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Published on January 16th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

In this article we will discuss Sandy Hook’s Eugene Rosen and his accounts of the events on December 14th, 2012.

Eugene Rosen has found himself back in the news since contacting local media about unwanted attention he has been receiving in regards to perceived “fishy” statements he has given to the press. Gene Rosen even goes as far as to say he is considering contacting the FBI due to the nature and severity of this attention.

While we cannot condone harassment as an investigative tool we are none-the-less left with several questions regarding Gene Rosen’s changing version of events. Questions that frankly, we wish we didn’t have to be asking. Unfortunately since the media chose/chooses to abdicate this responsibility we have taken it upon ourselves to try.

Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook

For those unaware, Eugene Rosen has reported to various media an account of that days events that include 6 children escaping from Sandy Hook Elementary after the death of their teacher, Victoria Soto, and making it to his house where he saw them sitting at the end of his driveway in a semi/circle with a school bus driver.

How it was that he came to notice them has changed a time or 2. In one account he was preparing to go for breakfast at a local diner after feeding some cats. In another version he was just returning home after having breakfast at a local diner when he noticed the kids.


“I couldn’t take this in. I couldn’t fathom this,” said Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist who’d just returned from having breakfast at a local diner.

The one account I have read/seen most often has him in/approaching the loft of a building on his property where he was/about to feed some cats. Next, he says he heard noises that sounded like fireworks.

Gene Rosen stopped at his home near Sandy Hook School to feed two cats in his care when he heard gunshots last Friday. At first he discounted the noise as fireworks.

Although in another account he recognized the sounds as gunfire.

Gene Rosen heard the staccato sound of gunfire near his home Friday morning, but dismissed it as a hunter in the nearby woods.

In some versions he even mentions a man with the bus driver.

“And then I saw a man just kind of screaming at them and saying, ‘It’s going to be all right! It’s going to be all right!’

All of these inconsistencies, combined with other questions, such as…

Why would you take the time to contact all the parents individually when you could have more easily called the police? Or, easier yet, just gone next door to the fire station where all the rescue personnel where being “staged? How could you be in possession of so much information regarding what the children saw at the school but not know how they managed to escape?

What was a school bus driver still doing with the children at 9:40ish in the morning when all the kids would have been dropped of by 9? How was it Mr. Rosen was still hearing shooting by the time the children had made it all the way to his home? How did he see a victim’s list on Friday evening when it wasn’t released until Sunday? And last…but surely not least…how, in a class of 15, did 6 students survive by hiding in a closet…6 get killed while trying to flee…and 6 survive to run to Rosen’s?

I mention these inconsistencies and questions because these are the aspects of Eugene Rosen’s version of events most often focused on by those investigating. While they are intriguing, worthy of examination and deserving of answers the part I would like to focus on is the probability of a group of 6 children escaping the school and making it to the home of Eugene Rosen undetected by police or emergency personnel.

From what we are able to ascertain the 911 call went out almost immediately once the shooting began and Victoria Soto’s class was the last group to be targetted.

The Courant, citing those officials, reported that Lanza walked past the classroom of Kaitlin Roig, who had hidden her students in a bathroom, and into the classroom of substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, where he fatally shot Rousseau, a special-education teacher, and all 14 children as they huddled in fear.

Lanza then went to Soto’s classroom, where her students were huddled in a closet. According to the Courant, Lanza demanded to know where the students were. While Soto tried to divert him to the auditorium/cafeteria, six of Soto’s students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room, the Courant reported.

Please note…all 14 children killed in Lauren Rousseau’s class first and then 6 killed in Victoria Soto’s class (plus the 6 that survived in the closet). That’s all 20 children that were killed. The adults were killed either prior to the children or with the last of the children. The children in Ms. Soto’s class were the last people  shot before the gunman killed himself.

According to reports from the parents of the children that escaped their children actually ran through the door in Victoria Soto’s class…”right past the gunman.” You can see the interview with the Licata’s here.



The point I’m trying so hard to make is that the children who are claimed to have escaped did so at, or very near the end of the violence and, as we know, the police were already on the scene while shooting was still occurring. You can listen to Sandy Hook emergency audio here. I think it would be reasonable to assume that the police were on the scene at the time the children would have been escaping the building.

Eugen Rosen’s address is 22 Riverside Rd. The address to the Sandy Hook fire station where emergency units were “staging” is 18-20 Riverside Rd. In this photo you can see Mr. Rosen’s yellow house behind the fire station.


In this aerial shot you can see the school, the fire station and Gene Rosen’s home marked in yellow.

Photo Sandy Hook Map

We have a new aerial shot of Eugene Rosen’s house:


In case you’ve forgotten, this is what it looked like at the fire station within minutes of the 911 call being received.

Eugene Rosen’s house is directly to the right of this picture.



Imagine for a moment the difficult and circuitous route the children would have had to traverse to get to the home of Gene Rosen without being spotted by a single member of the police or emergency rescue personnel. It ceratinly does seem to strain the imagination.

With so many inconsistencies and questions left unanswered I cannot imagine that the examination of Gene Rosen or his description of events will abate any time soon. When all is said and done though,  it might be fair to say that all this particular examination has accomplished is raising more questions than it has answered.

For that reason it may be best to leave last word to Eugene Rosen.

“And I thought that was so peculiar — is that part of a play?”


Contrary to some reports, the Gene Rosen from Sandy Hook, the Eugene Rosen discussed in this article, is not the Gene Rosen associated with the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). That Gene Rosen is considerably younger. The Eugene Rosen discussed in this article has done some acting, though.


If there is an element in the show that seems to have faded – perhaps comedy does have time limits – it’s the routines of Henry, the old actor (Gene Rosen)


Forum Post that made the MSM:

Gene Rosen- Grieving Town Grandfather, or Bad ‘Crisis Actor’-Eugene Rosen’s oft repeated, and changing, story about that day, focuses totally on the kids and the sound of gunshots. Even though his eyes and ears should’ve taken in the whole scene, his story focuses completely on the kids and the guns. Why? Well, if this was a false flag event designed to move political opinion on gun control, here in America, then you would get a lot more bang for your buck by talking about the innocent little children. That’s what tugs on America’s heart strings the most … especially around Christmas time.


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36 Responses to Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

  1. Bittercritter says:

    The Sibley interview is critical – she states “I noticed a car – a black hatchback. It had ALL the doors open and like black sweatshirts (plural) strewn all around”.
    If Lanza had acted alone why would he open more than 2 doors? He gets out of the driver door and grabs the guns after either opening the trunk or one more door.
    This indicates multiple attackers as does her statement of “black sweatshirts”.
    No wonder this interview isn’t being replayed over and over, this is the first time I’d seen it.

  2. AJ says:

    I would like to take the time to thank you for this piece you wrote. Over the past few hours I have looked at 10 articles (all articles pertaining to “truthers” harassing Gene Rosen) solely to read the comment section. It is absolutely astonishing how many instantly disregard anything someone says which contradicts the mainstream events which occurred that day. It got to the point where I would skip over the highest rated comments and only read the ones which were “hidden due to negative votes”. Granted, I do believe those like us which choose to think outside the box and keep a healthy dose of skepticism could approach these situations better. By not using all caps, instantly mentioning nation wide or global conspiracies, etc. Just the facts please.

    Ironically most of the responses to those conspiracy comments included descriptive words such as, “nut jobs”, “you should be the one institutionalized”, “your probably an NRA loving racist who believes the holocaust never happened too, right?” 90% of the time using some combination of words to call them crazy. When looking at the common denominators regarding the recent shootings, one thing is UNDENIABLY true. Some type of anti-depressants/SSRI’s were being taken by the suspect(s). Virginia Tech, Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook, the list goes on. We should be investigating a possible connection between these tragedies and Anti-Depressants. Not the means to the end which these disturbed individuals carried out their plans with. Can we start trying to treat the illness instead of treating the symptoms?

    “The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive. “I don’t understand this person. So they’re crazy.” That’s bullshit. These people are not crazy. They strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick.” -Dave Chappelle

    • Swansong19 says:

      And thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I agree, it can be difficult to have a critical discussion of these matters but it is important we try.

      I don’t disagree that there is an astonishingly large number of people on SSRIs many of whom may not even need them.

      Unfortunately it is undeniable that for some reason an ever growing number of people are suffering from illnesses of the mind to one degree or another.

      My question is, why? Why ther ever growing number of people with depression or mood disorders?

      Frankly I think television plays a large roll in the development of these illnesses. Researchers are finding that televison has the literal ability to re-wire normal pathways in the brain.

      Wonder why your kid can’t sit still in school? How can it compare to the bright lights, quick edits and loud noises of tv? It can’t.

      I may even try to put together an article on this now that it’s back in my mind…lol

      Stay tuned 🙂

  3. TheNewsJunkie says:

    Clearly, some of the inconsistencies you have pointed out may be attributable to sloppy reporting by local news outlets with inexperienced and poorly trained workers in the field. It would be very easy in the heat of the moment for a 21 year old producer fresh out of college writing a script for the first time to screw up something like whether he saw the kids while head out to breakfast or while on his way back from breakfast. Trust me, I’ve worked in the biz, I know. I saw it happen all too many times. Also, your belief that his recollections changed can also be explained by the fact that stressful situations dramatically effect the way we remember things, especially when it comes to visual and aspects and the timeline of a situation. How many countless studies have been done to prove that you can have ten people witnessing a crime and find that the have ten different versions of what happened? Look it up! Your logic questions regarding why the kids would have wound up at his house instead of at the firehouse is deserving of follow-up for sure. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he was lying because he was seeking attention. Stuff like that happens sometimes. But the general details of his story seem to be backed up by the parents of those children.

    On a related note, you clearly have no idea what a crisis actor is. I’ve been one. A crisis actor is someone who plays a role in a disaster drill so that first responders can learn from simulated disaster experiences. We weren’t professional actors, we were people who were given a profile. We were told that you have this kind of an injury and this is how you should act while lying down on the ground. Then the first responders have to figure out what kind of triage you need based on what you are exhibiting to them. It’s so far removed from true acting that the notion that crisis actors have been living in Sandy Hook for years waiting for this moment to spring their plan is completely dismissible and quite frankly totally laughable. Are some people using events in Sandy Hook to further their own agenda? Very likely yes. Was the whole thing staged to the point that everyone in the town associated with shooting victims, the local police department, the faculty, etc.? That’s extremely unlikely, implausible and highly improbable. I invite all of the people commenting to read this and to please try to think logically.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      First of all, the crisis actor reference was from the Forum post that made the MSM. We did not accuse Eugene Rosen of this. I do question various things. If you hear gun fire near a elementary school,why don’t you call the police?

      At the time that Eugene found those children, everyone was already at the firehouse. You did see that the firestation is right by his house??

      He brings the kids in the house, and once they tell him how their teacher got shot he still doesn’t call 911? He makes them tea and listens to their stories?

      What is going on with the mysterious bus driver? Why was he/she with the kids? WHy did the bus driver decide to leave the kids with a stranger?

      Was he just seeking attention? Maybe.. But as it stands, his behavior and interviews as presented need to be followed up. Especially if you take into consideration, that Victoria Soto’s classroom was the last one the shooter entered.

      They escaped, and ran out of the school and were not noticed by police? Police was already at the school!! There is no way, they ran out of the front, and were not noticed. I’m sorry this entire story does not add up.

      Only one!! 911 call…

      From the Mike Powers interview you should check out:


      “None of the neighbors heard massive amounts of gunfire, from all these enormous weapons? In the timeline recordings you can hear that Staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary believes they hearing what they believe to be gunfire at this time. The typical AR 15 Rifle has a 16 inch barrel, and in States where it is not legally prohibited, comes with a muffle break. Anybody who has any education in the firearm industry will tell you, that this combination of the 5.56 millimeter rounds with the muffle break and the short barrel, produces a much more loud then average hyper-sonic snap. They’re consistently known of being louder.”

      • TheNewsJunkie says:

        Like I said, maybe this guy is a lying attention seeker. It is possible. But that doesn’t mean the whole shooting was a lie. Also, there are plenty of accounts of people who heard the shootings. Plus, ever been near a school? Go walk by one now. Find one with a lot of students making a lot of noise in the gym or something. Then start walking away. See how soon before you don’t hear any noise from inside the school. School buildings are traditionally built with much thicker walls and under much more stringent building guidelines because we not only want these structures to be safe and last many lifetimes, they also often double as evacuation centers during storms. So they have to have thick walls in order to withstand strong forces. As a result, fire a gun inside a classroom and not too far away you might not hear it at all.

        • Swansong19 says:

          No one accused Mr. Rosen of anything. Least of all me. Nor did I mention Crisis actors.

          I thank you for your comments and ask you to re-read the post above this response.

          The school has thick sound proof walls…yet Rosen was able to hear gun shots…a half mile away.

          As one who has worked in media for many years I can agree with your assesment of the accuracy of many news reporters. Which was why, for the most part, I left those topics aside and focused on the likelihood of any child being able to make it to his house undetected. I still contend it is highly unlikely.

      • Historical Records says:

        At the very least, we need to be vindicated for questioning his false story.

        They aren’t getting all butt hurt because people figured out that Jonathan Lee Riches wasn’t really Adam Lanza’s uncle are they?

        The way the media is protecting this guy so much is telling me that there could be some collusion going on there, which is unacceptable.

  4. TheNewsJunkie says:

    I see that my comment is awaiting moderation. I hope you don’t censor me in the same what that you claim the government censors conspiracy theorists by marginalizing them. Please have the courage to post my comment as it will further the conversation. Thank you.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      All comments await moderation on this blog, due to spam. Offsite links are also automatically removed.., unless the off site links back to this article.

  5. exceld says:

    I was a high school teacher for 20 years. A few years ago, a female teacher brought a 22 rifle in to the metal shop that she bought for her husband on ebay. The barrel had something lodged in it. She took it to the metal shop and the dumbass teacher put a heating torch to the barrel. Guess what was in the barrel?? A bullet…the gun fired and sent the bullet through the steel door and was lodged in a wooden door about 50-70 feet away. Everybody heard the gun fire within a 100 feet. In a building with concrete walls, a gunshot is actually made louder, because of the densebuilding materials. If they are claiming that the AR-15 was used, people would have heard it, believe me.
    If Gene Rosen’s story is true and I was a parent in the school district, I would be pissed at anyone accountable for leaving those kids off in that lot. That would be negligence, plain & simple, especially when the firehouse was less than 100 yards away. Listening to this crackpot speak, if I was a parent I would be worried that he may have molested my child. Also, who knows of any 6 year old kid that likes tea?
    I definitely believe that people died at Newtown; but I think this was a team-oriented strategy. The Lanza kid was probably a patsy; sacrificed to make it look like he was the perpetrator. I think that Rodia was either part of it or was a distraction and some of the people who got away with it were connected to him. I’m not discounting the Idea that a Fast & Furious/Latin Kings alliance took place.The address that Rodia’s Honda was registered to belonged to a guy that was busted for a large cache of assault rifles and had connections to the Latin Kings.
    So many Sandy Hook stories are not holding water, it’s not crisis actors as much as it is a paid coverup.

    • Swansong19 says:

      Thanks for your comments.

      For the sake of accuracy…Rosen’s is less that 100 FEET from the fire house, which makes it even more mind boggling that he never took them there…or, better yet…how they weren’t seen by emergency personnel.

      • Historical Records says:

        It’s becoming virtually impossible for me to believe that there wasn’t first responders streaming up to the scene sirens blazing during the time Rosen claims the bus dropped those kids off.

        And they were staging at the firehouse too as soon as they got there. There is no logical reason why he wouldn’t have taken them to the firehouse right away. He arguably abducted those kids. Kidnapping is moving someone more than 10 feet.

        • -swansong- says:

          I have to agree with you on that. The only way that the scenario even begins to approach probability is if the entire timeline we’ve been provided is completely wrong.

          Given the reports of witnesses like Barb Sibley it’s not hard to believe that we were fed a pile of shite regarding what happened and when.

  6. gary hillerich says:

    and what about the BLACK HONDA parked in Rosen’s driveway? with the smashed out driver side window covered now with a white towel? that you can plainly see in at least 2 MSM interviews..it matches Mike Rozio’s BLACK HONDA.. the one Lanza supposedly drove to the school and the one the police supposedly found the weapon that killed all 26 people at S.H. [according to the wild,wacky coroner at his press conference] therefore..
    I believe there in no such person as Adam Lanza[that killed 26 people on Dec 14 at S.H. Elementary anyway..i believe this was a drill that kinda went live & also believe NO ONE WAS killed/murdered or even injured that day…unless I see video from one of the SHE camera’s that proves me wrong, i will stick to that opinion too..]
    if this black Honda Civic[sitting in Gene Rosen’s driveway now maybe?] doesn’t belong to Lanza & in fact belongs to Mike Rozio,how the L did Lanza get all his gear & weapons to the school that day ?
    i could lay Rosen’s ridicuous stories he told to the MSM out piece by piece[a collection of all 9 MSM interviews boiled down plus all the inconsistencies,lies, & impossibilities of it,
    but it would take an hour or so i won’t now.. maybe later..
    the first question of course is why NEVER called the police or 911
    this alone puts a taint around Rosen’s entire story,and i believe his story to be 100% total horses***..

    • -swansong- says:

      Thanks for your comments…but to be clear…the black honda in Mr. Rosen’s deiveway does not match the subject vehicle at the school. The tail lights are different. They are both black hondas…but they are different years/makes/models.

  7. gary hillerich says:

    oh well
    lets give it a shot..

    lets see ..6 children were hiding in Ms Soto’s classroom closet..they escaped & made their way to the school’s exit[when the school was in total lock down..amazing accomplishment already]..the 6 children then ran across the school parking lot..a parking lot just crawling with police officers & others w/o being noticed by anyone & hailed a school bus..the bus apparently picked them up & the children demanded to be dropped off at the end of Gene Rosen’s driveway..they were dropped off there,about 1,000 ft from the S.H.school,the 6 children then proceeded to sit down in a nice,neat semi circle in Rosen’s lawn at/by the end of the driveway..for some unknown reason the school bus driver started yelling at the children,as Gene came upon them..
    after ..#1 he had just finished feeding the cats..
    or #2.. Gene had just come back from eating breakfast at a local diner..
    or #3 ..Gene was was headed for the diner.
    or #4 Gene was out for a morning walk [take your pick as Rosen has told all 4 versions in 9 different interviews..
    Gene finds out that the school bus driver knows none of the children’s names on the school bus.. but.. lo & behold..the good lord above was shining his light down on Gene Rosen that day because..
    the bus driver’s supervisor somehow knows all 6 children’s names!
    Gene then invites the 6 children inside this house[where is Mrs Rosen? where is the bus driver? where is the bus?
    A: vaporized into thin air & now rest next to the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon]..there are 4 boys & 2 girls or there are 3 boys & 3 girls.. Gene has told both versions in different interviews..in one interview one little girl was frantic..frantic & out of her head..in another interview the children were very quiet.quiet as mice..in yet another interview Gene says the children were out of their minds with fear & telling Gene over & over “we can’t go back there..we can’t go back there..Ms. Soto is dead ..we can’t go back” Ms. Soto is dead & they talked of blood & it was awful says Gene..
    one immediately wonders why Rosen never calls 911..he never calls the police either or walks down to the fire house to tell someone..anyone..he has 6 children in his house from Sandy Hook!!he only calls the children’s parents from the numbers he got from the school bus drivers SUPERVISOR..when exactly did Gene get the childrens names & phone #’s names from the bus drivers supervisor? he never does tell us..about 20-30 minutes later the children’s parents begin arriving at Gene’s SMALL house to pick up their screaming,quiet children..one ladies face is “FROZEN” in fear when she arrives..many parents also come over to Gene’s stuffed animal party to see if their children are there & one again wonders why these parents coming over to the Rosen house NEVER..EVER.. call a police officer or 911?..one has to wonder why not even one of the hundreds of police officers right next door at Sandy Wagged the Hook elementary & the Firehouse ever come over to pay Gene & the 6 children a little visit?

    • Historical Records says:

      Yeah his story matches up perfectly. How dare anyone question it. My theory is that those 6 were the 6 eyewitnesses the police found. A cop dropped em off at Rosen’s to find out what they saw and have their memories molded to fit the official story. The tall thin man was real, and he probably was a cop, or maybe a suspect.

      The bus driver was probably just made up, to give some kind of excuse why the kids were brought there by an adult. Not sure why he even mentioned the tall thin man. To cover his ass with the kids parents I guess. He prolly did take em to the firehouse eventually.

      Maksel’s mom reported that 5 other eyewitnesses were taken to the police station. Those eyewitnesses were getting their recollections synced up with the with the official story down there. So there were really 10 kids that survived out of there if you believe Maksel’s mom’s story (she said 5 @ Firehouse, 5 @ Police Station), which is backed up by a few other witnesses.

      Or 11 survived, if you believe Gene Rosen’s story.

      That’s why I’m worried that Rosen said 6 came there, but it seems like only 5 left. Jesse Evans was the other of those original 6 I think. That’s just a possibility based on the reported facts.

      • Historical Records says:

        Wasn’t there a discrepancy in the number of dead in the beginning too? Seems like they were one or two off, and adjusted it up later in the day. I’m guessing that Jesse Evans body was not found inside the school. Unless they were ballsy enough to sneak it up there.

        • -swansong- says:

          You are correct. There were varying reports of the number of dead. I am inclined to write that off to inaccurate reports/reporting…but I’m not above attributing it to something else given the right evidence.

      • -swansong- says:

        And therein lies the problem with investigating many aspects of this event. There are so many conflicting statements that one scarcely knows which one to begin building a theory out of.

    • Wolfe Paw says:

      “Gene’s stuffed animal party!” ROFLMAO! Thanks, I needed that! 🙂

  8. gary hillerich says:

    one would also believe a Mrs. Rosen[if there is one which i believe there isn’t] would be giving Eugene emotional support in this terribly difficult & emotionally distressing period,
    & one would also believe we’d see Mrs. Rosen in at least ONE of the at least 9 interview Gene gave to the MSM!
    another highly suspect part of Rosen’s story is the bus drivers supervisor somehow knowing the names & phone numbers of all 6 children on his/her bus,when the driver doesn’t even have a clue who they are..& why is that you ask? as they are certainly were not her regular riders because otherwise.. she would have brought them home! & why..even if she didn’t know who they were,
    why would he/she dump them off AT THE END OF ROSEN’S DRIVEWAY FOR GODS SAKE[or ask to be dropped off there]..the children would want the bus driver[& the bus driver him/her self too]
    get as *** **** far away as quickly as humanly possible from the scene of a mass shooting that just went down!!!
    ! not be dropped off 1000 ft away from a mass murderer on a shooting rampage!!!!!!
    this story by Rosen is literally so impossible & ridiculous its embarrassing to just post it online!
    and why did the police not EVER question this man?
    soooo many questions & nooooooo answers

  9. anonymous says:

    Who is Gene Rosen married to, if anyone? Who are his personal connections? I want to know why this pedophile has a bunch of children’s toys in his home in the middle of the living room. Oh wait..

    I think Gene Rosen is crazy, and a pedophile, and he should be shot. Is that a fair opinion? Of course it is, unless you’re a pedophile. Fuck that guy.

  10. John says:

    Here is my take for what its worth. Anyone who has ever gone to an elementary school for any reason ( I have kids so I have done this) would find it near impossible to find a parking space, unless they have “visitor parking” spaces, due to the fact that there are so many people associated with an elementary school. Faculty, including teachers, teachers adies, office personell, cafeteria workers, janitor(s) etc. All of which would drive thier own vehicle. If you look at the helecopter views, you mainly see cop cars parked hap-hazzardly and maybe 20 other “parked” cars. ( at the school) Who moved the faculty cars? and why? I thought the school was on “lockdown”. Did faculty just say “screw it” and leave during the shooting? I personally do not see ENOUGH expected cars in the expected places for an average elementary school with 400 to 450 children. Ok, I’m done.

  11. Speaking of actors, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon as used them in his Washington Times newspaper to push the neocon war on Islam.

    Press Uses Actors in War On Islam

    Interestingly, Moon bought up Bridgeport University saving it from bankruptcy the same way he saved Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University.

    This may be why Falwell dropped his allegations of foul play against Bill Clinton with regard to Clinton’s enemies falling from the skies. Like Moon, Clinton was in on the Iran-Contra scandal, which really should be called the Iran – Contra – Mena scandal.

    Mena Arkansas was a hub in the CIA-Mossad drug smuggling and gun running operation of the 1980s under “their ain’t no smoking gun” Ronald Reagan and his “I was not in the loop” side kick George H. W. Bush.

    Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

    Bridgeport University is in the same county as Newtown – Fairfeild County – which has been designated a “high intensity drug trafficking area” by the US government.

    High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area: Profile State of Connecticut

    Moon apparently liked to buy up properties adjacent to where drug smuggling is going on. This may relate to his CIA/Mossad activities.

    “There are two principal branches to Moon’s interest in Paraguay,” he said, “control of the largest fresh drinking water source in the
    world and control of the narcotics business”, which is so prevalent in this area. “President Lula told me that Brazil took serious measures
    to curb Moon a few years back as it became evident that he was buying up the border between our two countries,” said the senator.

    Allegations from local law enforcement officials support this claim. The so-called Dr Montiel, Paraguay’s drugs tsar from 1976-89, said:
    “The fact that they came and bought in Chaco and on both sides of the Brazilian border is very telling. It is an enormously strategic point
    in both the narcotics and arms trades and indeed the available intelligence clearly shows that the Moon sect is involved in both
    these enterprises…

    Having decided to buy land in the area, he first visited (according to local Zeta magazine) the city of Pedro Juan Caballero in the province
    of Amambay. Provincial governor Mr Roberto Acevedo said: “This is the Mecca of the narcotics trade where dealers live with complete immunity. They own judges, the police, even politicians.”

    Moonies accused of involvement in drugs

    Does anyone know if there is any connection between Lanza and the Moonies? Was he attending Moon’s Bridgeport University?

    • -swansong- says:

      Interesting links. Thanks for sharing them.

      Ct does seem to have more than it’s fair share of a number of disturbing activities for such a small state.

      Corruption, drugs, child porn…quite the trifecta.

      As far as Lanza and the Moonies, I couldn’t say. I’d be interested in hearing if it were the case.

  12. It is impossible that Adam Lanza could have been the super-marksman who achieved a 14 to 1 killed to injured rate.


    Deadly Deception at Port Arthur

    He was suffering from Asperger syndrome. Asperger syndrome is a disease of the cerebellum. It negatively affects the balance, eye-hand coordination, and muscle tone.


    Motor Clumsiness in Asperger’s Syndrome

    Eye-Hand Coordination in Children with
    High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s
    Disorder Using a Gap-Overlap Paradigm.

    Physical Fitness and Physical Activity
    in Adolescents With Asperger Syndrome:
    A Comparative Study

    But because of his vacant eyes he may have been under the influence of Moonie mind control. Young college age kids are very susceptible to sexual seduction into mind control cults.


    “Back in the 1970s, when the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Gnostic Sex-Cult Freak Show was in its mass recruiting phase, the “Moonies”
    were the American parent’s worst nightmare. Moon was the zombie-maker, the body-snatcher, who came in the night—or when the children were away at college, and stole their souls away. There was much basis in fact for this fear, as anyone who had ever looked into the vacant eyes or attempted to converse with the vacated mind of a
    “Moonie” will recall.”

    The ‘No-Soul’ Gang Behind Reverend Moon’s Gnostic Sex Cult

  13. Bill Fred says:

    Brendan Hunt has made a very thorough video about Gene Rosen. It is about 1.5 hours long and this length is necessary to cover all of the oddities of Gene’s story. Brendan’s Youtube account is xrayultra.

  14. Hyacinth.BucketBouquet says:

    “Gene Rosen heard the staccato sound of gunfire near his home Friday morning, but dismissed it as a hunter in the nearby woods.”

    What utter BS!
    Look at the area on a map. No hunter worth his salt is going to be in such an area unloading staccato!
    In more than one interview he states it came from the SCHOOL!
    What kind of a person hears gunfire at a school and does NOT make a 911 call!?
    What kind of a person takes in child witnesses to a murder and does not call 911 or alert their parents ASAP!?

    This dolt is bringing the ceiling down on himself!

  15. Lilly says:

    If he came from the local diner…he would know what was happening. He would pass the blocked road, see lots of cars and ambulances parked, everyone would comment, people and LOL kids being rescued. So he had to change the story…again. To cats.

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