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Investigative Reports sandy-hook-shooting

Published on January 4th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Police Recordings: Timeline Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

The police recordings from Fairfield County Police, Fire and EMS are courtesy of RadioReference.Com. Our author Swansong has re-edited the recordings, we have shortened the recordings by removing the clutter when no messages have been transmitted.  We will have to include new transcripts of the short versions of the Sandy Hook police recordings. We will update the article.

Newtown Area Police and Fire 12-14-2012 9-13 To 10-13 am

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Fairfield County Police Fire and EMS 12-14-2012 9-34-10-34 am

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Fairfield County Police Fire and EMS 12-14-2012 10-33-11-33am

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Newtown Area Police and Fire 12-14-2012 10-13 To 11-13 am

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Timeline Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

09:35AM : “Sandy Hook School, Caller’s indicated she thinks someone is shooting in the building.” (2)

09:36AM “Sandy Hook School, the front glass has been broken out, they’re unsure why” (2)

09:37AM : “All units, the individual I have on the phone is continuing to hear what HE believes to be gunshots” (2)

09:38AM : “The shooting appears to have stopped. The school is in lock down.” (2)

09:38AM “We’ll stage up the SWAT and go from there.” (2)

09:39AM : “Reports that teachers saw two shadows running, past the building, past the gym, which will be rear..58 they’re shooting.” (2)

09:39AM: “Yeah, we got ‘em. Their coming at me. Gun point” (2)

09:40AM: “Shooter’s apparently still shooting in office area. Dickerson Drive.” (1)

09:40AM “Troop 8 personnel, take Exit 10, left on 34, turn on Riverside Drive. Make sure you have your vests on. (1)

09:40AM : “Police officer screams something I can’t understand (INPUT) (2)

09:40AM  : “56 this is it” (what is code 56?) (2)

09:40AM : “Sandy Hook School, You’ll need two ambulances at this time.” (2)

09:41AM : “(Not clear need input) last known gunshots from the .. to the left (2)

09:41AM : “I got him proned out” (2)

09:42AM  :“Last known shots were in the front of the school” (2)

09:43AM : “872-YEO” (2)

09:43AM : “We have one female in Room 1 who has gunshot wound to the foot.” (3)

09:44AM  : “Partie in custody?” (3)

09:46AM : “We’ve got an injured person in Room 9 with numerous gunshot wounds.” (1)

09:46Am :“We got bodies here” (3)

09:47AM : “Copy, we’re moving out to the rear, Sandy Hook’s Fire Department Dickerson (3)

09:47AM : “Setting up a perimeter front rear.” (3)

09:48AM : “Might possibly need a second medic” (3)

09:49AM :“(can’t understand first words) …on the building (1)

09:49AM : “Negative on description. Shots were fired about three minutes ago.” (which would be 9:46AM) (1)

09:50AM  : “Secure area on Riverside” (1)

09:51AM  :“We got one suspect down” (3)

09:53AM : “Newtown’s reporting one suspect down. The building has now been cleared.” (1)

09:53AM : “You’re going to stage with the EMS crews at Sandy Hook Fire Department” (3)

09:56AM : “Be advised, we have multiple weapons. Including one rifle and a shotgun” (3)

09:58AM : “Standby units at the school we’re conducting interior search at this time” (3)

09:58AM : “(same voice as above) “? the life of Adam?” (3)

10:00AM : “33 to HQ Motor vehicle stop” (1)

10:00AM  : “Team up on the roof and clear the roof” (3)

10:01AM : “722ZHA”(1)

10:03AM : “Bringing a group of young kids out the front” (1)

10:03AM :“What is the number of ambulances you require? Response:”They don’t know, they’re not giving us a number” (3)

10:04AM  : “We have a staging area for students and personnel and the parents outside near the street (can’t understand rest)” (1)

10:05AM  : “1:35 Connecticut 872YEO Possible suspect vehicle” (4)

10:06AM  : “Squad 3 to HQ I have run the operator He has Fl and Conn license, Christopher A Rodia, DOB” (4)

10:11AM  : “I got multiple ambulance personnel coming in now, can we create that staging area, command area, within the fire eh Sandy Hook School parking area?” (3)

10:12AM : “Negative Newtown, any ambulances coming in will have to stage at Sandy Hook firehouse and we’ll follow up” (3)

10:21AM : – “Be aware that PIO (Public Information Officer) knows something is going on here” (4)

10:22AM :- “? ..Echo Oscar, Black Honda (4)

10:25AM :- “We got a large group coming out the front door” (4)

10:29AM “Roger, closet in the kitchen, it has some victims”(4)

10:32AM- : “We are forming up to do a double check of the building”(4)

10:32AM :“One of the places is in the kitchen, there is a teacher and 18 kids there”(4)

10:36AM :“Newtown and all responders on scene, the scene is not active”(4)

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