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Sandy Hook 911 Calls: What is Sedensky’s Secret?

We all anticipated the hearing that took place on Friday Nov 8, regarding the release of the Sandy Hook 911 calls. Superior Court Judge Eliot Prescott said Friday, that he wants to hear the 911 recordings from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting before ruling whether they can remain secret. A new hearing was set for November 25th. What is Sedensky’s secret?

State Attorney Stephen Sedensky made the following statements:

Sandy Hook 911 Calls

“The calls are from intended crime victims and witnesses to the crimes,” Sedensky argued in court papers. “Said crimes are also child abuse as it relates to the children in the school.”

In court, Sedensky asked the judge to take into consideration the anguish releasing the tapes would cause Newtown families if their voices wound up in an AP story or on a newscast.

Sedensky also argued that releasing the identities of 911 callers would expose them to unwanted attention from reporters. “If they had wanted to talk to the media, they would have called them,” he said.

The prosecutor has also argued that airing the 911 recordings could expose witnesses to harassment from conspiracy theorists, some of whom actually believe the tragedy was staged to justify a crackdown on gun owners.

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The state’s FOI Commission ruled in September that the Sandy Hook 911 Calls should be released after the Associated Press requested them.

You can see the state’s attorney’s application for a stay of the commission’s order and the memo regarding that application below:

Application For Stay

Memo Regarding Appl. For Stay

This was the first time they’d mentioned a number regarding the 911 calls…

7 calls – read it here


…The Newtown police received seven 911 calls from Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th.

…Judge Prescott is scheduled to hear the seven recordings on Monday, November 25th, and says he will rule as quickly as possible after.”

In the last FOI meeting one of the panel members asked “is this all the calls?” Sedensky and the Newtown lawyer said these are “All THE CALLS THAT WENT TO NEWTOWN DISPATCH.

Did they mean all calls coming in from the school, or all calls total that came in to Newtown dispatch?

It seems there are some huge holes in their story… The timelines. I guess they were not aware that the police/emergency scanner feeds were available for everyone online at radioreference.com on December 14th, 2012.

The next question from the panel was “who responded first Newtown Police Department or Connecticut State Police?”

Why would it be of interest to the FOI board who responded first? The FOI panel also seems to be surprised at the small number of calls, as well as the timing of the Sandy Hook 911 calls. Were they under the impression that NPD responded first?

Sedensky stated the following: Troop A is right next door” Troop A is CSP, as far as we know. So that means they responded first.

What does that tell us? It means these seven calls to Newton dispatch, from landlines, are late.

It also indicates earlier calls were made by cellphones, but didn’t reach Bob Nute (Newtown dispatcher), as stated some calls were dropped and other calls, specifically cellphone calls reached CST.

View the video here, from 1:55:00 on to 2:08:00 you will hear that ALL cellphone calls went to CSP. ALL landline calls go to Newtown. They make that very clear.

This tells us that the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting probably started before 9:35 a.m.

I believe Sally Cox spoke with Nute, according to that article.

Newtown 911 dispatch received an award for handling over 150 Sandy Hook 911 calls per hour!

Newtown 911 dispatcher Bob Nute, one of two people who was on the radio in the town’s public safety nerve center when all hell broke loose the morning of Dec. 14, 2012.

Smart911 Community Marketing Manager Jessica Olson, who presented Nute’s award, said Nute, who took the first call on Dec. 14 “reporting a shooter at Sandy Hook School,” was chosen from 12 finalists out of hundreds of nominations.

Throughout “a day of panic, chaos, terror and sadness … while those of us around the country could only watch the news reports, praying for the safety and comfort for those affected, Bob worked with his team to answer over 150 calls per hour, coordinating an incredibly complex and dynamic field response by dispatching police, fire and EMS units,” she said.

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Why are they only debating about the calls (7) from Sandy Hook School? I would assume the other calls, perhaps from outside the school are also important.

Why is Sedensky so concerned? Let’s review one of his statements again:

…releasing the identities of 911 callers would expose them to unwanted attention from reporters. “If they had wanted to talk to the media, they would have called them,” he said.


I believe he is worried about Sally Cox’s 911 call – Why? Did she repeat that she saw the son of the Kindergarten teacher ?

“The person on the other end of the line was a woman Nute has known for 30 years, but it hardly sounded like her. “There was no question in my mind,” Nute said. “The woman I was speaking with, I could tell the difference in her voice.” After losing contact with the woman who first called, Nute feared she had been killed, but he learned she survived.”

Remember, Sally Cox first reported she locked eyes with the shooter, then her story changed, and she said she only saw his shoes, as well as her statement to reporter Andrea McCarren that his mother was a Kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook school. Nobody, not Sally Cox or Andea McCarren were available for further commenting and clearing up this issue. In the interview with Sally Cox, she mentioned that she called 911 with the secretary after hearing popping noises.

Sally Cox also said that she was still locked in the closet at 1pm, before they brought her out. Now it seems to me, that Law enforcement would clear a facility in an event like this taking place. Why did this woman say she was locked in a closet until 1 pm? How could that possibly happen?

Sally Cox specifically stated that she and Barbara Halstead called 911 together – let’s hear the recording and see if they identified the kindergarten teacher’s son on the 911 call.

The NYPOST wrote an article on December 16th,2012

“Halstead then made a dash for the infirmary and dove under Cox’s desk. She grabbed the office phone and immediately called 911.
“Help, we have a shooter,” Halstead said into the phone. “It’s the school. Get help right away.”
Seconds later, the two terrified women ran into the first-aid supply closet to hide.
“I could hear popping and screaming, and it was horrible, knowing I couldn’t do anything,” Cox said.”

At 11:15 a.m., they opened the closet door a crack. From her office window, Cox looked out into the courtyard where she saw several men wearing fatigues and toting weapons. She said she didn’t know whether they were SWAT team members — or the attackers. Neither Halstead nor Cox had their cellphones with them.


Andrea McCarren’s role in this issue is significant in the identification of the shooter. Our Editor Swansong had tried to contact Mrs McCarren various times but she did not want to comment.  Her credentials appear rather impressive so were her initial reports accurate or not? Did she create the narrative about the Kindergarten teacher’s son out of thin air ?

The Hartford Courant just reported that not only did Sally Cox and Halstead hide in the closet for 4 hours but also they did so while the State Police used the office as a command post. You cannot make this stuff up:

Among the other revelations, sources said, was that a school secretary and nurse remained in a closet in Principal Dawn Hochsprung’s office for several hours even while state police officials — unaware that anyone was in the room — used the office as a command center. The room had not been cleared by SWAT teams. Hochsprung was one of the adults killed.

This was written in the Huffington post :

The center has staff of 10 people, including Will, who said they had received active-shooter training only the month before the tragedy and put it to work by keeping their composure during the ordeal.

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Really? So just a month prior of the shooting, Newtown 911 dispatch received active shooter training?

The 911 calls are probably the reason why the investigative report has not been released yet, they need to fix the holes in their story. Also, why would a State Attorney be worried about harassment by conspiracy theorists? Think about that for a minute..

He knows truth seekers would be all over the 911 calls, and everything has been documented, yes, that includes Sally Cox’s statement and the news report from Andrea McCarren.

The timeline and 911 calls (especially the one from Sally Cox) are one of the most important pieces of evidence in this case. Do you think Sedensky prevails in keeping the Sandy Hook 911 calls secret, or will the the public get access to the Sandy Hook 911 recordings? I guess we will know more on November 25th. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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