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ATS Exposed - Cointelpro shill-busted-glp

Published on March 28th, 2013 | by Pilot


Forum Shill gets Busted: ATS and GLP Censor to Cover his Tracks

A Forum Shill gets busted. Something very interesting happened over at GLP March 24th at 9:28 pm.  Something that did not go unnoticed by GLP posters and many others around the interwebz. On page 7 of a  thread titled “Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total BS”,   a user from “Kazakhstan” posted the following:

Re: Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total Bullshit

[0x1a970000, 0x1ab00000, 0x27570000>
[rdpclip.exe, "iostatZd15.1"]

you copied a large amount of data onto the clipboard ...Do you want to save this data on the clipboard?

User ID: 35850666 Korea
User ID: 36689081 Korea
User ID: 33951304 Kazak
User ID: 36809983 Kazak

N.C.S. logo.jpg

Sensitivity Level

Action Code

Team 5.A/
Location of official Agency folder
Team Contact
Sheila N******


Do any of the respondents display the urge to supply information that could be helpful to your mission?

Do the respondents appear hostile to your attempts to steer the discussion?

Have you made a personal chart taking care to note who appear to be the “leaders” versus who appear to be the “followers”?

Have you attempted to gauge the “temperature” of the forum’s users?

In other words, the prevailing social psychology of the forum’s members?

Have you been more successful with one or the other XStart methods that were demonstrated in N-7015A.DOC?

Have more technical members (Computer Programmers, Administrators, or Moderators) of the forum deduced or accused you of hiding behind a proxy?

Would you gain more trust and/or credibility if you were to use one of the Agency’s allotted “HOME” pools? (most often needed when handling EVTS that are more sensitive to the pop. of a specific locale but also location centered web sites such as FB or Patch)

Has your PREDEV “persona” been successful or do you gauge that the users find you to be too obtrusive? Accusations of being “ever present” are.

Quote by member: Our “korean” friend is probably part of the Sandy Hoax team. I’m guessing he is one of the many Israeli firsters we have seen so many of in SH. But he is not really helping his employer that much. His presence and views in different topics works as a litmus test telling if the OP is on to something or not.I bet one million shekels that he wouldn’t show up in a thread about Lt Vance shapeshifting…But he’s probably a nice guy doing what he thinks is the right thing.

Forum Shill gets Busted:ATS and GLP Censor to Cover his Tracks


Needless to say suspicions were aroused and investigations into specific terms in the text were Googled.  Namely N-7015A.DOC,  PREDEV persona,  etc.  An early search for N-7015A.DOC resulted in this entry:


Second from the bottom we see eda.ogden.disa.mil.  If you do the same search, only the forum references appear.  The eda site was very quickly removed from the Google string.  How very very interesting…

Notes by Kennedy:

A search for N-7015A.DOC still gives me the result for the EDA website. Update: As of 3/29/13 I’m unable to re-produce the Google Search Resultfor the document on the eda.ogden.mil website. ATS has deleted the screenshots of the Google results, which were posted on page 2 in the thread.

UPDATE: We have received referrals from the 4Chan community yesterday and it seems the shills are very active over there too. A 4chan member made a post about JIDF. The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) after the Boston Bombing. He was immediately trolled by shills.


The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is a private, independent, non-violent protest organization representing a collective of activists, operating under the name “Jewish Internet Defense Force” since the 2008 massacre at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

We’re on the cutting edge of pro-Israel digital online advocacy, presenting news, viewpoints, and information throughout a large network reaching hundreds of thousands via email, Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, Twitter, and other digital hubs to those who share our concerns for Israel and about about antisemitic and jihadist online content.

Our ACTION ALERTS are now well known throughout the Jewish and Israel advocacy world, and by our many enemies, as they have led to the removal of thousands of antisemitic and jihadist pages online. (JIDF)

The shill had a copy fail just like our Korean friend on GLP. He deleted his mistake quickly, but a screenshot and link back to this article were quickly posted 🙂

Click below banner for full image!


You can see the same method. The program he uses has a couple fake accounts, that he uses for his shill copy and paste jobs.

We have a lot of visits from the Reddit community today, and from a private subreddit 🙂 Thanks Folks! Please spread the word. These paid government shills are all over the interwebs, trying to stir our opinions and discussion. #noshills!!


UPDATE – Explained by folks at Lunaticoutpost

rdpclip.exe is the process that handles copy/paste & file copy transactions for terminal services during a REMOTE DESKTOP session. A few of you have questioned how the two text groups can be combined. rdpclip caches both clear-text and file copy data on each end during the transaction (the remote desktop server & client). After it completes the transaction, I think rdpclip calls a method (iostatZd15.1) to clear it’s cache for the next job. This, however, didn’t happen, so the rdpclip cache was still populated with 1) the error message and 2) the text content of the file that it was downloading for the client from Sharepoint cloud (C:\SharePoint012USNCSSAD_Wrkc9inet-N-7339.tx​t).

Next, the handler was probably using the remote server as it’s bot host to interact with the website it was posting to. If the handler (either manually or automatically) pasted the thread reply and hit “post” the rdpclip process on the server was populated with not only the text reply for the thread, but also the existing data artifacts that were not successfully purged earlier. That explains how the error message, the .txt file (with the checklist) and the text reply got sent to the website as the reply from “Korea guy” (bot).


1. We know the handler uses Remote Desktop to connect to the bot machine
2. We know the handler uses Remote Desktop to connect to Sharepoint cloud
3. We know that something broke rdpclip.exe during a transaction (evidenced by the windows exception stack values, header, and the warning dialogue)

4. We know that the rdpclip cache was not properly purged, and the error message was amalgamated with the contents of the last file copy job (the .txt file), and subsequently the text payload including quoted text and reply text.

EDIT: iostatZd15.1 is not a method, but a return from IOSTAT, in this case, when rdpclip ran out of room on the clipboard during a transaction, most likely a copy job via remote desktop as hypothesized above. I need to do more research on rdpclip.

The actual error which occurred appears to be a known one involving Remote Desktop Protocol v5.1, since fixed in RDP v6, that involves something known as the “clipboard viewer chain”.

It is an error that dates back to (at least) Windows 2000.

The actual bug surfaces because of the way the clipboard viewer chain (hereafter abbreviated to CBVC) is managed internally by Windows.

The CBVC is basically a Linked list.

This list of clipboard viewers is global, and each application shares it. Windows, however, only maintains a reference pointer to the first member of the list, and it is expected that each application, if interested in being made aware of changes in the state of clipboard, first register with the system. Registering adds that application’s viewer to the global chain. Each CBVC member must maintain a reference pointer to the next member in the chain (why I emphasized this will be clear momentarily, if it is not already…).

Windows sends notification of clipboard changes by sending the WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD message to the 1st member in the CBVC, whose pointer, remember is maintained by Windows. This member has to deal with the event and pass it along to the next member in the list whose pointer it maintains, and so on and so forth.

So the simplest explanation of the bug, would also be the most obvious:
having each separate application sharing the responsibility of managing the pointers to an OS-level operation (the clipboard), is a really stupid and byzantine implementation.

The following paragraph, found here are a typical use-case for the manifestation of the type of failure we seem to be dealing with:
I use Remote Desktop all the time to work inside of my development systems hosted by Microsoft Virtual Server. I use the host system to browse the web for documentation and searches as I work and when I need to copy some text from the web browser I find many times the link between the host clipboard and the remote clipboard is broken. In the past I have read that somehow the remote clipboard utility, rdpclip.exe, gets locked and no longer allows the clipboard to be relayed between the host and the client environment. My only way to deal with it was to use the internet clipboard, cl1p.net. I would create my own space and use it to send content between environments. But that is a cumbersome step if you are doing it frequently.

The only way I really knew to fix the clipboard transfer was to close my session and restart it. That meant closing the tools I was using like Visual Studio, Management Studio and the other ancillary processes I have running as I work and then restarting all of it just to restore the clipboard. But today I found a good link on the Terminal Services Blog explaining that what is really happening. The clipboard viewer chain is somehow becoming unresponsive on the local or remote system and events on the clipboards are not being relayed between systems. It is not necessarily a lock being put in place but some sort of failed data transmission. It then goes on to explain the 2 steps you can take to restore the clipboard without restarting your session.

Use Task Manager to kill the rdpclip.exe process
Run rdpclip.exe to restart it


Kennedy Ray

****End Update

We have highlighted certain abbreviations in the shill copy fail . Below you can view our findings:

NCS = National Clandestine Services

The National Clandestine Service (NCS) (known as the Directorate of Plans from 1951 to 1973 and as the Directorate of Operations from 1973 to 2005) is one of the Central Intelligence Agency’s four main components.

Created in 2005, the NCS “serves as the clandestine arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the national authority for the coordination, de-confliction, and evaluation of clandestine operations across the Intelligence Community of the United States

SAD = Special Activities Division

The Special Activities Division (SAD) is a division in the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) National Clandestine Service (NCS) responsible for covert operations known as “special activities”. Within SAD there are two separate groups, one for tactical paramilitary operations and another for covert political action.[1] The Political Action Group within SAD is responsible for covert activities related to political influence, psychological and economic warfare. The rapid development of technology has added cyberwarfare to their mission. Tactical units within SAD are also capable of carrying out covert political action. A large covert operation usually has components that involve many, or all, of these categories, as well as paramilitary operations.



Shills are all over the Sandy Hook story,  and have been from the outset.  ATS censored Sandy Hook threads and deleted them with impunity.  That story was covered in more detail here.

On GLP, the threads, that were started regarding the Shill were deleted immediately, only traces of quotes from the original post remain.

A thread about the shill post was started on ATS and it was deleted the following day.  You can access a cashed version of the first page of that thread here

This seems to be a peek behind the curtain of the shadowy world of counterintelligence operations employed to stymie the efforts of people who are quite rightly searching for the truth of the Sandy Hook debacle.  ATS once again implicates itself in the cover-up of an important event that threatens to lead to further erosion of rights and freedoms of the American people.

How do the individuals working for clandestine services rationalize their efforts to hide the truth from the people?  Is it just a paycheck?  Do they have the same disdain for ordinary citizens that the elites have displayed?  Do they feel that they are part of the elite,  and must protect the interests of the elites in favor of all else?  Just following orders?

The ship has too many leaks at this point.  It is damage control mode 24/7 for these operators and I’m hoping that an attack of conscience might grip one or more of them.  I won’t hold my breath,  but it happens.




Vocabulary: HUMINT (Human Intelligence)


Human Intelligence (frequently abbreviated HUMINT) is intelligence gathered by means of interpersonal contact, as opposed to the more technical intelligence gathering disciplines such as Signals Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence and MASINT. NATO defines HUMINT as “a category of intelligence derived from information collected and provided by human sources.” Typical HUMINT activities consist of interrogations and conversations with persons having access to information.

Displaying the missing image:

N.C.S. logo.jpg


Alphabet Soup Letters on text code:


US Geolocation of the operatives: The United States of America (USA or U.S.A.), commonly called the United States (US or U.S.) and America, is a federal republic[10][11] consisting of fifty states and a federal district as well as several territories with differing degrees of autonomy.[4] The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

NCS (National Clandestine Service)

The NCS consists of six different types of officers:

For a more detailed description, visit the CIA website.

1) Operations Officers:

Operations Officers (OOs) are focused full time on clandestinely spotting, assessing, developing, recruiting, and handling individuals with access to vital foreign intelligence on the full range of national security issues.

2) Collection Management Officers:

Core Collector-certified Collection Management Officers (CMOs) oversee and facilitate the collection, evaluation, classification, and dissemination of foreign intelligence developed from clandestine sources. CMOs play a critical role in ensuring that foreign intelligence collected by clandestine sources is relevant, timely, and addresses the highest foreign policy and national security needs of the nation.

3) Staff Operations Officers:

Based out of CIA Headquarters in Washington, DC, Staff Operations Officers (SOOs) plan, guide and support intelligence collection operations, counterintelligence activities and covert action programs.

4) Targeting Officers:

Officers in this career track will directly support and drive complex worldwide NCS operations to develop actionable intelligence against the highest priority threats to U.S. national security.

5) Paramilitary Operations Officers:

Paramilitary operations officers are chosen mainly from the ranks of U.S. special operations forces.[9] SAD operatives are the most specialized because they combine the best special operations and clandestine intelligence capabilities in one individual. They operate in any environment (sea, air, or ground), with limited to no support. They originate in the SAD’s Special Operations Group (SOG), considered one of the most elite special operations units in the world.[20] Paramilitary operations officers are the primary recipients of the coveted Distinguished Intelligence Cross and the Intelligence Star, the CIA’s two highest medals for valor. Not surprisingly, the majority of those memorialized on the Wall of Honor at the CIA’s headquarters were covert operatives.

6) NCS Language Officers

Performing a critical and dynamic function within the NCS, the Language Officer applies advanced foreign language skills, experience, and expertise to provide high-quality translation, interpretation, and language-related support for a variety of NCS clandestine operations.

SAD (Special Activities Division)

is a division in the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) National Clandestine Service (NCS) responsible for covert operations known as “special activities”. Within SAD there are two separate groups, one for tactical paramilitary operations and another for covert political action. The Political Action Group within SAD is responsible for covert activities related to political influence, psychological and economic warfare. The rapid development of technology has added cyberwarfare to their mission. Tactical units within SAD are also capable of carrying out covert political action. A large covert operation usually has components that involve many, or all, of these categories, as well as paramilitary operations.

Propaganda includes: leaflets, newspapers, magazines, books, radio, and television, all of which are geared to convey the U.S. message appropriate to the region. These techniques have expanded to cover the internet as well. They may employ officers to work as journalists, recruit agents of influence, operate media platforms, plant certain stories or information in places it is hoped it will come to public attention, or seek to deny and/or discredit information that is public knowledge. In all such propaganda efforts, “black” operations denote those in which the audience is to be kept ignorant of the source; “white” efforts are those in which the originator openly acknowledges himself; and “gray” operations are those in which the source is partly but not fully acknowledged.


Thanks to recall15 of the Golden Thread Forum.


Special Activities Division – Wiki

UPDATE 4/30/13

In case you were not sold on the idea that Facebook is data mining,  here’s this:

In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA and the wider intelligence community, is putting cash into Visible Technologies, a software firm that specializes in monitoring social media. It’s part of a larger movement within the spy services to get better at using “open source intelligence” – information that’s publicly available, but often hidden in the flood of TV shows, newspaper articles, blog posts, online videos and radio reports generated every day.

“CIA Admits Full Monitoring of Facebook and other Social Networks”





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With a view from the flight deck, Pilot attempts to understand the big picture.

66 Responses to Forum Shill gets Busted: ATS and GLP Censor to Cover his Tracks

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  2. orkojoker says:

    Great story. Another thread has popped up on ATS regarding this. It’s titled Have You Heard of the National Clandestine Service. Not much activity on it yet, but neither has it been deleted. Be interesting to see what happens there.

  3. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    Dude, i knew you guys would be on this! Saw the link on DIF, I love your site and mission! You guys are the shit, Keep it up!!

  4. Tavistock: Internet Mass Mind-control:


    How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate:


    I posted at godlikeproductions and gave a link to my site and within 4 pages the thread was deleted and I was banned. Then for weeks on end I kept getting referrers from that thread that was locked and deleted. I also received a phone call from England, which is apparently where the owner of the site with CIA connections lives now.

  5. Mark-Eric says:

    Yesterday (March 30, 2013), a Google search for “predev persona” resulted in about 100 docs, among them this article at insanemedia.net. No, I didn’t think to get a screen grab. Naive again!

    Today the same Google search returns 10 docs, none of them recent, and not including the insanemedia.net article.

    I’m M-E-H, from the thread in question. I have to admit, seeing those GLPers unmask that agent to the point of making a mistake and revealing himself was thrilling and sickening. The blatant censorship of the event however, really shocked me. Particularly when I saw it scrubbed from GLP, ATS, and Google simultaneously.

    Now Googles rescrubbed and I find that frightening.


    • Mark-Eric says:

      Well, most of the entries are back in Googles index (90 docs). I wonder if they are manually going in and erasing the docs after each indexing run? We’ll see I guess.


    • -swansong- says:

      Certainly puts our efforts into some perspective, eh? Someone is making a concerted effort to gum up the works for some reason. We must be on to something.

  6. Mark-Eric says:

    Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo also have been scrubbed.

    Now every post I make on this subject I fear will disappear. Waiting for a comment to make it through moderation is killing me.

    The worst part is I don’t see a complete enough picture to both justify this level of effort, and explain this level of incompetence or bravado.

    In other words. WHY! !WTF!


  7. Pilot says:

    The second thread on the subject at ats is still going, and the analysis on the lunatic outpost forum is very good. I’ve noticed that the shills and skeptics arguments don’t hold water in this case. Their effectiveness is waning. Poor, sad shills. ; )

  8. Saying Hello says:

    Above top Secret goes well over the top in removing posts so you can tell they are not to be trusted and just about everyone on the site has been banned at one stage or another and then register with a new name.

    Facts is you don’t get to be big without help from TPTB and I think ATS has become a play toy for the elite and is used to saw propaganda and dilute the truth.

    The so called ad-servers on the sites have been known to give many users a virus and when you post a warning , it gets deleted and you get a ban.

    Nope, Going to the site has become a danger to you’re computers health

  9. Free Planet says:

    ‘google index editing by hand’?

    Surely you’d leave such tedious mainframing tasks to whatever Pro.M.I.S. became?

  10. Pingback: This article illustrates how deep the damage control… | Sandy Hook Truth Message Forum

  11. The Soniq Dreemer says:

    I was banned from GLP on that date, 3/28. I have not received any response to my multiple emails and forum-entry-banned-splashpage-note, inquiring as to why.

    This really opened my eyes.

    GLP is a honeypot. EVERY DAY since then, dozens of new threads appear asking about the “korean shill” or “has GLP been sold to the CIA” and similar topics. Deleted within minutes, all of them.

    What logical conclusion is one to draw when the following is known:
    1. Someone posting on GLP, accused for weeks of being a shill, and always appearing in every single Sandy Hook thread, posted the text referenced in this article on insandemedia. That text appeared to use wording consistent with a “three-letter u.s. gov. agency.” The text also appeared to be copy pasted in haste & in error. The poster quickly attempted to laugh it off, and deny, deny, deny. Then, one of the GLP forum admins appeared, and laughed it off. Along the lines of, “This happens all the time, cant you tell it was sarcasm?” ….WTF?!
    2. Within minutes, that thread exploded with posts stating, “OMG! We have proof there is a gov shill operating here on GLP!!! Mods, Admins, look! What should we do with this info?” Also, additional separate threads were created, at least two karma-pinned at the top. MANY people are aware of this event, but alas….
    3. GLP deleted any and all reference to this event. GLP banned all members who posted anything regarding this event.

    Is GLP in collusion with, or is GLP outright operated by a clandestine u.s.gov agency?

    I was happy to come across this website, detailing this event. More people need to know GLP has been 100% confirmed a gov psyop/honeypot.

    Ask yourself: Why was a shill assigned to post in every single Sandy Hook thread, using a proxy to appear as a poster from South Korea, or Kahzakstan?

    Please also check out the following resources:
    I have no connection to them, other than I found them in my quest for other truth-seekers and critical thinkers regarding the Sandy Hook event.
    HollywoodPastels channel on youtube

    Can anyone tell me the Chatzy.com room which was created by banned members from GLP, for discussion of Sandy Hook?

    Also, I think the NewAgeMessiah from GLP is also a disinfo agent. His website, sandyhookhoax.com, focused on ALL of the most bizarre aspects of the event….with little focus on the most important and most readily contradictory and most accessible to the general U.S. population.
    Also, NAM was the original poster in the Medical Type-Sandy Hook thread on GLP, where on page 7 the Shill was outed.
    NAM blew it off, as not important. When pressed by multiple posters as to the importance of that event, NAM disappeared.

    You would think NAM would have jumped and ran with that shill-outing….in his own thread, nonetheless!!! Instead, he shrugged and disappeared.

    Sandy Hook will be the event which caused the American population to finally turn and oust the wicked ones in power at the Fed. Reserve, and U.S. Fed Gov.

    Everywhere you look, stonewalling, stalling, delay of info, redacted info on released warrants, etc.

    “They” are scared. And they should be. Everyone is waking up to what the hell really is going on.

    Peace be with your spirit!
    -The Dreamer

    • New Age Messiah a disinfo agent? LOL. I guess that’s why anonymous hacked my site and then Google and Bing censored it, scrubbed it from searches. I didn’t get involved in that shill outing because it was already long gone by the time I realized what happened. Plus, there were plenty of people on it, it’s not like I had nothing else to do. Sandy Hook Hoax has plenty of every kind of information to establish for anyone that it was a hoax and the media and gov are behind it.

  12. For the record, the thread was not removed from ATS to protect some “shill” from being discovered — in fact, the original post on GLP was considered to be a hoax. We removed it because we currently do not allow discussion of Sandy Hook. The reason: those wishing to discuss the topic are unable to do so with civility and decorum.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hello Bill.

      For the record, this thread was not about Sandy Hook. Nothing in this thread mentioned Sandy Hook, until one of the Sock Puppets came along and talked about Sandy Hook in an attempt to get the thread shut down. It would have been very easy to do one of your “off topic” or even better “extreme TOS violation” removals.

      Your closing statement for the reason Sandy Hook threads are closed: “unable to do so with civility and decorum,” is the lamest response and explanation of 2013. Who are you kidding? We have witnessed the lies, the censoring and deletion of very good threads, that had nothing to do with “nobody has died” or “all parents are actors,” which you pointed out as being the main reason of closing the threads.

    • -swansong- says:

      For the record…”

      There’s a record?

      Man, you better hope not.

      I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone reading from it at the reckoning.

    • orkojoker says:

      Frankly, bullshit. There have been some very solid threads 404’d from ATS that were 99 percent civility. I’ve been paying REAL close attention to what ATS does with Sandy Hook material, and they are NOT moderating that subject the way they say they are. Period. Exclamation point. I don’t know why they are doing what they are doing, but it is clearly not for the reasons they claim.

    • Bananahanacana says:

      The only people that would have considered the post in topic a ‘hoax’ are those that didn’t participate in that thread and continue to follow it’s developments.

      In fact the original post in question went on to be filled with youtube embeds for dozens of pages, over the course of days, apparently in attempts to have it shut down.

      The reason you gave for not allowing Sandy Hook discussion is also hogwash.
      You know that, I sure as heck do, we all do.

      Now as this new “Event” continues to unfold, I wonder – will you be censoring discussing on it, also? Your pattern of site management indicates a resounding: Yes.

  13. PcGeek says:

    ATS and Alex Jones do not allow any discussion on Sandy Hook because they are both shill forums. Ive known this for years and when i posted my Alicia research at Alex Jones i was immediately permabanned as being a troll.

    It is quite obvious both are disinfo forums trying to steer debate especially when you look at the topics they promote… They like topics that are batshit crazy to make truthers look crazy.

    ATS knows that Sandy Hook is the easiest proveable hoax event to occur … Thus they dont want discussion of something they cant debunk.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hey PCGeek,

      yes I was surprised to hear about the forum over at Alex Jones. Regarding ATS, at first I gave them the benefit of the doubt..that was in December. I was never very active in their forum prior Sandy Hook, so I thought they may be worried about their Advertisers.

      But if you see all the other crazy topics that are opened on their forum on a daily basis, you can throw that explanation out of the window..

      I learned my lesson quickly, and if you do a little investigation there is no doubt that their strings are being pulled by TPTB..

  14. John Smith says:

    Funny you managed to draw the attention of SkepticOverlord. It must be new that they NOW do not allow ANY Sandy Hook posts because we were just posting in one the other day. ATS has had many,many threads on Sandy Hook and I know of one very long thread at prisonplanet so yes they do allow discussion on the topic. Here is what is happening with the posts. The best way to get any Sandy Hook discussion closed is to start screaming about it being a hoax or how the parents are actors or the kids don’t exist. The shills know this and are doing it intentionally because they do not want ANY truthful discussion on the topic. Recently alot of info has been released about the contents of the home and Nancy’s emails which indicate she should share a majority of the blame yet the media continues to hammer the topic of guns and refuse to address the horrific parenting that took place or what exactly his mental state was to include any medications. The police can’t release that info but Peter or Ryan Lanza can. I am surprised they do not out shills more often. I find it disturbing that now ATS just bans all discussion on the topic rather than do their job and properly moderate the forum. If that is the case they just proved to posters how easily they can be harassed.

  15. M-E-H, its me conspiracyhead. I’m still banned over this thread, just like you and everyone else that exposed this on GLP. I posted the “Taming of the Shill” thread and 4 others and all were removed within a minute. The only way I see that as being possible is if GLP is government owned. The post were at 3:30 a.m. EST, no way they have multiple mods working that fast. ATS is also compromised. Skeptic Overlord is full of shit. How does exposing a government pre-developed persona somehow dovetail into Sandy Hook (simply b/c it was in a SH thread)? These people need to be honest. My website is set to go live within two weeks and when it does it is going to blow ATS and GLP out of the water b/c I will not censor anyone, and that’s a promise. It might be the wild-wild-west, but at least all the content will be legit. I am also thinking about requiring a minimal fee or CC info to post to prevent multiple Pre-Dev government shills from clogging my site! Any thoughts??

  16. Watcher says:

    Yet Again ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Boston Bombing Crisis Actor Thread


  17. ugotit says:

    I posted over at GLP that Michael Savage was Mosad and was banned in less than 60 seconds. Nice.

    • -swansong- says:

      I pointed out that a thread title related to Alex Jones was silly and misleading. 60secs was about how long I lasted, too. Haven’t been able to get back in since.

  18. Kennedy Ray says:

    They deleted my Timeline thread about the Watertown Manhunt last night. I was going to post it on GLP first, exclusively for discussion. Of course, when you come close to the truth, discussion is not allowed.

    I’m not banned, however…

  19. Kennedy Ray says:

    Notice: This article/link is banned on GLP. But it is apparently because of ATS:

    *** Because Above Top Secret staff are a bunch of uptight control freaks, we do not allow their content or references to their website to be posted or linked to on GodlikeProductions.com *** Attempts to circumvent this warning will result in ban.


    • Mark_Eric says:

      Where the hell have you and this website been!? Welcome back? Did I miss something! Oh, boy, I hope I was just being paranoid!

  20. Kennedy Ray says:

    Hey Mark_Eric, well I enjoyed the summer, needed a break and there wasn’t much going on 🙂 Had to move the server as well and I’m still working on some tech issues, but YES, we are back! Winter is coming, ,much time for sleuthing and writing as things are heating up again. Thanks for stopping by, very much appreciated!

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  23. Will Munny says:

    Just discovered this site. What a breath of fresh cyber-air! I am a recovering GLP’er, having suspected it was cointel ops then seeing it confirmed here. I noticed I could post just about any kind of insane stuff at GLP, but Sandy Hook stuff got me banned, as did pointing out shillery and fear-mongering, which is all that site is –well, along with a pro-Neocon, race-baiting and anti-“muzzy” agenda and some amusing GIFs. They are REALLY pushing ebola fear porn now, 24/7. They’ve also tried to incite riots in Ferguson, Mo. and Louisville, Ky.

    • -swansong- says:

      Welcome 🙂 I signed up for ATS a couple of days after SH. I didn’t last a month. I got a lifetime ban simply for wishing to discuss the peculiarities if this particular event. Exceedingly odd behaviour for a conspiracy site.

      Regardless…the air is fresh and clean here. Enjoy your stay.

  24. Tedgoat says:

    I got banned from ATS this morning. Was on it discussing 9/11 and Israel yesterday. Opened my laptop this morning and tried to connect to ATS. All I got was the Black Suits picture and the 404 Page Not Found. No messages or explanations telling you anything. Just a straight flat out ban. Did I say anything about Sandy Hook? Nope. I may have said that some Israeli’s are Nazi’s. Or it could have been one rude member called Lexygot said that SkepticOverlord regards 9/11 truthers as Activists. Eh? It’s a conspiracy discussion site. Why would he say that? Anyway I then said because the door swings both ways and that the Official Story is not very believable then OS repeaters are Activists too. Maybe SkepticOverlord banned me for that. But then I’m just speculating because without any explanation for my ban I have no idea!

  25. Philby says:

    Dear Insanemedia and All participants in the Making of We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook:
    Thank you for your continuing sacrifice in exposing the level of corruption of this “event”. I am shocked and appalled at the level of unlawful censorship, professional Shilling/Trolling and harassment directed toward you Fine people!. Good journalism is hard to find and All of you are to be commended for your Integrity. Bravery and True Patriotism. May you ALL be blessed and protected in your future efforts in Exposing this Obvious Fraud on the Citizens of this Nation and Worldwide…
    Respectfully Submitted,

  26. Philby says:

    I’m representing REAL victims of Police abuse, victims, ect. here in W MI and I’d hate for my client’s to suffer b/c I’m 54 and unskilled in tech…..If you can find a vid somewhere showing America’s Most Wanted Reunion Show for children “recovered” from pedo or other kidnappings. It took place on DC “Mall” with Diane Feinstein in attendance but Sen. Kyl a n0-show…I am seated to Feinstein’s left and my clients were two migrant farm worker kids Ages 3 and 11 taken from laundry mat parking lot in 1995 in Benton Harbor MI I believe the show aired in Summer of 1996, I have VHS Media coverage/pics from AMW, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Ect. I did the case Pro Bono as the Feds were terrorizing the victims family with false allegations of murder from day 1 polygraphing in Eng. when Spanish 1st language, ect. I filed in Fed court to kick off “Friend of Court as useless and failing to ensure docs regarding minors were SEALED as Fed Stat. provided. I “intervened” on behalf of family and was roundly Attacked by Judge, US Atty and Fed Defender, it was a First Impression action and ruffled feathers. U.S. v. Boyd Weekley. I was “crucified” by the Bar on trumped up false ethical claims and hired Geoff Fiegers partner Michael Schwartz for $5000 for five minutes. I Agreed to a reprimand by consent for “zealous young, ect) I paid 1$ 97 Cents for their “certified mailings” lol You will also find a “Public Probation” for 1/8th of a gram of weed, which was also a set-up to discredit me. I’ve been a truth teller from Way back. I just wish I had the tech know-how I need to aid this important project more effectively…….One would think that those bird brains would have already read the Fed Guardian Statute providing for “closed circuit” minor victim testimony so the traumatized tykes did not have to sit 10 feet from their Pedo kidnapper And sealing of med records in Re: hiv, ect but NO I had to help those people and I had the skill-set and earned trust in that particular community to do it. Nothing more, nothing less. My Duty as I saw it. Just as you and your fellow researchers are doing. Kudos

  27. Axiom says:

    we must stop people falling for this disinfo

  28. The Sonic Dreamer says:

    The Page 7 GLP thread has been all but entirely erased from memory (except for this webpage.)

    Think about that. Does anyone have screenshots?

    Those who remember, we KNOW.

    • -swansong- says:

      Wow….straight down the “MemoryHole”. Unbelievable. So glad Kennedy saved it for posterity.

    • Marko says:

      Better than screenshots, Firefox has an add-in called Scrapbook. I find myself using it extensively. Just say no to memory holes!

      • Marko says:

        PS – “Forum Shill” got Scrapbooked, as people would never believe it if I didn’t have the documentation to back it up. Thank you all for your service to the truth.

  29. The Sonic Dreamer says:

    p.s. Swansong, glad to see this website is still up. Would you consider extending an invite to the noshill subreddit? I am looking for a LEGIT forum to share info and learn, now that reactorbreachforum (Jim Stone Freelance’s forum) has been 100% verified to be COINTELPRO after the John_Carter expose.

    • -swansong- says:

      “Extending an invite”? If there is something you’d like me to do “officially” to invite/welcome the sub just let me know.

    • Will Munny says:

      Sonic Dreamer: I saw that John_Carter stuff at reactorbreach. Why do you say the entire forum is “verified” as COINTELPRO when that was just one poster? Shills/Trolls infiltrate almost all forums.


  30. Purplehaze says:

    I can’t type on here because each line starts covering up the *post* icon. What the fuk is going on? Has this site banned commenting or am I being throttled?

  31. Purplehaze says:

    I wish I could say something important about GLP on my experience but each line starts covering up all the icons so I can’t post it.

    Are you blocking me at all? If so what have I done wrong? I’d like to know in particular what I did wrong.

    • -swansong- says:

      I can assure you we aren’t blocking anyone. As far as I am aware the commenting section is functioning normally. But I’ll have it checked out.

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  35. Kevin says:

    I wasn’t exactly banned but I cannot comment or post anything on GLP. This all started within about 12 hours ago. I was trying to get important information out about a news forum thread local to a small town outside of Atlanta called Paulington.com. The reason why this was so important and should be looked into by anyone reading this is that it was about Tunnel construction by the big 3 letter government agencies connecting Walmart stores across the Southeastern United States. I sat up and took notice because upon reading it, I was in shock. They were discussing the “Tunnel Project” guarded by DHS and connecting Walmart stores like it was common knowledge! One poster even commented about 250 kids who went on a field trip to tour the tunnels. Another posted commented that the size of the tunnels was mind boggling. If this is redundant information, I apologize for that. If not do a search on it. I think that you will be as shocked as I am. There is much much more to the Walmart tunnel theory than I initially thought.

    • Kevin says:

      I forgot to add that the forum thread referenced was from 2004. And it was common knowledge among the locals. Times were a lot less ominous in those days and what I found so crazy is that there is not more information surfacing about this especially in light of the Jade Helm concerns and Walmart stores.

  36. TakingCues says:

    I had known of GLP for about five or more years now, but I had never bothered with the site until about two weeks ago. Within the first few minutes of reading through the threads I realized it was full of racist comments. After about 2-3 days I realized that not only was it full of racist comments, but that the admin and mods seemed to be endorsing such behavior by its members.

    I had commented anonymously a few times over the first few days before then making a free account. Under that account I began speaking out against the racist remarks others had made within a particular thread. I wasn’t being confrontational about it though or calling these people names. What I was stating is that it isn’t the color of one’s skin which determines their behavior as they grow into adulthood but rather the culture one happens to grow up in.

    Well, it wasn’t long afterward that numerous ACs (and some registered members) began telling me I was a shill, a sock puppet, and all other kinds of nonsense. Having quickly picked up on the nature of the site I was already expecting some would ridicule me using childish remarks, but the “shill” comments made no sense to me.

    I basically had the shills calling me a shill. And it was the fact that I had like 8 or 9 different people doing so so quickly that made it all the more bizarre. They also quickly took to giving me negative karma and leaving “shill” and “black apologist” comments as their reason for doing so.

    For as surprised as I was at being labeled a shill, I was more suprised when I went back on the site a few hours later only to find that my IP address had been banned. At that point I knew something wasn’t quite right with this place. I knew it wasn’t what it portrayed itself as being. If you play into the chaotic atmosphere you’re allowed to post whatever garbage you like in however vile a manner you so choose. If you happen to show that you can keep your temper while hoping to talk some sense into people however, well, then you’re banned very quickly.

    And, oddly enough, upon banning you they now redirect you to their sister site givemegossip.com. I made a post on there stating how GLP just banned me and the reason why while also letting it be known I was leery of this GMG site for the simple fact it is obviously linked to GLP. Well, that thread was deleted within about 3 minutes.

    For anyone that doesn’t get it, they send you there just to use you as a member to build up their sister site. Why some people can’t see through that I don’t know. But apparently there are those foolish enough to not realize what is going on in that regard.

    So anyway, after I got banned I began Google searching “Godlike Productions” along with terms like “banned” and then later with “Ghetto Monk,” “Trinity,” and eventually “Jason Lucas.” Through such searches I quickly had my suspicions confirmed.

    Nonetheless, I still found myself interested in trying to view the site. And to my surprise I was able to view it again after only a day or two. Armed with this new info though, I figured I’d keep quiet for the most part and try to hint people in the right direction regarding what the site and owner are really doing by slipping in a comment here and there every now and then.

    Well, that didn’t last very long. Ghetto Monk had started a thread titled “Do You Feel Comfortable Around Blacks?” It was a poll in which the opening post was him laying out a bunch of hateful nonsense as to why he doesn’t feel comfortable around black people.

    To my surprise there were a decent amount of people calling him out for how much he was going over the top and what not with his behavior. I then piggybacked on a reply someone else had made to him about his behavior by saying something along the lines of “All this is is a bunch of propagandistic nonsense” and that “if you really want to know what GLP and the owner of the site are about then you guys should really do some Google searches regarding it.”

    I thought it was vague enough since I didn’t go into detail about anything – or name Ghetto Monk as Jason Lucas – that it would slip by without issue and/or draw some type of direct response from Ghetto Monk (he was active in the thread at the time and taking on everyone that called him out for making such a ridiculous thread).

    Instead, the post was deleted within no more than 30 seconds. That was followed by my IP address quickly being banned again. Oddly enough though, I was still able to view the forum. I just wasn’t allowed to post or start new threads. It was like that for a few hours, but then I eventually found myself blocked from everything again later in the day.

    The fact that he didn’t bother to address my comment cemented in my mind that the things I’ve read about the place and the owner must be true. If they weren’t it would of made a lot more sense in my opinion for him to simply reply to the comment and tell me how the stuff out there about Jason Lucas and what GLP is actually operating as is a bunch of nonsense, etc.

    Instead he quickly deleted it and banned me. That tends to be an indication that he feels the info out there about him and the site is something he doesn’t want people to be aware of.

    Oh, and one other that really bugged me about the forum there: quite a few members there, including mods, make it openly known that they consider themselves to be Christian. Despite this, however, many of these same people go on to post their racist comments and hatred of black people, etc.

    It makes me wonder if they do this purposely as a means of making those of Christian faith look bad.

    I could go on with more, but I’ve obviously written quite a bit already being as this is all fresh in my mind since it all occurred within the past few days. I wanted to get the message about GLP across to others on the actual GLP forum. But hopefully others will come across this and the accounts told by others which will allow them to realize GLP is simply trying to manipulate your mind and promote a message of hate and fear amongst those none the wiser to how controlled it all is.

    • Paranoid Chick says:

      YES! Ghetto Monk seems to be stoking the racial fires HARD. He has been posting polls and starting new threads which tread dangerously close to overt racism, if not overt at times. Why would the owner of the site want to discredit his own site by doing so? This seems completely counterintuitive in running a successful business. I understand GLP is marketed as a Free Speech forum (though it is not as some terms equal instant ban), but who runs a business like that, showing their own racism? Why not just allow the members do so under the umbrella of free speech, which would give him plausible deniability? The only logical conclusion is that Ghetto Monk does it to illuminate those with racist views and discredit conspiracy theorists as a whole. Obvious psyop.

  37. Paranoid Chick says:

    I have regularly visited GLP for roughly 2 years, and I had only been caught up in a random ban on IP addresses once before, as I had never posted at that point, only read content. That all changed last night.
    I had been posting on various threads for a few weeks now with no issues, but a Sandy Hoax thread caught my eye. A paid member had posted some responses and cited actual facts obtained from FOIA docs but was immediately challenged by the Admin FireWatch. For several pages, FW used illogical fallacies (Strawman arguments, anecdotal evidence, etc) against the paid member and even implied she was an idiot by randomly asking if she was a “Flat Earther” (there was no evidence of her being such, as her posts are always well informed. Flat Earthers are generally seen as the lowest form of conspiracy theorists, so the implication here was a Ad Hominem attack upon her intelligence by Fire Watch). The paid member was very careful to engage the Admin while addressing him and pointing out his flawed logic. When I pointed this out by directly addressing FW in the most respectful manner possible, I was instantly banned even though it was around 2 am. Now, why would a Forum Administrator use illogical fallacies and personal attacks against factual evidence unless the whole site is a gov psyop? This, coupled with the instant ban confirmed my suspicions.
    MEH, I know which poster you were on GLP, and I always appreciated your posts. Haven’t you been recently unbanned? I believe you said something about it recently, and your username now included a 2? Yeah, of course, someone was accusing you of being a shill as soon as you came back, remember? Whatevs. Shills gonna shill.

  38. Franky says:

    Swansong and others, please read this thread, especially the last page.


    Let me know what you think !

  39. kent says:

    I was on GLP late at night messing around an I noticed whenever I made a post that two other threads would bump at the exact same time as my post. I checked the other threads and found that they had a post on them at the exact same time. So I kept posting on other threads and the same thing kept happening. I checked to see who was posting and it turned out to not only be anonymous cowards, but members too. They all were very advanced AI bots. Once I made a thread pointing it out I got banned from the site. It’s getting really sad because these bots are so advanced that it’s making internet forums all suspect now. All forums should have very advanced sign up security to keep these bots out.

    • -swansong- says:

      Insanemedia is banned from their site…I suspect mainly due to this article. It has really gone to hell over the last few years. If you want to get banned make a comment mentioning Insanemedia or Tavistock

  40. Farrrrrout says:

    Got GLP banned this morning for a couple of reasons i suspect. One that i named a poster, who confirmed to me she was a paid shill named Disquisitive and Two on a thread “trinity started about the site never meant to fo mainstream. Horseshit! I replied the site was only worth visiting due to posters like Swansong.

    • -swansong- says:

      GLP is pure Tavistock. I get banned there every time I try to post a link to our blog or even just type in our name in a comment.

      Pretty much all the venues we’ve used to get our research out to others are now banning or deleting us. That includes GLP, Above Top Secret, YouTube, etc. Strange days, indeed. I guess we’ll soon have to start blogging about cats.

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