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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Laren Rousseau It Does Matter

Published on October 2nd, 2014 | by -swansong-


Lauren Rousseau : It Does Matter

Over the last 2 years no one aspect of the events in Sandy Hook has garnered more attention than the responses and reactions of the friends and families of the alleged victims. From the admittedly bizarre press conference given by Robbie Parker in the immediate aftermath to subsequent interviews with parents who seem to have somehow sailed through the first 4 stages of grief landing comfortably on acceptance, time and again we are left asking if these reactions are in any way “typical”.

While I have chosen to mostly avoid this area of examination due to it’s subjective nature, I must confess to more than just a passing curiosity, not in the reactions necessarily, but their uniformity amongst so many of the players.

In this article we will focus on one of these players. As we do we will ask ourselves if this is how we might expect ourselves to act were we faced with a similar situation. The fact is no one of us can truly say how we might respond or what we might do in a given situation until we are well and truly there…a mile in my moccasins, as it were.

What we can do though is look at this in terms of the law of averages. While it may be unfair to look at these responses on a case by case basis it is more than fair to examine them as a whole and ask, “What are the odds that most, if not all, of these families would be responding the same way?”.

Lauren Rousseau : It Does Matter

Lauren Rousseau

Lauren Rousseau: ‘The best year of her life’

Lauren Gabrielle Rousseau, 30, of Danbury, precious daughter of Gilles and Teresa Rousseau, died Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, with the other innocent victims of the mass violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

Lauren, after years of working as a substitute teacher, — while working other jobs to earn a living — landed a permanent substitute teaching job at Sandy Hook Elementary School in October.

Connecticut school shooting victim had Quebec roots

Gilles Rousseau takes deep, measured breaths as he grasps to regain composure while talking about his daughter, Lauren.

“She probably did not suffer. It is a relief. If she was kidnapped and raped, it would have been much harder to feel the pain of her feeling the pain in the process. This was quick.”

“If she hadn’t been replacing the permanent teacher that day, she wouldn’t have been there,” François Rousseau added. “She could have been in another class.”

She was in her classroom with her students when the gunfire started down the hallway. As a substitute, she didn’t have keys to the doors, which her father said locked from the inside only with a key.

We’ll call the bolded area in the preceding paragraph “Cause for Concern #1”



As a parent you might think this detail would cause you great angst…frustration…anger. The thought that for lack of a key, a stupid, single little key your daughter is now dead. Murdered in a most heinous and preventable way.

Never mind the fact that his characterization of a classroom door that locks from the inside is completely inaccurate. All classroom doors in SHE locked from the outside…the hallway side…with a key. While these are not photos of door locks for Lauren Rousseau’s room I assure you they are entirely typical.

Door Locks small

Door Locks small 2

Lauren Rousseau : It Does Matter

Cause for Concern #2

From the same CBC article, above: Rousseau admits the full weight of the loss may have not sunk in. He speaks candidly about his daughter’s injuries, and says that he was advised by the coroner he would not be permitted to see her because of the severity of the damage.

Lauren Rousseau will be cremated before her funeral Thursday.

Lauren Rousseau, Teacher Killed In Newtown Shooting, Mourned By Canadian Family

Her Canadian-born father, Gilles Rousseau, told Radio-Canada that he wanted to see his daughter’s body but was informed by authorities that it would not be possible.

“They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),'” Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. “Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank.”

As a parent this “Cause for Concern” is surely universal. What parent would simply acquiesce to the proclamation by the State that you will not be allowed to see the remains of your loved one? Where is the precedent for this authority?

Were this the only instance of this occurring within this event we might be tempted to write it off as an odd, but isolated, reaction. But such is not the case. The parents of Grace McDonnell also admitted in an interview with Anderson Cooper that they too had been told they would not be allowed to see their daughter’s remains.

Cause for Concern #3

In the CBC video I linked above I finally realized from where the initial photos (screencaps, in fact) of the bullet holes in Lauren Rousseau’s car came. Let’s take a look at one of them.

Rousseau Car Exit Hole

One needn’t be a ballistics expert to immediately see an issue with the bullet hole in the frame of the windshield. It appears to be an exit hole. Now you’ll find people online who will talk your ear off with wild speculation about how that exit hole isn’t really an exit hole, or how it is an exit hole but it occurred through deflection, or some other nonsense. But as Kevin Costner said, as Jim Garrison, in regards to Kennedy’s “magic bullet” in the movie JFK:

The FBI says they can prove it through physics in a nuclear laboratory. Of course they can prove it. Theoretical physics can also prove that an elephant can hang off a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy! But use your eyes, your common sense.

Common sense. How can something so rare be described as being “common”? But I digress…

As confounding as this should be for law enforcement and parents alike, absolutely no one seems the least bit interested or concerned with how a bullet could have been fired from inside the car of Lauren Rousseau, or at least in such close proximity and in the general direction of the school. Perhaps part of the reason for why is because with a quick swipe of the hand….and a little presto change-o…the exit hole…has vanished.

Rousseau altered bullet hole 2

Rousseau altered bullet hole

And, again…the image taken by the CBC

Rousseau Car Exit Hole

Do they look the same to you?

Admittedly I am at a loss to explain how images apparently taken by the CBC farther away from the event would seem to show an exit hole while crime scene photos apparently taken nearer the event do not, but there is no doubt that an alteration has been done at some point.

Cause for Concern #4

As a family member of one lost through a tragedy such as this I would assume you would want the law enforcement agencies responsible for investigating it to be competent. Any hint to the contrary would be concerning. Or so one would think.

How confident would you feel in the investigators if they failed to find a bullet hole that your family friend did? This document comes from the State of Connecticut’s final report – CFS 1200704559 – Book 1 – 00171440.pdf. Click on the image for full size.

Rousseau extra bullet hole small

Not only were they apparently unconcerned about possible ineptitude on the part of investigators but they also weren’t concerned enough about the possible information this new find might provide to pass along the information to investigators until May 13/2013? And they sold their daughter’s car shortly after the event? Ashes to ashes, I guess.

Lauren Rousseau’s car was released to her family on 12/17/12. No wonder they missed a bullet hole or 2.

Cause for Concern #5

The school was laced with asbestos, lead and PCBs. Did you know that Gilles? Did your daughter?

Widespread Haz-Mat Presence Would Have Hampered Sandy Hook Renovations

Long before the first environmental contractors started reporting higher than expected levels of lead, asbestos, and PCBs in construction debris at Sandy Hook School, a panel of town officials and residents in a subsequent referendum had already endorsed razing and replacing the aging elementary school building.

To recap:

The school is likely negligent in not providing his daughter a key to lock a door that would have been difficult to lock under the circumstances, anyway. Nevermind that the janitor has been quoted as saying that he went around locking doors. Or the fact that many of the classrooms had their key hanging on the wall near the door.

The state denies you your GODDAMNED GIVEN RIGHT to see the remains of your loved one.

Bullet trajectory appears suspicious in comparison to the official story, but even if you disagree, the obviousness of the alteration should be concerning to anyone.

A family friend is able to detect a bullet hole that professional investigators do not.

And your daughter is working in a poisoned environment…literally.

And your response to all this? File a lawsuit? Use your new stature as an advocate to demand answers? Of course not. You use your platform to lash out at those who dare to ask the questions you yourself should be asking.



Before I wrap this up there are a couple of additional pieces of information I’d like to pass along. These will be in the vein of “It’s a Small World After All”.

1994 class photo shows George Hochsprung once taught Lauren Rousseau

George Hochsprung taught Lauren Rousseau when she was in fourth grade and considered her a ‘family friend’, relatives have revealed. He and Dawn liked her so much that they even put in a good word at her school, Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, and got her a job.

Memory Hole : The Dawn Hochsprung File

Hochsprung Rousseau 2

Meanwhile, Lauren’s mother, Teresa Rousseau, is a copy editor at the Danbury News-Times and her step-father, Bill Leukhardt, is a reporter for the Hartford Courant.

Teresa and Bill Leukhardt Rousseau

Bill, as fate would have it, was on the scene that day.

Leukhardt at scene

What I find curious is even though Bill was at the scene that day…and has a twitter account…the only tweet he made that day had nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

Leukhardt tweets

It’s difficult to come to any conclusions based on what I’ve presented…but I will say this…if my kennel took care of my dog the way Sandy Hook Elementary took care of Lauren Rousseau (and the rest of the children and staff) I’d sue them so fast their heads would spin.

If the State tried to refuse me my right to see my loved one, or appeared at all incompetent in the handling of the event or subsequent investigation, you’d have to tranquilize me to get me to shut my mouth. I can’t imagine saying,
“It doesn’t matter”.

And lastly…if I didn’t have the stones to do any of that myself, I sure as hell wouldn’t be attacking the people trying to do it for me. A simple thank you would suffice.


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39 Responses to Lauren Rousseau : It Does Matter

  1. Susan says:

    Great article, I can’t believe they tampered with that bullet hole…like no one would notice?? Holy crap!! The father being grateful it wasn’t worse? What’s worse than dead?? Thanks for more wtf moments of the SH hoax!

    • -swansong- says:

      Lol…what’s worse than dead…? Well…at least she wasn’t raped and mutilated and fed to dogs. Hey! That’s something!

  2. Thank you for this article. I never knew of the connection between Rousseau and Hochsprung. Adding that to the mix gives me the willies. I’d find it easier to accept that some participants were coerced to avoid prosecution for some previous crime than they willingly plotted in an event that DID cost some lives. That doesn’t mean I think Lauren was killed that day; not for a second. But, who knows. Thanks again.

  3. Bill Siedman says:

    Great piece of work- you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say we had a brave and competent police response to this tragic attack and yet have officers having a tailgate party in the parking lot with big smiles on their faces. Nor can you make such an assertion when Lt Sinko elects not to bother leaving his private duty assignment. Nor can you make such an assertion when at least 4 sweeps of the building by SWAT with help from the FBI neglected to locate the nurse and secretary in the closet after 4 hours. And the bullet holes in Rouseau’s car ? I could go on and on and on.

    So many worthy things to discuss and investigate and yet most of our researchers think Ann Hadad is Nancy Lanza because the name Ann sounds like Nancy and there is a bar in port Chester that Roig went to. Ughhhh.

    At least there are a few critical thinkers out there.

    I have summarized numerous Fraud Indicators and anomalies- please copy and paste and retweet before they are censored,


    Thank you Swan

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks, Buddy. I feel your pain re: photo analysis….ugh. And yes…incompetence abounds. Lest we forget the detailed Call for Service Report filled out by Newtown PD stating…”Unwanted Person”…threat level “Medium”.

  4. Bill Siedman says:

    also FYI – I had observed it was suggested that Leukhardt was the FEMA event director by virtue of his “white badge” – many of us all wear security badges at our various employers so I think it may be interesting to see if his badge is consistent with those his employer utilizes

  5. starviego says:

    The smoking gun of this story is that Adam Lanza’s DNA was not found on the AR-15 murder weapon, the Saiga shotgun, and on the inside and outside door handles of the driver’s side door of his car, though someone else’s DNA was found on those items.

  6. Bravo Swan! Who else but the guilty would trip all over themselves trying to have a bill passed to establish secrecy of crime scene information and photos? I was just struck by the odd connection with George Hochsprung and how his brother was killed in NY. What are the odds Lauren’s car would be hit being a victim as well? The DNA on certain items at the Lanza home trace to a NY criminal database. Then there’s the Dawn Hochsprung strangeness giving an interview after dying. Is it possible there might have been a love triangle gone wrong? Teacher or God forbid a Principal can go over the edge just as badly as anyone. ? ?

  7. DDearborn says:


    Specifically what exact legal mechanism was used by the State and Federal government to deny the victims families access to the bodies? I don’t believe that the government has the legal right to deny access to the bodies of the victims. But more to the point, since the government claims that the dead are all victims of a simple shooting what possible reason could there be to not give the bodies back? If one applies common sense and logic with critical thinking (which is essentially banned in public schools today) the only conclusions that can be drawn are either the bodies do not exist, or the cause of death was different that that claimed by the government.

    • barbh1b says:

      Have any of the family members actually stated that they never saw the bodies? I’m just wondering if they will claim that that was only on the first day or something. It seems beyond belief that one couldn’t see the body in person.

      • -swansong- says:

        Lauren Rousseau was cremated…and the McDonnells made their claim after Grace has been buried. So safe to say they NEVER got to see her.

        Add this to the fact that not one family member personally identified a victim (all IDs were made by LE using photos and descriptions) and you have every reason anyone could need to raise a stink to high heaven.

  8. Sam says:

    I don’t understand how you people quote the sources you ridicule. How can you say that DNA found is traced to a NY criminal database. Are not the same people who ran this fiasco the ones who did the DNA work – how can you trust any information coming from any authority? No DNA found on the AR-15 – says who? The same people who altered the bullet hole?

    • dachsielady says:

      I agree completely. I recently made a similar statement on a VeteransToday.com article and Dr. James Fetzer does not seem to agree with, or perhaps does not understand, my point that if there is one overall Plan for the event and one overall perpetrator or group of perpetrators, then no matter what “evidence” we find that seems important as far as contributing to truth and understanding of the event, all such “evidence” CAN BE part of the planned misinfo and disinfo put out by the Planners as part of the Plan to confuse and mislead truth seekers, and therefore should not be given too much weight as far as believability.

  9. elldee626 says:

    I am reading Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent trilogy. In the book people are given a mind-control serum that puts them in a simulation. At one point almost an entire faction was given a serum that caused them to mindlessly murder others. I know…the book is fiction…but then I read about Sandy Hook and wonder how it could have happened without the normal emotional response from families who lost kids, without the normal response and follow-through of law enforcement, without the normal curiosity of everyone who’s read about this. It is almost like everyone involved had some kind of mind-control serum that causes them to ignore reality.

  10. Pingback: Sand Hook “They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),’” Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC | freddiemercurybiopicmovie

  11. medusajoe says:

    I’ve have linked you article and added my thoughts on recent developments along with those photos of the authorities rushing to help the children by having a party


  12. Kelley says:

    I aM impressed by both article and articulate comments.

  13. medusajoe says:

    Odinrok suddenly helps out fetzer?
    I wrote an article on it all
    I was surprised odinrok suddenly gets interviewed by fetzer after fetzers fames are exposed on Saturdays chat

  14. Marco Polo says:

    Not trying to change the subject, but I have been trying to find out if any media outlet got an on the record comment from Suzanne Collins. I know The Hunger Games hit theaters in ’12, but she was the hottest author of the millennium, and her Wiki bio says she has two kids who I assume may have gone to ~SHE. I can’t imagine a competent news agency not wanting that “get” for comment. You know, a book about using dead kids to oppress the proles and entertain the elites… c’mon.

  15. medusajoe says:

    Forget locks and keys for substitute teachers
    The sand hook school staff knew the school was NOT secure and they did. Not disclose this to PARENTS!!! Or the news media the police or the FBI !!!!!


    • -swansong- says:

      Good point. It seems the 1st entry team entered thru an open boiler room door. Not very secure.

      • Pete Stanton says:

        It is refreshing to see someone else that concentrates on the facts (whether actually true or not”), rather than superfluous bullshit. It has always baffled why people fail to simply read the report from Ct. State Police. The report itself contradicts the official story…that should be the first focus; their own report and evidence contradicts their “official” story… Why?

        I must say that I was a bit confused that you did not comment on the post above by starviego wherein he discussed the Supplemental DNA report…it certainly is some of the most important evidence. The fact that there is “unknown DNA all over the gun, but only a mixture of AL’s DNA with some “unknown”, other person’s DNA. Just curious why you didn’t comment…this is not a criticism, just curious about your thoughts. Unfortunately, I do believe that children died and that the hoax theory is actually disinfo.

        Finally, the Columbine family (and I express my condolences to all of them as well as the Newtown families), have an excellent point. The Columbine tragedy is even more concerning since over 100 eyewitness statements of in excess of “3” shooters, police shooting from the roof, etc. The “evidence” in all of these high profile shootings scream out multiple shooters…but stick with the Big Ph agenda of 1 “nutty” shooter…the question becomes, why would anyone focus on inane theories of wrongdoing, when their own official report contradicts the official story…look for specific explanations why the official story doesn’t discuss the sweatshirts, or Bpt. Swat officers “running away from a school shooting”, or the excellent point you made regarding the exit hole in Ms. Rousseau’s car, how about the fact that a significant amount of Ms. Rousseau’s DNA was found on bullet casings and inside of the clip…these are the facts that need to be investigated.

        Thank you for all your tireless efforts!

  16. medusajoe says:

    P.s i did not mean ignore your work swan
    I just meant whats the use in having a key a lock and a so called security system if the back doors open?

  17. medusajoe says:

    Very creepy And looks staged on done on purpose for us to see
    Sandy hook commission chair creepy pause then smirk before heartfelt feeling for loss

  18. Acacia says:

    When this event first happened in 2012 I felt very uneasy and confused. I ignored all news coverage, articles, documentaries, etc. from that point forward. Much like one would avoid, let’s say, McDonald’s after becoming sick from eating a rancid hamburger. It wasn’t until nearly a year and a half later that I saw a video on FB that reconciled to me why I had felt such initial revulsion. It was prescisely the “abnormal” reaction by the alleged victim’s alleged parents that struck me as “off”! The video was a montage of different family interviews and I knew that those reactions just were NOT REAL, rather were illusion.

    I knew this for a fact intuitively then and now! I have been in two situations were I was worried about my child over something not even at this supposed level and I nearly came unglued. I could not rest until, in both cases, I was able to get to the bottom of what was going on. I didn’t care or even think about how my crying, shaking, pacing, demands or raised voice sounded or looked! Period. Exclamation Point.

    America does have a right to full disclosure because this event was not just perpatrated on the alleged victims but the nation and world as a whole.

    Keep up the good work!


    • -swansong- says:

      Hello, Acacia

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. If it helps, your reaction to the events at SH are not isolated to you. Many people had a very visceral reaction to the reactions and responses they were witnessing.

      Full disclosure is what we are all about…and we won’t stop until we get it.

  19. Acacia says:

    Actually, that does help!

    Since I have recently started looking into this with a calm mind and spirit, the other thing that was completely unbelievable was the response of the EMT’s. While I am not an EMT, I was (before becoming a stay-at-home Mom) a safety professional in the oil & gas industry with training as my prime responsibility. I know from being a Medic/First Aid Certified Instructor (amongst other safety related topics) that emergency medical protocol was not carried out. That right there would be reason alone for the “parents” to sue emergency medical responders and/or the state of CT. That they have not, speaks volumes.

    Thanks again!

    PS Can’t wait for the next article/video.

  20. Cyhiraeth says:

    In the video, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”, it is mentioned that in the supplemental report, it says that Lauren Rousseau’s DNA was found where it had no business being (could not have been from blowback blood), like on bullets, the gun stock, the trigger and two magazines. I find that VERY interesting.

    Also, I had not heard that the victims were all supposedly shot 2-3 times at point blank range in the face…That seems to stretch credulity to me and seems a little too convenient, especially for someone who supposedly could barely tie his shoes, and, we’re supposed to believe that not one person saw it coming and turned away or covered their face or tried to duck behind something?

    • -swansong- says:

      Yes, Lauren Rousseau’s dna was found in many places it should not have been…and the condition of her car being suspect, we have to ask if perhaps she wasn’t more involved in this than others.

  21. andrea mitchell says:

    why is everyone debating fictitious point in a fictitious story?
    the lack of DNA, the friend found the bulletholes,the locks locked from outside, they saw the bodies they didn’t see the bodies
    it’s all BS obviously it was staged obviously the DNA is purely made up from whole cloth as are the stories of friends finding bullet holes ans parents being told they can not see bodies etc, it’s all just made up BS to keep people distracted and arguing and guessing over trivial points of an imaginary narrative
    if it’s all fake then these points would all have to fabricated as well
    there can be no family friend that found the holes if there was no shooting and no real lauren , there can be no detail about locks if it wasn’t a functioning school, there can be no orders about no existent parents seeing non existent bodies etc

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