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Sandy Hook

Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by -swansong-


Oregon Colt Lyerla Supports Sandy Hook Conspiracy On Twitter

TE Oregon Colt Lyerla tweeted a Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video to his followers on Twitter yesterday, stating that everyone should take half an hour to enlighten themselves by watching a Sandy Hook Conspiracy Youtube Video, joining the Sandy Hook Truthers and he is not ashamed of it.


I ain’t crazy, I just got ballz. (unfortunately this tweet got deleted…)


The athletic department released the following statement concerning Colt Lyerla’s tweets:

“Twitter posts attributed to student-athlete Colt Lyerla concerning the tragedy at Sandy Hook are insensitive and offensive, especially those devastated by the shootings, and we have communicated as much to Colt. Though the University of Oregon Department of Athletics as well as the football program have social media expectations in place for our student-athletes, at times, personal opinions go well beyond what we expect from our students.

The University of Oregon and Department of Athletics understand that our young men and women have a great deal of freedom of expression on social media but with that freedom comes responsibility. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with the families of Sandy Hook.”

Colt Lyerla stands strong and so far he did not delete his tweets about Sandy Hook, he even retweeted those who support him. More celebrities and athletes need to stand up, and come forward. Supporters tweeted that Colt Lyerla should stay strong:

“son, don’t change just because @dailyemerald has to sensationalize your opinion to sell press”

The Daily Emerald slammed the Football player on their website:

“Oregon tight end Colt Lyerla created a stir on Twitter Thursday morning after he tweeted a YouTube link that suggests the Sandy Hook shooting was done by the U.S. government. The video also advocates for the second amendment and the right to own assault weapons. When pressed by another Twitter user, Lyerla laid out his opinion plainly: “The parents of the kids that supposedly died in the sandy hook situation are liars.”

To our readers:

Support Colt Lyerla and follow him on Twitter! @ThaRealCL

Email your support of Colt Lyerla to the University of Oregon Athletic Department.

Supporting comments from readers state:

“Lyerla is correct. What’s wrong with speaking truth? Good for him. Freedom of speech. And if you think Lyerla is wrong, try proving it by doing your research, not by simply listening to mainstream media.”

“I didn’t know the Daily Emerald was in the business of outright smear campaigns now.”

“It’s his life to do with as he chooses. The athletic department doesn’t own his mind. Do some real journalism if you want respect.”

Thanks to Colt Lyerla for following and the reply!


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