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Christopher Jordan Dorner

Published on February 14th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Chris Dorner Framed: Police Lies, Facts And Fiction, Dorner – Droner?

After a long night of live blogging the Christopher Dorner manhunt, and reflecting upon the events and evidence that has emerged, I would like to go over facts and fiction regarding this case. Was Chris Dorner framed by the LAPD? You’ll be the judge, in the latest press conference the sheriff blatantly lies to the public that they did not set the cabin on fire intentionally disregarding the evidence of the police scanners.

Dorner = Droner? Was Chris Dorner framed to justify Drone use in America? Justify the use of Spy Drones and authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil?

Chris Dorner Framed – Chris Kitze on Chris Dorner, LAPD ‘Waco’ Kill and CNN


Monday, February 11th 2013, Christopher Droner became the first human target for drones.


“The use of drones was later confirmed by Customs and Border Patrol spokesman Ralph DeSio, who revealed agents have been prepared for Dorner to make a dash for the Mexican border since his rampage began. He said:

“This agency has been at the forefront of domestic use of drones by law enforcement. That’s all I can say at the moment.”

Is this a test to see if Americans will go for it? Let’s take a look at the headlines emerging on Drudgereport today:

FAA official: No armed drones in U.S.

The Federal Aviation Administration reassured the public on Wednesday that, despite the fear and paranoia of some, no armed drones will be permitted to fly in U.S. airspace. The FAA has been tasked by Congress to safely integrate drones, also known as unmanned aerial systems, into the national airspace by 2015. Mr. Williams called that complex and difficult task “the biggest challenge we’ve had in aviation in a long time.”


The FAA, also did not deny the fact that drones could, for example, be armed with weapons when patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Border patrol is the responsibility of [the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency]. I’ll let them answer that question,” Williams said.

I guess they make exceptions, considering they did use Drones for the Christopher Dorner manhunt…

Senator to ‘Hold’ Nominee for CIA Director

Senator Paul is pledging to “hold” John Brennan’s nomination for CIA director, a statement from his Senate office reports.

“I have asked Mr. Brennan if he believed that the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and my question remains unanswered. I will not allow a vote on this nomination until Mr. Brennan openly responds to the questions and concerns my colleagues and I share.” Paul’s statement reads.

“These issues must be discussed openly so that the American people can understand what constraints exist on the government’s power to use lethal force against its citizens. Before confirming Mr. Brennan as the head of the CIA, it must be apparent that he understands and will honor the protections provided to every American by the Constitution.”

From jimstonefreelance: Because if the real objective of this whole thing – if it is another wag the dog psy op like Sandy Hook, and the real objective is to gain acceptance in the American psyche for drone use, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A TARGET THAT REPRESENTS EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY. That way, it will be OK to drone snipe ANYONE.

Facts and Fiction – Chris Dorner Framed

Did you know that according to the MSM the first thing Chris Dorner did was send Anderson Cooper 360 a package on February 1st?

You know Anderson Cooper the CIA asset, the one Dorner held up high in the manipulated manifesto..the Anderson Cooper who appears in front of Green/Blue screens, pretending to be at a funeral of one of the Sandy Hook victims. CNN who is well known for staging events…

Did you know that the manifesto was posted on February 6th. 3 days after he allegedly killed Monica Quan and her fiancee Keith Lawrence?

The Original Manifesto, was directly pulled off of Christopher Dorner’s Facebook page immediately after he posted it. The document was scanned by several sources. They later hijacked his page and posted an entire and drastically different Manifesto.

“The original was posted in PDF format, he did not write it to his page, it was a PDF linked through his page, and it was 100 percent soul and grit, not a rant about gun control and idolized celebrities”

Did you know, that the high security parking deck, were Monica Quan and her fiancee were killed in their car, was only accessible with a key card?

We all know, that high security park decks have plenty of cameras installed. But just like in Sandy Hook Elementary and Adam Lanza, we have no surveillance video or any type of footage that shows the killer. But we do have a ATM recording, and a store footage of Chris Dorner buying scuba gear..SERIOUSLY????

Did you know that there was no shattered glass?

All windows of the victims car were intact. According to reports, the victims were shot from behind in the head. This suggests that the killer was probably in car, victims shot from the back..
So..a 6 foot, approx. 300 pound black man was hiding in the backseat? Really??

Did you know that Dorner posted a status update on his Facebook page, claiming he is innocent?

christopher dorner inncocent

“I am innocent and have not killed anyone. The LAPD are framing me for their dirty crimes. I will not give up until I achieved my agenda and rather die as a martyr than getting killed by racist cowards with badges”

The Facebook page was also recorded by a Youtuber. His status updates dissapeared and shortly after this the Facebook Page was shut down.

It doesn’t seem suspicious to you, that all school shootings that ever occurred in America were listed in the manipualted manifesto? It doesn’t ring any alarm bells just like Sandy Hook? HOW DEEP ASLEEP IS AMERICA??

“Its time for action. Let this be your legacy that you bestow to America. Do not be swayed by obstacles, antagaonist, and naysayers. Remember the innocent children at Austin, Kent, Stockton, Fullerton, San Diego, Iowa City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Nickel Mines, Blacksburg, Springfield, Red Lake, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. Make sure this never happens again!!!”

Threats were added to the Manifesto, spelling mistakes not present before, different writing style..no mention of Anderson Cooper. What was on the alleged DVD, and written Note to CNN? It appears that once Chris Dorner found out that his Facebook Page got hijacked and the altered manifesto was posted he ran.

Why did he run in the Mountains to hide? Why not stay in the city. If he had really planned to do what he said in his manifesto, he would have stayed low. He would have stayed in the safe hideout and let some time pass by. If you are going to go on a planned killing spree, you don’t run away from your target.

What really happened?

Jim Stone: “The answer is obvious folks. He knew they were out to get him so he ran for the hills, ended up in a ritzy place he did not want to end up in, hit the logging trails, snapped an axle, and since the truck was worthless at that point anyway he burned it. IF HE WAS A CRAZED KILLER, HE WOULD NOT HAVE BURNED HIS GUNS ALONG WITH THE TRUCK, and that is even if he had any – I would place a fair bet that the burned guns is just food for a good dog wagging.

Gotta feed that dog, it´s a big one. What kind of stupid logic is that? The lying scamming media forgets all about the fact that some of us can think and instead of answering common sense, they just spin a story about him burning his guns. Folks, THAT is a fault of logic as transparent as the one about an afghan on dialysis who totally flustered American defenses a few years ago, and in the process helped Larry Silverstein cash in.”

Christopher Dorner knew he got framed and ran for his life. They wanted him dead because he was going to expose the corruption within the LAPD. Now the government is using Chris Dorner to justify drone attacks on American citizens, they burned him alive and he will never be allowed to testify. One day in court and the corruption would have been exposed with the Media’s attention. Read all the court documents at the end of this article.

After Chris Dorner had a deadly shootout with police and barricaded himself in the cabin, police recordings emerged quickly online, revealing the plan of Law enforcement to set the cabin on fire. Not only this, you can also hear the cops say burn this motherF*cker. See all the Christopher Dorner evidence here, with videos, audios and photos.


Just in: Police stated that they did not intentionally set the Cabin on fire


Oh really ? You are going to LIE ? Let me get the Video and transcript…..


1:03 – We gonna go forward with the plan..with the burn
1:16 – Like we talked about…
1:29 – 7 Burners deployed and we have a fire..
2:29 – We have fire in the front..he might come out the back (check timeline, he apparently did come out the back..BUT..)
3:05 – Sounds like shot fired from inside the residence
4:07 – Starting to collapse
4:28 – You ready for fire?
4:57 – More ammo going off

0:08 – 0:10 Burn that f*cker down
0:26 – 0:28 Burn this mother f*cker

8:34 p.m. ET – At some point today, a suspect tried to get out the back door of the cabin, but he was pushed back inside, U.S. Marshals Service district chief Kurt Ellingson told CNN’s Brian Todd.

9:14 p.m. ET – U.S. Marshals Service district chief Kurt Ellingson told CNN a suspect tried to get out the back door of the cabin at some point today and was pushed back inside. But there are now conflicting reports about whether Chris Dorner ever emerged.

Did you know that after the charred body of Chris Dorner had been found, latest reports state that a wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner were found in the burned out cabin?

Well..this is odd. Because they already found his wallet on February 7th: A shuttle bus driver turns in a wallet with an LAPD badge and a picture ID of Dorner to San Diego police. The wallet was found fewer than five miles from the boat, near San Diego International Airport. – HERALD


I’m sorry, but I did see the burning cabin. So the license did not melt…seems legit..

Chris Dorner $1 Million Reward? …Yeah that’s what you thought..

Several private citizens were helping in cornering cop killer Christopher Dorner … but there may be a gigantic loophole preventing any of them from collecting the loot. There are 3 rewards. The Mayor of L.A. announced a $1 million reward – funded by private groups – for information leading to the “capture and conviction” of Chris Dorner. Big problem – technically speaking, Dorner must be both captured AND convicted to trigger the reward.

Translation … technically speaking, no one may be entitled to the reward.

Chris Dorner framed, the police lies on setting fire to the cabin, drone attacks on Americans are on the rise.., and the Weapon assault ban is coming..

Wake up America..

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