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Boston Bombing Evidence boston-marathon-bombing-evidence

Published on May 11th, 2013 | by Bittercritter


Boston Marathon Bombing: Car Battery, Red Light & Other Oddities

In this article we will take a closer look at the Boston Marathon Bombing Crime Scene. Looking through the available media of photos and videos about the Boston Marathon bombings, I began to find things that struck me as odd – A Car Battery, Red Light & Unbreakable Lightbulbs. What they mean is not my intent but to share them with others who may be able to interpret their cause or purpose.

The Car Battery

This was something I never expected to find; a car battery hiding inside the crowd barrier near the source of the first explosion. Nothing too sinister in and of itself but what if there were a wire leading from it to the site of 1st blast? Why is this here and what was it for?


Car battery near source of 1st explosion


Red line indicating wire


Wire laying in road after removal of crowd barrier

Second Hand Smoke

Boston Marathon Video: 


The first explosion generated a great deal of smoke obscuring the view of the scene. Though we have no evidence of anyone or anything catching on fire, additional smoke begins appearing from near the crowd barrier 55 seconds into the video, which begins well after the first explosion (Video starts estimated 20 seconds after the first bomb went off)


More smoke rises 1:15 after the initial explosion

Red Light District

In today’s hi tech world it was little wonder all the runners would carry a chip and would be monitored using GPS technology. But perhaps someone could enlighten us as to why there would be a red light caught flashing every 3 seconds mounted 12 feet up on the building mere feet within where the first bomb went off? (and no, it was not at the finish line)


still taken from video below..



Bombs that Suck

My understanding of explosions is that force is directed outward and in the case of bombs it is the metal pieces flying everywhere that cause damage. Imagine my surprise on discovering that this blast blew people’s hair towards the source of the blast. To understand we must show first where the video was taken. Just in front of the camera we see the flags of South Korea and the Malaysian flag which has the same red and white stripes as the US flag. Here we can see those flags perhaps 10 yards to the left of the 1st bombing site.


video still taken from video below:

Sequence of video stills from the moment of the blast – click to enlarge




What would make hair blow towards the source of a blast?

Watch this video in slow motion starting at the 1 minute mark.

Even at 1/4 speed it happens so fast you will need to stop and view it frame by frame.

[Nick Salem video :]


Any way the wind blows…….

Selective Shrapnel; Broken Benches And Unbreakable Lightbulbs?

What kind of benches can survive bomb blasts but not the emergency responders?




What kind of light bulbs can survive bombs?( in addition to the red light, of course)

If that’s not enough strangeness to make you wonder about the official story, I can assure you there is much, much more. Note this is only a discussion of the 1st blast. Draw your own conclusions from the evidence listed above. In the next article I will take the big leap and tell you what I think all this means and explore how it was possibly done.  Stay tuned.



What are your views regarding the Boston Marathon Crime Scene photo and video evidence? Is the Car battery the Smoking gun? What is the purpose of the red light? Please leave your comments below!


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10 Responses to Boston Marathon Bombing: Car Battery, Red Light & Other Oddities

  1. jeff says:

    The initial blast used up the oxygen when the large fireball burned leaving a vacuum. when O2 rushed back in to fill that vacuum it caused was like a wind blowing towards the blast for a moment.
    The blast looked more like a Hollywood special effect explosion than a real bomb.

    Also if the powder was from the empty fireworks found in his apt. Where are all the colored stars and colored flame?

    I am very versed into fireworks and know for a fact when you mix all the powders from defective fireworks (in my case working at a wholesaler and having to safely dispose of them by putting into a large open pit and burning them) you will get a huge fireball and smoke but that fireball will be colored in bright colors from the chemicals and the “stars” from the fireworks burn after the blast. The blast does not damage them. (ever watch a large display? the huge shells in the air are nothing more than bombs going off with colored stars arranged all around the blast. In some 12 inch shells these stars survive a blast strong enough that you can feel the shock-wave from a mile away)

    did you see any color other than orange or a fireball?
    Ever burned yourself with a firework? If not ask someone who has. Your skin or anything around including concrete will have a white coating around a black center. This if from the chemicals making up the fireworks.

    The red light looked like a laser scope from a sniper rifle, maybe from atop a nearby building.
    It could be innocent with a security guy using his scope from a distance trying to see what is going on or it could be from a guy that was supposed to take a target out if he had a clean shot. Would the average person even think someone with a hole in their head was from a gun after the explosion after seeing a guy with a blown off leg?

  2. Bittercritter says:

    Thanks for the reply Jeff. You’re spot on about the fireworks, whatever it was we know it wasn’t fireworks like the official story claims. There did seem to be a bit of an orange glow in some of the smoke though I’m unsure what that was about – perhaps glowing propellant caught in smoke cloud.
    The right light is actually mounted on the brick and flashes every 3 seconds as can be seen in the video.

    • -swansong- says:

      Intriguing analysis, Old Man. Excellent debut.

      Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

      • Bittercritter says:

        Thanks Swan, you guys have been here fighting the good fight and I’m glad to have made a small contribution. Check the drafts to see what’s coming next. I think you’ll like it.

  3. Pilot says:

    Nice catch-car battery-never saw that one before. Looking forward to your follow up bc.

  4. Bittercritter says:

    Hi Pilot, it’s fun to see people’s reactions for why that’s there. They tend to just make a joke and move on. A lack of rebuttals is a good sign something is wrong with this picture.

  5. Nick C says:

    Your article is interesting, but incomplete; let me explain:
    Your ideas are quite insightful and raise points I have not seen before, but you need to take things a step further and put things in context.

    A few examples:
    -The photo of the car battery needs to be given perspective to show the specific area on Boylston Street which the photo was shot. The more vivid picture you can paint for the reader to understand the context and the surroundings, more questions will be answered.

    – Regarding the wire your article highlights: As someone who has been involved with triathlon race management for years, that type of wire is constantly used for banners and bunting; while barriers and those awful crappy wood things are present, the wire allows for event branding and sponsor branding in the form of banners and bunting to look great.

    – You are absolutely right, their bombs were NOT as effective as similar devices of that size and style have proven to be. It is with the ineffectiveness of the explosions in mind that I was quite troubled by the response by both the government and media to the Boston Marathon bombings which, in my opinion, served to elevate this tragic event into something much larger than it actually was because this response allowed the individuals committing this act of terror to achieve the “state of intense fear” and widespread public anxiety.

    Something that SHOULD Be Examined:
    – The time the explosions occurred; let me share some facts about that:
    * At 11:58 a.m. EDT Rita Jeptoo of Kenya crossed the finish line to become the 2013 women’s winner
    * At 12:10 p.m. EDT Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia crossed the finish line to become the 2013 men’s winner
    * At 2:49 p.m. EDT The explosions occurred on Boylston Street near the Boston Marathon finish line

    From the history of the Boston Marathon, we know that the largest crowds are on Boylston Street near the finish line to watch the race winners and after watching the pro’s run, by 12:30/1:00pm (at the latest) the finish line crowd tends to thin out; this is supported by the photos of the virtually empty grandstands by the time of the explosions.

    Now ask yourself: If one’s goal is to enact the most destruction and inflict the most terror, why wait until 2:49pm (over 2 hours after the largest possible crowds would have thinned out) to set off the devices? Logically the timing doesn’t make sense if one’s goal is to do the most damage.

    Again, I enjoyed your article and would be interested in gaining context of the car battery scene. Thanks!

    • Bittercritter says:

      Hey Nick, thanks for your well-thought and informative reply. I agree I should have included another picture to show exactly where the battery was placed. Such information comes across far better in graphic form than written. In the next installment I plan to remedy that!

      The wire looks to be 8 or 10 gauge insulated electric. I can assure you it is not holding up any banners or is part of the scaffolding. It definitely ends somewhere near where the explosion took place as hi-res pictures do not show it going beyond that point.

      Your information on the race times is important but something I have yet to study, that will be of great help – thank you!

      They failed totally if numbers of casualties were there true goal. As you said a bomb set off much earlier would have effected far more people. As crowds thin out it becomes much easier to contain and control a scene. I think the timing does make it somewhat suspect.

      I hope you will read and critique my next installment. Criticisms (good or bad) are always welcome and help us here at Insanemedia to improve future articles.

      Best regards,

  6. Brian says:

    If you have been to the Marathon before you would have seen plenty of wires, for the clock, media, and P A system especially at the finish line . The flashing red light is probley an outside indicating light for the buildings fire alarm. The battery could have been used for race timing or PA

    • Marko says:

      I have used a PA with an inverter, so that isn’t out of the question, but I would think that getting AC power to race equipment wouldn’t be an issue with something this venerable. Find a pic of the inverter and you can toss the battery.

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