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Published on January 25th, 2013 | by -swansong-

Feinstein Introduces New Assault Weapons Ban: Weapons Ban Targets Handguns, Rifles, Pistols

Senator Dianne Feinstein introduces new assault weapons ban. In the press conference that took place earlier today, Senator Feinstein and her group of Senate Democrats, including New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin explained how they plan to ban the sale and manufacture of more than 150 types of semi-automatic weapons with military style features.

The legislation includes rifles, pistols and shotguns. But this is not all, the weapons ban legislation also bans magazines that are holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition and it will require people who already own assault rifles, to use secure storage and safety devices and bars them from selling high-capacity clips.

List of Firearms Prohibited by Name

Rifles: All AK types including the following: AK, AK47, AK47S, AK74, AKM, AKS, ARM, MAK90, MISR, NHM90, NHM91, Rock River Arms LAR-47,SA85, SA93, Vector Arms AK-47, VEPR, WASR-10 and WUM, IZMASH Saiga AK, MAADI AK47 and ARM, Norinco 56S, 56S2, 84S and 86S, Poly Technologies AK47 and AKS; all AR types including the following…


Pistols: All AK-47 types including the following: Centurion 39 AK Pistol, Draco AK-47 Pistol, HCR AK-47 Pistol, Hellpup AK-47 Pistol, Krinkov Pistol, Mini Draco AK-47 Pistol, Yugo Krebs Krink Pistol; all AR-15 types including the following: American Spirit AR-15….


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Shotguns: Franchi LAW-12 and SPAS-12, all IZMASH Saiga 12 types, including the following:IZMASH Saiga 12, IZMASH Saiga 12S, IZMASh SAIGA 12S EXP-01….

“No weapon is taken from anyone, the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time.”

So, Senator, you don’t want to take away our guns, but you want to “dry up the supply”? How does that work?

During the press conference that was held at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, the Democrats described these firearms as “dangerous military-style assault weapons.” Senator Feinstein said the country’s “weak” gun laws allow massacres like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to happen over and over again. The co-sponsors of teh weapons ban included Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, whose home state is Connecticut.

The bill would ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and import of all semi-automatic rifles and pistols that can accept detachable magazines and have at least one military feature. It would also ban semi-automatic rifles and handguns that have fixed magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds and all semi-automatic shotguns that have folding or detachable stocks, pistol grips, forward grips, or fixed magazines with room for more than five rounds.

It includes a grandfather clause that would exempt assault weapons “lawfully possessed” on the date of enactment. Background checks would be required prior to the sale or transfer of weapons exempted under the clause. The National Rifle Association (NRA) slammed the effort, signaling it will launch an all-out lobbying effort to defeat it.

The 1994 federal assault-weapons ban, which Feinstein also sponsored, was widely criticized as ineffective because of various loopholes, but unlike the 1994 assault-weapons ban, there is no sunset provision in Feinstein’s newest gun-control bill.

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“Getting this bill signed into law will be an uphill battle, and I recognize that — but it’s a battle worth having,” Feinstein said

It seems that the NRA still has considerable support in Congress, but Senator Feinstein just received major support from U.S. Conference of Mayors President Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who endorses the new weapon assault ban:

“Thank you Senator Feinstein. Again and again and again, Americans have been stunned by senseless acts of violence involving assault weapons and large-capacity magazines: Columbine (April 1999, 13 murdered), Virginia Tech (April 2007, 32 murdered), Tucson (January 2011, 6 murdered, 12 wounded including one Congresswoman), Aurora (July 2012, 12 murdered), Oak Creek (August 2012, 6 murdered). “The December 14 tragedy which killed 20 young children and six educators in Newtown remains incomprehensible to us all.

Weapons of mass destruction are destroying our communities, our streets and our families. The first police officer we lost after I became mayor was killed by an AK-47. Citizens have been killed on Philadelphia’s streets by handguns with high capacity magazines as well as assault rifles. This needs to end NOW!” –Read more


Before Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s press conference to introduce her new assault weapons ban, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield focused on what she called the “theatrics” of the event, specifically the display of assault weapons that was set up for the occasion. Banfield noted that, unlike Meet The Press‘ David Gregory, Sen. Feinstein had secured permission to display the weapons, which violate Washington, DC gun laws, but also promoted the false notion that objections to assault weapons have to do with the way the guns look, rather than the way they function.- Read more

On Wednesday, Texas freshman Rep. Steve Stockman introduced his Restore the Constitution Act in response to Obama signing a flurry of unconstitutional executive orders and actions following his anti-firearms speech last week. Stockman’s bill would designate any executive action to be advisory only if it infringes on the constitutional duties of Congress under Article I, or the Second Amendment. Texas, Missouri and other states have introduced legislation to block enforcement of the gun ban.

Texas Rep. John Otto (R-Dayton) filed HB553 soon after Obama’s theatrical speech exploiting children as stage props. – Read More

Assault Weapons Ban 2.0



Did you know, that 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow claims he was told by a top military veteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens?

“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,”




Garrow’s claim is even more explosive given that the country is in the throes of a national debate about gun control, with gun rights advocates keen to insist that the founders put the second amendment in the Constitution primarily as a defense against government tyranny. It also follows reports on Sunday that General James Mattis, head of the United States Central Command, “is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned.”

Concerns over US troops being given orders to fire on American citizens in the event of mass gun confiscation first arose in 1995 when hundreds of Marines at 29 Palms, California were given a survey as part of an academic project by Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham which asked the Marines if they would, “Fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.” – Read more

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