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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Sandy Hook Actors: Who is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton?

In this article I wanted to address an individual named Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her involvement in the Sandy Hook Conspiracy. First off, let me tell you that there are really wild claims out there by certain websites and YouTube videos that are nothing but wild speculation, in my opinion. For example, Robbie Parker is Tony Hawk, this is why our community sometimes looks ridiculous, and the true claims are overlooked. In all these crazy theories, we can usually find a little bit of truth.

I’ve tried to stay away from the crisis actor theory however, we do have some Sandy Hook actors involved. It seems like we are being presented with fake people, especially the ones who gave interviews in the main stream media. If I can’t prove this, or have a leg to stand on, I will not write an article about it. There is one connection that can’t be debunked, unless they are twins.

I will show you the striking similarities of these individuals. I do not believe that Mrs. Sexton is James Holmes attorney, Lisa Damiani. They look alike but that’s about it. Regarding Sandy Hook actors, there is a low budget celebrity website, starscolors, which has Jennifer Greenberg Sexton listed as an actress.

Jennifer Greenberg Sexton



Link to Profile

In my research, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton is Laura Phelps and her husband Richard Sexton is Nick Phelps from Sandy Hook. If this is true, then this just confirms again, how the American Public is deceived by the main stream media. Why are we being presented with fake people? I’m starting to think, if we are being presented with fake people as parents of children who attended Sandy Hook Elementary, is the theory that some victims are fake that far fetched? The public, official Picasa albums of Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, who prove this claim have now been deleted.

However, the photo albums were saved by several people and are still available online. You can also find her in Greenberg Facebook photo albums. One could make the claim, that they just changed their official names for national TV, and that the actress/actor connection is just a mere coincidence. Well, it was stated that Nick Phelps is the father of 2 children that attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Picasa albums that were found through her Google Plus profile included a map of their home address which is in Windermere, Florida.

Sandy Hook Actors

Before we get into this, let’s first watch the video of Laura and Nick Phelps, parents of 2 children that attend Sandy Hook Elementary School. Interviewed by CNN, Video Remembering victims of CT shooting. Watch the video below at 1:34:



Here are screenshots of Laura Phelps, Sandy Hook:


Here you can see screenshots of Nick Phelps, Sandy Hook:


Here are photos of Richard Sexton, Jennifer’s husband, from the Picasa photo album. In some of these pictures he is not bald, however these seem to be older photos, or he may had a hair piece. We were able to locate bald pictures of him in these albums and included it below:


First let’s watch some other videos on the Sandy Hook Conspiracy, and how it is related to Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. In these videos, the claim is made about Noah Pozner being a Greenberg child as well, and that Carlos Matthew Soto is a Greenberg Sexton child. While I’m not making that claim, the resemblance is also stunning. They might deserve their own article in the future. In this post I will only focus on the Greenberg Sexton family posing as the Phelps family from Sandy Hook.


I just wanted to add a quick review note, regarding Veronique P Pozner, Noah Pozner’s mother. She had a profile on a website to meetup with people in Connecticut called SpiritualiTea. She has deleted her profile now, but what was interesting is, that it has an older picture of her first three children, and she had added a more recent picture of herself, but no photo of her other two children (that includes Noah).

You can still view the cache. Read more on the Pozner claim here.

The next video is from the wellaware guy, who makes some outrageous claims regarding certain individuals, however, he nailed it with the Greenberg Sexton family. He also links victims from the Gifford shooting and links to the Casey Anthony case. Just observe it, and let’s focus on the Phelps. I show this particular video, as you can see the original photo albums in this video, including Google Maps home address in Florida and the entire Family connections through Google Plus.

I looked up the Florida address from the Picasa photo album and it indeed came back registered to Richard and Jennifer Sexton. We believe Greenberg is her maiden Name.


Link to Property Details

Watch Actor Laura Phelps Audition video, below you can see Jennifer Sexton as Laura Phelps, performing in a national sold out play called “Expressing Motherhood”. Go to the “Expressing Motherhood” website

Expressing Motherhood featuring Laura Phelps
Laura Phelps, a mother of 4, performed this piece in our August, 2009 Expressing Motherhood.

They have now changed the vimeo video to private..

Here are the saved Jennifer Greenberg Sexton Picasa Photo albums:



More evidence that Sandy Hook Parent Laura Phelps is Jennifer Sexton

Please stay tuned for more, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her husband Richard Sexton are not the only actors/actresses of Sandy Hook. We will release another article soon.


Professor James Tracy had posted an article related to the Greenberg Family and Sandy Hook Actors, which now has been removed. I will add what I have saved from his deleted article, as it strengthens this theory, see more Sandy Hook actor photos below:


The two photos above are of Rachel Davino, these images were presented to the public by the media


Unknown subject #44 is another individual found within the same family albums.


Nick Phelps – Interviewed by CNN with wife Laura Phelps. This role is being played by Richard Sexton.


Laura Phelps – Interviewed by CNN with her husband Nick Phelps. The role of Laura Phelps is being played by Jennifer Sexton.

Text from Article at James Tracy’s blog:

On December 14th 2012, members of the US Intelligence Information Center launched a joint task force between several different experts including college professors, private investigators, and confidential law enforcement sources to examine allegations surrounding the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. These allegations included the possibility of actors that we’re deployed to play key roles including some of the victims and their families. Those who have alleged such a fraud have voiced their opinion that this massacre was part of a “full-scale exercise” for the purpose of swaying public opinion towards increased gun control.

As part of this investigation, the following articles of evidence were recovered and analyzed:

1. A large family album of approximately 1200 photos containing members of the Greenberg, Kaplan, Blumberg, and Katzenberg families.
This album was posted publicly by members of the before mentioned families and was archived prior to its removal from the internet.
2. A family album of approximately 600 photos containing members of the Parker family.
3. Approximately 1820 photos containing members of the above mentioned families, obtained from public social networking sites.
4. Government documents providing confirmed identification of many of the actors involved, including property records, tax bills,
mortgage documents and corroborating background information provided by Intelius and Netdetective.
5. Government documents provided by FEMA (IS-139: Exercise Design).
6. Video footage of interviews and scene coverage.

Upon careful examination of all of the evidence, we have come to the following conclusions:

1. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was preplanned, and has most likely been in the planning stage for close to five years. The execution of this plan has likely involved members of the Greenberg/Blumberg family.
2. The media appear to have been placing inaccurate information, including on several occasions misquoting “law enforcement sources” for the purpose of increasing confusion surrounding the event.
3. Suspicious video clips and altered photos have been circulated by unnamed parties for the purpose of increasing misinformation, which provides a distraction from real evidence.
4. Members of the media have utilized pieces of planted misinformation to create a heavy level of doubt towards anyone questioning the “official story” while ignoring the more compelling evidence.

This preliminary report is one of several pieces of evidence linking the responsible parties to this incident. The focus of this report is to identify any possible actors involved. All of the following individuals have been identified as belonging to the same family, which we have corroborated by analyzing close to 3000 total photos.

Based on the initial analysis contained in this preliminary report, we have found reasonable suspicion that a crime has in fact occurred, and the general public is not being told the truth by law enforcement or mainstream media.

The US Intelligence Information Center will continue to expand this investigation by continuing to analyze evidence as well as continuing to profile others who may be involved.

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12 Responses to Sandy Hook Actors: Who is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton?

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  3. medusajoe says:

    They are the same people in this case.
    Maybe it was the first case and that is why we have Dallas goldbugs some on the scene.
    And the guy when he was interviewed at sandy hook tried to make it obvious
    He did a bad acting humble old fashioned act doffing his cap in condolence
    He was letting the cat out of the bag in a way, but could not say it , just tried to show it.

  4. medusajoe says:

    I think they are the same anyway
    It’s difficult to be totally sure, but they certainly do look very similar in a way that isn’t just crazy like all the rest of that stuff.

  5. medusajoe says:

    The phelps couple look same
    But I don’t think that boy in noah
    The case made about noah involved him being a very big child etc
    That boy although having similar dark features looks v small
    Sadly I don’t think that’s him.
    All the rest is bullshit I think the phelps couple is the only real possibility.

  6. medusajoe says:

    The phelps couple don’t have to be the Greenberg sextons anyway
    Like I said I think he was doffing his cap in an actor way on purpose

    And this video about a phelps family blog
    admits nick is an actor so that clears up the reason for the doffing cap acting he was doing on purpose to gie the game away.

    Phelps actors NEW

  7. medusajoe says:

    I notice that the deleted article by professor James Tracy of FSU
    “The Massacre”
    and “Most likely”
    and “Likely involved”

    Yet it states ” they ” have come to conclusions.
    Calling it a Massacre is a most definite conclusion, yet using the word ” Likely”
    Is certainly NOT usually associated with Conclusive.

  8. Will Munny says:

    Ummm, Noah Pozner has tragically died again in another school shooting, this one in Pakistan.


  9. Good work….however, you have Patrick Sexton Mixed with Richard Sexton. They are brothers.

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  11. They are NOT the same woman..and most certainly tony hawk IS NOT robbie parker..this DBG dude is a disinfo agent posting the most ridiculous garbage for yrs..he has an agenda, and is probably placed by some alphabet soup agency to discredit real research into staged events and hoaxes of which sandy hook was..

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