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Sandy Hook Investigation Sandy Hook and the New World Order

Published on December 12th, 2014 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook and the New World Order

In this article titled Sandy Hook and the New World Order guest contributor Tony Mead examines Sandy Hook’s close ties to an emerging superpower.

As the world continues to evolve into Global Economy with Global concerns, it may come as no surprise that the super powers of the world will often work together to achieve a common goal. Is it too farfetched to believe that the agendas propagated by the Sandy Hook Hoax were a collaborative effort of the United States and Chinese Governments ?

Sandy Hook and The New World Order

Did you know that in September of 2012, Governor Dannel Malloy made a trip to China and promised to increase exports to China by “double or maybe even triple”? This was the first time a Governor had traveled to China since 1987!

“Gov. Dannel Malloy projects that Connecticut will soon double its current $983 million in exports to China as a result of his trip there this week.”

Why is a State Governor involved in Foreign Relations ?

Connecticut’s business has been cozying up to China, perhaps in an inappropriate manner. In July, 2012, United Technologies of Bridgeport CT, was fined $75 million for selling software that would help China to develop its new Military Helicopter. This sounds like a lot of money to us, but in reality, it “amounted to a slap on the wrist for a major global industrial conglomerate with annual revenues of $58.1 billion.”

In fact, United Technologies practically admitted their wrongdoings by engaging in “what it described internally as a ‘calculated risk,’ because it wanted to become the exclusive supplier for a civil helicopter market in China with projected revenues of up to $2 billion” !

So, for failing to “make timely disclosures, required by regulations, to the U.S. State Department about the exports”, United Technologies had essentially committed a treasonous act, but received just a small penalty for this transgression !

Chinese Attack Chopper

Jeffrey Immelt (the CEO of GE) who is a big proponent of the NWO mentality and would also be considered to be Peter Lanza’s boss had this to say about China on December11, 2012 on Bloomberg news. (Mayor Bloomberg has connections to the Wheeler family and a Sandy Hook School teacher). “The one thing that actually works, state run communism a bit– may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.”

GE, as you may recall, was heavily vested in the Sandy Hook incident by having many local employees there and a very generous donation of $15 Million for a Newtown Community Center as well as providing a team of three executives to help with the aftermath of the tragedy.

“What does that have to do with the price of tea in China”, you may be wondering. Well, hold on to your seats as this will soon begin to get quite interesting !

Sandy Hook and The New World Order

Perhaps you may recall that on December 14, 2012, while Adam Lanza was allegedly busy murdering 20 children with an AR-15 in Connecticut, halfway around the world another reportedly mentally ill man was responsible for stabbing 22 children in, you guessed it- China !!

This was the LAST in a “series” of school stabbings that continued from 2010 until 12/14/2012.

“ China was hit by a spate of knife and cleaver attacks that targeted school children in 2010. A number of measures were introduced at the time, including increased security at schools across the country and a regulation requiring people to register with their national ID cards when buying large knives.” Does this sound at all familiar ?

Knife Defence

Now, as much as China hates having knives amongst its people, it also despises that the U.S. has no form of gun control. As our foreign relations with them become so much more financially essential, the United States becomes more vulnerable to their demands.

“In its annual human rights report, released in May, the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York condemned U.S. gun ownership. “The United States has mighty strength in human, financial and material resources to exert effective control over violent crimes,” the report stated. “However, its society is chronically suffering from violent crimes, and its citizens’ lives, properties and personal security are in lack of proper protection.”

The cries for more gun control were coming out of China as early as December 15, 2012.

Even Mark Kelly (husband of Gabby Giffords, the alleged victim of the Tuscon, AZ shooting) got in on the act as he called out for more gun control: “I just woke up in my hotel room in Beijing, China to learn that another mass shooting had taken place – this time at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the entire community of Newtown, CT. I just spoke to Gabby, and she sends her prayers from Tucson.

As we mourn, we must sound a call for our leaders to stand up and do what is right. This time our response must consist of more than regret, sorrow, and condolence. The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of gun violence deserve leaders who have the courage to participate in a meaningful discussion about our gun laws – and how they can be reformed and better enforced to prevent gun violence and death in America. This can no longer wait.”

This was his battle cry as he heard the News on Dec. 14, 2012 while he was in – you guessed it- Beijing, China!! I have no idea why he was there.

Sandy Hook and the New World Order

So, as you are beginning to see, there is an apparent connection to China from the Sandy Hook incident, but wait- it gets better !!

Dr. Janet Robinson was the superintendent of the Newtown School District when SH happened. In April 2012, she took a trip to China as part of the district’s “China initiative” . Pat Llodra is the first selectman of Newtown which is the equivalent of a Mayor. She went on that trip too for some reason, according to the Newtown Board of Education minutes.

As a matter of fact, Newtown CT has been building it’s relationship with China for a number of years and is considered a ‘model’ for the “Partnership in Global Learning”.

Newtown China Initiative

Click on the above banner for the .pdf file

Jason Hiruo was mentioned in the final report from SHES shooting. He was the assistant principal in Newtown HS and helped lock it down that day. He’s also the founder of NICE. Newtown International Center for Education. Seems a bit grandiose for a city of 28,000 to have an International Center, but, what do I know ?

As a matter of fact, I find it quite intriguing that they aspire to be “contributing members of a global society”. They inspire their teachers to “develop global dimensions in their teaching” according to number 4 in the following link:

Newtown International Center for Education

Click on the above banner for the .pdf file

It also adds a nice touch that their symbol is that of a butterfly ! The globalization of their educational system reeks of Agenda 21.

In 2010, a delegation consisting of several directors of China’s top universities, on a 21-day tour of the United States, made a stop at Newtown High School on Friday, December 10th. Their tour of California, Washington D.C. and Connecticut included stops at Yale University and Newtown High School. Newtown was the ONLY HIGH SCHOOL CHOSEN to be part of the trip !

Why Newtown, of all places, I wonder !

Sandy Hook and the New World Order

Did you know that the Newtown Bee’s website was hacked and replaced with Chinese language on 12/14/12? Me neither. The Newtown Bee’s FaceBook status read: “We are having trouble with our server tonight. The Bee’s website can still be viewed through Mozilla Firefox. Our apologies for the inconvenience.”, but on Internet Explorer, many were astounded as it was filled with Chinese Symbols that, when interpreted, read as:

Han uh the Di ⁅ Jin Rui Sui 䉕 䥌 ⁃ ჲ personnel shall ㍗ ⽃ 䐯 䑔 䠠 䵔 ⁌ ⸴ ㄰ personnel shall be long ഢ ε Jinhong ⼺ squint Jian immunities ⸳ revolves ⽧ tick You bath 㑬 Tuan contravene transition ⹴ Yao of ≤ ാ 㰊 Jin Rui ാ 㰊Tou WHATSOEVER ാ ऊ ਍ † † Qiong Ying Jing I Tou Qiu askance retention Hun 䈠 Yan centering Shi Bian 㹥 ਍਍ depression Wen rice ⁡ consider Right ∽ Shi Bian ≥ scratch soup whole Li ∽ orange ⁥ Teaching with Ai pine  Kou ≥ ⼠ ാ 㰊 Right deter Ren The Jue ⵰ the hwan extremely 㵶 䌢 soup Zhenglihangyu ≥ scratch the soup whole Li the ∽ Zhengbinyouyu 㭬 was clear 㠭 Wen rice Quan 㸢 ਍ Maoshuo ⁥ Gang Effective ∽ Jinhong ⼺ Gangbizhuzhuang dare ⹥ Min ⽭ 㸢 ਍ scratch generous the ਍ depression Wen rice ⁡, ∽ use, taking into account Right Yue Wei Gui Yi ≮ scratch soups entire Li ∽ Teaching with Guang Ying revolves Qiu askance retention Hun 䌠 Tangxiasuolie Zhao 㸢 ਍਍ depression Wen rice ⁡ consider Right ∽ Jiao see revolves Ton • Min Litu 㵴lost askance ⱳ 䐠 Yuzhi ‬ the Teaching with Ai pine Ɱ 䌠 soup support Zoar transition Zhao the ‬ Zhi inertia  the search of Guang ∬ ാ 㰊 Yangshequbo 㵥 scar Fang 晩 ⵹ ㅶ • Min Litu 㵴 㘢 research Sheng ⭒ Kai ㉲ ㈯ homes Yu䥙 chlorine 㝯 Yi Hu 㝬 䅂 ㉔ are ⽗ 䉧 Yin 䥙 ∽ ⼠ ാ 㰊 tally Se Tianyu 㵥 Zhuo Bang The Client 獣 ≳ Ju Ji ∽ luster of gems tumultuous window. Tou Wen rice • Gang Effective ∽ Jin Hong ⼺ squint Zhi Xie You Breast – feeding Zhen Wan ⹨ customary file The is working Zhi 渮 Wenzhennoujie ⹂ Veterinary ≳ ാ 㰊 peg Se Tianyu 㵥 Zhuo Bang The Client 獣 ≳ Juji ∽ Cuoxiongjiaotou Wen rice • Gang Effective the ∽ Jinhong ⼺ Mi Ji Xiechoutongzhen, Wan ⹨ customary file Hanzhi 渮, angry dog 㸢, Wen rice Zhenrutuanzhu-evil force Ti ਍ the Ni Breast – feeding  Gai number the ∽ Zhengbinzhenru • knock 㵬 Hugaijingben the Yan ≴ Ren knock 㵦 Bo the Jue 㩰 personnel shall be deposited Jing Hui Wei Beizhengdangti picking Touzhi ⹹ support The Client Veterinary ⽳ tally, Ti angry dog, Cuoyangmuzhan, 㸢 ਍ Ni Breast – feeding  Gai number ∽ Zhengbinzhenru • knock 㵬 Hugaijingben the Yan ≴ Ren knock 㵦 Bo the Jue 㩰 personnel shall Fujinghuiwei Beizhengdangti picking Touzhi ⹹ support The Client 獣 ⽳ Liaolifengqu the address the Li pigwash ⹬ tally of Veterinary ≳ ാ 㰊, Se Tianyu 㵥 Zhuo Bang The Client 獣 ≳ Juji ∽ Cuoxiongjiaotou Wen rice • Gang Effective of ∽ Jin Hong ⼺ Mi Ji Xiechoudongzhen, Wan ⹨ customary file Effective Zhi of 渮 Wenzhenruqiang, stay Fang ⹹ Jiu batch Yan ㄭ ㌮ ㄮ Ti angry dog 㸢 ਍ Bo the fill up Yan the ⁴ Gai number ∽ Zhengbinqiangchi Xi the fill up Yan ≴ the Ceon volume ∽ Jinhong ⼺ the squint Jixiechoutong Zhen Wan ⹨ Guandanghanzhi 渮 Wen rice mast ⽳ Qiudijinyan ≳ 㰾 Tuan fill up, ਍ Bo, Yan 㹴, fill up Yan ⁴ the Gai number ∽ Zhengbinqiangchi the Xi fill up the Yan ≴ the Ceon volume ∽ Jinhong ⼺ the squint Zhixiechoutong Zhen Wan ⹨ the practice files Han Zhi 渮 Wen rice mast ⽳ Qiu Dijintaojun methanol Jue Yan ⵬ ⸳ ⸰ ⸲ comfort is Yan ≳ 㰾 Tuan fill up Yan 㹴 ਍ Po fill up Yan ⁴ the Gai number ∽ whole Bin mast crazy Xi fill up the Yan ≴ Ceon volume ∽ Jin Hong ⼺ squint Zhixiechoudong Zhenwan file ⹨ inertia Hanzhi 渮 Wen rice mast ⽳ Qiudijinzong period Lv Huang ⵸ ⸱ ⸳ ⸱ cunning 㸢 centering Yuewei Rose ാ 㰊 Yueweiguitian Yu 㵥 Zhuo Bang The Client Ou Qing Yue Wei Gui • bovine the 㵣 Bo Jue 㩰 personnel shall Fujinghuiwei Feizhengdangti picking Touzhi ⹹ support The Client Kuaisongjingyan ≳ 㰾 Tuan fill up Yan 㹴 ਍ Po fill up Yan ⁴ bovine 㵣 Bo Jue 㩰 personnel shall Min of submerged Wan ⹴ Jiusanhuangchi 渮 Wen rice branch Yong Dansongjingyan the ⍳ Zhengdou 㵬 ∱ 㰾 Tuan fill up Yan 㹴 ਍ π ⴭ broken utensil ⁦ 䕉 㹝 ਍ Ni Breast – feeding the number of  Gai ∽ Zhengbinzhennou the • Gang Effective ∽ Breast – feeding Jiumi ⽥ 䉎 Fiona ⹥ Veterinary ≳ Ju Zhiming test Dear Ben Yan 㹴 ਍

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but it is what was retrieved when this was pasted into Google Translate. Why would someone put Chinese language on the Newtown Bee on 12/14/12 ?

Also, according to the Newtown Board of Education minutes, a trip was being planned for April, 2013 to Shanghai, China to “formalize their relationship”. Only Sandy Hook Elementary Staff were going, despite the invitation being open to all Newtown Schools !

Newtown BOE1

Did you know that Mandarin Chinese was being offered as a class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the morning BEFORE school started ? I wonder who would take that class and why it would be offered at a K-5 school !

Adam Lanza Mandarin Chinese

Adam Lanza was apparently fond of Chinese as well ! According to the GPS Data entered in the Western CT State police Report, he stopped by the Lotus Chinese Restaurant for a bite to eat ! Ok, so who doesn’t occasionally enjoy a little Chinese food ? I know I sure do !

Adam Lanza GPS Chinese Restaurant

Well, that hardly seems incriminating, but wait, there’s more !! According to a witness quoted in the heavily redacted FBI report, “Adam was taking courses in the Chinese language” !! You can’t make this up !!

Adam Lanza Taking Chinese

According to several News articles, Adam had been taking classes in Mandarin Chinese ! Seems odd that a mentally disturbed young man would have such an inclination. Other interviews sketched a more complete portrait of the gunman. He could play the saxophone, the documents said, and had taken private lessons in Mandarin

The influence of China in the Sandy Hook School was unprecedented, in my opinion. They had Chinese dancers and even invited, guest, Chinese teachers !!

Indeed, even Peter Lanza and Shelley Cudiner expressed an interest in the U.S. China Relations ! Look closely and you will see them listed as ‘attendees’ in this October, 2012 event held at the University of Connecticut !!

Peter Lanza China Conference

Peter Lanza’s new wife, Shelley Cudiner, reportedly works at the University of Connecticut Library. The work that she does is focused on “Distance Based Learning”. That means that she can teach “Virtual Classes” from just about anywhere – including China !

Did you know that although Adam had received grades from Western CT State University that none of his teachers seem to remember him ! Could it be that he was also engaged in “distanced learning” or virtual classes ?

So, sometime around 2010, Newtown began a deeper relationship with China, of all places, and we have discovered a link not only between the school system, the Governor, and gun control/mental health agendas, but also a direct link to the Lanza Family !

In the CT State Police Report, it shows that Nancy Lanza purchased guns online with the Username NJL1918 . NJL1918 seems like a pretty random set of letters and numbers. If you search NJL1918 on Google, only two accounts on websites come up with that username. Nancy’s gunbroker account, and an account on a Chinese gaming website. The date NJL1918 registered on this Chinese website is February. 15, 2014. Could it be that Nancy is alive and well and living in China ? Mind blown yet ?

Let me say that this is not as a result of my own pure research. I have assistance from many dedicated researchers who are constantly delving into this mystery and uncovering new information every day. The researcher who put all of this together did so by scouring the internet for hours, if not days looking into these connections. His work is much appreciated.

There is a definite Political Agenda established by the Sandy Hook incident and it is being carried out by the teams assembled as it has unfolded. There is one team of ‘Parents’ assigned to promote gun control, one to promote school safety, one to promote mental health issues, and another to propagate the idea of censoring and policing the internet. These are Global Agendas and have probably been put forth by NATO as they intend to bring about the New World Order. It is no secret that NATO wants “disarmament”, but perhaps it is less known that China is the leader in this Global transformation.

Some time around 2010/11, George Soros said “China will be the leader of the New World Order. American citizens better not resist.”

Tony Mead is an administrator at the Sandy Hook Hoax facebook page and has seen his work featured on James Tracy’s Memory Hole blog. You can read his articles here and here


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Is just a guy...sick of the lies. A guy who is sick of the constant manipulating, spinning, massaging, altering, sensationalizing and outright bastardizing of the news. There's a reason they're called the "public" airwaves. They belong to us...and it's time we took them back.

84 Responses to Sandy Hook and the New World Order

  1. jerseyg says:

    Pretty amazing stuff there Tony. Especially considering China is buying up a lot or property in the heartland and elsewhere in the U.S….including none other than in the city of Detroit itself.


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  3. M says:

    yes I remember the delegation coming to Newtown. They put up a big banner with the hammer and sickle next to American flags. I think the flags made up butterfly wings or something like that. I thought it was very odd. Newtown is not a normal place. It is incredible to see all these people from around the world looking so deeply into my old town, which I myself found extremely bizarre and destined for some kind of event.

    • Marko says:

      M – I feel very strongly that Newtown is a spiritual place and I don’t mean that in a good way. “Stronghold” is the way the Bible describes a center of evil. I don’t doubt that Yale and Fairfield Hills have much to do with it. When I read about the skulls at the Stamford Transfer Station – found on Halloween no less, I couldn’t help thinking about that old notice for the Church of Satan having their east coast PO Box in Newtown. From the Hartford Courant: “The two human skulls found Thursday at the Stamford refuse transfer station came from the Fairfield County home of a man who apparently was into the occult and who died recently, according to one of the men who cleaned out the man’s house.”
      Juxtapose that with CT’s proposed school “security” and curriculum changes, and open hostility to home schooling, i.e. http://www.city-journal.org/2014/eon1005mh.html and what you come away with is the geographical equivalent of a venus flytrap. People of good faith are encouraged to open their eyes and see what is unfolding in front of them.

  4. Zephyr says:

    The China connections are simply amazing 😉

  5. Oh yeah – somebody found enough pieces of the puzzle! Great work! The connections are too obvious and too many to be purely coincidental. This is much better than suspicions – it’s a long trail to follow right to the source. Fantastic work!

  6. John says:

    Oh, yeah! Now this is what investigative journalism is all about! All you sell-outs on CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, etc… are nothing but empty talking heads who smile and read lines.
    Great work Tony, Swan and everyone who contributed to this explosive expose!

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  9. Ctconcerned says:

    Swansong….more amazing work! I sent you an email. If you didn’t receive it – please let me know.

  10. Swan… once again, such a pleasure to read your articles. Awesome discussion on RPR too! (Great job w/ WNTTASH documentary too!) Do you use a voice changer? Hahah It’s great. Cheers!

  11. medusajoe says:

    Let us remember how crucial to the sandy hook industries many agenda that OCA report is!

    And then ask why has IMS media group and other main research channels not leaped on the chance to destroy the OCA reports mental health agenda’s , in view of Joel’s 100% proof of the fraud with that OCA report?
    And remember this if any if you are gun addicts, that mental health agenda of the OCA report affects gun rights!

    Montys challenge is lies


    • -swansong- says:

      Considering the report hadn’t even come out when the doc was in production…what would you have had the producers do, exactly? Wing it?

  12. medusajoe says:

    swan, you need to add this vital evidence to you crime scene article
    New bullet evidence proves shits fired from behind towards cars/ so even possibly from wooded areas.


  13. medusajoe says:

    To be honest i dont see how stating the bleeding obvious I.e ( the nwo wants to take way guns and china is part of that nwo) helps us to prove sand hook was a criminal cover up So we can bring about a chance of reversing such legislation that sandy hook was used to justify.

    To me this article on china being for gun control and china being part of the new world order and is working hand in hand with CT and the USA is as perfectly useless and news worthy as tellIng me (Or anyone for that matter) that sandy hook was a hoax, in as far are both of those things will not do a damn thing to change anything and bring about justice towards those who perpetrated the cover up and are using it to change laws and take away freedoms.

    Sorry to be blunt but i have to be honest.

    • Tony Mead says:

      My hope is that it will help people to see beyond the narrow minded view of this being all about gun control. It is far deeper than that. It’s beyond the scope of Big Pharma, the CT State Government and even the Federal Government. This is Agenda 21 being implemented whether we accept it, or not.
      There will be a New World Order- it is for your own good.

      • Dave says:

        “It’s for our own good”?
        No, liberty, small government & sound money & guns are for our own good.

      • Marko says:

        I understand this is a secular website – but if you are going to go down the rabbit hole I encourage all to keep going. Who is really behind Agenda 21 after all? Why is CNBC suddenly devoting an entire subsection of their website to the benefits of “The Cashless Society”? it all dovetails my friends. This is the ultimate trap being sprung.

    • Gil Favor says:

      Do you believe SH was a hoax? It sounds like you don’t. If it was a hoax and many more people find out, don’t you feel that insurrection can and will result? Will Americans ever get tired of the lies and corruption? Or, do we just surrender and march to the FEMA camp of our choice like the inhabitants of the German/Polish concentration camps of WW2?

      • -swansong- says:

        I’m not sure to whom you are directing your question, Gil…and I won’t speak for Tony…but I’m positive we were lied to about SH in many small and large ways. I don’t know why…but it doesn’t matter. We want the truth.

        • Gil Favor says:

          If you want to explore another dimension of this SH brouhaha, look carefully and with great detail at the inclusion and performance of the Hartford Courant. The Courant reminds me of an agency with a lot to hide. Their investigative reporters, ha!, lay off anything BUT the state version of the SH event. They won’t go there, they will greet your emails with total silence. Their editorial writers, 4 strong, are unique in that at least 3 of them have legal training, either as lawyers or legal adjuncts. Email them, see what you get from them regarding SH. By now, large numbers of very astute researchers have uncovered vast amounts of new truths. When the gig was new, the shills and insiders thought they were infinitely clever and could fool everybody all the time. Now, following the lead of great researchers like Jim Fetzer, Preston James, and Jim Tracy, all PhD’s with blue steel brainpower, these hotshots are being exposed for what they are, and you all know what that means. They feel the hot breath of their pursuers, they know the jig will be up soon.Sure, at the national level, we’ve had many putrefied attorneys general who have been exposed as far less than honest. Look, from the time of that first press conference that Dr Carver made a fool of himself and subsequent press conferences with other state hacks like Malloy the Magnificent, has it not been painfully obvious that we are being lied to at an alarming rate? Malloy is very, very quiet now regarding SH, his attention is on his memorial bus line, the gem and joy of his aspirations. He is purposely distracted, he focuses on what he wants to, not what people would have him focus on. Connecticut is heavily involved with distractions whether they be the horrible football team at UConn this year, the budget mess, the 450 million dollar taxpayer gift to Pratt and Whitney, part of UT’s 58.1 billion dollar commercial machine, a gesture that was used to garner Malloy tens of thousands of union votes.
          It’s all a game, a vicious game that will lead to totalitarianism unless we keep digging for the truth. Believe me when I say it IS up to us to educate, motivate, and ACTIVATE! We can all be sure Malloy does not want us to resist these governmental excesses, let us fight him tooth and nail. Onward!

    • -swansong- says:

      Well that was pretty rude and unnecessary.

    • LoneTxZenWarrior says:

      Unfortunately the Rabbit hole is that deep. Few go as deep into that hole as people like Swan, Tony, and others do. Unless, you can drag the facts of the matter buried deep down that hole and bring it back to the surface, then people won’t be able to truly comprehend or wrap their minds around the conspiracy that is the NWO.
      A Conspiracy being the collusion of two or more people to implement an agenda. As most here should all ready know. Not a metaphor for a fairytale story of deceit.
      My point being is that when your asked how many times “BUT, Why would they do that?” Now you can point to this kind of in depth work, like Tony and Swan’s, to provide them with the right answers And then MAYBE, they’ll get it then. If they only see the rabbit hole they are only seeing what the gate keepers want them to see.
      This is even more vitally important now that things are ramping up with more news to cover than is humanly possible. This brings it all together and ties it all up.
      This names and exposes those culpable to the tyranny and treason that is being done. We should wonder if those behind the NAZI party in the 1920’s couldn’t have been exposed and stopped with the internet?? The NWO is the continuance of the same agenda, for those who know true history and the NWO players. Second, third and fourth verse same as the last verse until they achieve their goals.
      To take a trip down into the depths of the Rabbit Hole, just ask yourself this question:

      Who conspires to enslave the human race under a world government, with a plan that is laid out in CENTURIES??

      When you can contemplate what that entails and means as a human being with barely more than a half a century on the earth if their lucky, then you really understand things better.

      Just being honest.

  14. Gil Favor says:

    Splicing all the information about the SH event is more and more difficult. Despite the fact many superb researchers are working on this project, the glue that holds these small chunks of information together and identifies the true cause of the event is very difficult still, even 2 years down the road.
    I ask this question here and I’ve asked it many places else. Why have WE not been able to motivate millions of Americans to become crusaders for SH truth? Our state papers are lying about this event, our state government stinks of corruption and mendacity, things are so obvious yet we can’t get traction on the issues that would present a coherent rationale for all of us to see and ponder. This article is excellent, it adds new fuel to the fire. It appears we are being sold out by Obama and Malloy, is that not obvious? What does Malloy get from his participation? Some people say a ton of money, neatly hidden in the Caymans or some other country that allows hidden accounts. That’s just conjecture, but we know our fine, upstanding Congress has many members paid off by Sheldon Adelson, don’t we?
    Unless we can solve these riddles, we are toast. Clearly, Obama has helped this onrushing devastation by making it painfully obvious he’s a traitor. We are either going to become aware and stop this program to destroy us or we will be thrown in prisons with the keys thrown away.

    • -swansong- says:

      I don’t mean to sound flippant…but cognitive dissonance…and conformity.

      We are a society of programmed thinkers. Our gov wouldn’t lie to us…if they did tv would tell us. False flags don’t even exist…and “conspiracy theorists” are lunatics and terrorists.

      It takes too much time to think…time people no longer have…or make. So they listen…and do what they’re told.

    • LoneTxZenWarrior says:

      I agree with Swan, it’s cognitive dissonance and conformity (peer pressure). But, it’s also a stack of cards with the deck stacked against us. While not impossible to bring down, it is a complicated structure to dismantle. Thus the article whittles away at it.

      People are brain washed from birth. Religion proves that and is the glaring example of it. Politics is no different than religion. Then you factor in the many brain affecting chemicals, sounds, images, et all… and you have to say; “forgive them they know not what they do.”

      Just do some research into Chemtrails, Aluminum Oxide, and Alzheimer Disease. it’s mainstream news that our brains are being poisoned daily in so many different ways. And should there be any surprise that chemicals in things like Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Ayuasca, and others reverse this and have a war waged against them?? Joe Rogan has commented that “Pot is like hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del for your brain. Because once you smoke some, or take similar substances, you start to see that Main Stream News is Bullsh**. You see the world the way it really is.”

      There is however hope. And, no it doesn’t all involve smoking pot. I have seen the awakening spread over the last 20 years or so of being awake. Unfortunately, it’s at a slower rate than the decent into the abyss. But, it does seem to be gathering speed a bit in the last few years, partly due to Sandy Hook and the push for gun control. IMHO.

      The election of Obama brought how many people first to elect him and then the uprising of the Right against him. Which while by design, the people didn’t quite react exactly like they thought we would. Obama and Sandy Hook drove more people to look into joining the Militias than any others before. At least until the stand off in Nevada with the Bundy Ranch.

      Couple that with various studies showing that you only need 3-20% to win a Reloveution.

      We are winning hearts and minds to win the Revolution, before they can start their civil war. I encourage everyone to engage anyone and everyone in some conversation about any of the many pressing matters we face. Interrupt pointless dialog and force the topic of “What the Hell is going on in this country and the world today.” People are used to being treated like children, so use the right tactics to get them THINKING. Think of the Brain as a muscle and help them exercise theirs.

      The hardest part is insuring that we have learned from the past and forgo the mistakes along the way that led to so many defeats for Individual Freedom and Liberty.

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  16. Dave says:

    To those of us reading this article, it’s pretty obvious that SH was a gun grabbing theatrical hoax.
    No blood.
    No bodies.
    No lawsuits (this is America for Christ sakes!).
    No EMT’s allowed inside, only cops declared the deaths.
    No pictures of Lanza in the school from SH’s $300K security video system.
    Strict confidentiality for the crew that razed the building.
    No FOIA requests being granted.
    The creepy, contradicting coroner speaking in a bizarre manner while CT cops look like they have a big secret on their minds.
    Until now, I never realized the China angle, but I’ve always known about them despising our gun rights (aka the ability to kill those in government who plan on abusing, enslaving or killing us).
    Here’s the bottom line; if mil pattern rifles in our hands are what drives them crazy, BUY ONE! (and at least 5K rds)
    The more desperately your government wants us disarmed, the more worried we should be about what they have planned for us.

  17. Koolz says:

    Did you know that the CIA said Sandy Hook never actually took place it was an exercise and nothing more.

  18. LeoVahana says:

    What was the address of Sandy Hook Elementary? 36 Yogananda St.
    Do you know who Yogananda was? He was an Indian Yogi, that came to US in the late 50’s, took up residence near Hollywood. He was quoted as saying “We are all actors on Brahma’s stage, we places us and moves us according to his will, to create Maya.” Maya is Illusion/Delusion, and Hindus will tell you the ancient Indo-Aryan myths state that Brahma is the one that gave “Brahmin status” to “Lord Rama” from his lower caste status as a military caste Kshtriya. “Lord Rama” I can PROVE is Ramses II, the pharaoh of Egypt.

    But even more telling is Lord Rama, that built Ayudhya, India, is considered “King of the Jews.” Ayudhya means “city of the Jews.”

    And take a look at “peekay22” video on the “Brassard family” where he asks why all the actors are clinging to water bottles? LOOK!!! These are the worst actors I have ever seen. But they are clinging to their water bottles!!

    Because Brahma, the multi-faced god of the Jews, the Sianists of India, carries a water bottle. That is the way they put it RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

    YHWH/YHW/Yuya/Tusrattta/Saul/Dashartha(ten avatars of VishNu) is not their “god”, he is just a distraction the Elite Sianists use to Hoodwink Christians and lay Jews into believing is “God.”

    Yuya: he was just a Minyan, a sailor, an alchemist, a genocidal maniac that used False Flag attacks to create fear, then offer ” gods” to protect the uneducated ancient people… The Minya district of Egypt, Akhmin, aka al-khemmis. Forging steel weapons from Chinese meteorites called “Nantan.” As in HIS SON: “Akhe Naton.” Yuya was “Emperor Santanu” of India…LOOK IT UP. YHWH WAS YUYA and YHWH was Yama, god of death the Shiva KILLED.

    And Jews…they celebrate “Purim” by eating “monkey ears”..why? Because they think they killed “Prince Haman” the original resurrection god: Khentamen tui, aka Hanuman of the two lands. The Monkey God, and bff of SHIVA.

    They did not kill Hauman: look up “Hanuman” at Wikipedia, see him BEHEAD Tusratta/Yuya/Set I. Look at the “Narmer Stelea” to see Yuya getting a stake driven into his eye, then look at photo of Yuya at Wikipedia, his mummy shows where that stake went through his forehead, into his right eye. Indo-Aryan myth states the HEAD DEMON is ALWAYS BLIND IN HIS RIGHT EYE. Yuya was the BLONDE HAIRED GREEK Indo-Aryan DEMON of the YONI (Greek) tribes: the IONIANS.

    He was Popeye, the Sailor man” and look up the creators of “Popeye”: they immigrated from the kingdom of Galacia, the former UKRAINE they were driven from in 1914…1914…1914..100 years ago exactly. ..right when the IRS and the Federal Reserve ENSLAVED AMERICA for their INFILTRATION. That is correct, and look at Yuya’s wife: is that NOT Olive Oil in the flesh???

    Seti, Yuya, Ramses II…”The Three Kings of the Orient.” They were LEPERS. LOOK AT THEIR MUMMIES CLOSELY….Ramses II was “Usermatre”..the “Osarseph” User Asaf that LED THE LEPER ARMY against the native Egyptian royalty. Yuya was Asaf Ja”, or Jo Seph.”

    Look it up educate yourselves. They were made to wear BELLS…so when you sing “Jingle bells”..who are you CALLING??? They “followed a star” alright: the EXPLODING METEORITE called NANTAN of 90% iron, 5%chromium and 2% nickel….LOOK IT UP!!!

  19. LeoVahana says:

    oh yeah, one more thing: the “Khaburs” of Mittani that forged these meteorites? They called the steel “Black metal” or in their Levite Akkadian language: Natas.” Spell that backwards….

    Look up “Tut’s dagger” to see one of the swords given to his father, Amenhotep III by Yuya/Tusratta, is is STEEL, weapon-grade STEEL. At Wikipedia, Amenhotep III, that sword is called (in his “royal titulary” “Aa’khepesh.” In Kurdish, which is where “Mittani” really was: Assyria, it is called X Cere Bern.” It is Shiva’s Moon Blade, Bilbo Baggin’s “Sting.”

    EX Cali Ber. Amenhotep III was “Nimmuriya and his queen was Nimue…LADY OF THE LAKE that gave Excaliber to “King Arthur.” Amenhotep III built his queen a LAKE. They sailed it in the “Dazzling Aten.” A boat covered in gold leaf.

    Tiye is SATYAVATI, the Indo-Aryan goddess/water nymph and WIFE of Emperor Santanu too!

    Incest like you would not believe possible….Yuya was her father. Her first child was Vyasa..the Scribe…you know him as “Homer” but history calls him HoremHeb, the pharaoh and bff of her husband, Amenhotep III.

    “Kiya” is the mother of Akhenaton…she is Thuya, the WIFE OF YUYA. Kiya was one of her Indo-Aryantitles as the “Goddess of Reeds.” As in the place where she “pulled Moses” from. Moses was her other son: AYE. Aka “Aaron” aka “Anon.”

    You have no idea how they pulled all this subterfuge off… but I found the Key. It starts by “reading ancient *letters* and comparing mythologies. And knowing how “Jews” use the media to place their myths in mainstream cultures. Such as an old western tv series called PALADIN.

    He is the KEY. Read an ancient “letter” or two…see if YOU can FIND THE KEY TOO.

    The “k” is silent in Khabur: they are, without any reasonable debate, the people known as “Hebrews.” Absolutely no valid argument to the contrary. They ARE the HEBREWS: Assyrian worshipers of VISHNU from Wassu (Vishnu) Kanni (Cains/Blacksmiths). Canaan is named after these 666 BC invaders from ASSYRIA.

    Hello? Are you listening? The “Khaburs/Habiru/”Kheperu” (royal titles of the Egyptian 18th dynasty that MARRIED “Mittani princesses”) ARE THE HEBREW KINGS. That is why “Akhenaton” never replied to desperate letters for help when these Khaburs/Assyrians were over-running his lands….he was part of the conspiracy to DESTROY EGYPT.

    From WITHIN…LIKE AMERICA. Who asked for help from Akhenaton???? PALADIN. Was he a LEPER too? Read a letter or two….

    Did these INVADERS contract LEPROSY??? Did Tushratta have an “ailment” he dreaded??? Does “Yuya’s” mummy show leper pockmarks? Was Seti I BEHEADED??? Is Ramses II/Lord Rama’s mummy have intense leper pockmarks on face?

    What you THINK is history was rewritten by Asherbanipal in 666 BC. ALL of it, and the library of Alexandria destroyed to hide their tracks.

    They were the YueZhi Yoni Indo-Aryan greeks tribes…look it up! Tocharians/Red-headed Aryans. Doesn’t anyone wonder why TochAryans MUMMIFIED their dead???

    Or, keep believing that book written by a pagan Roman emperor in 346 AD. You do realize that Rome was founded by “Etruscans” they came from Troy? That spoke Levite???? Oh, you didn’t? NOW YOU DO.

    So much to undo…so many subjects completely corrupted by “mainstream scholars” funded by these devious deceivers.

  20. Marko says:

    IANAL. Having said that, it is interesting that 9 SH families have launched a lawsuit against Bushmaster. It is premised upon spurious claims, but might it open up CTs new privacy laws to defendant discovery?

  21. Cyhiraeth says:

    That would be great if it did, but it will probably never make it to court. There will be some sort of settlement or compromise and the SH parents will never have to “reveal” anything.

    I can’t help but feel that a whole lot of people were either paid off, threatened or both to participate and keep their mouths shut, not to mention brainwashed to think that what they were doing was somehow “altruistic” (going up against Big Firearms) in trying to manipulate the public.

    Give it some time…as in most crimes and cover-ups, someone will crack and spill the beans, either because they suddenly have an attack of conscience, because they are mad and trying to get back at someone, or because they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. And if any of these kids are actually alive, or grown up, that’ll come out too.

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    • absmover says:

      This is exactly what the article is referencing- the implementation of the NWO and Agenda 21 whether we want it , or not. How many times is the term “Global Citizenry” used in this FAQ sheet ? WTH is global citizenry anyway ?!?
      Thanks for your interest in this topic 🙂

  23. kkat says:

    google the name annie bedichek

  24. kkat says:

    Answer; Dawn Hochsprung

  25. I just want to say thanks for all your work , the China connection makes sense , is it possible the kids are in china ?

  26. Pingback: Documents Reveal China Conspired with DHS, CT Governor Malloy in Pre-Invasion Scheme | Patriot News II

  27. Will Munny says:

    Swansong –
    You (and others on this site) have done some great work here. When can we expect your next article? Or are you all Sandy-Hooked out? Has anyone ever REALLY looked into the deaths of William Podgorski and Michael Bellmore?

    • asktheanimals says:

      It is important to remember that not only CT State Police Major Podgorski and Michael Bellmore died in Yale hospitals but so did the secretary of Pinski who dared to sue over Sandy Hook until forced to retract it due to bullets flying in to his office.
      The tactical EMT’s who made the death pronouncements at Sandy Hook were from Danbury Hospital which is owned by Yale. Finally, the wounded “victims” who later died were also taken there.

      In total then you have the 24 dead at the school, the 2 wounded from the school who later die plus every person with important connections to Sandy Hook who have died under mysterious circumstances over the last 2 years expired in a Yale facility.
      Adam Lanza’s psychiatrist? – Dr. Robert King, Yale Child development center.

      Those wanting historical context should research Chinagate and Bill Clinton. From the time that GHWB and Kissinger normalized US-Sino relations it has been a non-stop destruction of America, her economy and ethics using China as a globalist pawn. The connections between Yale and China predate even World War 2.

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  30. NO SECRETS says:

    and don’t forget the foreign language heard on the video that shows the police searching the area. It was on vimeo

  31. NO SECRETS says:

    What about the lawsuit that the parents raised against Bushmaster, Newtown and the Lanza estate. we never hear any more about it.

    This was all I could find. http://www.courant.com/hc-pdf-newtown-families-sue-town-schools-20150112-htmlstory.html

    Its a pdf file of the lawsuit but what happened. Did they follow through or did they drop it like the Pinsky lawsuit?




    Whole thing is ludicrous. Sandy Hook: A TOPOFF(standing for Top Official) Capstone Drill, billed as a mass casualty, live shooter event. The Bureau of Vital Statistics, New Hampshire reveals the Lanzas only had one child. Pre-knowledge: extensive, verified, compelling. The media appeared at Treadwell Memorial Park in Sandy Hook 2.5 hours before the non-existent, photoshopped creation known as “Adam Lanza” was said to arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The citizens await the arrest of Malloy, Llodra, Vance, Eric Holder, and any and all participants in this wretched scam hoisted on to the American People. Truth matters, and if our courts are about falsehood, that is unacceptable- plain and simple.

    end quote

  32. Bob says:

    Imagine a town, filled with residents working at the CIA, in one capacity or another. Add to that actors from all walks portraying someone they are not. Even children acting out their parts as in a coordinated drill and not really happening as the school in question had been closed since 2009.

    All these people profited from this False Flag. The Chinese connection is simple. They are destined to have power over us. If you are a parent, in the CIA, would you not want your children to know rudimentary Chinese, just in case? You betcha! So what do they know that we don’t?

    I know one thing, God, watching and recording all this for posterity, is not pleased with his flock!

  33. NO SECRETS says:

    Seems like there’s some deflecting going on regarding the TOPOFF posts I have been making. Now John Voket has posted an article on the new school in Sandy Hook and the so-called “Topping off” Ceremony (Topping off) printed in quotes of course.

    “Next Tuesday’s “topping off” ceremony, where the final steel construction beam at the new Sandy Hook Elementary School is signed by the entire construction team and hoisted into place, will mark a significant milestone in the critical local building project that one key official involved said is going extremely well.”


    TOPOFF sounds a lot like Topping Off doesn’t it? Deflection?

    Then there’s this scandal regarding TOPOFF 5

    “It would be considered a conflict of interest if an SAIC employee both drafted the document and intends to compete for the contract, according to Melanie Sloan, director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency would not say how much the TOPOFF 5 contract is worth. The last exercise cost about $25 million. The contract for TOPOFF 5 has not been awarded.”


    Don’t forget that the After Action Report on TOPOFF 3 states that there will be mock media exercises and that the private sector companies involved are (get this) General Electric, United Way, InfraGuard and more. Simultaneous exercises also took place in the partner countries that participated in the exercise.


  34. NO SECRETS says:

    Swansong, I thought you might find this interesting…

    “Fake News Briefing by FEMA Draws Official Rebukes” by ERIC LIPTON

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 26 — The Federal Emergency Management Agency staged a fake news conference this week, with agency staff officials, pretending to be reporters, peppering one of their own bosses with decidedly friendly questions about the response to the California fires, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged Friday.


    Mock news! Yes it was entirely staged.

  35. no secrets says:

    The lawsuit against Nancy Lanza’s estate was settled and the house was demolished in March.



    Did you know Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm?

    One article says she’s obsessed with Christmas trees.


  36. NO SECRETS says:

    The strange thing about the Lanza’s Estate is that Newtown took control of the Lanza house and then gave it to the bank. How can they do that? It seems the lawyer Samuel Starks, can never be reached and, what do you know, he harkens from Stamford or (CIA TOWN).

    Well, I have been following all the lawsuits and some things seem very strange.

    Natalie Hammond is named as a plaintiff in the wrong-full death lawsuit against Bushmaster but Hammond didn’t die. She was only injured, so how can she be named in a wrong-full death suit. Also there are so many administrators and co-administrators named in the suit. Two law suits are still pending after almost a year and the other lawsuit against the Lanza Estate still need approval from the judge before being finalized but that’s expected to happen before the end of this month. That means it was pushed through very quickly. Probable so no-one would notice how fishy the whole process was. For example.. how could they demolish the house before probate was closed. How could they do that? How could they give the house to Newtown and then give it to the bank?

    The lawsuit against Bushmaster is moving over to a Federal court so it stands little chance of going anywhere but the lawsuit against Newtown should be interesting if it goes forward.

    It will probably be surrounded in secrecy. I am thinking all these lawsuits were for show. They are either settled quickly or drag on forever and then get dismissed. I will be watching them closely.

    • -swansong- says:

      Actually it was the other way around. The bank had control of it and gave it to the town. Why the families didn’t intervene in an effort to make it part of their lawsuit is curious.

      Indeed…these lawsuits will be interesting. Be sure to keep us updated 🙂

  37. NO SECRETS says:

    Your right! I went back and read the article. Thanks for correcting that Swan.

  38. NO SECRETS says:

    The judge approved the $1.5 million settlement….$94,000 each

    and no-one to contest the will. hmmm…

    Looks like Natalie Hammond wasn’t included in the settlement.

  39. NO SECRETS says:

    In the lawsuit against the Newtown school board there are more crazy things to report.

    Lots of stonewalling by Newtown’s lawyers. Here’s what one lawyer had to say.

    “In 16 years I’ve never had a marshal be deposed,” Papcsy said. “It’s dragging these people who lost their children through what we believe to be unnecessary fishing expeditions for things that could be resolved in a proper and easier way.”

    Here’s the link..


  40. NO SECRETS says:

    “According to Papcsy, a lawyer for Newtown indicated that the town’s insurer is overseeing defense of the lawsuit. But the defense has not disclosed who the insurer is, Papcsy said. Officials with the town’s risk insurer, the Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency, declined to comment through a spokesman.”

    Who is the insurer. This is highly irregular isn’t it?

    Since when is the defendant in a lawsuit allowed to remain anonymous

  41. NO SECRETS says:

    And why in gods name did they wait until a day or two before the deadline to submit their lawsuit? It may have been handed in after the deadline for all we know. Don’t they keep records of such things. It looks like they wanted this action to fail right from the start.

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