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Sandy Hook Investigation

Published on March 28th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook:Cast of Characters – Alicia Hannan

This is the second in a series of articles in which we will take a closer look at the cast of characters that have been a large part of shaping our emotions and perceptions following the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In part two of Sandy Hook:Cast of Characters we will focus on a woman named Alicia Hannan.

While there is no shortage of identified Sandy Hook participants to research there are also many unindentified participants deserving of further examination. As you might imagine, this form of research comes with it’s own set of difficulties and requires equal parts diligence, tenacity and luck.

The Sandy Hook research community was the beneficiary of both recently when a forum poster with the handle PCGeek apparently answered a question that has been puzzling our community for many weeks. The question was, who is Alicia?

Sandy Hook:Cast of Characters – Alicia Hannan

You can find PCGeek’s original thread and continuing discussion at the Let’s Roll Forum

It has been observed in several photographs and video from Dec. 14th that there seemed to be a significant number of people in the area of the fire station wearing identification of one form or another. Most were of the lanyard variety.

sandy hook IDs

But the ID worn by the woman in this article was pinned on and the only one of it’s type I’ve observed.

*At this point I should confess that I am red/green colour-blind. Were other participants also wearing ID pins of various colors it is highly unlikely I would have detected them. If you are aware of any others, let me know*

I had initially dismissed any potential significance in this ID thinking that it was simply the type worn by people in the hospitality field, hospitals, personal care homes, or many other professions.

Essentially, I assumed this woman was a parent that had been alerted to the goings on at Sandy Hook while at work and came straight to the school still wearing her ID.

Many others were more willing to attribute a conspiratorial meaning. The main impetus for this was the discovery of guidelines developed by a division of the Dept of Homeland Security called HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) to be used during the course of the many mock disaster drills and exercises conducted across the United States.

An HSEEP Training Course was actually held at the Sandy Hook Fire Department back in 2010.

The course will be held at the Sandy Hook Fire Department

address below.
Location: 18 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook CT
This event is 37 miles from you (06106).

8 AM – 5 PM

Contact: Tom Romano
Email: thomas.romano@ct.gov
Phone: 860 256 0844

19 of 30 seats still available
Last day to register: 9/17/2010

Coincidentally enough, an HSEEP course/event was going on at precisely the same time as the Sandy Hook Shootings just down the road in Bridgeport, CT.

FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

hseep class sched dec14

You can view the entire pdf by clicking on the above banner.

The HSEEP guideline that was instrumental in furthering discussion was the area related to identification of the various participants involved in exercises/drills.

hseep color chart

You can download a series of .doc and .pdf files related to these drills here…HSEEP Documents

You’ll notice that the colour coding is only a suggestion.

The following color chart represents suggested colors for differentiation of exercise participants and positions. These colors are not Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-mandated and are provided solely as guidance, to be used at the discretion of the exercise manager.

Evidence that the above statement is true was found in the pdf file for an exercise that was held in Pottawottamie County, Iowa in 2011. The exercise was called Operation Closed Campus. Clicking on the banner below will allow you to view the entire file. The section related to ID is on page 19. You’ll see they chose to alter the colour coding somewhat although the colour white was still associated with the Exercise Director.

operation closed campus

For a couple of reasons, not the least of which, I suspect, was a male bias, I dismissed any connection with this woman and HSEEP.

PCGeek’s discovery not only caused me to reexamine my original contention but it also caused me to become a little more aware of an apparent and unwelcome personal bias.

While perusing various FaceBook accounts with connections to Sandy Hook, PCGeek came across the profile of this woman.

Alicia Martone Hannan

Photos found seemed to indicate that Alicia Hannan could very well be the same Alicia as the one in the much discussed photo, as shown in this photo comparison done by PCGeek.

alicia hannan comparison

While I was and still am somewhat hesitant to declare without reservation that the photos are of the same woman I was even more hesitant to attribute the necessary HSEEP qualifications/authority to this woman in the blue and white sweater.

The latter hesitation vanished when I viewed Alicia Hannan’s LinkedIn page.

Alicia Hannan

Administrative Assistant- Henry Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at University of New Haven

Specialties:Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Scene Photography, Photoshop, Inventory, Records and Evidence Administration, Security

Reading on into her background I could hardly believe my eyes.

Support Services Technician
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Held TOP SECRET S.C.I. clearance for entire Bureau tenure June 1997 – May 2006.

Assistant Photographer
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Conducted crime scene photography when dispatched with the Evidence Response Team. Photos were used for pending cases, analyzed by FBI Lab technicians, and presented to federal grand juries or used in federal trial proceedings.

Evidence Control Technician
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Participated in Command Post Operations for major take down operations involving cases in the New Haven Division, acting as the Evidence Custodian.

Then a twitter channel – a1hannan was found

alicia hannan twitter

And this re-tweet…

alicia hannan twitter2

While all very compelling, without a better photo for comparison I was still hesitant to declare absolutely that the 2 women were one and the same. For that reason I attempted contact with Ms. Hannan through her email address at the Henry Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at the University of New Haven.

This is the email I sent…

Hello Ms. Hannan,

I am a freelance journalist from Canada working on some human interest features related to the events in Sandy Hook.

One of my feature articles deals with the various conflicting emotions experienced by families whose children made it through those tragic events physically unscathed.

The attached photo seems to capture the essence quite well with the child visibly upset but the guardian smiling in relief.

I was wondering if you might be able to provide any information as to the identity of the gentleman in the photograph so I may attempt contact for a comment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

Unfortunately I timed that email with the start of the university’s spring break so I had to patiently wait for a response. Having waited for 3 days after the end of spring break I decided to send a follow up. 2 days later there has still been no response.

I can only speculate as to why Ms. Hannan might not return my notes. To be honest were she to say she was at the scene that day it wouldn’t seem the least bit strange. She does have crime scene experience. Furthermore, if it’s not her, a simple note saying so would go a long way to halting any speculation.

Alicia Hannan’s husband is Gregg Hannan. Mr. Hannan is a practicing lawyer with his own firm and is and has been very active in politics, as shown in his LinkedIn profile

Perhaps worth noting that Mr. Hannan is also a graduate of Quinnipiac University.

Political Consultant, Campaign Manager, Campaign Staff Member
Gregg Hannan Political Consulting
January 1990 – Present (23 years 3 months)Connecticut

Over the past two decades, I have served in a number of capacities for campaigns at the national, state, and local levels; from youth coordinator for U.S. Senate campaigns to campaign manager for local and statewide campaigns.

Campaigns include Chris Burnham’s campaigns for State Treasurer (1994) and U.S. Senate (1992), Chris Scalzo for State Comptroller (1998), Jerry Farrell for Secretary of the State (2010), Jim Rappaport for U.S. Senate (MA, 1990), Steve Mullins for State Comproller (2002), Jerry Farrell for State Representative (2000), Paul Rapanault for Mayor (West Haven, 1995), George Bush for President (CT Youth Coordinator, 1992), and my own campaign for State Senate (12th District, 2006).

None of this is especially intriguing, except for the one recommendation he has on his profile, from Carol Eagles at…The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). DESPP is home to groups such as the Connecticut State Police and Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

I intend to make further attempts to reach Ms. Hannan to settle this matter and determine if it is actually her in the original photo. I will provide updates as they become available.


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38 Responses to Sandy Hook:Cast of Characters – Alicia Hannan

  1. PcGeek says:

    A little tip for you … That above collage pic with the balding guy in the blue jacket and the id credentials … He is a local reporter and Lauren Rosseau ‘s stepfather. There are also many many more connections. I’ve uncovered FB friend lists connecting multiple police officials with the Halsteads and many victim families.

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks…and yes, I’m familiar with Mr. Leukhardt. Guy was there all day…made a couple of tweets…but nothing about Sandy Hook. Oddly enough, Teresa, Lauren’s mom, also works for a CT newspaper. Lots of media/writing/marketing connections amongst these folks.

      FB is a great resource. One thing I’ve found is that many of the kids that have been quoted in the news…Josh Milas…Tim Dalton…The gal that took most of the known pics of Adam…Miles Wipprecht, the son of Wendy that appeared in the PBS doc…are all FB friends.

      I hope I provided adequate credited for your great work on Alicia.

      Keep us updated on your efforts.

      • PcGeek says:

        No need for any more credit … All my work or postings are fair game for ANYone to copy/post/link to anything is acceptable.

    • JSK2084 says:

      Four members of the Halstead family were involved in this.

      Fire Chief Bill Halstead
      Sandy Hook Elem. Clerk Barbara Halstead
      EMS Capt. Karin Halstead
      William T Halstead Jr., Emergency Management Professional

      I strongly encourage focus in that direction.


  2. Pilot says:

    That really makes me wonder who cooked up this fiasco in the first place. I hope you hear from Ms Hannan one of these days.

    • PcGeek says:

      The defining issues that without a doubt prove complicity in this hoax are :

      1. Lack of any TRUE emotion at the crime scene and in the immediate aftermath.

      2. The immediate gun control mantra portrayed by ALL supposed victim families.

      3. The lack of emergency response to supposedly mortally shot victims… Had it been real more than an army of personnel would have attempted recusitation at some level and there should have been more than a few EMT helicopters landing to do everything possible to save even just one life.

      All the other obvious photoshop name changing and fabrications , which incidently have been proven over and over are important, but focussing on the common sense reactions that SHOULD have occurred are paramount to persuading the sheeples of the world to actually take this seriously.

      • Cynthia says:

        I find very hard to believe that autopsies were conducted in the tent in the parking lot, but according to the timeline and Dr Carver’s statements, this did transpire. What parent would accept a photo only ID, and allow an autopsy in a cold winter’s night parking lot of the elementary school?

        He states that he personally performed most of the children on the 14th, and saved Ms. Lanza and Adam for the next morning. The math here does not add up, because a single autopsy takes about four hours.

        • -swansong- says:

          Do you have a link/direction where carver says the autopsies were done at the school?

          I also find that a strange course of action.

          In regards to the ID, in an interview with the Hubbards and the cop that was assigned to them…the Hubbards gave the cop a photo of Catherine that HE then used to identify her body so they didn’t have to.

          It’s not clear if the Hubbards ever saw their daughter’s body.

          • Cynthia says:

            As you recall, the shooting happened Friday, 12/14, and the bodies were spirited away very late, in the middle of the night. At his Saturday afternoon press conference, he reported that he had done several of the children personally, they had been hit three to eleven times, all with the ‘long weapon’ and he only had Nancy and Adam to go, and would do those the next morning.

            “Dr Carver’s 10 technicians and four doctors in his office worked tirelessly throughout Friday night and on into Saturday to identify and perform autopsies on the 26 dead. They expect to be done by tomorrow morning, the Hartford Courant reports.”

            Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2248864/Sandy-Hook-shooting-Autopsy-report-reveals-26-victims-shot-times-EACH.html#ixzz2PY4FBtTu
            Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

            A CBS reporter interviewed Vance on Saturday morning, and asked him when the bodies would be moved. He reveals that the bodies were already gone, and had been moved during the night.

            “(CBS News) The bodies of all of the deceased victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting were positively identified by early Saturday morning, according to Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance. ”

            “Vance shared new details regarding the ongoing investigation Saturday on “CBS This Morning: Saturday,” confirming that the families of the victims have been notified, and that the victims’ bodies were removed from the school overnight.”

            Seems as though the identification and autopsy completion were almost simultaneous.

          • Cynthia says:

            The media camped out at Sandy Hook for the biggest story of the millennium, but not a single reporter saw the transfer of 27 bodies to the morgue.

          • -swansong- says:

            That seems, ummm…what’s the word…? Improbable?

          • Cynthia says:

            The school was the sole property at the end of a 300 yard cul de sac, surrounded by woods and fields, accessible by but one road. “Improbable?” More like impossible.

  3. Caroline says:

    I appreciate your dedication to revealing the truth about this fiasco. I am so pleased to have intelligent conversation and facts produced in the way you present them here. Has anyone attempted to compile a list of when the players moved into town? I know the P.E. coach was relatively new, although no one ever talks about her. The teachers? The parents?
    Manfredonia, Marquez-Greene say they had recently moved to the area.

    Look at this new video- there is no way this woman lost her child. I realize everyone grieves differently, but these families are all very articulate and without any emotion. One or two ok, but not them all. I am a regular person just dumbfounded at the emotionless players in this–

    • -swansong- says:

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to read.

      Apart from the main players I have not delved too deeply into the length of time folks have lived there.

      There does seem to be 2 different categories…one has been in the area for ages…and the others got there within a year or 2.

      Some families, like the Previdis, have long histories in Newtown. Other’s, like the Parkers and Marquez-Greenes were quite new.

      And your thought about the seeming emotional detachment is one we have often shared around the IM water-cooler. One or 2, ok…but most, if not all, of them? It would seem to be a significant statistical anomaly.

  4. kenneth says:

    I am bothered by Robbie Parkers behavior. As a parent of two young girls, I can’t imagine losing a child, going home, changing from the clothes I was photographed in at the fire station after the shooting and changing into a suit and tie and giving an interview on television. Let alone laughing and smiling. I am not sure if it is anything but I looked him up on people finder. I believe I found him, lives in Sandy Hook, related to alissa, but age 59. He clearly appears much younger. Love the research and writing on this site. Thanks

    • -swansong- says:

      Mr. Parker was certainly one of the people/performances that drew many people to this investigation. His reactions/responses mere hours after the death of his daughter is difficult for many people to reconcile.

      Thanks for the kind words. Good to have you with us.

  5. Bittercritter says:

    Good research on Mrs. Hannan. I was also of the same mind that she was a typical parent who rushed from work to get their child. I’m also wondering the water bottles weren’t given out as cues for the media, it seems every family who lost a child had a bottle. Keep up the good work, wish I could do more to help but I”ve been buried in work of my own. Starting your own business can be exhausting! Best regards, Bitter.

    • -swansong- says:

      Hey Bud,

      Thanks. Still not sure what to make of her. Still can’t figure why she won’t get back to me.

      No worries, Critter. Best of luck with your efforts. When you get things up and running and have a bit more time I suspect we’ll still be here…plugging away.

  6. SEO says:

    Swansong, some questions:
    Do you know where the picture of the twins came from for the article? I found that pic on Gregg Hannan’s facebook page, but Alicia’s FB is blocked, at least when I try it is. I’m just wondering if it’s also on hers.
    Radaris shows Alicia Hannan as having the alias “Lorraine Moriarty (40)”, as well as different versions of Alicia Hannan and Martone. Is that just a glitch in the data mining? She is also shown to be associated with a Lorraine Moriarty (68).
    Radaris shows Gregg Hannan to be related to Lorraine Moriarty, 40, but does not mention Alicia. (this is just the free info). On his 2006 campaign website he does mention Alicia and Sean.

    Initially I thought it was possible that, regardless of her professional background, her kids were at that school, but so far I can’t find anything on any of the searches that says either of them live or lived in Newtown or Sandy Hook. I haven’t completely mapped all of the places that are listed, however.

    Like Mr. Leukhardt, Alicia’s twitter feed for Dec 14 mentions Sandy Hook, but not at all in a first person witness kind of way.

    I don’t have any conclusions, I just thought I would add those bits of info to the mix.

    • -swansong- says:

      As you noted the picture of the girls comes from Gregg Hannan’s fb page. I have not seen it on Alicia’s, although her page just seems to have started in 2012.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I notice she’s quite active on her fb page so I may try to contact her through there in case there’s an issue with her university email addy.

      I had also looked through the Moriarty angle and the Martone’s as well. Nothing earth shattering as yet.

      Keep us posted on your findings.

      • SEO says:

        Have you any guesses as to the identity of the man holding the little girl? In my opinion, it’s definitely not Gregg Hannan.

        • -swansong- says:

          No I don’t. In my mail to Ms. Hannan I did ask that question but I have yet to receive a response. I also don’t think it’s Gregg Hannan.

  7. hooklineandsinker says:

    I really appreciate the diligent work you’re doing here plus it is just plain interesting reading.

    Someone noted on one of your other posts the man’s resemblance to Aaron Russo. Maybe he’s not dead but living under different ID. A very close likeness, if not Aaron perhaps a brother or cousin. Any Russos in the area?

    • -swansong- says:

      I have seen the comments re: the resemblance to Russo. I haven’t looked into it but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to find several Russo’s living in or around the area.

      Glad you find the articles interesting. I know they aren’t terribly sensational but they are as accurate as I can make them with the evidence available.

  8. SEO says:

    Just searching related items and found the video of teaching assistant Shari Burton on The Blaze talking about the hero custodian Rick Thorne. I’ve now heard 3 names for the custodian (Anzelotti and to be honest, can’t remember the third) but searching Thorne I found this. Same guy??

    • -swansong- says:

      Hmmm…interesting find. I must admit I haven’t spent much time on Thorne or Anzelotti so I couldn’t say if it’s the same guy…but I will be storing this article for future ref. Thanks for sharing.

  9. equinelover says:

    My hinky meter went off immediately. It all just seemed so staged. Why are all these people just wandering aimlessly? And the “gotcha” smirk on damn near every face really ticked me off. I’m glad I’m not alone in this line of thought. Another thing, just look at how FAST it went from sandy hook “tragedy” to gun control. Dec.-April. My God, these people can’t do anything about fast and furious, benghazi, or a budget but this gets them off their ass. Commie rat bastids. There’s going to be a war, because THEY insist on it. I’m old and sick, as is my husband, but I weep for my children and grandchildren and every one else’s too.

    • -swansong- says:

      You have a “hinky meter” too? What kind of batteries does yours take cuz mine got used up in the first couple of days of this investigation 🙂

      Sorry to hear of the poor health of you and your husband. Life can really be a piece of work sometimes.

      I don’t know if the eventual outcome of our research and investigation will be a better world for your grand children…but we’re gonna keep trying.

      Thanks for your comments.

  10. peter says:

    hi,great reading and I hope the truth gets where it should go..and if its proof your after ,,,then get into this school!!get photos,vid etc..take the risk ,jump the fence or cut it,..open that wood cover`d window and get in there!!!there`s the evidence…powerful weapons leave a trace??and email the photos/film wile u are there..that way if you get busted u have already sent the evidence..and what will the authoritys do?i think its worth it…

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks, Peter. Much appreciated. Oh how I wish I could get down there to do something like that. If it was going on in Canada I’d have already rented myself a little place in town 🙂

  11. Mark says:

    Although a less scientific approach to getting answers, this info does shed possible light as to what really happened or didn’t – depending on your perspective

  12. Kelley says:

    So the article you were sent from Bloomberg News was dated Dec 2 , 2012 and did it not say Rick Thorne was NOT employeed. If he was not working why was he saying he was interim janitor on Dec 14th. Am I missing something or reading that wrong?

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  15. TmP says:

    I realize this post was made over 3 years ago but did you ever get a reply from Alicia Hannan?

  16. mredmundo says:

    Any news as of 2018?

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