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Sandy Hook Investigation follow the money 4

Published on March 23rd, 2014 | by Pilot


Follow the Money Part 4



This article is the fourth in a series examining the reported donations that have been made to Newtown/Sandy Hook charities in the wake of the events of 12/14/12.


Now that the dust has settled a bit,  it’s time to take another look at the donation totals for Sandy Hook.  There are several articles that have been published over the past 15 months with varying degrees of relevance.  Some of them gleaned information from CT Attorney General George Jepson’s survey,  but at the time of publication,  not all respondents had filed their reports.  This includes my previous article, Follow the Money Part 3.  At the time of that writing,  it was impossible to arrive at an accurate total of the charities’ collections.

Since that time, there have been Federal grants made to Newtown, and one very large grant from the state of Connecticut, but we’ll get to that shortly.  I would first like to cover the CT Attorney General survey,  although out of date at this point,  it seems a good place to begin.

By clicking through each report,  the totals of money raised by spring of last year can be found.  Of the 62 unique charities reporting, the whole dollar sum of all donations amounts to

$22, 277, 070.00

Twenty-two million, two-hundred seventy-seven thousand, seventy dollars.

As I mentioned, this total is inaccurate.  It is less than what has actually  been raised.  How much less we can estimate based on later reporting.

In an article dated 12/14/13, NBC news stated that Sandy Hook Promise had raised 2.3 million dollars.  That is $1,062,000.00 more than the $1,238,000.00 they reported in June of 2013 to the CT Attorney General.  Let’s add that to our total:  $22,277,070 + 1,o62,000 =

$23,339, 070.00

Also mentioned in the NBC article was the Sandy Hook-Newtown Community Foundation as having raised “over 12 million”.  That is one million+  more than reported originally.  Let’s add again:


Newtown Youth and Family Services originally reported 1 million raised, but by the end of the year they claimed 1.2 million.

$25, 539, 070.00

The NBC reporter included a few smaller charities that I did not find listed on the Jepson and Friends survey.  I am attempting to get at the most accurate, conservative total.  The 27 million claimed by NBC may well be close to the truth.

What the article in question did not cover were the Federal and State grants awarded to Newtown in the interim.  Let’s take a look at those, shall we?

From the Department of Justice, Newtown received 2.5 million dollars, for officer overtime and what-not.

“Grants will be awarded to the Connecticut State Police ($663,444), Town of Newtown ($602,293), Town of Monroe ($882,812), and other partner agencies ($296,836), which include 34 surrounding Connecticut jurisdictions.”


The Department of Education provided two School Emergency Response to Violence, or SERV grants of 1.3 million in May of 2013,  and 1.9 million in January of this year.

“We will do whatever we can to continue assisting and supporting the healing and recovery of Newtown,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “This additional grant will help students, teachers, families, school district and community move forward after such an unimaginable tragedy.”


The State of Connecticut pledged to award Newtown  an additional 50 million dollars to demolish Sandy Hook School, and build a new and improved one on the very same site.

Newtown will not have to pay a penny for a new Sandy Hook Elementary School — state officials are making sure of that.

In the waning hours of the General Assembly session this week, legislators voted to approve as much as $50 million for a new school in Newtown.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, at a Capitol news conference Thursday afternoon, said he had made it clear to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra within days after the Dec. 14 shootings at the school that it would be up to the town to decide the future of the building.  (CTpost.com June 6, 2013)

Let’s add again:


That about does it for Government funding.

Let’s now add in the very generous donation made by General Electric of 15 million dollars.

“More than 150 employees of Fairfield-based GE live in Newtown. GE CEO Jeff Immelt said that over the last year, GE employees who live in Newtown also identified a community center as among the town’s greatest needs.

The town said it will use $10 million to build the center and $5 million for operating costs, including hiring staff, over five years. The center will be owned and operated by the town.”

$96, 239, 070.00

That’s Ninety-six million, two-hundred thirty-nine thousand, seventy dollars.

No conflict of interest there.  I report, you draw outrageous conclusions.


There are dozens more charities to look into.  The smaller, child/victim associated funds that serve as scholarships in the child’s name for example.  The Catherine Hubbard fund raised 250k for an animal sanctuary.  This was included in the Attorney General report.  The Fairfield County Community Foundation collects for Mary Sherlach and Grace McDonnell.  The 62,000 raised by the Ct Yankee council Boy Scout Pack 170 was divvied up between the Hockley, Hubbard, Kowalski, Previdi and Wheeler families, all of which have their own fund raising vehicles.  You may recognize the difficulty in figuring out what went where and when.

Since all 501(c)3 organizations must file a 990 or 990EZ with the IRS, we might reasonably expect to have access to these filings when they are available.

I was able to locate a few funds that openly displayed the total raised on the donation page:  Ben’s Lighthouse: $40,646, and Race 4 Chase (Kowalski)$ 67,807.  Since they both received the gift from the Boy Scouts,  do these totals include the 12,400 that would have been their share?  Only the shadow knows.

I will continue to gather the information on these smaller funds and provide you with my findings.  I had been feeling a little guilty for not following up with another article for so long, but as it happens,  the information available now is more accurate than what it would have been six months ago.  My guilt is assuaged.  Thank you for your continued interest in “Follow the Money”.


Just as an aside,  a few researchers have made arguments regarding the actual population of Newtown being under 2,000 people.  This seems plausible to me only because we have heard so very little from this community of “28,000” .    I have seen reports from people driving through the area, and they describe it as being very deserted.  While this anecdotal evidence may not be proof of anything, consider the city-data report from 2012 which states that the population of Newtown is:


938 males, 1035 females.


For what it’s worth.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.






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With a view from the flight deck, Pilot attempts to understand the big picture.

24 Responses to Follow the Money Part 4

  1. sushieq says:

    Holy Moses, nearly $100M big ones! Un-freaking-believable. I wonder how much of this money has been collected “by the books”? I’m no accountant, but I suspect SOMEONE is suppose to pay taxes on at least a portion of these funds. However, something tells me that the IRS isn’t going to bother auditing any of these folks (not that I wish that on anyone, even crooks).

    Great job on the article. I had been wondering about this very issue this past week. I’m so glad there are people who will step up and do the professional journalists’ job for them since they don’t seem willing or able to dig in and do any real work themselves. Obviously, real news isn’t where the money is…manufactured tragedy is the business to be in if you want the big bucks! Anyway, thanks a mil for your work.

  2. ericmuetterties says:


  3. Michelle says:

    100 mil! I’m sure that helps to keep people quiet! Also interesting is the huge difference between the reported population of Newtown and the actual population. Much easier to control the situation in such a sparsely populated area, so that smaller number makes a lot of sense. Great article as always, and thanks for all your hard work in bringing us the facts!

  4. Pilot says:

    Thanks sushieq,

    I am wondering why the flimsy rationale for the grants made by the DOJ and DOE aren’t scrutinized more by anyone in the mainstream, not so called journalists, but average people who see the news. Don’t they think it’s a bit much? I have seen people who believe the story express disgust with the fundraising because it is unseemly, not criminal.

  5. Jeff C says:

    WOW! Great work – I’ll try to bring more attention to this!
    No wonder these people are so happy!

  6. NO SECRETS says:

    Anne Murphy’s obituary states “In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Autism Speaks”

    Autism Speaks was founded by Bob Wright Vice Chairman of General Electric. Who would have guessed. “Before taking the helm of NBC in 1986, Wright was president of GE Financial Services president of Cox Cable Communications before that. Before that, he had a diversified career in general management, marketing, and broadcasting, much of it with GE. As of May 2008 he is serving as the head of Media Mergers and Acquisitions at Thomas Lee Equity.”


    You might recall Peter Lanza worked for GE financial. You may also recall Kevin Murphy. He is the poor fellow who was run over by a train. He also worked for GE Financial. And let’s not forget the GE Muni-Scandal. http://46in08.blogspot.ca/2009/11/general-electric-and-muni-bond-scandal.html

    What does Peter Lanza, Kevin Murphy and Bob Wright all have in common?

    If you guessed they all worked for GE financial you’re right.

    I decided to do a little more research on “Autism Speaks”. While I was looking I found an article on the examiner titled “Why autistic people don’t like Autism Speaks”

    This is just the tip of the iceberg it appears because there is a lot more resentment towards the group “Autism Speaks” than I would have guessed. Just google “autism speaks hate group”

    In fact, all kinds of people have been posting their comments and some are not so favorable. Here’s one example.

    “We certainly do have an epidemic that has to be stopped and it is Autism Speaks epidemic of hateful propaganda and mass hysteria.”


    I have to wonder why Anne Murphy was associated with Autism Speaks and why would they promote such an organization in her obituary?

    “Advocacy groups are calling on Autism Speaks benefactors to end their support for the organization in response to a video critics say depicts people with autism”





  7. NO SECRETS says:

    Anne Murphy’s obituary states this..

    “In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Autism Speaks, 1060 State Rd., 2nd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08540.”

    Autism Speaks was founded by Bob Wright Vice Chairman of General Electric. Who would have guessed.

    “Before taking the helm of NBC in 1986, Wright was president of GE Financial Services president of Cox Cable Communications before that. Before that, he had a diversified career in general management, marketing, and broadcasting, much of it with GE. As of May 2008 he is serving as the head of Media Mergers and Acquisitions at Thomas Lee Equity.”



    You might recall Peter Lanza worked for GE financial. You may also recall Kevin Murphy. He is the poor fellow who was run over by a train. He also worked for GE Financial. And let’s not forget the GE Muni-Scandal.

  8. Pilot says:

    So, by casting the Adam Lanza character as autistic, the $$ can be funneled back to GE, is that what you’re leaning toward here no secrets??

  9. NO SECRETS says:

    I found an article on the examiner website titled “Why autistic people don’t like Autism Speaks” The article sheds more light on the strange financial dealings surrounding the charity.

    “All of the “highest compensated employees” are in some sort of administrative or “relations” position, meaning that they’re part of the Autism Speaks bureaucracy and overhead, except for one who is listed as “Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel”,

    In total, they spent $17,756,876 on employee salaries, pensions, 401ks, benefits, and payroll taxes. By contrast, their grants to individuals and communities totaled a paltry $66,670, not even a drop in the bucket compared to their total reported expenditures. Based on that information, it is clear that Autism Speaks does very little with their money to help autistic people and their families”

    So if you’re asking me if GE is involved, I wouldn’t put it pasted them.

  10. ctconcerned says:

    I have a pdf that I found on a website a while back – it lists many of the funds set up from the 12-14 event. Would be happy to share but don’t know how to post here. Can I email it to you somewhere?
    I’d also like to mention I was part of a group that tried to offer free day camp to anyone in the area affected by the event (this was a highly publicized offer because the person running the camp is famous). Few to none wanted to participate….to me this was not surprising. It was not money – so it was not welcome.

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  12. iseelies says:


    I posted this over at MHB – wonder if you had seen it. I’m getting “that feeling” about this – wonder what your thoughts are:

    Re: GM recall on ignition switches:

    GM hires head of 9/11 compensation fund to consider ‘options’ for crash victims


    What is going on here? This Mary Barra keeps talking up the “Today’s GM” about civic responsibility, etc. It sounds like they are going to throw this recall at the taxpayers somehow making us responsible for this because we bailed them out. Or hitting us with a new tax on cars – or better yet earmark a portion of employee bonuses to a special victims fund. Or my last one would be to nationalize the car industry to avoid future problems like this.

    I’m sure this will be a cozy exchange:

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., who will be among those questioning Barra Wednesday, said he welcomed GM’s appointment of Feinberg.

    “My hope is that GM’s first step shows that it is serious about facing its moral responsibility, and that it will be followed by much bigger, necessary steps,” Blumenthal said in a statement. “Picking an expert is a positive sign but no substitute for real action — and full, fair compensation for victims. I welcome the indication that GM is taking seriously their obligation to compensate innocent victims of concealed defects — especially in light of the blanket shield from legal responsibility they were afforded by their 2009 bankruptcy proceeding.”

  13. Pilot says:

    Ken Feinberg is a red flag always. I’ll look into it, thanks iseelies.

  14. okc0877 says:

    People always asked, “Why would people fake such an event?” “Why aren’t they talking?” Here is your answer, they are getting paid big time. Couple million in tax free hush money.

  15. asktheanimals says:

    Nice work Pilot. Thank God someone has the stick-to-itevness to keep following the more mundane yet important aspects of Sandy Hook. $100 million dollars for a town of 2,000 people? Gee – that’s only 50 grand per-resident!
    Also, how can you have a school with 500 kids from a town of that size? So much doesn’t jibe up there in CON-Etiquette.

    Thanks for staying on top of this!

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  17. lophatt says:

    While I realize that, as P.T. Barnum said: “there’s a chump born every minute”, I have a difficult time believing that all those Joe and Sally Sixpacks out there in TEE VEE land are sending their hard-earned cash. I think the bulk of it is black ops loot.

    “Charities” are a great way to launder money, and they have a lot of that with the opium operations conducted out of the Middle East.

    It isn’t too difficult to see why TPTB would want the eaters disarmed. It isn’t hard to see why they would want us all heavily medicated. Once they figure out how many yacht washers and golf caddies they need they start culling the herd.

    In the meantime no expense is spared in the effort to get us all helpless and grinning goofy.

    • -swansong- says:

      My thoughts exactly. John Trentacosta sets up an account at Newtown Savings Bank with The United Way after lunch because of all the requests they’re getting from people wanting to donate? Really? That’s what people are doing before the bodies are even cold? Itching to send their cash off somewhere?


  18. Pilot says:

    It’s very likely you are on the right track about the black ops $$ funneling, I just wonder how in the hell it would be possible to trace it? Is there not one honest soul employed by the GAO?

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