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Investigative Reports mike-powers-power-hour-radio-interview-sandy-hook

Published on January 20th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview: US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran on Sandy Hook Conspiracy

Listen to the Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview, that aired recently on the Power Hour radio show. The former US Naval Law enforcement and US Army Veteran talks about the glaring Sandy Hook inconsistencies. Below you can watch the video, and read a transcript with reference links, photos and videos and an important message to the public:

“We must understand that this is the elephant in the living room and must be shared with everyone that you know. This is a CAN’T MISS SHOW and of the utmost importance that we understand what is really going on.”



Let’s give you a quick overview of Mike Powers bio:

Mike Powers is a US Naval Law Enforcement and US Army Infantry veteran. Powers has 15 years experience in federal service, specialized search and rescue, 10 years professionally instructing wilderness survival and personal defense theory.

10 years as a firearms and tactic instructor, having worked with private citizens as well as public service elements and a consultant in protective security detail. He has been on several security teams for celebrities and military officials.

Mission Statement of the Power Hour Radio Show:

Knowledge Is Power
An informed citizen is freedom’s best friend and a controlled citizen is our worst enemy!

Transcript Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview

I will write the most important questions and discussed details, please listen to the full interview in the video.


Joyce Riley: Let’s document what we actually know about the alleged perpetrator Adam Lanza.

Mike Powers:“Well it’s actually funny that we should phrase it that way, fact of the matter is, that up on to this point there is nothing solid about Adam Lanza. The alleged attacker appeared at the school, wearing a mask to conceal his identity, so what we have until this point is the “quote on quote” official story. Which unfortunately, no pun intended, is shot full of holes.”

“There is no conclusive evidence that Adam Lanza ever existed, on multiple public record resources sites, we had no luck whatsoever in locating anything to indicate that he was actually a real person. We found tons on his brother Ryan Lanza, but nothing on Adam himself.”

“There is an interesting anomaly that takes place in 2009, where Adam Lanza, according to the media drops right off the face of the planet, he has no electronic footprints. So many of the other dishonest inconsistencies that come up in these things, cause we know this is the information age where people have access to the internet, people can get access to public record search sites for 24.95 a month, and you can background anything anybody anywhere.”



“Adam is an enigma, at best. The individual just completely has no indication of ever having been anywhere. That’s kinda what initially drew myself and my colleagues attention, to the situation to the point where we thought, oh my god not again, I can’t believe this keeps happening, which spurred the initial desire to investigate, because the story changed so many times, because there were so many inconsistencies, because nothing of that stuff added up.”

“I was actually sitting at my computer terminal as the story broke, hearing it as it came out, all day long. They reported certain facts, and then the story metamorphisized throughout the day. The details changed so significantly, that fortunately me and my colleagues started recording all the news broadcasts. That’s what we do, we take what’s said, what’s provided, and then we go back and test it. At the end of the day, the story stunk and it still does.”

“Which is why we compiled a list of 30 questions, that went up to probably 50 in the last couple of days, but it is the basic thirty that we’d like to ask our elected officials to investigate.”

Joyce Riley:“Let’s go over the facts that we know of. Adam Lanza was 20 years of age, he had a brother that lived in New Jersey, Ryan Lanza and Adam was using his brothers ID according to the news story. His brother said he hasn’t seen him in 2 years, so obviously he must have missed his drivers license in 2 years you would think.”

Mike Powers:“This is one of the greatest inconsistencies that popped up in this story. The official story provided details that Adam had allegedly not had any formal or direct contact with his brother since 2010, and the other thing is that today official resources have not indicated what form of identification it was.”

“We are assuming that it is his drivers license, which raised another question in one of my colleagues opinion who says: Well, maybe because we can only locate information on one of these people, Did they change this kids name to Ryan? Unfortunately we have not been able to locate anything, which is peculiar because most of these guys are pretty good at what they do.”

Joyce Riley:“Isn’t it interesting though that his brother has not made any statements on television? To come forward and say: Look, my brother was a wonderful person, he must have gotten into some hard times, I don’t know what could have happened.. Do we even know that the brother exists?”

Mike Powers:“There lies the ultimate question in this entire scenario. The weirdest thing about Sandy Hook versus all these other scenarios that very conveniently and extraordinary well timed popped up for all of us to witness, as the newest administration faces it’s second term, is that the details and everything is just so sketchy and smokey, there is absolutely no clarification to any of it.”


“Regarding Ryan Lanza, very particular and extraordinary to anyone I’m affiliated with, was that the entire portion of the day, no less then 6 hours, law enforcement officials, both federal and civilian who spoke on quote of conditions of anonymity, all provided statements to the media, that they had located Ryan Lanza, that is was Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.

“His Facebook page, he commented on his Facebook page. So we and checked out his Facebook page and it was set to private, which means if you are not his friend you will not see what he wrote, which was another of one of these oddities that popped up into this kind of thing. Then the clone pages started, we physically watched 7 different clone pages manifesting, people allegedly protecting this guy.”

“Adam Lanza’s picture started coming out. It’s just so peculiar. I have friends in the photo analysis industry who have taken the official photos of Adam and have explained to me how photoshop works, and have indicated that they have discovered layers in all of these official photographs. There is a black and white version, there is a color version that is exactly the same, the image of itself is peculiar. That’s initially what drew our suspicion and attention of the situation.”


Joyce Riley:“You know I was talking to Dr. C. who was investigating this also, and he made a statement, he told me that they had taken a picture of Adam Lanza. You know there is always some weird photograph that they put out there, this one appears to be a school picture of Adam Lanza, and he they had their IT department go over this and it is definitely Photoshopped without doubt.”

Mike Powers:“This raises suspicion right there, you know when so many people who are completely unconnected, my group affiliates with some of the others out there, and I mean we’re all like butting heads together in this thing, and we all come to the same conclusions. You know the definition of insanity is attempting the same process multiple times expecting a different outcome, or different result. Well, we are not getting different results. We are getting solid conclusive evidence in the investigative field that’s called incontestable.”

“That’s kind of where we are going now, we are going to get to the bottom of this, one way or the other.”

Joyce Riley:“You know I feel so good about this, and I appreciate you doing what you’re doing, risking getting outside your job description to do this. Because we need people like you, we need more people like you. The more the better. Asking questions, saying excuse me, all I want is a fact and don’t lie to me, willing to go beneath the surface of this.

Is there anything else for you to look at regarding Adam Lanza, because as far as I know, there is no evidence that Adam Lanza killed his mother. We don’t even know if he killed his mother, we are being told that. We have not seen Adam Lanza’s father either, have we, on television, Peter Lanza?”

Mike Powers:“The statistically and categorically bizarre thing about this is, by this time, several family members would have historically appeared on shows like Today, Good Morning America, The View, all the hard leftist outlets that in my estimation force feed the opinion to the American People and then tell them what to think and how to think, just because of it’s presentation. We have not seen any of that.”

Peter Lanza, I believe there was one picture pulled in from Linkedin. There is a stock image of that gentleman that pops up. The picture of Ryan Lanza that they pulled of of his Facebook page. You know, the sheer lack of information, when you use resources like Spokeo, you will see that there is Peter and Nancy Lanza, you can see the family tree with one son, Ryan. There is nothing of Adam Lanza. The most bizarre part of all this is, that somewhere somehow everybody pops up.

“It doesn’t matter if you have an electronic footprint or not. If you go to the Dr. when you have the sniffles, if you have a bank account, if you have a cell phone which obviously they did, because these officials reported to have found multiple cell phones which i found bizarre in a household that only has 2 people.”

“The computers that he had the foresight of to smash the hard drives up. The FBI Forensics weren’t able to pull anything from it. These are all things that draw suspicion. It was only 6 days ago that Peter Lanza allegedly claimed Adam’s body after they talked about doing scientific DNA research on Adam Lanza’s DNA to find out if there is an evil Gene. This has just gone so grotesquely circus bizarre, that it just boggles the mind. There is just no explanation for the way this is being handled.”


Joyce Riley:”I think this is a good way to put it, grotesquely circus, bizarre. So that’s all we know about Adam Lanza, Let me ask even more basic. Do we even know that Adam Lanza existed?

Mike Powers:“No. Not to any conclusive nature that myself or any of my colleagues were able to find out. I’m not going to openly say Adam Lanza does not exist, because I honestly don’t know. But what I can tell you is that through exhaustive research we have not found conclusive evidence that suggest that he was anything other then a myth at this point.”

Update: In this post you can find Nancy Lanza and Peter Lanza’s Divorce records, both children listed, search warrants also added. (LINK)

Joyce Riley:”What about the mother Nancy Lanza, that was allegedly shot 4 times in the head, in her home.”

Mike Powers:“That’s another weird intriguing point. All the reports that were semi consistent that said Adam had executed her with 4 shots with I believe it was a .22 Marlin rifle, now that the story was metamorphisized again, they say that he shot her point blank with a Bushmaster .223. People can use their imagination as to what kind of result that would produce.”

“As far as the mother Nancy Lanza is concerned, it has been nothing but lie after lie after lie about her. Well, she was a Kindergarten teacher here and everybody knew and loved her. Well ooops, the players didn’t back that play. Now it’s, oh we don’t know who she is, she never worked here. We have not been able to locate any evidence to suggest that she ever had a teacher certificate on file with the State of Connecticut.”


“These schools staff themselves and admitted that no one knows who she is. Then we find conclusive data to proof that Nancy Lanza was indeed in fact an employee of Morgan Stanley.

Nancy Elaine Lanza
Registered Titles: Broker-Dealer Agent
Individual CRD #: 2181808
Works for Advisor Firm: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Current Office Employment Dates: 06/01/10 – Present
Office Details: Cityplace 1-185 Asylum St-21st Fl, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

Her husband Peter Lanza is the executive director of General Electrics interest division. One thing that we did locate, very peculiar about that is that 3 employees from that General Electric interest division that Peter Lanza is in charge of, have been tried prosecuted and sentenced for crimes directly tied to the Libor scandal.”

“There was a lot of internet speculation by conspiracy theorists whether or not there have been any direct connections, there has been solid reputable evidence to proof, yes there was indeed one direct connection. Those 3 individuals have been tried, prosecuted and convicted and Peter Lanza escaped this. I’m not going to try and form your opinion, but we did find that very highly suspect.”

Joyce Riley:“Can we say at this point, that Nancy Lanza did exist?”

Mike Powers:“This is certain, there is enough valuable information that we were able to locate, with her historical reference to her employment and marriage to Peter Lanza. Public records have indicated the divorce. Some of the peculiar things that we discovered were the lack of mention of Adam Lanza in Nancy’s obituary. Given the circumstances, they mentioned everybody but Adam. Some people would suggest that this is because he was such a monster.”


“It was still her son, and we feel that there should have been at least been a minimum mention, but there was none. In fact the evidence handling protocol procedures that were used in this situation from beginning to end, drawn questionable opinions from all over the industry. From Law Enforcement to the Gun industry, anybody out there that just knows what’s bright when it’s in front of them and they see it. Especially about that handling procedure, in some way of the way the media has portrayed this, presents some very dangerous things.”

Joyce Riley:“Ok, let’s move to the motive of Adam Lanza, to go to a school and allegedly killed 20 children. What do we know about that?”

Mike Powers:“Simply put, none existent. There’s been rumors, and that’s all it is at this point, in the media they ae saying that Adam Lanza attended Sandy Hook for a very short time, obviously in his elementary years, well he is 20 years old now. So it’s highly suspect and questionable, that he would harbor any kind of ill feelings from his Sandy Hook Elementary school days all the way up to his 20’s, and then just decides to walk in and execute systematically 26 people.”

“Initially there was a report that Adam Lanza had some form of altercation at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, with some of the staff there. Number one, why would a 20 year old find himself at a Elementary school to begin with? Two, what members of the staff did he have an altercation with? What was the nature of the altercation? When questioned about it, Connecticut State police would send in LT Paul Vance to say the he did not believe that there was any kind of altercation.”

“That get’s us to the surveillance video, Sandy Hook had just recently installed a very high protocol security system. The teachers were taught how to react and received certain instructions. They had all received a set of keys to lock their classrooms, with the exception of Lauren Rousseau. She was a Canadian national substitute teacher, hers was the first classroom that sustained heavy casualties according to the story, and eventual it was her car out in the parking lot that also sustained massive amounts of gunfire, which indicates there was gunshots fired outside in the parking lot. This draws another question, why was there only one call to Sandy Hook dispatch?”


“None of the neighbors heard massive amounts of gunfire, from all these enormous weapons? In the timeline recordings you can hear that Staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary believes they hearing what they believe to be gunfire at this time. The typical AR 15 Rifle has a 16 inch barrel, and in States where it is not legally prohibited, comes with a muffle break. Anybody who has any education in the firearm industry will tell you, that this combination of the 5.56 millimeter rounds with the muffle break and the short barrel, produces a much more loud then average hyper-sonic snap. They’re consistently known of being louder.”

“This only re-doubles our opinions in this matter, how could this individual walk into an enclosed space, with an un-suppressed carbine and fire, again to Connecticut State Police LT. Paul Vance, 100 of rounds. He fired hundreds of rounds in the school, and was still carrying on his person hundreds more that he had not discharged. Essentially you are talking about 165 decibel or better percussive impact on the human nervous system, inside of an enclosed space like that. That’s simply just not possible.”

“I had actually 2 phone interviews with Doctors from Otolaryngology yesterday, and this is the level we take our investigation to. I’m not going to asses it on my own personal information, or my own personal level of training. I’m going to take this to industry professionals who have PhD’s in these matters to make sure that my information is correct, and both of those Doctors in Otolaryngology have indicated that the impact on the Eustachian tube of the inner ear would be devastating under those conditions.”

“The individual would lose balance, cognitive ability, just from the shock of the incident. So, it is all of these things. Not just one isolated thing, or one minor detail. It’s the entire pile of all the details, from all different directions. This is one of the main reasons why we are committed to this. If this is to be the catalyst, that fundamentally changes this nation at its core, constitutionally, we’re not going down without a fight.”

“There is also no documentation that Adam Lanza was ever home schooled. According to credited home schooling, Nancy would still have to submit his tests scores in order to be credited, there will be materials provided nby the state boards of education.There has been absolutely none of that.”

Joyce Riley:“Now let’s go to the issue on how Adam Lanza entered the school, he was supposed to be wearing what? And he had 4 weapons including bullets with him? You know weapons, I don’t, what would a man have looked like, that was allegedly carrying all those things?”

Mike Powers:“You can go on YouTube and look up Green Barrett, Navy Seal, Army Delta, even basic infantry operators these days, will carry a minimum of 210 rounds, on a standard combat level, which is 7 magazines, one in the weapon and six on the kit, but what they alleged him to have had was 100 of rounds that he shot, hundreds of rounds that he didn’t. They indicated that he was wearing a bulletproof west, that he was wearing some form of tactical west, which enabled him to carry all of this.”


“For general instructions, go to YouTube or look up tactical gear on the internet, you can see where a basic tactical west will have pockets on one side or both for carrying magazines. Now in order for him to be in full compliance with the story and actually carrying those hundreds of hundreds of rounds, what that indicates to me is that he would have had to have pockets on both sides of the west. So Adam Lanza is about 120 pounds, they say he came into the building approximately carrying his ammunition and body weight in kit.”

“He had 4 handguns, then he had a rifle, they can’t make up their mind. Let’s go back to the tragedy of the DC sniper. The very moment they took the DC Sniper into custody, within minutes the media had pictures of the AR15 rifle. You have not seen a single picture of the weapons, or any of the kit. This is also to tie into Aurora Colorado, James Eagan Holmes, all these other most recent incidents.”

“The most disturbing issues we have right now, and Aurora actually tied into this, because there is equally as many questions, both, in evidence handling and the official story. Each one of these scenarios, and how each one played out all the way to the Sikh temple shooting, and all these other mass shooting incidents, where eye witnesses have reported multiple shooters. All of them.”

“As far as the weapon is concerned, gaining access to the school. I have a picture that shows the front of the school, with all the glass being intact. When you listen to the dispatchers initial report to the first responding officers, they believe the front glass has been broken out and they are unsure why. Not shot out. The picture that I have in my possession now, is a Connecticut police officer, escorting 2 women and a child away and you can clearly look over his shoulder and see another officer standing there at the entrance with the carbine and all the glass is still intact.”


“As far as access to the building is concerned, you are talking about a 120 pound mentally disabled kid, who’s carrying an immense amount of weight and equipment, btw one thing that I do wanted to point out is, that if he was wearing a tactical west with all these magazines on them, a tactical west is made for heavy set guys, he is a skinny lanky kid. He would have a very difficult time locating equipment properly. Some people would argue and say he was wearing a fire rig, which is a holster that drops your belt line to carry additional kits. But you can bet your dollars that the media would have reported that.”

See picture of broken glass side door here, and read more here.

“This again presents the problem of dynamic flow, first, how did he compromise the door? All security doors are hinged on the inside. If it was glass, it would have been made of sufficient thickness to sustain weather conditions, slamming of doors, so you’re not talking about a single pane of glass here. The particular round he used is also very well documented for fragmentation, when it strikes its target, it tends to fragment apart and create a type of form, where it bounces off and goes in different directions.”

“This also leads to yet another problem. They are saying he piled all these kids up in the corner and just started shooting. Statistically and physically speaking I’m not convinced that this round would have the ability to penetrate through that thick off a wall of meat, I apologize for further grotesque reference, but it’s necessary to explain it so people can understand. Penetration is everything, for every inch of flesh that this round penetrates, it looses energy.”

“So for it to have enough energy to get all the way through to the end of the pile, for lack of better terms is rather unbelievable in my opinion. Just Google Brazil School shooting and you will find a 3 minute video, they had cameras everywhere, People were doing exactly what they are supposed to do, running for their lives. This is what a school shooting looks like, and we are talking about a school in Brazil with cameras everywhere.”



“Why does a prominent, well doing neighborhood in Connecticut, have an Elementary School who has just graduated from this new security protocol, not have one single camera, but wait they did. There were several eye witnesses, one of them a mother who said she just doesn’t understand how he got in. When you get to the door, they look at you through the camera, recognize who you are and they have a button to push you in. If they don’t recognize you, you will have to present a photo ID. Lack of video evidence”


Joyce Riley:“Another report indicated that the door had wire re-enforced glass. If that were true, and somebody would try to knock a hole in this, it might would have been a little bit more difficult, and one would have called 911 the minute someone tried to start breaking it, correct?”

Mike Powers:“It would have been virtually impossible for someone of Adam’s size, lack of stature. Even if it did shatter, it would become so unwieldy, sharp edges, busted glass. Now that’s the thing you really got to think about logically, you have to assume, that the foundation of the front door of an Elementary school is safe, there are regulations in place, state safety regulations. You wouldn’t want a glass door to shatter into 1 billion little glass pieces to shred your child in case of an accident you would want their to be some level of protection, which also indicates there should be laminated glass.”

Which makes the official story that much more difficult. You sit there and notice the lack of pictures. There have been no pictures whatsoever.. My first thought in any of these high stress situations, mass casualty incidents, when you go in there, being an instructor of personal defense, is very simple. Why did you not push to children out the window? You heard somebody shooting outside in the hallway, or in another classroom, why would you huddle up in the corner and read the children Christmas stories. Why wouldn’t you open the Windows, push the kids out the window and tell them to run to the fire-station, which was just up the end of the driveway.”

These are the things, that occupy my mind at night. This prevents me from going to sleep, this will be my first thought for the preservation or the protection of the life of those children. You would do anything to get them out of harms path. I question any professional instructor, that would teach teachers to have kids sit down Indian style, in a target shape circle, and wait for a madman. Oh, we will just lock the door. Well, if he had all the firepower they alleged he had, he can simply shoot the lock out of the door and kick it in with his Super huge Rambo legs and then he is off on his killing spree. I also find it highly suspect that substitute teacher Lauren Russo one of the only staff members present was not issued a set of keys to lock the door.

Joyce Riley:“Allegedly we were told, he broke the glass and went in, now from the time that he broke the glass, you would think that one person calls 911, what do we know about the notification to police?”

Mike Powers:“At this point in time I can tell you that we have not located anything other then the initial single call to Sandy Hook dispatch. There has been no reference, radio reference.com is one of the most reliable sites out there as far as recording off these things there has not been any subsequent calls in, and that’s really what kind of takes us by shock and surprise here.

Depending on the next couple of weeks, what happens to this nation we are going to conduct some of these scientific experiences. We are attempting to obtain the door of similar size and mass, we will be shooting a 223 caliber round and it in different locations to see what results it will produce and we will know exactly how much the door will weigh, and whether it is believable that 120 pound weakling kid who is not an athlete, could have managed this.”

“There are military operators, SWAT operators, there are guys who trained their entire life, hours and days in the gym, getting to the best possible fitness they can and possibly be in. Training their entire lives to do it. And you don’t just walk into one of these teams, you have to prove yourself, before you get to that level and can be brought in to that community. And I’m going to keep stressing this, because it’s critically important.”

“A 120 pound developmentally disabled kid, to suddenly reach the exact same peak of operational performance and pull of a stunt, within the first 3 min. he discharged hundreds of rounds which as we discussed earlier would have beat him senseless physically. You have one call and get a massive level of response, which is one of the reasons that there are people out there suggesting that this was actually part of a mass casualty drill, that was taking place 35 min. away from Sandy Hook.”

“They are already set up, prepped in their kit. One of the most disturbing details that initially came out was, within the first 60 min., at 9:37, they said the first call came in, at 9:41 was the initial dispatch that they gave to the responding officer, that said they believe what appears to be gunfire from outside the school. Okay, that was a huge red flag. If they hear gunfire outside of the school, why did not any of the neighbors hear it and why didn’t they call?”

Secondly you’re going to tell me that you are standing right outside the window? You can look at Google Earth, you can go to Newtown Connecticut, find the school, it’s not hard to do guys, check the helicopter footage use your minds eye. There are officers outside in front of the school, you want to tell me you didn’t hear a guy bust out hundreds of shots and you couldn’t tell it was gunfire?

Joyce Riley:“We are talking about the law enforcement response to the scene, there was an exercise taking place about 25 miles from there so conveniently everybody had their military weapons and equipment ready to go at that time. But we still get all kind of mixed messages about what happened. Now it is being called the fog of war. Because you are doing all these things in one day, who knows what’s happening? What is your response on fog war since you have been a military investigator.”

Mike Powers:“I’m just going to make it real easy. There is a hell of a difference, between the fog of war and a localized incident at an elementary school, in warfare there is an immense level of tension and stress when you’re opponents firing off IE-D’s, firing rockets, sniper fire coming at you from every direction. You are actively engaged with multiple opponents from every different angle, with the goal to kill you and your team mates every minute of the day.”

“Versus responding to a single shooter incident, which again was puzzling at the level of response once the first responders initially got on scene, they said within the first half hour of this thing, its not exactly clear when, they said when emergency responders first made entry to the building, Adam Lanza allegedly heard them coming, or noticed them coming, and offed himself. That was allegedly the end of the gunfire, which we also found to be a blatant lie.”

“You can go and listen to the dispatch audio, you can hear the police officers saying they are coming right at me, there are two of them. Teachers reported they saw 2 shadows coming up the left side of the auditorium there, there is raw helicopter footage where you can see police chasing someone off into the woods. One thing that is critical, that I want to bring to the listeners attention is the perception. It’s the perception on how this event is transpiring.”


“One of the most critical things that I want to draw their attention, if they are not sure that they are being lied to, is the raw helicopter footage where you can see an officer removing a weapon from the trunk which amounted to be Christopher Rodia’s car. They ran the plate. Now they are trying to say, oh it was Radio cross talk, it wasn’t actually Rodia’s car. Well, absolutely it was.”

“I don’t know of a single jurisdiction that does not have any emergency tactical frequency, that they switch to. See basically what happens on a day to day basis, you have traffic officers who are out there on patrol, you will have a primary operating frequency with city county dispatch. If something goes down, you will be directed by dispatch, to switch to a secondary frequency, so that they don’t clog up the primary net, because all of the traffic officers who are still out there doing their job, and providing service to the community still have to have a network to communicate with.”


“In that particular situation, going back to that video reference really fast, you see a guy pulling out what amounts to be a Saiga shotgun and an ATI (can’t understand), out of the back of this vehicle, he pulls the charging handle and you can see a shotgun shell fall out of it. A couple days later, as the RAW helicopter footage came out, and what the main stream media had done, they zoomed in very very tightly on that one individual that was pulling the rifle out of the trunk.”

“When you see the RAW helicopter footage, there are 4 other identities, whatever agency they were with at this point. Unidentified people standing right next to him that were wearing full chemical gear. The whole monkey suits, revel boots, the whole nine yards. Chemical protective equipment. MOP (?) Guys, from head to toe.”



“And it is just one of those bizarre things, why would they conceal that from the general public in their initial reporting, when they showed you how he pulled that rifle out of the trunk? Alll over a sudden, here somes the RAW helicopter footage and there are 4 guys in CHEM gear. What did they think they were going to find in the back of that car?”

UPDATE: LT Paul Vance also forgot to mention a high capacity magazine that was pulled from the trunk as you can see here

Joyce Riley: “Let me ask you this just so we are clear on the weapon, what weapon did Adam Lanza allegedly carry in the school?”

Mike Powers: “What they are reporting at this time is allegedly a Bushmaster caliber 556/223, semi automatic sport carbine with no less then 10-12 magazines. That’s what they are saying he used. The initial report said it was 2 handguns, a glock 10mm and a sig sauer. Then they said they found an AR15 in teh back of the car out in front of the school, but that this weapon had not been brung into the school and was not used. They reported this ALL day long. Then they realized why not take full advantage of teh tragedy, and this is when they reported that the AR15 had indeed been brung into the school.”

That’s another thing, federal and civilian law enforcement officials reported all day long that it was 2 handguns. I want to bring to your attention, that these are all military and law enforcement type weapons, the Sig Sauer, the Glock is 1. pretty rare, 2. very commonly carried by law enforcement officers for a number of years for its ballistic knockdown power. The reason they transitioned away from those is that it was expensive and oversized.

Joyce Riley: “Let me ask you this, regarding the weapon that allegedly did the damage, it was reported that some children were shot 3-11 times, which weapon was allegedly used to do that damage?”

Mike Powers:“According to the Medical Examiner Dr Wayne Carver, it was the long gun. When we started hearing this, 11 shots, and here you have to start thinking in physical dimensions, you are talking about little tiny kids. They would have been blown to pieces. With 11 shots, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left, not at that range.”


Joyce Riley:“When you say Long Gun which one are you referring to?”

Mike Powers: “The AR 15, the alleged AR15.”

Joyce Riley: “According to reports, Nancy Lanza and Adam went to the gun range to shoot these weapons, yet when they went to all the gun ranges in that area no one has ever seen her or him at a gun range shooting weapons. Nobody can verify that they had been to a gun range. We don’t even know that she owned those weapons. However, if I were a 20 year old, who didn’t do much shooting, didn’t know much about an AR15, or take me, could I reasonably pull off 4 – 11 shots per child?”

Mike Powers: “I’m going to say absolutely not. I can give you a list of several reasons why. Number one, first and foremost the physiological trauma on the human nervous system of discharging this amount of rounds. You have to think about the weight of the weapon, between 6-10 pounds, you are talking about weight lifting. He allegedly done this hundreds and hundreds of times according to a reputable source, that is the Connecticut State police LT Paul Vance. This is my first reason to say no. Secondly, there are psychological conditions that come into play.”

“I have actually spoken to a couple psychiatric professionals about it, and they said when it comes down to shooting in adults, it’s not unbelievable, but there is a psychological block that comes into play when children are involved. Even with the most psychotic individual. Could he have done it? I just honestly do not believe so. The sheer force of the issue, the timing that is involved. Now according to official sources, he changed magazines 8-10 times.”

“How is it, that a person wearing all this scary stuff and a mask and a rifle, pistols, plenty of magazines and God only knows what else he had on him. HOW is it possible for this to have happened? How many people are on average at a school at any given time?”

Joyce Riley: “Exactly, on the school ground, kids are late for school or whatever. Somebody must have seen that scary guy coming in.”

Mike Powers: “Well the entire front entry of the school is made of huge panes of glass. Even law enforcement guys admit it that upon their arrival, the glass was intact. They in fact shot their way in, busted the glass to gain access. That tells you right there, if he would have compromised the front door of the school, why wouldn’t the responding officers just walk in? Why is it that the people inside those rooms, where those big huge panes of glass are, I mean you see this guy standing in this imposing stance, and not one of the teachers managed to pick up a cell phone?”


“Even in 9/11 you have the dramatic call from the guy who picked up the phone and called his wife, honey the plane has been hijacked we are going to die. In this incident, we have not one single extra call. It just makes no sense whatsoever. The school psychiatrist and the principal Dawn Hochsprung went out to bravely encounter this mad man shooter, coming through the door. You know what I’m just gonna call one massive immeasurable stinking steaming pile of bull. I don’t care who you are, you are not going to walk up to somebody, dripping in guns and masks, you are not going to walk up to somebody like this, like “hey young man, you should stop what you are doing right now!” Yeah right you’re going to run like hell.”

“They are talking about how all these weapons were registered to Nancy Lanza, I had actually called a couple people who had spread that message. I said you guys in Connecticut have an assault weapon ban in place, so how do you legally register an illegal weapon? One thing I really desperately want to address, is that the individual Gene Rosen, who took in 6 kids, reportedly a former psychologist, I really wanted to address himm really fast , because he showed up on the news last night, talking about how truthers are calling him.”


“One point that he made in his multiple attention whoring interviews with the media, he said I heard a Staccato fire, pop pop pop. There is 2 questions I would like to pose to him: 1. If Adam Lanza was inside the school, it’s feasible to suggest that the noise of the discharge of the weapon would be suppressed, at least sufficient enough to keep Eugene from hearing it, if he was all the way the up the street in his residence, nearly a tenth of a mile away. Second question to him would be: Sir, if you heard Staccato gunfire, coming from an elementary school, why the hell did you not pick up your phone and call ? Never once in his multiple interviews, did he state that he called Sandy Hook Elementary school, or Sandy Hook dispatch to report the crime. It’s the little details that matter.

“Immediately without any hesitation or delay, the politicians went straight for the throat, these children’s poor little bodies weren’t even cold in the medical examiners office in the morgue, before the politicians, Feinstein demanded gun control. Look at the guy by the name of Robbie Parker, and I hope and pray to God Mr. Parker that my voice is landing on your ears right now, because I’m deliberately calling you out, right here right now.”

“6 hours after your daughter Emilie was allegedly murdered brutally, I witnessed your mouth when you said: Oh should I just read this from the card? While you smile and laugh as you approach the podium and then in true form and fashion you go into character by hyperventilating. It is an old stage actor trick isn’t it Mr Parker? When you hyperventilate yourself , so that you can create false tears and flush your face. Yeah, I took drama in highschool too.”


Joyce Riley: “Let me ask you a question regarding this, you know we aren’t saying people didn’t suffer or didn’t die, the main question is, who did all of this? If you have a family, I’m sure that you can understand, or identify how you might have been feeling at that time. 6 hours afterwards, I would have been in the biggest state of shock, I wouldn’t even know what my own name was.”

Mike Powers: “Let me tell you were I would be. I would be shoveling up the pieces of my wife. Where was Mrs Parker, when Robbie Parker was so arrogantly and joyfully interviewing infront of the camera with the producers? You just want me to read this from the card he says? Where was Mrs Parker? Why would you leave your wife and the rest of your family, teh other 2 little girls. There were some interesting things that popped up there to, there was a lady that came out publicly and said: Hey I don’t know who these people are, or why they are using a picture of my flickr account, from my daughter who is alive and well. Should I be scared?


UPDATE: Sandy Hook Actors

Sandy Hook Witness: Barbara and Rob Sibley Interview with Katie Couric

Sandy Hook Actors: Who is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton?

Joyce Riley: “Allegedly Law enforcement was called and they responded in how many minutes?”

Mike Powers: “From what they said, there were officers responding within 7 minutes. The first responders were there, in the building, weapons up within 7 minutes.”

Joyce Riley: “My question is, from the time they called 911, how long would it take, for Adam Lanza to use a AR15 with that number of magazines, do we have any idea of knowing how long it would take to shoot of that many rounds?”

Mike Powers: “In a situation like this, time is an eternity. There are so many physical and psychological factors that come into play. You are talking about several minutes at least. The individual has to compromise the front door, within seconds they are on the phone dialing 911, which will be approx. 9:35AM. The clock starts ticking right there. Then he has to figure out his way, this door is locked, ok I go to the next one etc, so you are talking about the physical impossibility of the timing that’s involved in this. With every second that ticks by, it makes the official story stink more and more and more. Do I believe he had enough time to pull this off? No, I do not.”

Joyce Riley: “The school nurse, Sally Cox said that she was till locked in the closet at 1pm, before they brought her out. Now it seems to me, that Law enforcement would clear a facility in an event like this taking place. Why did this woman say she was locked in a closet until 1 pm? How could that possible happen?”


Mike Powers:“It wouldn’t, because the extraordinary well trained, responding officers, SWAT units are well trained and organized to clear every nook and cranny.”

“I feel its my duty, if something did happen to those children, it’s my duty to make sure they are given no less then the best investigation humanly possible. I want to know precisely what happened. I want to know where that reddish purple van with the windows shot out of it went, I want to know where are the people dressed as nuns that allegedly fled from the scene? There are so many things that came into this so fast, I’m gonna go ahead and say, accidents happen. Inconsistencies happen. I grant the media a margin of error in this. But, there has been no retractions.”

UPDATE: Sandy Hook Crime Scene Analysis (LINK)

“The media has not come back out and said they misreported this. One of the other reasons I’m personally involved in this, I’m not ready to be lectured about my gun rights, and how I’m expected to give up my entire life, much less then 250 years of the nations privileged rights and traditions. I’m not ready to be lectured by the fast and furious, Benghazi and Syria administration. I’m not ready to hear from an attorney general who has come out and judged guilty of contempt of congress yet he still has faced no punishment for it, who arms, trains and launders money for the Mexican drug cartels who had over 56000 violent deaths.”

“We don’t want to talk about things like that. It’s time for the American People to wake UP and realize that the Presidency has been usurped. We are under attack. We are literally at war for our freedom right now, this very day. One of these extraordinary bizarre things that has never happened before until this particular incident, with all the inconsistencies, the obvious lies and misinterpretations and then all over a sudden the same Connecticut State Police LT Paul Vance, who threatens independent journalists: If you are putting stories out there you are facing civil and federal charges etc etc. Then they put a Connecticut state police bodyguard on every single one of these families which is highly suspect.”

“I never heard of these being done in history of any of these events. None of the victims of 9/11, none of these other victims on quote on quote mass shooting events. This has never happened, it has been unprecedented. Law enforcement budgets are overtaxed as it is right now anyways, it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would you make such an drastic move? To suppress them from talking? To keep independent journalists that you threatened away from them?”


“What are you trying to hide, Connecticut State Police? That’s what we are curious about. Those of us who don’t fear you, I don’t live in your jurisdiction and this is not a federal matter, so you can threaten me all you want. But just know one thing, I got one of the best attorneys money can buy. I have a clean sheet. I have nothing to worry about. So if they want to come messing with me, and god forbid you take any aggressive action against me and my family.”

“Ladies and Gentleman all I can tell you, whether you believe it or not, whether you subscribe to it or not, this nation is currently a nation at war, although shots are not being fired, I need to draw your attention to the fact, that several gun industry professionals have been found dead, under extremely mysterious circumstances over the last couple weeks.”


There is another Interview with Mike Powers regarding Sandy Hook. Joe Joseph, Tim Watts, and John King welcomed Mike Powers to their radio show to discuss the various holes in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and asked relevant questions that the Press, or the main stream media should be asking. Here are the 30 Questions of Mike Power, regarding his investigation of Sandy Hook.

“These are perilous times and this incident is clearly being used to usurp the 2nd amendment and our God given natural rights!”


Mike Power Interview: 30 Questions Sandy Hook Investigation




Sandy Hook Investigation – 30 questions:

  1.  What was Christopher A. Rodia‘s car doing at the scene?
  2.  Why was it reported as Nancy Lanza’s car to begin with? (Actually the warrant states that it was a relatives car)
  3.  Why was a weapon in the trunk?
  4.  Why did the media and cops LIE and say that Adam had that car?
  5.  Why was the Canadian sub teacher’s car the ONLY one in the parking lot that was shot up?
  6.  Why did media and the cops LIE and say that Nancy was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary when she NEVER WAS?
  7.  What happened to all of the other people arrested?
  8.  What happened to the reddish purple van with the windows shot out?
  9. Were the parents allowed to see the bodies?
  10. How come we’ve not seen so much as ONE crime scene photo when the media loves NOTHING more than to constantly show us evil’s face?
  11. Why do they keep claiming that the AR15 was in the school when SEVERAL cops reported ALL MORNING that it was FOUND in the BACK SEAT of the car?
  12. How many guns DID little Adam manage to carry around with him? With all that weight, how was he able to remain mobile and dynamic?
  13. Why do Peter and Nancy Lanza only show Ryan on Spokeo as a son?
  14. Why or how was Adam in possession of Ryan’s ID when they’d not seen one another since 2010?
  15. How was Probable Cause established to search the mom’s home when RYAN was the primary suspect all day? The WARRANT was searched on Nancy’s home less than 1.5 hours after the first police dispatch?
  16. Why did the media report Peter Lanza as having been found dead in NYC? ALL….DAY….LONG?
  17. What is Rodia’s connection to all of this? Or his 19yr old niece?
  18. How did Adam get to the school? And WHY? What made him select Sandy Hook Elementary as his target?
  19. Is it not odd that the sub teacher’s body was also not allowed to be seen, and her car was the ONLY one shot up?
  20. Why was her classroom the one with all the victims?
  21. What was up with the Robbie  Parker Interview?
  22. What was up with Dr.Carver, and his interview?
  23. He’s seen THOUSANDS of people shot? WHERE?
  24. What did the Medical Examiner Carver mean by “you can control a situation with the right photographer”?
  25. Why does the name J Paul Vance show up as both a CT State Police Lt AND the Commissioner to which the 100M lawsuit was filed to? Would that not constitute a conflict of interest?
  26. Why is now the Mother of one of the pic’s  victims coming out saying that her daughter is ALIVE AND WELL?
  27. What was with the Eugene Rosen interviews? Changed statements and stating he was a “psychologist”? Not with only 2yrs of college.
  28. Why were all of the fire trucks BLOCKED IN and BACKED UP to the school?
  29. Who IS Roy Low, and how is he SO informed as to appear in three interviews?
  30. Why would cops place a SUSPECT – in cuffs – in the FRONT SEAT of a police car during an ACTIVE SHOOTER event that is NOT yet over?

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