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Christopher Jordan Dorner

Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Dorner Burned Alive: LIVE Stream – Deadly Shootout With Police, Cabin On fire (Videos)

Was Dorner burned alive in cabin? A SWAT team was called in to set up a perimeter in the Big Bear area after Christopher Dorner ran into the woods and barricaded himself in a cabin. After a deadly shootout with police that killed one police officer and wounded another, MSM first reported a body believed to be to that of murder suspect Christopher Dorner has been recovered from the burned out cabin where he barricaded himself during the deadly shootout earlier today. These reports have been refuted by LAPD. Listen to the audio, and watch videos below.

Video Of Chris Dorner’s Deadly Shootout With Police


Chris Dorner reportedly broke into a house in the 1200 block of Club View Road and tied up two individuals residing in the home — possibly days ago — before he stole their 2008 four-door, white Dodge 4X4 truck and fled the scene Tuesday afternoon. One of the victims was able to escape and alert law enforcement.


1:03 – We gonna go forward with the plan..with the burn
1:16 – Like we talked about…
1:29 – 7 Burners deployed and we have a fire..
2:29 – We have fire in the front..he might come out the back (check timeline, he apparently did come out the back..BUT..)
3:05 – Sounds like shot fired from inside the residence
4:07 – Starting to collapse
4:28 – You ready for fire?
4:57 – More ammo going off

Police says Burn that Motherf*cker -Evidence

0:08 – 0:10 Burn that f*cker down
0:26 – 0:28 Burn this mother f*cker


INFOWARS-The fact that police would burn down the cabin in which Dorner was trapped, in a similar fashion to how the infamous Waco siege ended in 1993, was predicted ahead of time in a video Alex Jones made hours beforehand. I made the same prediction in a Facebook post before reports even emerged that the cabin was on fire.

LIVESTREAM Christopher Dorner

Dorner To Carjacking Victim: “I Don’t Want To Hurt You”

Richard Heltebrake, 61, was driving near Barton Flats, which is located on Glass Road off Highway 38, when he said Christopher Dorner confronted him.

“Christopher Dorner jumped out in front of my truck. He apparently had crashed whatever vehicle he was driving. And he stopped me at gunpoint,”

Heltebrake, who had his Dalmatian with him, stopped his pickup and raised his hands up.

“Chris Dorner said, “I don’t want to hurt you. Just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you,”  

Christopher Dorner’s Mother Drins Wine, Eats Chips While Watching Standoff in Restaurant

A Reporter said a 62-year-old woman matching Nancy Dorner’s desription was drinking a glass of white wine and eating chips and salsa as CBS2/KCAL9 covered the latest developments on the deadly shootout between Dorner and sheriff’s deputies.

When the news crew left the restaurant, the bartender said Nancy Dorner asked him a lot of questions.

“Right after you left, she got nervous. She started asking me questions, like if I knew (Dorner)…what I know about him…stuff like that. She was watching the TV, but she wasn’t really concerned about it. She was busy talking to her friend, like it was just an everyday thing,” said Joseph Munoz.

The News team went to Dorner’s home in La Palma. About 10 minutes after she arrived there, they saw the woman from the restaurant, who neighbors identified as Dorner’s mother, Nancy Dorner who pulled into the driveway and went into the house.




CNN Panel: MC Lyte, Jack Moore, Editor of BuzzFeed Sports, Lauren Ashburn, Editor-in-chief at The Daily Download, and Mark Lamont Hill joined Brooke Baldwin on CNN today to talk about the social media support for alleged quadruple killer Christopher Dorner.

Ashburn was the only one on the panel who had a problem with the alleged cop killer being celebrated saying that he crossed a line when he began killing people to get his revenge for his alleged grievences. The rest of the panel concluded that Dorner “had a point” and that the unfolding story was theatric.

Hill said that the saga was “exciting,” “like ‘Django Unchained’ in real life,” and Dorner was similar to a “super hero.” Moore said that it was like watching a “Denzel Washington movie” and that the social media support was just Internet “weirdness.” Lyte concluded that because “children” were being killed by police brutality this event brought about a conversation that should occur. Baldwin agreed and said, “I’m glad we had this conversation.”

Dorner’s Calif. driver’s license found in burned cabin

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (KABC) – A California driver’s license with the name Christopher Dorner has been discovered in the rubble of a burned cabin where a charred body, believed to be Dorner, was found, an AP source said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation and says the charred body and personal items were found in the basement of the burned cabin. The Big Bear cabin where Dorner was allegedly hiding was located directly across the command post where media and law enforcement officers gathered for four days in search of the suspect.

BBC Reports of Online Police Radio Recordings, Says Police Believed to Set fire

ABC Confirms Charred Remains found – No Mention of Police setting fire – Only Tear gas fired at Cabin

Timeline of events


4:35 p.m. ETThe San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department confirms that authorities were chasing a pickup truck 4:49 p.m. ET – Dorner abandons the pick up truck and barricades himself in a cabin. Two police officers have been wounded in a shootout (one died from his wounds later) with Christopher Jordan Dorner. Police had set up a road block, and Dorner approached the officers, then opened fire.

“The vehicle was located at Hwy. 38 and Glass Rd. The suspect fled into the forest and barricaded himself inside a cabin,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement. “A short time later there was an exchange of gunfire between law enforcement and the suspect. Sheriff’s SWAT is on scene.”


5:16 p.m. ETLaw Enforcement mark the Big Bear area with a smoke grenade for police helicopters. 6:03 p.m. ET – The two POLICE officers who were injured in shootout have been airlifted to Loma Linda Medical Center.

6:15 p.m. ETLAPD tells reporters that authorities aren’t 100{2bd38f3aa67c5df5134457b3a6cccfa81474f178cea7c899ef32e7849771de96} sure that the suspect in the cabin is Christopher Dorner, but they believe it’s him. 6:46 p.m. ET – One of the officers wounded in today’s shootout has died, the LA Times reported.

7:18 p.m. ETThe first law enforcement official to confront the suspect in the stolen vehicle, and exchanged gunfire with him was a game warden of California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


7:20 p.m. ETLaw Enforcement launched tear gas at the cabin, with a SWAT team on the way. Black smoke and fire is rising in the air from the cabin, police had asked news helicopters to keep a safe distance from the area.

7:57 p.m. ETThe cabin is on fire, but law enforcement aren’t sure whether Christopher Dorner is inside, a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman said.

8:07 p.m. ETIt’s not clear whether the suspect is still in the cabin, no one is allowed to go near the fire, including fire department personnel.

8:34 p.m. ET – At some point today, a suspect tried to get out the back door of the cabin, but he was pushed back inside, U.S. Marshals Service district chief Kurt Ellingson told CNN’s Brian Todd.

9:14 p.m. ETU.S. Marshals Service district chief Kurt Ellingson told CNN a suspect tried to get out the back door of the cabin at some point today and was pushed back inside. But there are now conflicting reports about whether Chris Dorner ever emerged.

9:40 p.m. ETThe LAPD has scheduled a media briefing at midnight ET.

11:13 p.m.ETLAPD are now contradicting media reports that a body was found in the cabin.

“No such thing was found in the cabin, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told reporters moments ago, because cabin is still burning and is too hot to search.”


11:45 p.m. ET – The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department confirms the LAPD’s refutation of reports that Dorner’s body was found in the burned cabin, but it acknowledges investigators believe a body is there.

“We believe (the suspect) is still inside the cabin that caught fire,” spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said.

Transcript of Reporter Carter Evans, who was caught in the shootout and told by Dorner to get out.

12:33 a.m. ET Wednesday – New details about the shootout with game wardens of California Department of Fish and Wildlife before the shootout with police officers at the cabin

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Lt. Patrick Foy says two game wardens first chased the Christopher Dorner as he was driving a purple Nissan in the San Bernardino National Forest. They had been told to look out for the Nissan, and saw it driving in the opposite direction behind two buses.

The wardens did a U-turn and tried to follow Dorner in the Nissan, but lost him. LAPD now believes Christopher Dorner passed the buses and turned onto a different road, called Glass Road.

Later, three different wardens of California Department of Fish and Wildlife in two patrol cars were driving on Glass Road and saw a white pickup truck traveling erratically toward them. One of the wardens believed he saw Chris Dorner driving the truck.

Dorner allegedly fired a gun at one of the wardens’ vehicles, wardens returned fire as Dorner drove away.

It was not clear if Dorner had been shot, no warden was injured.

Law enforcement believes Chris Dorner ditched the second vehicle and entered the cabin in the woods, where he eventually engaged in a deadly shootout with San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies, killing one and wounding another.

Hours later, a SWAT team stormed the cabin, which caught fire after police detonated smoke devices inside the structure. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE – Police said burn this motherf*cker)

Law Enforcement says it believes a body is in the cabin, but investigators have yet to examine the cabin because it is still smoldering.

Police Spokeswoman Cindy Bachman stated in their official press conference that they do not know how cabin caught fire. In the above police audio recording it is clear that it was planned and fire was indeed started by law enforcement.

3:43 a.m. ET – Wednesday :The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office just released this morning that charred human remains were found in the debris of the burned out cabin.Law officials believe it is Dorner’s body. Identification will be attempted through forensic means, according to a statement released by the Sherrif’s office.

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