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Sandy Hook Evidence

Published on April 16th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Nancy Lanza:Will & ATF Records

In this article titled Nancy Lanza:Will & ATF Records we’ll take a look at the available details in Nancy Lanza’s recently released will as well as the recently released ATF records detailing Nancy Lanza’s purchase of the guns allegedly used in the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Nancy Lanza’s Will & ATF Records

Nancy Lanza’s will was recently filed in the Bethel regional Probate court by Stamford attorney Samuel Starks. The 5 page will was originally signed in 1994 while Nancy and Peter still lived in New Hampshire, 4 years before they would move to Newtown.

Starks had been assigned by Probate Judge Joseph Egan to search for Nancy Lanza’s will and to file an accounting of her estate. While the full accounting has yet to be completed, Starks has found approximately $60,000 in various bank accounts.

The will had obviously been updated over the years, most recently when the couple divorced in 2009. At that time Peter Lanza was removed as both beneficiary and executor. It may be worthy to note that in 2009 Nancy made no provisions regarding Adam’s care or provided any special instructions regarding same should she die before Adam reached the age of 21. He would have been 16-17 in 2009.

As mentioned, originally Peter Lanza was to have been the executor of Nancy’s estate. In 2009 that task was delegated to James Champion (Nancy’s brother) or alternatively, Mark Lanza (Peter’s brother). Both men refused the task without specifying the reason why. Thus it has fallen to Samuel Starks.

lanza home

The other asset known to belong to Nancy Lanza is the home on Yogananda street that she and Adam shared. The home is assessed at almost $370,000 and is appraised at more than $500,000.

While all details have yet to be released there appears to be no special mention of Adam beyond Nancy’s request that he and Ryan share equally in her estate.

Peter Lanza had made a special request to remove Adam’s possessions and Ryan was also allowed to remove his possessions.

Nancy Lanza Left Estate To Her Sons

While Peter Lanza signed a document agreeing to have Starks serve as administrator of his former wife’s will, he also made a request through Starks to remove Adam Lanza’s personal property from the house. The request was granted Jan. 18, records show. Ryan Lanza also was given permission to remove personal possessions from the house.

There is no record of what was removed from the house at that time and it is unclear how much was left behind after state police searched it three times following the murders.

In case you missed it you can examine the details of the search warrants at the following link, Sandy Hook Evidence:Lanza Search Warrants (PDF)

Nancy Lanza’s Will & ATF Records

ATF Records Show Details of Lanza Gun Purchases

The Journal News has received copies of Nancy Lanza’s purchase of the weapons allegedly used in the Sandy Hook school shootings. The documents pertain to the Bushmaster AR-15/XM-15 rifle allegedly used to inflict all the wounds on victims on 12/14 and the SIG Sauer 9mm allegedly used by Adam Lanza to take his own life.

You can view the complete .pdf documents by clicking on the following banner.

Nancy Lanza ATF Gun Docs

ATF Records Show Nancy Lanza Gun Purchases

The Journal News obtained copies of ATF 4473s, the firearms transaction forms that Nancy Lanza filled out and signed, showing she bought the Bushmaster XM15 rifle on March 29, 2010, and SIG Sauer 9 mm pistol on March 16, 2011.

On each form is the question, “Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?” For both purchases, she checked a box indicating “Yes.”

Riverview Gun Sales, the store that sold Nancy the weapons, was raided after the Sandy Hook shootings, although officials stated it had nothing to do with the crime and the store subsequently had it’s federal firearms license revoked for hundreds of violations it had incurred over the years.

Nancy Lanza’s Will & ATF Records

Riverview Gun sales

Riverview Gun Sales Had Hundreds Of Violations

A document prepared by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives explains why Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor lost its license. Some of the violations included letting a felon buy ammunition and selling firearms without completing background checks. The document was obtained Wednesday by WFSB-TV and the Journal News in New York.

The documents accuse Riverview of committing more than 500 violations and say the licensee received 11 instances of instruction from ATF dating back to 2004 on how to comply with federal firearms laws and regulations. It says “the large number of repeat violations demonstrates that the licensee and his employees purposely disregarded and/or were plainly indifferent to their CGA obligations,” referring to the Gun Control Act.

More than 300 violations were for failing to record information completely, accurately and in a timely manner…

Somehow this gun shop was able to stay in business despite its frequent violations over the course of many years. It’s enough to make one wonder if they had some friends looking out for him from the inside…or are the ATF really that lax in the enforcement of compliance?


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