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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by Pilot


Follow The Money: Sandy Hook Charitable Funds Awash in Donations


Sandy Hook Charitable Funds: Beyond the most well known Sandy Hook funds,  The United Way and Sandy Hook Promise,  there are many more charitable organizations that are trolling for dollars.  This article takes a look at the veritable cottage industry that has sprung up after the December 14, 2012 event and attempts to estimate the amount that has been raised.

Follow the Money


Getting a handle on just how much money has been raised so far is a rather difficult task.  Many of the private funds for individual families do not disclose the amount raised.  Those that do,  like the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and the Newtown Memorial Fund have raised over 10 million  and 1 million respectively.  These two are just the tip of an enormous iceberg.  Here is a partial list of funds that accept donations on behalf of families, first responders, teachers, and Newtown itself:

Sandy Hook Charitable Funds

Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims Relief Fund  ($169,066)

Newtown Rotary Sandy Hook School Fund ($700,000) 

Sandy Hook School Memorial Scholarship Fund of the University of Connecticut (80,000)

Fairfield County Community Foundation,  The Taunton Press Newtown Family and Children’s Fund,  Healing Newtown,  NYA Sports and Fitness Center Community Commitment Fund,  Donors Choose Campaign for Newtown,  Sandy Hook Promise;  previously named “Newtown United”,  Sandy Hook Special Revenue Fund,  Sandy Hook Private Purpose Trust Fund,  Newtown Youth and Family Services,  Connecticut State Grange Foundation Sandy Hook Angels Fund,  First Responders Fund,  My Sandy Hook Family Fund,  Newtown Memorial Fund,  Newtown Parent Connection,  Lutheran Church Charities’ K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs,  and Kids in Crisis Sandy Hook School Support Fund.

If your eyes started to glaze over somewhere in the middle of that last paragraph, I understand. These are organizations listed with the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy. They do not list funds started for individual families or smaller funds selling ribbons, wristbands or bumper stickers, and there are plenty of those, but I won’t list them here. I would like to focus on one or two in particular in the above list; let’s begin with “Sandy Hook Promise”.


This fund has been the topic of discussion among Newtown residents: Link to Sandy Hook Promise Facebook story

Sandy Hook Promise has created a stir recently because there are two arms of the organization, one for assisting families and the other for lobbying. Sandy Hook Promise has not disclosed, to my knowledge, the amount of money they have collected for either arm of the fund.  I called the main number to see if they would tell me and the volunteer I spoke with said she “couldn’t say”, either because she really had no clue, or she was instructed not to.

People in Newtown are apparently starting to ask questions, at least concerning the appropriation of all that freaking money!  Looking at the committee in charge of the United Way 10 Million Dollar mega fund, we see a few familiar faces: Former US Senator Joe Lieberman;  Father Weiss of St Rose of Lima;  Benjamin Spragg, former Newtown finance director;  attorney, Anne Ragusa;  Dr Charles Herrick,  Danbury Hospital Psychiatric Chair;  and last but not least:

Joseph DiCandido, President of Nutek Aerospace Corp. 

Who the hell is he?? 

All the rest are to be expected I suppose, we’ve got Israel, the Vatican, a couple of locals, the Pharmaceutical industry and …the Military Industrial Complex I guess.  Joseph DiCandido seems way out of left field, I wonder why they couldn’t include a janitor or lunchroom worker on the roster?  As it is, the money is not fit to be in the hands of anyone unless they are already rich. Poor people couldn’t possibly have any insight as to where this money could be best spent in the community. Newtown isn’t the kind of place where you see many poor people running around anyway, so perhaps this group represents the demographic well enough.

Speaking of demographics, let’s take a look at the Fairfield County Community Foundation,  also accepting donations on behalf of victims.  On their about page,  you will find that they are sitting on top of at least 150 million dollars.  Yes, that’s right, the county in Connecticut where the shooting took place is itself very well set with its own charitable organization that could easily afford to pay for therapy, scholarships, families utility bills and any number of other things is holding its hand out for more from the public.

Financial Information

Keep in mind that charitable orgs don’t just let the money sit in some dusty old bank account or savings and loan, oh no, they are invested in CD’s, mutual funds, and any number of other products in order to generate more income. The rich get richer. (Tax Free!)  In this case capitalizing on the mirage of dead children. (The last I looked, there is still no publicly available physical evidence proving anyone was actually killed that day…but I digress.)

In an article that appeared in the Denver Post December 19th, Kim White, from Santa Clarita, CA , who started, “Sandy Hook Elementary Donation” one of the “grassroots” Sandy donation pages on Facebook, was quoted as saying;

“Even though they don’t know these kids,  every single person was just devastated by what happened, everybody was just crying and sobbing about this tragedy,  and I just decided to put this page up for them.”

On her Facebook page she urges people to donate directly to the Sandy Hook PTA, but also has a PayPal account. White said that as of Wednesday afternoon, she hadn’t received any donations through the service – except for $5 from her daughter Jenna, 8, who contributed her tooth fairy money.

One may assume that her Facebook friends were so blinded by their veil of tears that they failed to notice the parents of the slain children appeared on television rather well equipped to deal with the demands of being national representatives for the gun control agenda, but that’s neither here nor there. What Ms. White was describing was unchecked human empathy,  and the impetus behind the waves of cash and prizes being thrown at Newtown.

” I feel really bad, so I’m going to donate some money,  then it won’t hurt so much”.  Virtual pain assuaged by fiat currency.  Only in America!

I said I wouldn’t cover the myriad individual family funds, and I will not renege on that promise, but I would like to share a tidbit about one, and that is the dawnhochspungmemorialfund.org,  started by her family to provide scholarships for students from her alma mater Naugatuck High School.  It is unclear how big a role consultants are playing in this fundraising extravaganza, but there appears to be at least a bit of that going on behind the scenes.

Dawn Hochsprung’s memorial had a tie-in with California Pizza Oven on March 8th:

” Just print out this voucher and take it in to any CPO location in CT and 20{2bd38f3aa67c5df5134457b3a6cccfa81474f178cea7c899ef32e7849771de96} of your check will be donated to Dawn’s fund!” 

I don’t know about you guys, but the last thing I want to be reminded of while dining on pizza is a mass shooting.

Another somewhat off-the-wall corporate tie-in was the Sandy Hook Nascar:

A week before the car was unveiled and NASCAR’s charitable drive was made public, a contingent of NASCAR officials that included Helton, Davis, Waltrip and NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France flew to Newtown, Conn., and held an emotional meeting in private with town officials, first responders, and several of the families of the victims to share their plans.

“When we walked into that room, and seven of the families that lost children in that shooting were sitting on the front row looking at you, first of all, that was very hard to keep your composure,’’ Waltrip said. “But as we spoke, those crying faces turned to smiles.

They’re huge NASCAR fans up in that part of the country, and they got to realize that they’re going to have a car in the Daytona 500 and it lit ’em up. It made me so proud that I was there to be part of such a special announcement.’’


Maybe I’m just old fashioned,  but I cannot imagine parents being “lit up” upon hearing that the memory of their murdered child would be exploited at a car race.  Not all family members are taking all this sitting down, however.

Cristina Lafferty Hassinger, daughter of principal Dawn Hochsprung who died in the shooting, voiced her frustration on her Facebook and Twitter account about United Way of Western not releasing funds to the victims families:

United Way of Western Holds Back Donations

According to the recent March 17th article in the Hartford Courant, about 15 million dollars has been raised so far by the various charities, spread out over 60 funds, but they are not altogether certain of the total.

“There is a lot of money out there coming from a lot of places,” said William Rubenstein, commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection. “Keeping track of all that is virtually impossible.”

That very well may be, but now that it has arrived, all we have to do is:

Follow the money

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With a view from the flight deck, Pilot attempts to understand the big picture.

19 Responses to Follow The Money: Sandy Hook Charitable Funds Awash in Donations

  1. RealPerson says:

    Wow, I had no idea that much money had been collected. Thank you for the report.

    I guess they need to build up the funds that the Newtown Board of Education squandered on lawsuits filed by parents in this community.

    It is mind boggling just how fast these donation sites were set up…and if you believe the cache date system—even before the event happened.

    And to me, it is also mystifying that one particular family set up a website solely to collect money for the college education of the siblings of the victim. This is a family that is affluent, so why would they use such a tragedy to cash in on college funds when the parents and grandparents are still alive and fully able to offer financial support?

    Also interesting is the infighting now within the Hochsprung family. Seems to be no more joining hands and singing Kum ba ya when money becomes involved.

    I can tell you this. If I lost my child in such a horrific way, NO amount of money would diminish the suffering. And honestly, if someone offered money to help alleviate the pain, it would be insulting—As if there were a price tag on a precious human life.

    I would think the appropriate thing is to request donations to a charity in lieu of flowers at the funeral. Beyond that is just vulgar.

    • Pilot says:


      Yes it is vulgar! That is the perfect word to describe the continuing solicitation for cash by these entities like Sandy Hook Promise. If any of you come across info about how much they’ve raised, I’d sure like to know. Thanks for your comment!

  2. basketcase says:

    Good. I hope all the buffoons that sent their money to the Jew liars keep on giving. It is the idiot duped brain dead “good and charitable” people that need a slap to the head! The Americans have been brainwashed by government, media, and churches for so long that they can no longer know the truth about the Jew fakesters and liars even if they trip over them. We have been subverted from within…..and the moment this country welcomed these evil people into our government, we were doomed.

  3. PCGeek says:

    I got a ‘tip’ from an anonymous source ( not confirmed reliable ) that there is a behind the scenes investigation federally led that is ‘aware’ of the hoax and is letting the donation scam play out to get enough evidence to indict 100s involved. Local selectmen, school board officials, victim families, Sandy Hook Fire Dept. and CT state police are ALL suspect.

    This kinda could make sense, especially if federal police and politicians were duped over the hoax. My source claims treason and capital murder are two of the charges to be laid along with 100s of fraud related offences and involves 4 different Nations as well. Hmmm interesting.

    • Pilot says:

      hmmm is right. Any new developments in that direction would be welcome news, keep us posted!

    • -swansong- says:

      As much as that seems straight out of some cheesy super-spy novel…that’s actually one of the few things that I’ve heard that makes any sense.

      We can only hope.

    • RealPerson says:

      That would really crystallize the whole story, wouldn’t it?

      Facts known:

      1) Scott Getzinger publicly exposed the corruption within the Newtown Board of Education,( then was killed the next day)

      2) Susan, Scott’s wife, alleges collusion within the legal system to protect the corruption.

      3) The CME makes the following statement in a bizarre Q&A.

      “[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD, December 15, 2012

      5) An inordinate amount of people within this town worked within media, giving them access and power to deflect and disseminate the official reports.

      6) Personnel allowed to work within Sandy hook school without proper accreditation ( Erin D’Elia, Connie Sullivan, possibly Sally Cox)

      7) Local media ( Newtown Bee) refuses to address any substantive questions regarding the tragedy, wants to “focus on healing the town”.

      8) Several volunteer emergency workers retired immediately after the “event”.

      It is very plausible that the local power players used the “gun control issue” as a smokescreen to deflect local scrutiny.

      On a personal note, I have actually witnessed the collusion of the local law enforcement, corrupt city officials, county legal system, and the volunteer emergency workers to promote and cover corruption in small town America for personal gain. And it all links to a strange undercurrent within the volunteer emergency network- and frankly, it stinks. (JMO)

    • Nobody Died @ Sandy Hook says:

      In 2020, investigations should be wrapping up about now right? Why, with all the evidence and stuff? I mean its obvious nobody died at Sandy Hook… Oh wait, untouchable mafia governments, nevermind. We must rise soon.

  4. JBB says:

    this might be a stretch on my part… think its worth looking at anyways…


  5. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    I know for a fact at some point while investigating this story, i read a quote in a news article saying something along the lines of their goal was to raise 32 MILLION or something OBSCENE like that and i remember thinking these people were indeed banking scum bags in this town (sorry but that was honestly my first thought).

    So i went looking for the article and found a newtown article that has been yanked )not sure why either), Titled “Fundraising Efforts Have Raised Millions Since Shootings”–

    Thanks Google Cache! 🙂 lol

  6. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    Sorry for posting twice, Its the Newtown Memorial Fund that set their goal at 26 Million.

  7. newbieengineer says:

    It probably does come down to money. Corruption runs throughout the state of Connecticut.

    Remember when the lawsuit was filed by a “traumatized” student’s family, and then withdrawn…… J. Paul Vance Jr., who as the state’s claims commissioner has the authority to determine if a claim is justified and requires hearings. Vance must approve any claim before a state agency can be sued.

    Vance is the son of Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance, the state police spokesman assigned to the Dec. 14 Sandy Hook school massacre investigation.

    Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Lawyer-withdraws-Sandy-Hook-suit-may-refile-4158266.php#ixzz2OHfECYqf

  8. Sue says:

    I’ve just been told about all the lies and this hoax and now the money collecting sites. This is totally disgusting. How come they never showed the crime scene or bodies. The whole thing is a joke and how can people act and pretend their children died, well I guess they weren’t really their children at all. All the happy faces, and I watched loads of videos and did not see one tear fall.
    The American Government Shame on You.

    • -swansong- says:

      The initial realizations are always the most difficult to process.

      Unfortunately….It’s not going to stop til we wise up…

  9. -swansong- says:

    If you’re talking about those who would profit off the alleged deaths of their children…I couldn’t agree more.

  10. claudia reed says:

    What’s wrong with using donated money to hire anti-gun lobbyists? The question is can we raise enough to challenge the power and wealth of the gun industry, which has its own lobbying army.

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