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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting eugene-rosen-sandy-hook

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Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook: Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

In this article we will discuss Sandy Hook’s Eugene Rosen and his accounts of the events on December 14th, 2012.

Eugene Rosen has found himself back in the news since contacting local media about unwanted attention he has been receiving in regards to perceived “fishy” statements he has given to the press. Gene Rosen even goes as far as to say he is considering contacting the FBI due to the nature and severity of this attention.

While we cannot condone harassment as an investigative tool we are none-the-less left with several questions regarding Gene Rosen’s changing version of events. Questions that frankly, we wish we didn’t have to be asking. Unfortunately since the media chose/chooses to abdicate this responsibility we have taken it upon ourselves to try.

Eugene Rosen Sandy Hook

For those unaware, Eugene Rosen has reported to various media an account of that days events that include 6 children escaping from Sandy Hook Elementary after the death of their teacher, Victoria Soto, and making it to his house where he saw them sitting at the end of his driveway in a semi/circle with a school bus driver.

How it was that he came to notice them has changed a time or 2. In one account he was preparing to go for breakfast at a local diner after feeding some cats. In another version he was just returning home after having breakfast at a local diner when he noticed the kids.


“I couldn’t take this in. I couldn’t fathom this,” said Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist who’d just returned from having breakfast at a local diner.

The one account I have read/seen most often has him in/approaching the loft of a building on his property where he was/about to feed some cats. Next, he says he heard noises that sounded like fireworks.

Gene Rosen stopped at his home near Sandy Hook School to feed two cats in his care when he heard gunshots last Friday. At first he discounted the noise as fireworks.

Although in another account he recognized the sounds as gunfire.

Gene Rosen heard the staccato sound of gunfire near his home Friday morning, but dismissed it as a hunter in the nearby woods.

In some versions he even mentions a man with the bus driver.

“And then I saw a man just kind of screaming at them and saying, ‘It’s going to be all right! It’s going to be all right!’

All of these inconsistencies, combined with other questions, such as…

Why would you take the time to contact all the parents individually when you could have more easily called the police? Or, easier yet, just gone next door to the fire station where all the rescue personnel where being “staged? How could you be in possession of so much information regarding what the children saw at the school but not know how they managed to escape?

What was a school bus driver still doing with the children at 9:40ish in the morning when all the kids would have been dropped of by 9? How was it Mr. Rosen was still hearing shooting by the time the children had made it all the way to his home? How did he see a victim’s list on Friday evening when it wasn’t released until Sunday? And last…but surely not least…how, in a class of 15, did 6 students survive by hiding in a closet…6 get killed while trying to flee…and 6 survive to run to Rosen’s?

I mention these inconsistencies and questions because these are the aspects of Eugene Rosen’s version of events most often focused on by those investigating. While they are intriguing, worthy of examination and deserving of answers the part I would like to focus on is the probability of a group of 6 children escaping the school and making it to the home of Eugene Rosen undetected by police or emergency personnel.

From what we are able to ascertain the 911 call went out almost immediately once the shooting began and Victoria Soto’s class was the last group to be targetted.

The Courant, citing those officials, reported that Lanza walked past the classroom of Kaitlin Roig, who had hidden her students in a bathroom, and into the classroom of substitute teacher Lauren Rousseau, where he fatally shot Rousseau, a special-education teacher, and all 14 children as they huddled in fear.

Lanza then went to Soto’s classroom, where her students were huddled in a closet. According to the Courant, Lanza demanded to know where the students were. While Soto tried to divert him to the auditorium/cafeteria, six of Soto’s students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room, the Courant reported.

Please note…all 14 children killed in Lauren Rousseau’s class first and then 6 killed in Victoria Soto’s class (plus the 6 that survived in the closet). That’s all 20 children that were killed. The adults were killed either prior to the children or with the last of the children. The children in Ms. Soto’s class were the last people  shot before the gunman killed himself.

According to reports from the parents of the children that escaped their children actually ran through the door in Victoria Soto’s class…”right past the gunman.” You can see the interview with the Licata’s here.



The point I’m trying so hard to make is that the children who are claimed to have escaped did so at, or very near the end of the violence and, as we know, the police were already on the scene while shooting was still occurring. You can listen to Sandy Hook emergency audio here. I think it would be reasonable to assume that the police were on the scene at the time the children would have been escaping the building.

Eugen Rosen’s address is 22 Riverside Rd. The address to the Sandy Hook fire station where emergency units were “staging” is 18-20 Riverside Rd. In this photo you can see Mr. Rosen’s yellow house behind the fire station.


In this aerial shot you can see the school, the fire station and Gene Rosen’s home marked in yellow.

Photo Sandy Hook Map

We have a new aerial shot of Eugene Rosen’s house:


In case you’ve forgotten, this is what it looked like at the fire station within minutes of the 911 call being received.

Eugene Rosen’s house is directly to the right of this picture.



Imagine for a moment the difficult and circuitous route the children would have had to traverse to get to the home of Gene Rosen without being spotted by a single member of the police or emergency rescue personnel. It ceratinly does seem to strain the imagination.

With so many inconsistencies and questions left unanswered I cannot imagine that the examination of Gene Rosen or his description of events will abate any time soon. When all is said and done though,  it might be fair to say that all this particular examination has accomplished is raising more questions than it has answered.

For that reason it may be best to leave last word to Eugene Rosen.

“And I thought that was so peculiar — is that part of a play?”


Contrary to some reports, the Gene Rosen from Sandy Hook, the Eugene Rosen discussed in this article, is not the Gene Rosen associated with the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). That Gene Rosen is considerably younger. The Eugene Rosen discussed in this article has done some acting, though.


If there is an element in the show that seems to have faded – perhaps comedy does have time limits – it’s the routines of Henry, the old actor (Gene Rosen)


Forum Post that made the MSM:

Gene Rosen- Grieving Town Grandfather, or Bad ‘Crisis Actor’-Eugene Rosen’s oft repeated, and changing, story about that day, focuses totally on the kids and the sound of gunshots. Even though his eyes and ears should’ve taken in the whole scene, his story focuses completely on the kids and the guns. Why? Well, if this was a false flag event designed to move political opinion on gun control, here in America, then you would get a lot more bang for your buck by talking about the innocent little children. That’s what tugs on America’s heart strings the most … especially around Christmas time.


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