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Published on January 18th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Censorship’s Trojan Horse?

Since the events of Dec.14th of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut, the brunt of discussion and debate among politicians, pundits, mainstream media and average citizens has centered on guns and what to do about them.

One can scarcely turn on a television, radio or open a newspaper without finding someone taking up one side of the debate or the other . While it is a discussion and debate well worth having, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that there may be another, equally important issue about to hit us square in the face. Is the Sandy Hook Conspiracy Censorship’s Trojan Horse?

Sandy Hook Conspiracy

The Toronto Star, in their Jan. 16 edition ran an article witten by a Canadian Press reporter, titled… Newtown school massacre a hoax to tighten gun laws: Latest conspiracy theory

If the dismissive headline or the pejorative use of “conspiracy theory” didn’t tip one off, the first sentence portends the direction this article will take. The United States has long been a breeding ground for conspiracy theorists…

Ah yes, a “breeding ground”, like a place where germs and bacteria propagate. I won’t bother to take you through the rest of this mix of emotional appeal and derision. We’ve ceratinly seen enough of it to know what it looks like. What I would like to point out is the comment in the second paragraph.

the latest conspiracy movement seems custom-made to underscore the need for a national debate on mental illness.

I would tend to agree, although not in the way the reporter intends.

This comment is not some isolated incident from one reporter pushing an agenda, rather it is just the continuation of a theme that has been building momentum right along with the successes of the 9/11 Truth movement. Who could forget the prophetic words of then President Bush?



Or the inclusion of “truthers” as possible terrorists by the FBI



FBI: 9/11 Truthers Should Be Treated As Possible Terrorists


Or the latest, albeit weak, effort via a Whitehouse petition, calling for the criminalization of investigation regarding a Sandy Hook Conspiracy.

Add to these the stories we’ve seen of late of various people connected to Sandy Hook apparently being harrassed and the cowardly diatribe by Anderson Cooper directed at a man (Florida Atlantic University Professor, James Tracy), who was not even invited on to Cooper’s “show” to defend himself, and you might be tempted to think that there is a movement afoot to styphle this type of debate and discussion.

In the case of professor James Tracy we really need to ask ourselves why he is getting airtime and press so close to the event. Even today, 11+ years after the fact, we hardly hear a peep about 9/11 theories but this one is already generating MSM traffic? There will have been actual conspiracy theorists that first heard of Professor James Tracy via MSM. That has to be a first in the world of theorizing.

In my opinion they’re going to try and use this man, and others like him who are discussing a possible Sandy Hook conspiracy, and their/our theories to inflame average sentiment against this type of “painful” speculation. The dangerous part of this game for “them” is they assume that most people will view the Sandy Hook Conspiracy discussion as nonsense, dismiss it and welcome new restrictions on conjecture and contradiction. Fortunately for us they’ve left/provided so many gaping holes in this story that the more attention they give to it the easier it may become for people to see through.



Is Sandy Hook Censorship’s Trojan Horse?

In the case of Sandy Hook the media has once again seized upon the more subjective aspects of investigators efforts to the exclusion of all other evidence. I will be the first to admit that the comparing of photographs to spot actors or the minute examination of parental/familial responses to the event might do more to turn people off than turn them on to our investigation. It is for that reason that my investigations into matters relating to Sandy Hook will very rarely be directed in those areas.

That being said… I must admit I find myself at a loss to explain how one could not be fascinated by the study in human behaviour we’ve seen unfold on our television screens. To say that we can’t possibly know how people might react in a situation like that is disingenuous. To say we have no basis for examining the behaviors of survivors and family is to deny the existence of the study and treatment of PTSD, the 5 stages of grief or the entire fields of trauma counseling and human behavior.

If one thing has been made clear to me during my study of Sandy Hook and subsequent events it’s that we, in NA especially, to properly entertain ourselves with modern media, have had to become amazingly proficient at suspending disbelief. Were one to approach just about any movie or TV show with a critical mind we’d never be able to enjoy them. “Oh come on…he fired 10 shots from a 6 shooter without reloading”, that sort of stuff.

We have become so accustomed to the suspension of disbelief that it rarely even occurs to many to turn it back on when watching the equally scripted MSM, but turn it on, we must.




Bill Clinton and Larry King Off Air



CNN Fake Newscast



CNN Responds to FAIR on PSYOPS in the Newsroom

I am convinced that the next front in any constitutional attacks will be leveled at articles and sites much like this one. We must be prepared, with facts not conjecture or speculation. We’ll leave that to the MSM.

The writing’s on the wall. We’ve been warned.

Lt. Vance:  “One thing that’s becoming somewhat of a concern and that is mis-information that’s being posted on social media sites. It is important to know that we have discussed with federal authorities that these, these issues are crimes, they will be investigated state wide and federally and prosecution will take place…”



How do you feel about the Sandy Hook Conspiracy? Is Sandy Hook Censorship’s Trojan Horse?

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