impossible.

From the Mike Powers interview:

Read it here

“As far as the weapon is concerned, gaining access to the school. I have a picture that shows the front of the school, with all the glass being intact. When you listen to the dispatchers initial report to the first responding officers, they believe the front glass has been broken out and they are unsure why. Not shot out. The picture that I have in my possession now, is a Connecticut police officer, escorting 2 women and a child away and you can clearly look over his shoulder and see another officer standing there at the entrance with the carbine and all the glass is still intact.”

“As far as access to the building is concerned, you are talking about a 120 pound mentally disabled kid, who’s carrying an immense amount of weight and equipment, btw one thing that I do wanted to point out is, that if he was wearing a tactical west with all these magazines on them, a tactical west is made for heavy set guys, he is a skinny lanky kid. He would have a very difficult time locating equipment properly.

“This again presents the problem of dynamic flow, first, how did he compromise the door? All security doors are hinged on the inside. If it was glass, it would have been made of sufficient thickness to sustain weather conditions, slamming of doors, so you’re not talking about a single pane of glass here. The particular round he used is also very well documented for fragmentation, when it strikes its target, it tends to fragment apart and create a type of form, where it bounces off and goes in different directions.”

Joyce Riley:“Another report indicated that the door had wire re-enforced glass. If that were true, and somebody would try to knock a hole in this, it might would have been a little bit more difficult, and one would have called 911 the minute someone tried to start breaking it, correct?”

Mike Powers:“It would have been virtually impossible for someone of Adam’s size, lack of stature. Even if it did shatter, it would become so unwieldy, sharp edges, busted glass. Now that’s the thing you really got to think about logically, you have to assume, that the foundation of the front door of an Elementary school is safe, there are regulations in place, state safety regulations. You wouldn’t want a glass door to shatter into 1 billion little glass pieces to shred your child in case of an accident you would want their to be some level of protection, which also indicates there should be laminated glass.”

Joyce Riley:“Allegedly we were told, he broke the glass and went in, now from the time that he broke the glass, you would think that one person calls 911, what do we know about the notification to police?”

Remember it was supposed to be bulletproof glass

The description in the above manual of breaching the south east SHES doors, should apply for the front door as well. I still believe that Adam was let in or brought into the school, if he ever existed. Someone let the Killer(s) in. Remember that news reported initially that the shooter was dressed as a member of the clergy, we also had all 4 car doors in the Honda that were open, and the black shirts/sweaters/robes that were strewn around it.

Let’s also review The Barbara and Bob Sibley interview with Katie Couric:

Barbara Sibley – There were like 8 or 10 kids who were like, running basically towards the firehouse and I obviously thought that was odd…

So you didn’t pull over or even roll down your window to ask the children if everything was ok, you just kept on driving to the school?

Barbara Sibley – …but when I got out of the car and started walking towards the building I noticed a car in the drop off area in front of the entrance like a black hatchback had all the doors open and like black sweat shirts strewn around it and again I thought, that’s really odd you don’t usually see that at the school.

You didn’t hear a sound? No screaming? No gunshots? Nothing alerted you to the events going on? mBut she did see “like, a hatchback with all the doors open and like, black sweatshirts strewn around.” No pictures of which I am aware from Dec. 14th show the subject vehicle with the doors open.

Read the entire article with more raised questions

Thank you all for reading my little update regarding the Sandy Hook Conspiracy, I hope you enjoyed Sofia Smallstorm’s video on Sandy Hook as much as I did. What are your thoughts on the Christmas trees behind the firehouse on December 14th. 2012?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below

– Kennedy

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