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Published on April 22nd, 2013 | by -swansong-


Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act

In this article titled, Canadian Terror Plot – Combating Terrorism Act, we’ll examine the uncovering of an alleged terror plot against a Canadian VIA Rail passenger train and how that event may assist the current Conservative government in their plans to push through new anti-terrorism laws.

Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act

Alleged ‘al-Qaeda-Supported’ Plot Against Via Train Thwarted

Police say they have arrested two men accused of conspiring to carry out an “al-Qaeda supported” attack targeting a VIA Rail passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area, following a cross-border investigation that involved Canadian and American law enforcement.

Police named the two accused as Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, from Toronto. They have been charged with conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack and “conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group.”

The 2 men arrested are not Canadian citizens (as of this writing no statement has been made regarding their country of origin) and appear to have been in the country legally.

Reports claim that the men had no specific train identified for their attack but had decided on a route, one leading from Toronto to NY. Jennifer Strachan, chief superintendent of RCMP criminal operations in the province of Ontario, said the attack was in the planning state but “not imminent.”

The RCMP commissioner went on to claim that the men had assistance from “al-Qaeda elements within Iran” but followed up by saying there was no evidence to suggest that the planning involved State sponsorship.

It is no secret that the Canadian government under Stephen Harper has had a strong hate-on for Iran for many years. Should this report of Iranian assistance bear fruit it would feed perfectly into his agenda. My suspicion is it is nothing more than propaganda mixed with wishful thinking. Time will tell.

Stephen Harper

Considering the investigation into this latest terror threat was a joint effort between the RCMP, CSIS and the FBI, the latter of whom has a notorious reputation for planning and then thwarting it’s own terrorist activities, one must at least consider the possibility that this event may have been contrived.

It’s well worth noting that the FBI has claimed a history of sorts with the Tsarnaev brothers and CSIS is no stranger to FBI-type tactics in the conducting of their investigations. Perhaps the best known incident involved the “Toronto 18”.

From PressForTruth

The MSM keeps linking the planned Terror plot to Toronto 18, the infamous foiled terror plot from 2006. What the MSM is leaving out, is that it was a CSIS informant, a man who was hired by the RCMP and CSIS, to infiltrate this group. It was a CSIS man who was behind the entire thing, and a lot of these kids were completely set up.

That of course is left out of the MSM reports.



Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act

As with Rahm Emmanuel, Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is not one to let a crisis go to waste. Within days of the Boston bombings he was already greasing the gears to push through new anti-terrorism legislation that had been sitting on the shelf for the last 2 years.

Harper Government to Fast Track Anti-Terrorism Bill

On Friday April 19, Government House Leader Peter Van Loan made the following statement in Parliament:

Mr. Speaker, I wish to make a brief statement respecting the business of the House next week. As I said at the start of question period, leadership requires decisive and serious action in response to the serious threats of violent terrorism.

In order to give members of this House an opportunity to express their views on the appropriate way to respond to terrorist violence, on Monday and Tuesday the House will debate Bill S-7, the Combating Terrorism Act. This bill is at its final stage in Parliament and I call upon all members of this place to pass this bill, we don’t need further study – we need action.

As a result, the government business originally scheduled for those days will be re-scheduled to a later date.


OTTAWA, April 23, 2010“The Combating Terrorism Act will provide more tools for police and prosecutors to prevent and investigate terrorist activities,” said Minister Nicholson. “These provisions are necessary to protect our country from the threat of terrorism.”

Boston Explosion

The Boston bombings not only gave the Conservative government the opportunity to resuscitate the Combating Terrorism Act but it also pushed a motion, by new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, regarding the freedom of MPs to speak their mind, off the agenda. The Cons have been taking heat from backbench members of their own party who are sick of being kept muzzled and on very short leashes.

Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act

Speaking of Justin Trudeau, Harper also took the time (in the middle of a State funeral for Margaret Thatcher) to pillory Mr. Trudeau for comments he made to the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge regarding the Boston bombings.

Justin Trudeau

In his comments Mr. Trudeau said he would offer help and condolences, that “over the coming days” it would be necessary to “look at root causes.” He continued, “We don’t know if it was terrorism, or a single crazy, or a domestic issue or a foreign issue — all those questions. But there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.”

Trudeau finished by saying that it was important not to “marginalize people even further who already feel like they are enemies of society rather than people who have hope for the future.”



Those comments came some 2 hours after the bombings occurred. While they may not have been dripping with the fear and vengeance some may have wanted it’s difficult to argue with their value and validity. To say Prime Minister Harper disagreed would be kind.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper sharply criticized new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for trying “to rationalize or make excuses” for whoever was responsible for the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured over 100 people.

The right way to respond Harper said is to “condemn it categorically, and to the extent you can deal with the perpetrators you deal with them as harshly as possible. And that’s what this government would do if ever faced with such actions.”

It is interesting to note that Harper was not asked about the comments by the new Liberal leader, he chose to bring them up and denounce them on his own. One wonders if the Prime Minister isn’t a little shaken by the Mr. Trudeau and is looking for any and all opportunities to discredit him.

Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act

As mentioned, the Combating Terrorism Act has been sitting on the shelf for the last couple of years. One of the reasons for it’s slow movement was the level of opposition against it. Oddly enough, one of the groups not in opposition is Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada.

One of the groups most definitely in opposition of the new act is the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association. Should you be interested, clicking on the banner below will bring up Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Civil Liberties and Human Rights Groups United in Opposition to Bill S-7 (Combating Terrorism Act)

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG), the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and La Ligue des droits et libertés are united in their opposition to the reintroduction of controversial security provisions into the Criminal Code of Canada. In a joint statement released today, all are in agreement that the current powers of law enforcement already allow security agencies to pursue, investigate, disrupt, and successfully prosecute terrorism-related crimes.

Bill S-7, also known as the ‘Combating Terrorism Act’, would allow persons to be detained for up to three days without charge (“preventive arrest”); strip individuals of their basic rights as accused under criminal proceedings to know and challenge evidence against them; threaten them with criminal punishment; and compel individuals to testify in secret before a judge in an “investigative hearing”. Further, the judge may impose imprisonment of up to 12 months if the person does not enter into recognizance.

Individuals subject to these provisions do not necessarily have to be suspected of committing any crime.

Furthermore, the scope of Bill S-7 extends beyond Canada’s borders, and could potentially result in a reliance on foreign intelligence. Without the ability to challenge evidence, there is no guarantee that the evidence is accurate, or was not obtained from a third country or source that conducts or condones torture as a method to elicit information.

[It should be noted that the Canadian government has already given the green light to law enforcement agencies to accept information that may have been derived through torture, in violation of international agreements and standards].

Under these provisions, individuals could be forced to testify in a court of law, arrested, detained or made subject to bail conditions – all without charges being laid.

I’d be willing to bet that all that jargon sounds awfully familiar to my American friends, yes? It’s no secret here in Canada that Stephen Harper has long dreamt of dismantling the Canada I know and creating a new one more in line with the police state practiced South of the 49th.

Without a meaningful and motivated political opposition, combined with a weak and subservient press, I fear his dream may be close to becoming reality.


What are your thoughts on the Canadian Terror Plot:Combating Terrorism Act. As a Canadian, are you concerned? As an American, do you feel for us and what we’re about to go through?

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