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Published on January 10th, 2014 | by -swansong-


Memory Hole: The Dawn Hochsprung File

The one year anniversary of Sandy Hook has come and gone. It’s been an interesting year, to be sure.

Over that time many voices have joined in the chorus of those questioning the events in Sandy Hook as they’ve been portrayed by media and law enforcement. Not since the events of September 11, 2001 have so many people been compelled, perhaps possessed, to discuss, start blogs, investigate, disseminate and articulate their uncomfortable suspicions about such an event.

We at Insanemedia are proud to have been able to add our voice and perspective to that investigative effort.

During the course of the last year a veritable mountain of circumstantial evidence has been uncovered that should provide any reasonable person with grave concerns about the story we’ve been told. Unfortunately subjective and circumstantial evidence isn’t likely to be enough to get anyone of consequence to hear us.

In truth there may be no piece of information that will get someone to listen to us…but if anything will…it might be this. In the end we’re just glad we found and saved it before it disappeared into the…

Memory Hole

from Wikipedia

A memory hole is any mechanism for the alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts, or other records, such as from a web site or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened.

The concept was first popularized by George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) where Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth systematically re-created all potential historical documents, —in effect; re-writing all of history to match the often-changing state propaganda. These changes were complete and undetectable.


While this article sat in drafts Connecticut State Police released the “full” report on the Sandy Hook Event. The report is a veritable treasure trove of wild anomalies, discrepancies and absurdities. Were we really supported by a free press news outlets around the country…the world…would be filled with report statements such as…

“Male walked into an elementary school and shot kids and a faculty member. Male was fatally wounded by police on scene.”

“Faculty member“, singular. Male shot by police, not a suicide. And not a whisper in the MSM.


Should one wish (rather, afford) to begin civil proceedings against the State, or various participants, you wouldn’t need to go much farther than the report itself for the required evidence.

That being said, we are pleased to add our contribution to the ever growing pile.

Memory Hole: The Dawn Hochsprung File

On December 14, 2012 the Newtown Bee ran an online article that quoted Sandy Hook’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung. In the article she provided some of the sights and sounds from inside the school during the shooting. The only problem was…she had already died.


If you’re not familiar with the story, or our original article on it, you best start there.

Sandy Hook Evidence: Dawn Hochsprung Interview, December 13th

For the sake of posterity a bing cache of the page was found and saved. It was at that point the cache date was noticed…
December 13, 2012

Thus began a 7 month effort to try and find confirmation for the accuracy of this incriminating cache date.

Efforts to try and obtain confirmation from bing were painfully slow and frustratingly ineffective. There would often be weeks in between responses and when I did hear back from someone it wouldn’t be the person to whom I spoke previously and I would basically have to begin all over again.

I told them I was a businessman involved in a real estate transaction, the details of which were to have been embargoed (kept secret until a certain time). I further told them that the details of this transaction had been caught on the Newtown Bee’s server by one of their (bing’s) servers prior to it’s prescribed release date.

I told them the only way this could be possible was if my “business associate” had prematurely leaked the details to the Newtown Bee. And if he indeed did release the info he would be in a great deal of trouble.

I made it clear to bing that my concern was not with the Newtown Bee, who would have had no idea about the embargo, but rather with my business associate who never should have released the information to begin with. Furthermore, I told them that the information had never been formally published so the Bee was in no way complicit in any wrong-doing.

Several times I stressed that before I could proceed with any punitive action against my business associate I would need proof as to the accuracy of the cache date on the article found by bing.

To help facilitate my request I provided bing with the cache of another page on the Newtown Bee’s servers that had also been cached with the same date as the Hochsprung article. I told bing that the information in the actual article was too sensitive for me to share.

2nd Bee cache

After several months of tedious correspondence with bing I finally lucked out and hooked up with someone willing to provide a brief explanation on the caching procedure and a direct answer to my question of accuracy.

*Ed note – I used a nom de plume in my exchanges with bing so don’t start calling me Derek*

—– Original Message —–
From: Microsoft Customer Support
To: Derek .
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 9:11 AM
Subject: RE: SRX1192628073ID – Bing Webmaster:Webmaster tools question

Hello, Derek

Thank you for reaching out to us and for responding back. My name is Leonard and I will be assisting you with the service request 1192628073 for today.

I understand that you wanted to know the accuracy of the last crawl date that you are able to see from the cache page from Bing. Let me explain this further.

We would like to initially let you know how Bing stores cache page and that the cache page is the last version of the current page before it has been updated by it’s webmaster or site administrator.

Bing stores the last previous version of the page. Kindly refer to the table below:

*Ed note – I am unable to recreate the table in this format. Suffice to say it was rudimentary*

Now, when the site administrator or the webmaster decides to update the current page again, it’s previous version will be the cache page. The date that reflects on the cache page is when Bing detects the update from the current page after it has been crawled by our web crawlers. To add, the web crawlers will only crawl a specific page on the allowed time or time configured by the site’s webmaster.

As an example, when the webmaster made changes to his site on June 02, 2013 and our web crawler is set to crawl that page every day, the changes will most likely appear on the next re-crawl settings which should be June 03, 2013. Then the current page on June 02 will be the cache page on June 03. You will notice that the cache page has been last crawled or updated on June 03, 2013.

To directly answer your question, the date setting which the web crawler shows on the cache page is accurate.

I know it was a pipe dream but what I was really hoping for was for someone to say, ‘Yep, I just walked over to the server and checked the date and it’s correct”, or something similar. So I kept at it.

— Original Message —
From : “Derek .”
Sent : Sunday, June 02, 2013 8:05:32 PM UTC
To : “Microsoft Customer Support”
Subject : Re: SRX1192628073ID – Bing Webmaster:Webmaster tools question


In 5 months you have been the only person to provide a simple answer to a simple question. I am very grateful.

Thank you for also providing the detailed description of the caching process.

If I might trouble you one last time…how do you know that the server cache time is accurate?

I don’t wish to be bothersome but it’s important to me that I am confident in the accuracy of that cache date/time prior to bringing this issue to the attention of my business associate.

This time I got Mark.

From: Microsoft Customer Support
To: Derek.
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: SRX1192628073ID – Bing Webmaster:Webmaster tools question

Hello Derek,

My name is Mark from Bing Technical Support and I will be assisting you with Service Request 1192628073.

Thank you for getting back to us. The server cache time is accurate since it is being updated once our crawler visits a certain page. For example, our crawler visits a page today (6/3/2013), the date that will reflect on its cache page will be 6/3/2013. The date will change after our crawler visits the page again.

That’s 2 in a row telling me the date/time is accurate. The second one stating it in a rather matter-of-fact kind of way. And why not? These are Microsoft servers, after all.

Not only is it a Microsoft server but its located at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Washington.

microsoft campus

Domain Name: bingj.com

Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Organization: Microsoft Corporation
Registrant Street: One Microsoft Way,
Registrant City: Redmond
Registrant State/Province: WA

Microsoft Redmond Campus

Microsoft Campus is the informal name for Microsoft’s corporate headquarters, located at One Microsoft Way in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft initially moved onto the grounds of the campus on February 26, 1986, weeks before the company went public on March 13. The headquarters has since experienced multiple expansions since its establishment.

It is estimated to encompass over 8 million ft2 (750,000 m2) of office space and 30,000-40,000 employees.


You may have noticed the dates of these mail exchanges with Bing…June 2013. You may be wondering why I held on to them for so long without making them public. In all honesty, initially, I was having difficulty comprehending what I was reading. I was having an even harder time comprehending the implications should this be true. That’s why I wanted to exhaust every avenue of investigation prior to publishing.

Kennedy and I contacted/were put in touch with several computer aficionados with expertise in the fields of networking/managing servers, etc. Not one of them could conceive of the date being anything but accurate.

It took one more seemingly mundane piece of info to get me to finally feel comfortable enough to put this one to bed.

Earlier I explained how I provided Bing with another page from the Newtown Bee that had been cached at the same time as the Dawn Hochsprung article.

At the time I passed this page along to Bing all I had was the actual page cache. But I now have further confirmation of the likely accuracy of both cached pages. Click for large image.

Bee article search result

As you can see, the article, “Superintendent Reports on State of the Schools” was not only cached on Dec.13/12 it was also PUBLISHED on Dec.13/12. Obviously it doesn’t tell us how long that article had been on the Bee’s server prior to being published but we can see that the event being written about occurred on Dec.10/12.

I can’t begin to tell you how fortuitous it was finding that page. Kennedy and I were searching the Newtown Bee for it and it seems to no longer exist. We found it through this site. Its no longer available there either.

So…what does this tell us? It tells us that the cache date on the article titled “Superintendent Reports on State of the Schools” is almost assuredly accurate. And…if that cache date is correct then…

MmHmmm, that’s, as they say, where the rubber hits the road, isn’t it?

If the “Superintendent Reports” cache date is correct then the Hochsprung cache date is also correct. And if the Dawn Hochsprung cache date is correct then the article was prepared in advance, the entire event was very likely planned in advance and Dawn Lafferty-Hochsprung was supposed to survive but didn’t.

This brings up many more questions. Why did she die? What happened? Was it a drill gone wrong? If it was a drill gone wrong would we really expect that NO participant would come forward to speak up for Dawn?

Could she still be alive? If so, why would media report her dead thereby messing up the prepared story and putting the Bee in the uncomfortable position of having to make an embarrassing retraction?


Did John Voket really speak to someone who shared similarities in appearance to Dawn? Why would someone identify themselves to media as being someone they were not? And why would that false assertion of identity not raise the suspicions of the Newtown Bee and the police and spark an investigation into this person?

Short of an official investigation by federal authorities we are unlikely to ever get the answers to those questions.

To that end I contacted my local RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who, much like the FBI in the US, have the authority to investigate cross border crimes. I told the officer with whom I spoke that I was considering filing a criminal complaint but wasn’t sure if I had enough evidence to begin an investigation.

For obvious reasons I was hesitant to come right out and discuss what was on my mind so this is what I told her…

There’s a husband and wife. The husband owns and operates a small business. Along with the small business is a small website.

One night the wife is driving home and is involved in a single vehicle wreck. She dies. After a short investigation the wreck is ruled an accident. It is surmised she fell asleep at the wheel.

A couple of days later a notice appears on the business website announcing the passing of the wife and the closing of the business for an undetermined amount of time.

At that point a cached page for the announcement was found with a date preceding the accident.

I explained that I had been in contact with bing for many months attempting to verify this information and had received 2 pieces of correspondence from them stating the cache dates were accurate.

I went on to describe finding another page on the website cached at the same time, etc…and asked, if she were presented with all this information, would she find it compelling enough to investigate?

Her response was, “Absolutely”

Our conversation had gone well so I decided to come clean. I gathered up my courage, told her this actually had to do with something else, took a few deep, audible breaths which caused her to say, “Just take your time. Its ok.” and then blurted it out.

I told her the whole story.

When I was done I asked her what she thought I should do. Her response was that I should call the FBI. Her reasoning being that there may be someone from the Bee involved in a murder and it needs to be investigated.

We basically ended it there and she invited me to call back should I have any further questions or concerns.

We are weighing our options.

Should you happen to be a former or current law enforcement agent or have a measure of legal expertise and wish to provide advice, guidance or insight feel free to contact us.

I also forwarded a copy of this article to Cristina Lafferty-Hassinger (daughter of Dawn Hochsprung) via her Facebook page several days ago. Kennedy sent her a tweet informing her of the arrival of that note. I also sent the same copy to Curtiss Clark, the editor of the Newtown Bee. At the time of publication I have not received a response from either of them.



We hope you enjoyed reading Memory Hole – The Dawn Hochsprung File.  We would appreciate to read your comments below. Please share this article with as many people as you can, your help is very much appreciated! – Kennedy Ray

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