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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by -swansong-

Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Why Sandy Hook Is A Hoax ( Alex Jones Video)

In this article I would like to go over the thoughts, facts and evidence regarding the Sandy Hook Conspiracy.  Alex Jones just released a video on why people think Sandy Hook is a hoax, and we will provide you with reference links and updates regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and why WE believe Sandy Hook is a hoax. Something serious is going on here. Here you will find everything we have researched  regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

In our 5 weeks investigating this, the story gets stranger day by day. But the stranger it gets, we’re also becoming familiar with the investigated material and people involved.

There are so many dedicated bloggers out there, sharing and linking the information, as well as communicating with each other in our search for the truth. Read below why we believe Sandy Hook is a Hoax, along with a transcript of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Video.


The following is a mix of the Alex Jones video transcript why people think Sandy Hook is a hoax, our own research, link collections, thoughts and reference links.

Alex Jones: The corporate state run media calls anybody that questions the official propaganda that’s popped out by the government and the main stream media a conspiracy theorist, that’s just a way to demonize your opposition and to try to get weak minded people to not investigate the information the alternative media is putting out.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that everything the government or the main stream media puts out is a lie. Sandy Hook has some of the tell tale signs of being an inside job, but those are the same signs you will see if the government is simply using the crisis, like Rahm Emanuel once famously said:

“Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”

Anderson 360 attacks Florida Professor – (here)

Sandy Hook Claims spectacularly stupid – (here)

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Censorship’s Trojan Horse? – (here)


Alex Jones: In the last month and a half, I have not come out and said this was clearly a staged event. Unfortunately, evidence is beginning to come out, that points more and more in that direction. A lot of the 10’s of million video views on YouTube concerning the Sandy Hook Hoax surrounds CNN. People being coached, people giving cue cards, people who are behaving like actors. We see CNN criticizing all the witnesses.

From the helicopter, news crews and witnesses, adults, that saw multiple people being detained who were in camo. CNN says”oh those are 5 year olds saying that, it’s a conspiracy theory“. Its not. It’s adults, it’s police officers admitting that quote police officers were arrested from other jurisdictions creeping around the woods.

Newtown Bee – A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.(here)

Insanemedia: We all know, how much we can trust the Newtown Bee, when it comes to their stories. They published an article quoting the Principal Dawn Hochsrung, when she was one of the first to day. They later retracted their statement, claiming it was a woman who claimed to be the principal.

Not only was this odd, when we looked at the cache of the original article, the cached date of when Bing crawlers first visited the article was December 13th. The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting took place on the 14th. Our author Swansong had a very interesting conversation with the Newtown Bee Editor and their reporter John Voket. (here)

Multiple Shooters Evidence, CT Cop Speaks Out(here)

Sandy Hook Shooting: Man in Camo Exposed – (SGTReport)

Alex Jones: Something serious is going on here. CNN over and over again, is at the heart of the fishy things that are happening. Now remember in 1991, when the gulf war started, CNN would send out their RAW feeds to their news affiliates and on it, there was clear blue screen on top of the roof of CNN center in Atlanta, with their Top reporters claiming they were in Israel under nerve gas attack. They later admitted quietly, that they were indeed in Atlanta Georgia. CBS news got caught scripting videos as well. There are a lot of examples on this.

CNN Fake Newscast

Bill Clinton and Larry King Off Air



CNN video of police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook(DigitalJournal)

CNN Responds to PSYOPS in Newsroom(Fair)

Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?(Fair)

The Military and CNN(CommonDreams)

Anderson Cooper Sandy Hook Pozner interview shot in front of blue-screen (BeforeitsNews)

Alex Jones: I worked with blue-screen for 17 years, we got it right in there, we know what it looks like, we know what the anomalies look like and we know what happens when you don’t tune it properly. It’s clearly blue-screen. Then of course we have things like “operation northwoods”, where in 1961 the joint chief came to Kennedy, with the plan that said: “we want to stage shootings” around America and in crowded places, like movie theaters and things.

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper confronted on disappearing nose




Operation Northwoods– was a series of false-flag proposals that originated within the United States government in 1962, but were rejected by the Kennedy administration.[2] The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or other operatives, to commit perceived acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere.

These acts of terrorism were to be blamed on Cuba in order to create public support for a war against that nation, which had recently become communist under Fidel Castro.[3] One part of Operation Northwoods was to “develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”.

The main proposal was presented in a document entitled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba (TS)”, a top secret collection of draft memoranda written by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

[1] The document was presented by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on 13 March 1962 as a preliminary submission for planning purposes. The Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended that both the covert and overt aspects of any such operation be assigned to them.


Alex Jones: They had the plan for mass shootings before. We can’t be attacked and the other alternative media can’t be attacked for questioning liars who put out fake news and questioning a government that wanted to stage shootings. They didn’t just plan to stage shootings, in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the US government used terrorists to stage terror attacks. Semi of what we saw with Oklahoma city. Part of that was called the NATO option or operation Gladio.

Operation Gladio: CIA Network of “Stay Behind” Secret ArmiesGlobalResearch

The Birth of Operation Gladio

A ‘Strategy of Tension’

In 1990, the Italian Prime Minister had confirmed that Italy’s “stay behind” army, termed “Gladio” (Sword), existed since 1958, with the approval of the Italian government. In the early 1970s, Italy’s communist support was growing, so the government turned to a “Strategy of Tension” using the Gladio network. At a top secret 1972 Gladio meeting, one official referred to making a “pre-emptive attack” on the Communists. As the Guardian reported, links between Gladio in Italy, all three Italian secret services and Italy’s P2 Masonic Lodge were well documented, as the head of each intelligence unit was a member of the P2 Lodge.[3]

Terrorists ‘helped by CIA’ to stop rise of left in ItalyThe Guardian

Insanemedia: Since the Masonic Lodge popped up in Operation Gladio, did you know that the Mason Hiram Lodge in Newtown Connecticut is just behind the Sandy Hook Elementary school? Brendan Hunt made a video about this, capturing the website and he also goes over the people involved and the history. After Brendan’s video was released, they removed all information on their website regarding their history and members. They only left a donation for Sandy Hook Victims message on their website.

Please make your checks payable to:Connecticut Freemasons Foundation

Hiram Lodge No.18 Sandy Hook(here)

While you may remove your content of the Internet, in 2012 we have something called Waybackmachine 🙂

See how the website looked in April 2012, with all the information including photos that now have been removed – Waybackmachine Hiram Lodge No.18

The only thing Brendan got wrong in his video, is the arrest site of the man/men in the woods. If you have watched the footage, you will see that they run up in the woods by the shed. This is not the location Brendan is pointing out in the video. I have made a map where you can see all locations: Sandy Hook Elementary, Firehouse, Gene Rosen’s House, Arrest Site Woods and the Masonic Hiram Lodge.


Watch Brendan’s Video on the Masonic Lodge behind Sandy Hook Elementary School

Quote Brendan Hunt: I am not saying the Freemasons carried out the shooting, but given their secretive nature, and their involvement in our government, I think it is an area that requires further investigation.

Alex Jones: I’ve interviewed Police officers from the Oklahoma City bombing who were threatened with death by the FBI if they talked about what they knew. What do they know about? Federal Agents inside planting the bombs in Oklahoma city. It was Attorney General Holder who later run the false flag of fast and furious, who was deputy Attorney General in 1995, who ran the cover up. Those emails have come out in different lawsuits that are available online if you’d like to look them up.

Former DOJ officials claim OKC Bombing coverup began in D.C. – (FreeRepublic)

Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Had Role in OKC Murder Cover-Up(Infowars)

Leaked DOJ memos shed new light on the role of Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee Eric Holder in the cover-up of the death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who was tortured to death by FBI agents …evidence that he has gathered in the process clearly indicates that the FBI have been killing witnesses who have direct knowledge of the fact that the Oklahoma City bombing could not have gone ahead without the aid of FBI informants …

Did the FBI Bury Oklahoma City Bombing Evidence?(MotherJones)

Even Oklahoma City’s chief medical examiner would later say, publicly, that it was “very likely he was murdered.” But the most compelling evidence in the case was altered or turned up missing.

Alex Jones: Go ahead and check out everything I’m telling you. You’re going to find out it’s even worse than I’m saying. In fact I get criticized for not covering it all, this piece of evidence, that piece of evidence. There is too many!

I clearly believe from the evidence, children were really killed in Sandy Hook and it’s a real tragedy. But the fact that they are having people script things, their answers are being scripted in incontrovertible. We are going to go over some of that evidence right now.



We have also saved several screenshots with statements of several shooters, one report even mentions that they are looking for a red or maroon colored van with it’s back window blown out. We have the Police recording where they are looking for the purple van, with ski mask!


Police Recording and Timeline

Fairfield County Police Fire and EMS 12-14-2012 11:03-11:33am

Recording at 5:45: 11:08 AM- Danbury is reporting a possible vehicle, a purple van, 2 occupants with a possible ski mask that may be involved in this incident. Exit 8-10 by Stony hill


Recording at 6:30: 11:09 AM- The lady involved in this incident…reports say 1 suspect might be wearing nun outfit. Heading towards Danbury, purple van.

Recording at 9:03: 11:12 AM – 31 on the scene along with the personnel from the FBI

Recording at 9:28: 11:13 AM – Be advised that the suspect has a carry permit.

Recording at 12:53: 11:16 AM – Last seen on Stony Hill by exit 8, multiple people in a van with masks on, one appears to be dressed in a nun outfit.

Recording at 20:33: 11:23 AM – (I can’t understand what the officer says prior) whispers “FUN”

Recording at 23:17: 11:26 AM – There is no confirmation that any victims are coming down here. None.

Recording at 25:38: 11:29 AM – Last seen by exit 8 on 84, unknown plate, unknown travel direction, possibly involved in the incident in Newtown, use caution there may be a weapon involved.

The rest of the entries are covered at Intelhub

11:31 AM – I am in the school, I can confirm the school has been checked three times over and they are doing a fourth.

11:38 AM – “I’m transporting him over to Newtown PD.” – (Question: Who is him? Possibly another suspect?)

11:38 AM – Vehicle showing expired as of yesterday, 2011 Chevy???

11:40 AM – Going down the ramp on the main road 11:40:55 drew, if you can ucom 33, regarding the “situation”.



Photo – (Chicago Tribune)

Adam Lanza early report was dressed in a clergy uniform priest, nun, minister

Photos of black sweatshirts/jackets/uniforms next to suspects car (here)

Witness statement in Katie Couric interview strewn sweatshirts(here)

How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to Sandy Hook Shootings?(Sandyhooktruth)


Alex Jones: Now I’m just going to hit a few of those big unanswered questions of Sandy Hook. Just a few. The main stream media keeps saying “Conspiracy Theorists” are saying there are multiple shooters, nobody said that but a few 5 year olds who were traumatized.

So we go and look, and there are countless adult witnesses, helicopter footage, police reports, video. There are local news accounts (Newtown Bee) saying: “Oh it was a tactical officer from a nearby jurisdiction.” We have the news casts, several saying other shooters, showing people are being grabbed in the woods, but we are being told we never saw that.


Police Recordings -Timeline(here)

09:39AM – Recording at 26:13: “Reports that teachers saw two shadows running, past the building, past the gym, which will be rear..58 they’re shooting.” (2)

09:39AM – Recording at 26:29:“Yeah, we got ‘em. Their coming at me. Gun point” (2)

Insanemedia: A couple of notes regarding this, we were also told that the man chased in the woods was Christopher Manfredonia, a parent who came to school this morning because he wanted to bake Gingerbread houses with his child:

“Chris Manfredonia’s 6-year-old daughter attends Sandy Hook Elementary. He was heading there Friday morning to help make gingerbread houses with first-graders when he heard popping sounds and smelled sulfur. He ran around the school trying to reach his daughter and was briefly handcuffed by police. He later found his child, who had been locked in a small room with a teacher.” – (LA Times)

The Intelhub reported Saturday, that after analyzing the timeline from ABC: “12:24 p.m.: Law enforcement agents with weapons drawn seen running into wooded area behind the school.”

This indicates that whoever was in the woods was there for 2 hours and 44 minutes after the attack! This makes the case that the person was hiding, as he clearly runs away in the video. If you were a father after the police arrived wouldn’t you want to ensure your child was safe? It appears that another man was also detained other than Christopher Manfredonia as we have witness accounts of two seperate people in cuffs.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Man in Camo Exposed(SGTReport)

It appears that another man was also detained other than Mr. Manfredonia as we have witness accounts of two seperate people in cuffs. Why is this man’s name never revealed to the media, and with the media everywhere why has there been no video of this man released. In fact, we have confirmation that such footage exists. At 2:20 reporter Erin Logan confirms they have footage of this man.

Insanemedia: I was forwarded a Video from our reader Bittercritter, that shows 6 people at the scene in the woods. Some of these individuals were hiding and not arrested! See for yourself in the below video. In my other article I posted screenshots of police officers removing a gun from the suspect that is detained on the floor.


Regarding Christopher Manfredonia, it was revealed by a blogger that the Lanza’s and Manfredonia’s are living across from each other only separated by woods Nancy Lanza’s house was on 36 Yoganda street, and Manfredonia’s house is on 35 Charter Ridge Dr. Both houses were valued at more than half a million dollars.

Photo Christopher Manfredonia


Athletic director who’s dad appears to be a convicted embezzler — and who was found at the Sandy Hook School massacre. He is listed at the Fairfield High School as athletic director.

Finally, go to google maps and get directions from these addresses to Sandy Hook Elementary and you’ll not only be able to see that these two families are next door neighbors, that live directly across from each other with only WOODS separating them. If the guy found outside the school is Chris Manfredonia, and he was wearing camoflauge.. considering the WOODS separating his house from the Lanza’s this becomes even more suspicious.Then look at the route to the school.. it would be identical.. it’s uncanny. Could this all be mere coincidence!?


Read more about the family connections and the research conducted on this blog.

Alex Jones: One of the big issues out there that has people asking questions, is Robbie Parker, who apparently lost one of his daughters. People see the photos out there, where it looks like Obama is meeting with all 3 of his children and things like that. When you watch the footage, I know grieving parents do strange things, but it looks like he is saying “Ok do I read of the card?,” he is laughing and then he goes over and basically breaks down crying.

Insanemedia: This clip, was my main reason of starting this entire research and investigation.


Sandy Hook Conspiracy:Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Hoax


Alex Jones: I haven’t touched this. All I know is they are seizing on it. They staged fast and furious, they’ll stage anything. (Clip of Larry Pratt, speaking on the Batman shooting)

Larry Pratt: Batman Shooting Could be Staged – (Infowars)

Last week’s shooting in Colorado shows us, once again, the failure of gun control. The Century 16 theaters in Aurora were “gun free” zones, where citizens are prohibited from carrying weapons for self defense.

Alex Jones: All I know is overall gun crimes going down, so I’m just defending the second amendment, but people are pointing this out. I didn’t cover it. Until last week they had the Lone Star college gang related shooting, where 3 people got shot, thank god no one got killed and CNN kept saying, we’re not going to show you live feeds, because of what you might see. I was watching the local news, and got a chance to see what people are saying. That’s big deal of news, when they decide not to show you because of what you might see.

This is the same CNN that stated SCUD attacks, working with a blue screen. So they are clearly being opportunistic. I mean I’m sick of always being in conspiracy, we know it’s a conspiracy that they put people on Prozac. We’ll know that’s the real cause for these real shootings. It’s at the root. Something is really starting to get suspicious here. The fact that this whole thing could be staged is just mind blowing.

Great job on all the people out there, the crowd sourcing that are researching all these clips! No wonder CNN won’t put out a live feed anymore. They panic, because they know you are watching, and I are watching. The system is scared, because they know YOU and I are watching! So you can’t blame anybody, for not believing known certified liars, in the government and at CNN. It’s that simple:


If you told us the sun would come up in the morning, people would go out and check because they don’t believe you…

Alex Jones

(PrisonPlanet) (InfoWars)

Insanemedia: Well THANK YOU Alex Jones! You have been waking people up since the WACO days. We will add some foot notes with recent updates and sites we find useful regarding the subject. We personally can’t wait until the warrants are released.


Nancy Lanza, Peter Lanza Divorce Record: Ryan and Adam Lanza are listed(LINK)

New Video Gun Removed from Trunk – Magazine not mentioned in CT State Police Official Statement – (Video)

SmokingGun: That new video CLEARLY shows a HUGE magazine being removed from that shot gun. WHY didn’t Vance list it on his latest letter? It says:

“To eliminate any confusion or misinformation, we will again describe and identify the weapons seized at the school crime scene.”

Are you kidding me? He told us ONLY what they wanted to PERIOD. If anything he just created MORE confusion and absolutely provided misinformation by not listing that magazine or it’s capacity as he did with the AR-15. They also could have easily described the Izmash Canta 12 as “AKA Saiga”. What was that you said about prosecuting people who give misinformation Vance?

State Police: All 26 Newtown victims shot with assault rifle – (CTPOST)

“It’s all these conspiracy theorists that are trying to mucky up the waters,” said Vance, the longtime state police spokesman.

“There’s no doubt that the rifle was used solely to kill 26 people in that school,” Vance said.

“I personally articulated that probably a dozen times in Newtown,” Vance said.

By ASKTHEANIMALS (One of the few MODs on ATS that is not corrupted):

I’ll tell you what I believe is being covered up.
(this is all theoretical, of course)

The shotgun was the murder weapon

(Supporting evidence:)

1) Bulletproof glass blown out, a rifle would leave holes, a shotgun could do the damage seen (pic )
The glass is at a minimum safety glass as evidenced by the frosted appearance throughout the remaining glass showing it is shattered.


2) Victims difficult to identify. Like with the glass, bullets would only leave entry holes, a shotgun would cause far more cosmetic damage.

3) Eyewitness descriptions of gunshots heard, described as “thuds” “someone kicking a door” “pots falling” “someone hammering” – nothing like the sharp crack of bullets at 2,700 fps.

4) Radio transmission by police at 09:55:34AM ” E5 (out of breath) Be advised we have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns“. How did he know there was a shotgun on scene if it was still in the trunk of Lanza’s car. He must have seen spent shells. Had he seen the perp the message would have been worded differently. This also means there was a second weapon used on scene, a rifle of some sort which is doubtful that 1 perp could carry both. It is possible that one weapon was used and then the other swapped for one in the car.

5) Lastly we have the cryptic wording of ME Dr. Carver; “the long weapon was used” and “I hope this doesn’t come crashing down later on the people of Newtown”.

View interesting thread with analysis and screenshots (ATS)

Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation(IntelHub)

Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Why Sandy Hook is a Hoax


SANDY HOOK SHOOTING : a media account of Victoria Soto’s class


Sandy Hook In Batman Dark Knight Rises Map – A strange comparison

Prop Master of Batman Map dies 8 Months before Sandy Hook Shooting


EuGENE ROSEN – conflicting stories


Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Gene Rosen plans to alert the FBI – (here)

Sandy Hook Evidence – Mike Powers Interview – (here)
Youtube Channel – Alex Jones

Youtube Channel – SubliminalProof

Youtube Channel – elnine11






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