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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray

Peter Lanza Speaks To Newtown Parents: Parker Family Meets With Peter Lanza

The Parker Family meets with Peter Lanza: In CBS this morning, the news station aired a short video interview clip of the Parker Family. CBS included only parts  of the interview, headlines of “Peter Lanza speaks to Newtown Parents” hit the news stations and online community. Watch the video, which includes the first part of the interview.

Robbie Parker mentioned in the interview, that he was informed through a phone call by the press about the latest details regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. Col. Daniel Stebbins, had disclosed details of the case at a police seminar in New Orleans. Five newspapers and The Associated Press asked in court filings Wednesday that search warrants related to the Newtown school massacre not remain sealed beyond a court-approved 90-day period.

The media filed the motions in Danbury Superior Court, seeking to intervene against any move to extend the 90-day period. The public has a right to see the documents, according to the press. The newspapers and the AP also urged the court to consider a report that a state police commander, Col. Daniel Stebbins, had disclosed details of the case.

A column in the New York Daily News, citing an unnamed police officer who attended the seminar, reported that Col. Daniel Stebbins discussed evidence that suggested Lanza studied other mass slayings and dedicated extensive planning to the massacre. The AP, The News-Times of Danbury, The Hartford Courant, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Journal News filed the motions. In an earlier letter to the court, they said disclosing the records would be unlikely to jeopardize the investigation, noting that no arrests were anticipated.

“Authorities found literature and news clippings on other mass shootings inside the Yogananda Street home where Lanza lived with his mother, Nancy.”




Peter Lanza Speaks To Newtown Parents

Alissa Parker stated in an excerpt of the interview that the meeting with Adam Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza, was her idea. It was unclear what they discussed or when the meeting took place. More details about their meeting with Peter Lanza will be revealed on Friday morning, when CBS plans to show the rest of the interview with Alissa and Robbie Parker. News stations seeked comment from Peter Lanza, but they were left with a Lanza family spokesman.

“I felt strongly that I needed to tell him something, and I needed to get that out of my system,” Alissa Parker said. “I felt very motivated to do it and then I felt really good about it and prayed about it. And it was something that I needed to do.”

CBS asked the Parker Family about the details that have emerged regarding Adam Lanza. About the massive spread sheet, tracking the death toll of other mass killings, the type of weapons that the shooters used, with Adam Lanza’s goal to kill even more.

The Parker Family met with Peter Lanza, but they also attended a meeting with investigators today:

Robbie Parker: “It was nice to speak to the detectives, because they are the ones who are analyzing this, all the information and they can tell us exactly what was reported. What was true and what wasn’t true.”

CBS:”In understand that you met with Peter Lanza, Adam Lanza’s father. Why did you meet with him?”

Alissa Parker:”I guess the reason why I felt strongly that I needed to tell him something, and I needed to get that out of my system (laughs). I felt very motivated to do it and I felt really good about it, prayed about it. It was something I needed to do.”

This is the first part of the interview about Peter Lanza meeting with the Parker family. No details of the conversation have been released. Back in the Newsroom, they state that the Parker Family was the only family to meet with Peter Lanza, the Question remained what did they hear?



Peter Lanza apparently met with The Parker’s for over an hour. Alissa Parker believes that Peter Lanza holds the key to this whole thing..

Alissa Parker wanted details about the medical history, the parents relationship with Adam. According to CBS, the Parker’s had some very interesting things to say about this meeting, which will air tomorrow.

That the Parker Family still appears on TV is beyond me. It appears as if they are trying to fix Robbie Parker’s initial appearance on TV when he was not aware that the camera was running. The entire world saw you laughing Mr. Parker, less then 24 hours after your little girl was blasted into pieces.




In the same interview that day you’d mentioned your daughters charity fund. The Emilie Parker Fund, which was created allegedly by your friends on the 14th of December, the same day of the Sandy Hook Shooting. You did not feel any kind of remorse soliciting money from strangers less then 24 hours of your child’s death. This is beyond me. At one point, Robbie Parker had shut down the page due to negative commenting, but the page on Facebook is back up and running. More money for the Parker Family.

Alissa Created and designed a new blog, in which I also found some very disturbing writings.


The Parker Five

For all of you who wondered where Alissa Parker was when Robbie Parker gave this disturbing Interview on TV. On Saturday December 15th, Alissa noticed a birthday invitation from Emilie’s friend on her refrigerator. She went over the victims list, and found out that the girl who’s birthday was supposed to be celebrated had also died in the shooting.

“I grabbed my phone and dialed Joey’s mom, desperate to have the chance to speak with someone who knew exactly what I was going through.”

So let me get this straight, this all happened on Saturday December 15th? I’m sorry it all doesn’t make sense to me at all. I have a couple of other scenarios in mind on what would take place in a family’s home not even 24 hours after their child has been killed in a shooting.

I know one thing for sure, I wouldn’t be making any phone calls to people who are not my immediate family that day. I probably wouldn’t be able to talk at all, I would even go as far as saying I would not notice anything around me. Now Alissa had to talk with Peter Lanza. I’m amazed how she was able to get in touch with him.

Peter Lanza was not available for comments. All we have is the linkedin photo, and the Peter Lanza Photo Album on Picasa. Alissa need to get information about Adam’s medical history and Adam Lanza’s relationship with his parents. We will hear about this on national television, by the Parker Family. Not from Peter Lanza himself?

I would like to close with my Sandy Hook: When you’re smiling video. I will update part two of the Peter Lanza Parker Interview tomorrow.



Peter Lanza Speaks to Parker Family: Interview Video Part 2

This is part 2 of the Parker’s meet with Peter Lanza video interview that aired on CBS this morning. Robbie and Alissa Parker met with Peter Lanza for more than an hour on January 23rd, one month after his son Adam Lanza allegedly shot dead their daughter Emilie Parker and 25 others at her school.

Robbie Parker:“We definitely expressed our condolences for one another and we felt he was very receptive, I got the impression he was very grateful for the chance to speak to somebody.”

Robbie Parker:We felt … the olive branch had been extended for us to be able to get together and to speak and to offer condolences on both sides and just kind of get to talk as parents”

The Parker’s did not reveal anything regarding Adam Lanza’s medical history, even though this was discussed quite widely in the news yesterday, in an attempt to further form the public’s opinion. The Parker’s stated they believe more information about Adam Lanza is yet to emerge. Just in February, Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III- the prosecutor in the case against Adam Lanza- stated that he will not release information about Adam Lanza’s mental health.

A recent statement made by a spokesperson for the office of the chief medical examiner in Connecticut said that Lanza’s toxicology report will not be made public.

Peter Lanza and Shelley Cudiner allegedly packed up their car and left their home in Stamford, Connecticut, shortly after being informed by a reporter about the shooting and Adam Lanza’a alleged involvement.

The news reporter who told Peter Lanza stated in the Stamford Advocate:

“His expression twisted from patient, to surprise to horror, it was obvious that this moment was the first time he had considered his family could be involved.”

Alissa Parker about Nancy Lanza:

“Does she have accountability? Oh I think she has a lot of accountability. Do I think it was her fault? I’m sure that there were things that, you know, she’s gonna have to be accountable for. But again, it’s not my burden to carry.”

Alissa Parker about Adam Lanza:

“I do hold him accountable, but I feel like God will determine that. And I feel like he’s in a place where a judgment will happen, and I don’t have to. I don’t have to judge him. And I’m at peace with that.”

Watch the second part of Peter Lanza meets with the Parker Family Video and let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE: Robbie Parker appears on the Piers Morgan Show

Sandy Hook – Robbie Parker Interview With Piers Morgan


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17 Responses to Peter Lanza Speaks To Newtown Parents: Parker Family Meets With Peter Lanza

  1. Phylax says:

    I don’t think Alissa Parker met with Peter Lanza, but she is confident in claiming she did because Peter, if he is alive, is being held incommunicado on the subject of Sandy Hook. If he were able to speak the first thing a father would do is expose the media deceptions and vilification of his son – perhaps beginning with the doctored photo of H.P. Lovecraft that the media has claimed is a family photo of Adam. He and Ryan both know it is not Adam and was fabricated to make Adam look demonic. This “meeting” is meant to provide Peter Lanza’s imprimatur to the deception.

    • Pilot says:

      I agree, in the same way that auxiliary news stories have appeared to bolster the main narrative all along. Remember the Coroner’s office gal that got put on administrative leave for allowing her husband to view the body of Adam Lanza? Incidentally, she has a case pending with the Federal court dist of CT:


  2. Pilot says:

    Alissa Parker continues to baffle. Her demeanor and appearance. The fact that she is capable of public appearance. Her blog. All of it is surreal and disturbing. Go ahead and call me every name in the book, but I can’t wrap my head around this behavior from a “grieving” parent.

  3. Rachel Bustamante says:

    Do you see the faces on these people? AND…..would you be so quick to say we have to MOVE ON? Your 6 yr old kids was blown away. Really???

  4. RealPerson says:

    That look passed between Robby and Alyssa when asked “how the last three months have been” just says it all.

  5. newbieengineer says:

    If she did talk to him, the thing that she had to tell him to get out of her system was that “there never was an Emily.” Emily was a photo shopped creation. Alyssa is feeling the guilt of the lie.

  6. JBB says:

    again… why cant we see his medical history and tox report??? I’d say those are pertinent facts if we’re to consider sweeping legislation… but I’m just a number in the black helicopter crowd as a good ol’ Joe would put it… who am I to ask?

  7. exceld says:

    How in the hell could Mr Lanza have the “keys to Adam’s medical history”? The deadbeat abandoned his son 3 years ago. What the hell did he really know? Alot can happen in 3 years to an young adult male. The brain isn’ fully functional until the age of 24-26.
    I’ve never seen such a group of media whoring people. The parents of alot of the Columbine victims were basically kicked to the curb within 3 months.Cold day in hell before I’d open up my wallet to these moneygrubbers.

    • Phylax says:

      The Parkers are playing with a stacked deck; they know that Peter and Ryan Lanza are unable to say anything at all about Adam because to do so would conflict with the monstrous image the conspirators have invented and the surviving Lanzas have a grisly reminder in the vilification and deaths of Adam and Nancy that demonstrate the power and depravity of those behind this deception.

      The Parkers are being showcased to breathe life back into a narrative that is in serious trouble. Try again to make Adam Lanza a murderous psychopath. The original motive “He was insanely jealous of his mother’s attention to her kindergarten class” – was scratched without letting many of the players know and that has caused great confusion and given the whole show a credibility problem. First we had the Medical Examiner speculating about his DNA, now we have Alissa Parker looking for clues in his “medical history”.

      • RealPerson says:

        And yet no one questions his photoshopped image.
        Boggles the mind.

        • Phylax says:

          The fact that Peter and Ryan have been totally silent on the fact that the ubiquitous “photo” is not Adam tells me that they are unable to speak. A father would want to set the record straight, not give the ghouls more to feed on. I don’t believe he talked to Alissa Parker.

  8. what they should have said was: hi we are alyssa and robbie parker and we are so full of s**t we can’t even keep a straight face. The grins and our lying eyeballs that try not to blink when we lie can be observed in this video as well. we are scum of the earth dirtbags, trying to hoodwink the american public with the main group of political talking heads, senators and politicans to take away your gun rights. that is the real objective. the news media who interviews us also are in on it. Operation mockingbird is an operation designed to brainwash the american public into thinking there is a serious problem with gun ownership even though most of you are law abiding citizens, it’s the group we work with that create mass hysteria and freak gun shootouts, not you guys. Also don’t forget to look at the satanic hand signals with the cute blonde teacher when she gave her interview at the end. Also don’t overlook the triange artwork that was drawn and placed at the memorial. We use symbols to let eachother know what is really going on… You guys’ aren’t supposed to catch it, but now that we mentioned it, you should be able to pick up on the hand signals and triangles placed on clothes,paper,backround walls,ect. It’s a big play, it’s not real, but to the american public it is real. If you feel emotion during a crisis, you are less apt to use your critical thinking skills. Most of you who watch tv incessintley don’t possess critical skills anyway. Your a bunch of mindless zombies. Please see our family page to make a monetary donation anyway, thanks! Happy 666 as lady gaga likes to say!

  9. Phylax says:

    Attention: Note in the video at 1:19-1:21 a clip of Emilie on the front row of what appears to be a kindergarten graduation complete with red caps and gowns. However, neither Sandy Hook nor the school where she attended kindergarten – Maggie Cordova Elementary in Rio Rancho, New Mexico – neither school had a cap and gown graduation.

    Parkers talk about how sad the principal in New Mexico was when they left for Connecticut. They were reported to have been in Sandy Hook for eight months prior to 12/14/12 which would mean they moved in April.

    So where and when was this video of “Emilie” recorded?

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