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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Peter Lanza Photo Album: Lanza Family Photos

Today I was forwarded the Peter Lanza picasa photo album by our author Swansong, who discovered it on GLP. The Peter Lanza photo album contains photo sets from 2006 to 2009. Most of Peter Lanza’s photo sets contains photos of annual trips to Mount Washington, New Hampshire. However, one of Peter Lanza’s picasa album sets were shot at the Rockefeller Center or Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, New York with Ryan Lanza. We also have the Ryan and Adam Lanza yearbook photos.

In this album you will see photos of Peter and Ryan Lanza. If you compare the photo’s with the yearbook photo of Ryan in 2006, they are almost identical. In this yearbook, you can see that Ryan is also a fan of Gun’s and Roses. He is wearing a T-shirt of Gun’s and Roses in the photo set.

No photo of Adam Lanza has been found in Peter Lanza’s picasa album.


Peter Lanza Photo Album

Could it be that…

Ryan Lanza is Adam Lanza?

There had been rumors that Adam Lanza did not exist. However we know that Adam Lanza was listed in the Divorce record. He is also listed in the yearbook of 2008, however no photo is provided. Watch the interesting video below:


Adam Lanza is Ryan Lanza? – The Transformation



An interesting comment to dispute this theory was posted on YouTube by MizzK: Ryan Lanza graduated from Quinnipiac in 2010. In 2009, ADAM Lanza was taking courses at Western Connecticut State University. Now, why would mommy (and daddy) pay for taking classes at BOTH places? By the way, Quinnipiac is more “prestigious” than Western CT, which takes anything with a pulse. It makes no sense whatsoever to be taking a full course load at Quinnipiac under one name and then revert to shy nerdy 16 year old Adam, who can’t join his fellow classmates when invited to go to a bar.

Yearbook Photos of Ryan Lanza and Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Hoax


This is Ryan Lanza ‘s Senior picture in the 2006 yearbook. Note it lists his birthday, nicknames, and his favorite quote. All the seniors were asked to provide this. They could also put in a baby picture if they wanted to, but he doesn’t have one.


Ryan Lanza 2005 NHS Yearbook Photo.


Adam Lanza 2008 NHS Tech Club Photo


Adam Lanza 2008 NHS Yearbook. No photo.


Adam Lanza 2009 Yearbook page also stating who did not get photographed.


Ryan is Adam Lanza

Interesting Adobe Photoshop overlay of Adam Lanza’s published photo by the mainstream media and Ryan Lanza’s photo.


However, in Peter Lanza Sr obituary, their grandfather who died in 2010 both grandchildren are mentioned. Adam and Ryan Lanza:

The husband of the late Elodia (Wilkinson) Lanza, he is survived by sons, Michael Lanza and his wife Marsha of Crystal Lake, Ill., Mark S. Lanza and his wife Cindy of Plaistow, and Peter J. Lanza and Shelley Cudiner of Stamford, Conn.; a sister, Rose Lanza of Plaistow and Glen, N.H.; grandchildren, Jeff, Michael, Brian, Daniel, Andrew, Mark, Charles, Stephanie, Ryan and Adam.

Peter Lanza Picasa Photo AlbumHERE

My last thoughts and pointed out by our author Swansong: Do we really believe that the arrest picture of Ryan Lanza in NJ, is the same person we know to be Ryan Lanza?



Same ATF Agent at Ryan Lanza arrest then at Sandy Hook Firehouse


What are your thoughts? Please leave us a comment.

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20 Responses to Peter Lanza Photo Album: Lanza Family Photos

  1. I confirmed that the Borat “High Five” shirt in the Adam Lanza Tech Club photo is 2006/2007. So, it does fit into the context of the date and this could not be Ryan at a younger age. But, maybe Adam was a fill in or ‘dropped’ into the family as a player for the upcoming event at Sandy Hook.

    • Tom Lowe says:

      It is clearly and obviously Ryan. Same detail of hair. Same detail of head shape. 2008 is later than 2006-7, so the timing fits also.

  2. PCGeek says:

    I will assure you those yearbook pics are all photoshopped. I even know exactly which photoshop filters were used. The giveaway is the yellowish tinge of the pics made to look like the photos are aged or low quality camera settings when in fact diffuse glow from photoshop is used cause that filter hides any cut pasting of faces & fonts. I will take those pics and produce something similar with the most likely original or fictional characters. I’ll post the finished work tonite on letsroll forums.

    • -swansong- says:

      Welcome PCG. Great work on your Alicia efforts.

      We’ll be looking forward to further details. Consider our offer. We could use more dedicated and creative souls.


    • V.E.G. says:

      Remember the good Lanzas: Mario Lanza (the singer) and Walter Lanza (the Woody Woodpecker guy!).

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hi PcGeek,
      We saw your post on David Icke, We would like to invite you to our blog. Would you be interested to submit and investigate with us? I tried to email you but it did not reach you.
      You can reach us through our contact form ūüôā

    • -swansong- says:

      I was noticing that as well. Someone, somewhere, is messing with us.

    • Phuck Hew says:

      The first pic is adam, the second pic is ryan. Ryan posted that pic in 2006 on his facebook page.

      • Tom Lowe says:

        Both are photos of Ryan. He has olive green eyes that look more bluish with the blue shirt on and that look olive brown with the black shirt on. In my own case, when I have a green shirt on, my eyes are green. When I have a blue shirt on, my eyes are blue. So, in other words, Phuck Hew 2.

    • Funny, govt. docs have Lee Harvey Oswald with blue eyes and brown eyes, after 50 years they still can’t get details right, go figure?

  3. Laura says:

    I have been doing some research as well and came across the information about the college before seeing your video, I have also been looking into many other aspects as well. Such as the connection between Mr. Lanza, and a man named Richard Novia. It would not surprise me that Ryan is a CPA since his dad does that type of work. I will be paying attention to what I see here and so on. thanks for sharing

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  5. diann says:

    the names listed on the year book from 2009 .. jessie lewis same as a child used in the event

  6. Bill Weldon says:

    ¬†Why¬†does¬†Peter J.¬†Lanza¬†have¬†so¬†many¬†alias¬†names?¬†He’s¬†Peter¬†Burhmaster,¬†Peter¬†Delcore. I¬†for¬†instance¬†only¬†have¬†one¬†name¬†that¬†my¬†parents¬†gave¬†me¬†at¬†birth.¬†I’m a¬†male¬†so¬†my¬†last¬†name¬†didn’t¬†change¬†when¬†I married.What is Peter J.
    Lanza or Peter Burhmaster or Peter Delcore hiding from? Every so sly Peter.

  7. timmy says:

    Burhmaster…..Bushmaster. interesting coincidence, as well.

  8. TheExscaminer says:

    Above you said no picture of Adam is in Peter Lanza’s album, but there one included, the yearbook pic of Adam with the Tech Club. And why would he have a picture of his son Ryan getting put into a police car? LOL. Along with pictures of Peter skiing in short sleeves and other photos we’ve already seen, including a photo of his son “not pictured” in a yearbook? This album is so fake. All just another red herring thrown our way.

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