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Boston Bombing Evidence

Published on April 29th, 2013 | by -swansong-


Interesting Exhibits: Boston Manhunt Timeline

In this article we’ll present you with Interesting Exhibits: Boston Manhunt Timeline – A manhunt, that started on Thursday, April 18th and ended Friday evening April 19th, at around 8 PM with the capture of the Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and death of his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, after a deadly shootout with police in Boston, Watertown. There are several things that don’t add up with the official story that need clarification.

My findings and references are from the Police scanner, Twitter, confirmation and information posted by users on GLP & Breitbart’s Timeline, live video feeds and my personal Timeline I wrote on my Live Blog of the 20 hour Boston Manhunt.

Boston MIT Police Officer Shot And Killed On Campus (Live Stream)

On April 18th 2013, 11:00 PM a thread is opened on GLP:

Mit Shooting! 1 Officer Dead! 1 Boston Bomber in Custody! Police Suv Stolen! Officers Down! Explosives!!

Shortly after joined by Breitbart’s Live Blog

Breitbart Timeline of Watertown Manhunt

Interesting Exhibits: Boston Manhunt Timeline

Boston Bombing – Identified Suspects -Exhibit 1

Tamerlan Tsarnaev (left)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (right)


Suspect Arrested by Laurel and Dexter: Exhibit 1a

Unidentified – released


Suspect Watertown – Naked man, Suspect: Exhibit 1b

Unidentified – Mysterious Naked man. Tsarnaev’s aunt apparently positively identified her nephew Tamerlan Tsarnaev here.



Suspect Vehicles

Black Mercedes SUV – Hijacked: Exhibit 2


Green Honda Suspect Vehicle: Exhibit 2a


Green Honda Suspect Vehicle: Exhibit 2b


Green Honda Suspect Vehicle: Exhibit 2c


Green Honda Suspect Vehicle: Exhibit 2d

Twitter User Andrew Kitzenberg says the gunfight took place on the street outside his home


Note: Regarding Suspects Vehicles and accounts of hijacked Mercedes. Here is what the State Police has released:

Massachusetts State Police say a pair of brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings spent the night in a Honda and used it to carjack a Mercedes SUV.

Police said Friday morning at a Watertown news conference that one of the brothers stayed with the carjacking victim for a few minutes and then let him go.

They say one brother drove away in the Honda, and the other one drove away in the Mercedes. Police say one then ditched the Honda and reunited with his brother in the Mercedes. Authorities say both suspects were in the Mercedes when they encountered police and hurled explosives at officers. Twenty-six-year-old suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev (tsahr-NY’-ev) was killed.

(Note: Suspects stayed with Car owner for a few minutes and let him go)

That makes sense, besides one thing. They say here that they had ditched the second vehicle. But on the pictures you can clearly see both of the vehicles on the shootout scene that happened on Laurel & Dexter:

Exhibits 2a,2b,2c,2d

According to witness Andrew Kitzenberger, they were driving both cars: Exhibit 2d

According to a News Report Published Yesterday:

NBC News reports that photographs and eye witness account they have obtained show both a black Mercedes SUV and a green Honda were parked at the scene of the Watertown shootout. Some accounts claim the Honda was parked behind the Mercedes that night. No one has explained how both vehicles may have arrived at the scene.

Also according to the Police Scanner, the suspects had stolen a Black SUV from the State Police!


0:47  Sec. – I think they have a stolen truck from the State Police

1:30  Sec.  – SUV, State police SUV !


Interesting News regarding an Unmarked State Police SUV

Published Video Today 04/29: Watertown Manhunt: Multiple Sources tell us an Investigation is under way on whether or not a State Trooper was firing at Boston Police Officer Kenny Conley and State Police LT Dan Walsh who were on Patrol together in an unmarked State Police SUV.

More then 10 rounds were fired at Police Officers on behind during the manhunt, the truck was hit but no one was hurt. A state police officer confirms they’re looking at all of the ballistics on scene, the District Attorney’s Office is investigating. Another investigation is under way to see if Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue was hit by friendly fire.

Note: This is just unbelievable. Please read the timeline of the Boston manhunt and check the entries yourself.

We have been told that the suspects hijacked a Black Mercedes SUV from a 26-year-old Chinese entrepreneur, who asked to be identified only as Danny. Danny’s call to 911 eventually led to a shootout with the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and his 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar. (Read More)

(USA TODAY) – In a gripping interview in The Boston Globe, the owner of the Mercedes SUV that was hijacked by the Boston bombing suspects recalls his harrowing 90-minute ride and his escape by jumping from the vehicle at a filling station. His quick thinking thwarted the suspects’ apparent plan to drive to New York City to set off more bombs and, instead, triggered a police shootout that led to the capture of one suspect and the death of the other.

(Note – he jumped out of the car)

MSNBC – The violent, night-long chase began shortly after the two suspects went to a convenience store around 10 p.m. and then allegedly shot and killed an MIT police officer. They later allegedly hijacked a Mercedes SUV and drove toward the Boston suburb of Watertown.

The suspects let the owner of the car go unharmed at a gas station after they stole his debit card and tried to withdraw funds from at least three ATMs. Only the second withdrawal was successful, for $800, before they exceeded the man’s daily withdrawal limit. The car owner said the two suspects told him they had shot and killed a campus policeman and that they were the marathon bombers, NBC News’ Pete Williams reports.

(Note: The suspects let the owner of the car go unharmed at a gas station – No jumping from car)

Question: Did they let him go, or did he jump out of the car?

Witness Video Recording Mike Julakis, I-Phone 12:49AM- Exhibit 3

“Shootout with Boston Marathon bombers with police in Watertown, MA 12:49am. Filmed using i-phone from front porch at scene of shooting where Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed”


Interview eyewitness Mike Julakis – Exhibit 3a


“What happened is, they shot that one guy dead and then the officer was leaning over him with his foot on him and then the other guy was in that Black Mercedes SUV that took off. That was apparently the guy with the white hat. But they shot at that car at least 100 times, it was semi automatic weapons, handguns, they were just blasting away.”

Photos Kitzenberger (Witness living on Dexter Avenue) – Posted on Twitter/various online sources – Exhibit 4

Police Scanner Recordings – Boston Manhunt

MIT police officer killed cops chase in Watertown (April 18, 2013)

POLICE AUDIO: Watertown Shootout 04/19, Boston Police Shootout at MIT College (*EXTENDED VERSION*)

POLICE AUDIO Pt 1: Shootout With Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Suspect #2 In Watertown/Boston

POLICE AUDIO Pt 2: Shootout With Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Suspect #2 In Watertown/Boston

POLICE AUDIO Pt 3: Shootout With Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Suspect #2 In Watertown/Boston

POLICE AUDIO Pt 4: Shootout With Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Suspect #2 In Watertown/Boston

Boston Manhunt Timeline


MIT says gunshots were heard near Stata Center outside Kendall Square
There is a report of an active shooter in the vicinity of Bldg. 32 (Stata)

MIT Suspect: 200 lbs, 5’11”, light facial hair, black “bucket” hat, wearing all black from waist up

11:18 AM – MIT Shooting: Gunman On the Loose in Kendall Square

11:21 AM – Users on GLP figured it out early: Holy F**k, the Marathon Bombers came back for their “Lid”?



12:02 AM – @NBCConnecticut: Mass State Police confirm #MIT officer wounded in shooting has died.

12:28 AM – Car jacking. Black Mercedes SUV

12:28 AM – Two middle eastern males with guns !

12:35 AM – SHOTS fired!

12:36 AM – More shots fired!

12:39 AM – SCANNER DOWN! “Feed has disconnected from the server”

12:40 AM – Back on!

12:42 AM – Suspects in black Mercedes, heading to NY.

12:45 AM – Shots fired, Watertown Ma.

12:45 AM – Shots fired at officers trying to stop car

12:46 AM – Shots fired, hitting officers vehicle, bullets hitting their car as they are pursuing suspects

12:50 AM – Heading toward Mount Auburn Hospital.

12:50 AM – Explosives, grenades reported by LEO

12:51 AM – Grenades! Shots fired At Cops


12:52 AM – The Suspects have a stolen truck from the State Police!

Watertown Shootout – Exhibit 3

(read more)

12:55 AM – Officer down at Hazel and Dexter, Explosives, Longuns!

12:56 AM – Setting up perimeter, Second officer DOWN. Automatic gunfire.

12:59 AM – Users on GLP confirm they heard someone screaming Arabic in the background.



1:00 AM– Explosive devices, all units retreat, ordered back. One suspect injured.

1:05 AM -Power down all cell phones !!! Warning Explosions! Multiple locations of explosive devices!!

1:06 AM – One suspect in Custody, lots of yelling in background

1:10 AM – One suspect on way to hospital. One on the ground at gunpoint.

Exhibit 4: Shootout on Dexter Avenue and Laurel St

Who is the other suspect on the ground at gunpoint?

Options Suspect on Ground at gunpoint: Exhibits 1a, 1b


1:11 AM – Police switches channels – Radio silence

1:14 AM – CNN has finally picked up the story

1:15 AM – Homeland Security vehicle just pulled up

1:20 AM – Second Suspect in Custody, not sure if it’s him

1:22 AM – Explosives still on Scene

1:23 AM – Suspects car secured – Second Suspect need to be ID’d

Options Suspect on Ground at gunpoint: Exhibits 1a, 1b

1:24 AM – Might not have second suspect, might be still at large!

1:29 AM – Shooting out of the helicopter ! (live video footage)

1:29 AM – Rapid gunfire can be heard on scanner. I think that was at least 80 rounds I heard

1:34 AM – Reports of mangled vehicles and unconfirmed shooter in hospital! no shots on children!

1:35 AM – CNN just reported that the police forced the Suspect #1 to remove all of his clothing and enter the police vehicle completely nude.

This must be Exhibit 1b, as the guy on the ground at gunpoint in Exhibit 1a has brown/reddish hair and a different body build.

Suspect #1? We thought he was on the way to the hospital? As he got shot up by Police, and ran over by his brother? Even the news reporter mentioned this in the below video:


@0.24 sec

“One suspect was critically injured and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead”

“Interesting, cause they had him strip down NAKED, maybe he was already wounded in that particular case?”

1:36 AM – CNN photojournalist reporting that a connection between tonight’s incident and Boston Bomber is apparent. Said the description matches.

1:37 AM – Everyone ordered of the streets!

1:39 AM – Children’s hospital on lock-down – Second suspect is NOT in custody!

Note: From the shootout, Dexter Avenue to Childrens Hospital it’s 16 Minutes – 7 Miles.

1:41 AM – Military personnel pulled up according to the news

1:43 AM – Another explosion in Watertown reported!

1:47 AM – Police searching area with guns drawn. Explosion heard was deliberate by bomb squad. Search for suspect ongoing.

1:54 AM – Concern over IEDs in the streets

1:55 AM – MT AUBURN HOSPITAL – CODE BLACK (bomb threat)

1:56 AM – Tried to reach Delta Ops, no answer


MT Auburn Hospital Cambridge is 1.7 Miles, 6 Minutes away from Shootout on Dexter Ave.

Note: People are speculating what happened, suggesting that the suspects or one suspect went to MIT University and were ID’d by someone on Campus. They believe that after that all hell broke lose.

Well, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went to Dartmouth University and Tamerlan Tsarnaev appeared to be on Welfare. What really happened at MIT??

Members do a comparison of the man at gunpoint on the floor with the brown/reddish hair – Exhibit 1a with a man wearing an MIT sweater photographed close to Dzhokar Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon Bombing. This is just speculation, but I did find the comparison interesting.


Note: 1950’s part in the hair and his bald spot…

1:59 AM – Suspicious device in trench on Massachusetts Avenue

Note: This is 10 Minutes from MIT, directly across from MIT over the river

2:00 AM – At this point the Press is not receiving anymore information

2:00 AM – Person that was put in handcuffs has been released.

Unclear if this refers to Exhibit 1a or Exhibit 1b

2:01 AM – SWAT BEING DEPLOYED TO DEXTER, Re-deployed Dexter Av. and Nichols…..Second vehicle

People are confused on who is in the hospital and what is going on with the stripped naked guy who was put in the police car. According to witness account Mike Julakis, one suspect was shot dead by police at Dexter and Laurel. Inserting that the police mentioned gruesome details on how he looked when he died. Exhibit 3a

2:04 AM – 1 in custody, 1 at large. Helicopter assistance. Canines called in.

2:06 PM – Suspect description: Black jacket, light skinned with a hat

2:08 AM – Cop trying to ring Delta… ring ring…ring ring.

2:10 AM – Shots fired 14 Hazel St – Officers called in for help!



NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT! – We never heard about this shootout in the MSM! The suspects at 14 Hazel have weapons and the location is just around the corner from last shootout on Dexter Avenue and Laurel Street, in 482 ft. distance. Mind you, this is over an hour later, with suspect 2 at large in the stolen black Mercedes SUV! – What is this? Suspects with Guns within approx. 500 feet of the first shootout? These are the accounts exclusively from the police scanner!

2:11 AM – Hearing screams for help over scanner!

2:14 AM – Getting ready for “tactical response” regarding movement in a house

2:15 AM – MANY SHOTS FIRED- Making Entry 14 Hazel Street! Ambulance called to location

2:17 AM – SUSPECT(s) have long guns ! 14 Hazel Street!

2:18 AM – Shooting Handguns or Long Guns? Answer: “Definitely Long Guns”


2:25 AM – Aberdeen and Mount Auburn – 15 shots fired (1.1 mi, 4 mins – Away from 14, Hazel Street)


Note: More shots fired, this time already 1 mile away from 14 Hazel Street. Shortly after this we hear that 14 Hazel is clear, but no update over the scanner regarding the suspects who were encountered there with weapons.

2:25 AM – 14 Hazel is clear

Note: At this point, people who are listening to the police scanner and watching the live feed videos believe that there has to be more than 2 suspects.

2:27 AM – Handgun, magazines found at a house

2:29 AM – More shots fired

2:33 AM – Suspect(s) Connected to Marathon Bombing according to Boston Globe

2:35 AM – WHDH Channel 7 Reports that Suspect #1 is Dead

Note: Suspect #1 is Tamerlan Tsarnaev – Exhibit 1 (left feature). Speculation on suspect shown in Exhibit 1b.

Note: They must be up against more than 1 guy here. At least 30 shots fired since the 2nd suspect was found to be at large?

2:38 AM – Black SUV moving at high speed reported

Note: This means, the suspects encountered in 14 Hazel with weapons are unrelated to Suspect #2 – Exhibit 1 (right feature). Suspect #2 is still in the Black SUV according to scanner entry!

2:43 AM – White male Grey Hoodie , armed with assault rifle extremely dangerous, explosives.


Note: This is the arrest photo of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Suspect #2 – Exhibit 1 (right feature), after he was found in teh boat. He appears to be wearing a Grey Hoodie!

There are over 70,000 listeners on the police scanner feed!

2:47 AM – Suspect has explosive device on him, extreme caution in Cambridge and Watertown

2:49 AM – Suspect at large , is the guy wearing a white hat that has identified in the photos of Boston Marathon Bombing!

2:50 AM – MULUGETA MIKE DOB 10/29/91 MASS CIERRA 60034542 (This name comes over the scanner twice, apparently not related to the incident)

@NewsBreaker 57s NOW: Local telling stories of being pulled from houses. Each person in homes being laid on ground, questioned by cops

2:57 AM – Explosives Grenades in between houses. Dexter Ave.

Feed goes offline shortly

FOX News has a slip up, they are reporting the suspect taken into custody, MIT shooter, from the FBI is NOT one of the suspects in the bombings.

According to the scanner feed, one suspect was identified as the man in the white hat, shown on the FBI photos.

Note: This made me think. Did they actually say that they killed the MIT Police officer? I searched the news.

Yahoo reported the following:

A campus police officer with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was shot and killed by the marathon bombing suspects. In the video they say they shot and killed the Police officer, hijacked a car followed by the shootout.

According to the FBI:

April 22, 2013, 1:35 p.m. EDT

Suspect in Boston Marathon Attack Charged with Using a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, a U.S. citizen and resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, resulting in the death of three people and injuries to more than 200 people.

According to that statement, No charges have been filed yet regarding the MIT Police Officer, and officers critically wounded in the shootout

The Boston Globe: Police sources told the Globe that the carjack victim has told police that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother, Dzhokhar, pointed guns at him and, in an apparent effort to intimidate the victim and dissuade him from trying anything foolish, Tamerlan Tsarnaev told him:

“We just killed a cop. We blew up the Marathon. And now we’re going to New York. Don’t [expletive] with us.”

Two of the brothers’ victims, 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was killed in the blasts, and 27-year-old MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, who authorities say was assassinated by the brothers, were remembered at private funeral services.

Boston Metro Desk: Collier, 27, was attacked near Kendall Square in Cambridge in what Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis has called a “vicious assassination,’’ an attack that helped spur a massive law enforcement response that ended with suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev fatally wounded and his brother, Dzhokhar, captured after a 20-hour manhunt.

3:03 AM – Suspect on foot running. Foot pursuit @ Arsenal Mall.


Note: Arsenal Mall on Arsenal ST is approx. 1.1 Miles away from Dexter and Hazel, previous shootouts. This is interesting, so now Suspect #2 Exhibit 1 (featured right), ditched the Black Mercedes SUV and continues on foot.

3:06 AM – Cypress and Dexter, UNITS NEEDED , “Only SWAT assets” at this time, in foot pursuit..repeat..”Only SWAT assets”

Note: Cypress and Dexter is 0.2 Miles, 44 sec.away from Hazel St.

3:15 AM – Foot Pursuit called off.

Note: The foot pursuit has been called of 9 Minutes later.

3:18 AM: BREAKING: NBC’s Pete Williams says man seeing laid out on the ground in Watertown, being splashed on TV, is NOT a suspect.

Note: This is the man from Exhibit 1a, as he was broadcasted over the live feeds and news stations. Suspect in Exhibit 1b was only seen shortly in that video scene, where he was placed in the police car.

3:22 AM – @AtwaterWCVB reporting “explosives everywhere” according to police in Watertown

3:23 AM – All officers report to command post at Arsenal mall

3:31 AM – 550 Arsenal street at Arsenal court – Meeting with Media.

Note: This is where the suspect was last seen on foot running.

3:33 AM – FBI: looks “more likely” the gunmen in Watertown tonight are connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

3:35 AM – Explosives, pressure cooker found at crime scene on Dexter in #Watertown

3:42 AM – Request for MBTA bus to move families from homes due to “devices”.


At this time we should begin to wonder, with so many task-forces out there, how is it possible that one person on foot still remains at large?

3:43 AM – Transit officer has been shot

3:44 AM -BREAKING: Transit officer has been shot, condition unknown … this is related to Watertown situation – @BostonDotCom

3:56 AM – Motion sensors being tripped

4:02 AM – 2nd suspect may be inside Watertown building where motion detectors have gone off; SWAT on the way!

4:11 AM – DOD dogs needed, more explosives found

4:13 AM – Units heading down to DEXTER, do not use your radios!

4:34 AM – USE CAUTION suspect probably has explosive device on his person!!

4:49 AM : Boston police say transit police officer critically wounded during exchange of fire with suspects (Apparently now it is believed to be friendly fire..)


0.7 mi, 3 mins – away from last scene at 14 Hazel ST.

Robot examining suspect vehicle in Watertown incidentExhibit 2C

4:52 AM – BREAKING: NBC’s Pete Williams says marathon bombing suspects came from overseas. Had only been in US for a yr. Both had military background.

Note: Well isn’t that interesting. We know the Tsarnaev brothers have been in the US for years. Yet, the Saudi National, Abdul Rahman AlHarbi was only here for a year……

4:55 AM NBC: Authorities considering shutting down transit system in and around Watertown

This guy obviously wanted to run a marathon of his own.. I think we can agree that at this time he would have receive Gold. You could also compare it to a well played Game of Grand Theft Auto.

5:05 AM – Bombing suspects have international ties and have been in US for as long as a year, law enforcement sources say

5:10 AM – Police have sent out robocalls asking Watertown residents to stay in their homes, not to open their doors.

5:29 AM – DEVELOPING: Doctor: patient brought to Beth Israel hospital has gunshot wounds and “blastinjuries from an explosive device

5:36 AM – Currently waiting on info for bombs at Dexter Street and in the evacuated residential neighborhood.

5:44 AM – NBC’s Pete Williams: “There’s been a lot of speculation 1 of these suspects is a student that went missing from Brown — NOT THE CASE

Epic Scanner entry of the day:

“Kevin “IN AND OUT REAL QUICK” Brennan”

COP: That what’s they call me. Kevin “In and out” Brennan


5:35 AM – I’ve been listening all night too and that Mike guy that has nothing to do with this is the only name mentioned. He was just a traffic stop.

5:50 AM – NewsBreaker ‏@NewsBreaker 1m DEVELOPING: Businesses in and around Watertown, MA being asked NOT TO OPEN; residents told not to congregate outside, not go to mass transit

6:16 AM – 89 Nichols Ave, Fresh blood


6:20 AM – REsidents of Boston on Lockdown – Ongoing Manhunt. All subways shut down.

6:24 AM – Bus load of SWAT dropped off entering neighborhood now in Watertown.

Martial Law in Boston





6:33 AM – Neighborhood still a dangerous place with explosives left on street.

6:36 AM – NBC’s Pete Williams: Suspects are legal permanent residents; in US at least 1 yr – possibly Turkey or Chechen refugees

6:38 AM – Tactical Support Team deployed, clearing AREA

6:39 AM – 2 Guys in handcuffs, bomb squad deployed

6:42 AM – AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya

6:49 AM – Surviving Boston bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass

6:50 AM – NBC’s Pete Williams reports the marathon bombing suspects are brothers

7:02 AM – Pipe Bomb detonated – controlled detonation. EOD is now investigating a packaged underneath road way

Boston bomber suspect at large identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

7:11 AM – Charlesgate needs to be shut down there will be a detonation!

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev’s name listed among recipients of Cambridge scholarships in 2011. The Alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev last seen on his page in Vkontakte roughly 10 hours ago via mobile .


Authorities urged residents in Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and the Allston-Brighton neighborhoods of Boston to stay indoors. All mass transit was shut down and businesses were asked not to open Friday. People waiting at bus and subway stops were told to go home. “We believe this to be a terrorist,” said Boston Police Commissioner Ed David of the suspect on the loose. “We believe this to be a man who’s come here to kill people. We need to get him in custody.”

7:41 AM – Second Boston bombing suspect reportedly identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 22

7:46 AM – TAMERLAN TZARNAEV, 26, was born in Russia. He became a legal permanent resident in 2007; Killed in shootout.


7:51 AM – SWAT team to 89 Nichols to clear a building. Fresh Pool of blood by backdoor

8:22 AM – All officers, suspect is wearing suicide vest…extreme caution

So a 19 year old shuts down an entire city and surrounding neighborhoods. Really?

Authorities have converged on a home in #Watertown, Mass. in manhunt for #bostonmarathon bombing suspect. Chopper overhead.

8:41 AM – Yellow House 78 Dexter, Tactical Team arrived. Extreme caution. Suspect seems to have been found!! Keep cover.



0.1 Miles away from last shootout 14, Hazel and the street were initial first shootout happened, on the corner of Laurel and Dexter. This happened just past midnight at 12:50 AM. Martial Law has been declared in Boston, and the suspect is still at large. Black Hawks, Delta Force, Military, National Guard, and Boston police could not apprehend a suspect who seems to be on foot since 3 AM this morning when he was last seen at Arsenal ST. 1.1 Miles away from Dexter and Hazel. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile 5 miles away from this scene:

8:46 AM – “RAM NEEDED AT OAK STREET” Number 25.. Rocket in Basement

8:47 AM – “Looks like we have some sort of rocket in the basement here. Need EOD here”

8:48 AM – Live feed cut after they announce that a EOD TEAM is REQUIRED –


Yes indeed. They found a Rocket.

8:52 AM – Suspicious Package in building found, Grey Hoodie Suspect with backpack

8:58 AM – Boston police are asking media outlets to avoid broadcasting tactical positions of homes that are being searched.

9:01 AM – “Sir he is posting online I will kill all of you like you killed my brother” (Police is believed to have fallen for a fake Facebook account)

9:04 AM – 480 Arsenole street. Industrial building. (right down the street of Hazel/Dexter) Suspect with white backpack, grey hoodie

Note: So Mr. Bourne is still on the run. Just down the street too. 10,000 cops, NG, FBI, ATF etc for ONE 19 year old dude? Lock-down ? Martial law ? An entire city and 5 towns? For ONE guy? Every fucking robbery is accompanied by 3 helis with live coverage. But this guy is able to get away heavily armored vs. a 10 000 police task force.

9:20 AM – Scanner feed is down

9:46 AM – Police put out bulletin for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s car, Honda MA plates, 316-ES9

Note: Did they just now put out a bulletin for the green Honda CRV that is apparently at the scene on Laurel St. and Dexter Av.? Exhibit 2a, 2b, 2c,2d

10:06 AM – DEVELOPING: Police discovered an IED in Boston by Charlesgate, rendered it safe. Concerned other devices may be planted


10:45 AM – A Suspect at gun point. White male brown jacket, Device is in his jacket. 810 Arsenal st (This is 1.2 Miles from Hazel ST last shoootout, by a bridge)

10:46 AM – Got a transmitter on him..Could be bomb.. At gun point.

10:47 AM – White male, 60 to 70 years old

10:47 AM – mentioned possibility that he has a dead man switch!!

10:52 AM – FOX news shows SWAT and Police running, shots fired. Location not clear.

10:53 AM – They just said they need someone who speaks Russian

10:54 AM – I’m watching CNN…..this lady on right now is saying something about hearing they’re asking for a Russian interpreter.

11:03 AM – BREAKING: Cop in Watertown, Mass to NBC’s Kerry Sanders: “If you knew what was going on, you wouldn’t be standing here right now.” – @mhking

10:48 AM – This is not the suspect they were looking for, another suspect who also seems to be holding a device! Limited radio traffic.

11:12 AM – EOD Robot is trying to remove jacket from suspect on the ground !

11:16 AM – Officers definitely saw device on suspect

11:23 AM – 2nd robot wanted on scene

11:22 AM – Robot is on suspect now, want to interview suspect as soon as possible. Second robot and bearcat requested.

11:42 AM – Second Bearcat on scene

11:48 AM – 4 Robots are operating on the suspect.

11:51 AM – Military EOD Team moving to Arsenal Hall

11;52 AM – @L0gg0l 14s U.S Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrives at the White House

12:03 PM – Old man is cleared. Nothing. After 4 Bearcats inspected the man…

12:12 PM – Blackhawks all over CNN footage now, Army’s moved in


12:45 PM – Residents in Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge, Brookline, Boston are STILL advised to stay indoors

1:36 pM – Mass. Emergency Mgmt. Official: ‘If you are at work [in #watertown], we encourage you to go home.



2:38 PM – National Guards searching homes with high power rifles on hand. Military Humvees lining the streets.

3:34 PM – Mass. State Police: “investigators recovering significant amount of homemade explosives. No proof yet of accomplices”

3:49 PM – Investigators at Boston apt. of bombing suspects; called a “bomb making factory”

4:02 PM – The search for the Odyssey has ended. The car has been located by Mass. State Police

4:05 PM – Police Officer Richard Donahue, injured in shootout is out of surgery. Condition is critical but stable.

4:08 PM – UPDATE: Last night’s 7-11 robbery in Cambridge was NOT related to the bombing suspects, CBS source – @CharlieKayeCBS

4:36 PM – Boston Police advise there will be a briefing at 5 PM

4:46 PM – Police recover 7 bombs while searching for Boston suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, some at Cambridge house, some in Watertown

4:52 PM – FBI checking cars on Ferry from New Haven, CT to Long Island – CBS

6:13 PM – Press Conference: @MassStatePolice: “We do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon, but we will have one, We are going to draw back our tactical teams, order to “stay in place” has been lifted. “We can return to living our lives” – “remain vigilant”. “I don’t have any direct knowledge that he’s here in the Boston area; his ties indicate that he is here.”

6:28 PM – Possible Suspect Located in woods – switching channels

6:38 PM – Police Scanner feeds have been cut, shortly after suspect in woods was announced

6:56 PM – Assault rifle fire!


6:57 PM – Multiple Shots Fired Franklin Street Watertown

Note: Suspect #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seems to hidden in a boat underneath a tarp, blood was discovered by the owner when he went on a cigarette break. Fox news reported a woman called police and said she found bloody clothes and blood on the boat in the back of her house…


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev boat


7:03 PM – All unit hold fire. Gas going into the boat. Shots fired. DUMMY ROUNDS FIRED AT THE BOAT. No officer fires unless fired on.

7:04 PM – Dozens of emergency vehicles rushing, lights and sirens, to area where “rapid gunfire” has been heard in Watertown, MA

7:05 PM – FOX reported suspect Down


7:10 PM – Suspect appears to be alive, legs moving

7:15 PM – Armored Truck moving in . WATCH YOUR MIC. Gas thrown into House. Any police officers rear off the garage evacuate immediately.

7:18 PM – Be aware of crossfire situations. Tarp coming off.


7:24 PM – All units maintaining radio silence. Fox still reporting 2nd suspect down.


7:34 PM – Most of the cover removed from boat ! No movement reported.

7:36 PM – Eyes on the boat no movement

7:40 PM – Full Gallon Tank on Boat- Movement reported, Suspect sitting up.

7:42 PM – Looks like Suspect is sitting up again. center of boat now fence side

7:45 PM – Flame on boat reported !! Explosive device suspected

7:52 PM – Open Garage door- Canine on scene.

7:53 PM – HRT Negative on Fire on Boat

7:54 PM – Fox reporting quick 3 blasts, Local news reporting loud pops

7:56 PM – No movement. Negotiations on way.

7:59 PM – On his back. Negative movement.

8:01 PM – Negotiator on Scene.

8:05 PM – Movement – Arms are moving.


8:20 PM – It’s being broadcasted on the Internet, I guess it wasn’t the downlink, because we can still hear them.


8:17 PM – Media being pushed back

8:17 PM – Mentioned being listened over internet. cant encrypt this channel

8:18 PM – @NewsBreaker BREAKING: Suspect is covered in blood (oh….so now he is already covered in blood..mhmmmm)

8:19 PM – Media reportedly jumping over gate

8:21 PM – Watch your microphones – OPEN MIC – Watch your Mic

8:22 PM – There going crazy about the Mic’s been open

8:22 PM – watch your mic (laughs) WATCH YOUR MIC…

8:23 PM – Open mic just said “just say when”

8:27 PM – @BostonDotcom: Neighbors say police officers have told them the suspect in the Watertown backyard is covered in blood.

8:32 PM – Helicopter getting more fuel. Officers waiting.

8: 40 PM – HRT only–hostage rescue team – SUSPECT IN CUSTODY. STILL A HOT SCENE. MEDIC, MEDIC

8:48 PM – Suspect alive and in custody.

8:52 PM – Suspect being questioned

8:55 PM – Local time 20.15: suspect officially confirmed apprehended.


People in Boston celebrate the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Martial Law that was reality just a couple hours ago…..




Need clarification on suspects green Honda CRV that was located at the scene. According to Ma. State Police they have ditched the car and both drove the SUV when they encountered Police. No one has explained how both vehicles may have arrived at the scene, but according to eye witness Kitzenberger they were driving both cars.

Need clarification on second shootout on 14 Hazel street, one hour after the first shootout, when suspect #2 was still at large with the Black SUV.

Why was a rocket located on 25 Oak Street in Cambridge? Need clarification.

Please comment on the Interesting Exhibits:Boston Manhunt Timeline, and let us know your thoughts!


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17 Responses to Interesting Exhibits: Boston Manhunt Timeline

  1. Pilot says:

    Good work Kennedy, Thank you for trying to make sense of all the chaos.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Thanks Pilot, I try…it just doesn’t make any sense. Meanwhile, people in Boston welcomes and cheered Martial Law, that had been declared upon their city. Just..wow!

  2. hsaive says:

    Great work…Best analysis on the web.

  3. PCGeek says:

    Tyrell Kennedy is my future wife … Stand down.

    • Bittercritter says:

      No kiddin’! Congrats you guys! I’m really happy for you both.

      • -swansong- says:

        Oh boy…me. too! K was just saying how she could use a man around to help with the 9 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits and the parrot.

        One of you hurry up and get the license cuz I hear there’s a hole in the roof that needs fixin’.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      LOL, I just saw this. You guys are funny!

  4. Ricky Nestor says:

    I didnt know about a lot of this stuff. I also had some concerns about this timeline and would like to discuss the posibility that the brothers may be innocent. The evidence doesnt prove their guilt in any way that I have seen. I also went through the timeline and tried to connect the dots with the assumption that the entire event was a poorly scrapped together FBI(or other organizations) black op. There were some facts i thought were pointing in this direction. you have mentioned some of them here.

    the unmarked black (police) SUV whose driver (danny) remains annonymous. the person who they “confessed” to who remembers everything they said to him.

    apparently he also left his cell phone in the car and it was tracked according to the new york times. this is how they located to suv. but somehow lost it later… you mentioned how absurd this fact is. did you know about the cellphone?
    -my thoughts are that this man was not who he says he was. I think the man in the black SUV was black ops. that he is the one who killed the MIT officer, somehow got Djokhar in his SUV. and was the one with the grenades and longguns. of course total unfounded speculation there.

    There is a phone call to a radio station. the woman says she saw a police suv hit tamerlan then shoot him.

    there is another video where you can hear someone screaming while bullets are being fired, it sounds like he is screaming “chill out. we didnt do it”
    watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtKO-hV44cU
    -this confused me a lot. not sure where this took place whether it was at the boat or not. i assume it is djokhars voice we hear. but when did he get shot in the mouth?? he was unarmed in the boat (later revealed) so he didnt shoot himself. was it while they were shooting? or maybe when they raised the tarp? such a perfect wound to inflict. although i assume they would rather he had died.(they being the black ops people) idk.

    no helicopter footage of the actual shootout. no footage of the brothers actually attacking police.

    if what the witness who said the police hit tamerlan with the car is true, then it could explain how he was able to get away. with these black op people. and possibly was placed in the boat? also intresting to note all of the important events took place at night. and the kid was mia all day long.

    I’d love to get to the bottom of all of this. andrew kitzenberg and his roommate are also important characters in all of this. there are 2 separate interviews detailing their experiences

    what are your thoughts? have you learned anything that could prove me wrong? thanks.


    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Not sure what comment you are referring to, but I have no others that are awaiting approval. Comments are monitored for people who do not have one approved submission for spam and troll control. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your comment!

  5. Breeanna Wolford says:

    Yeah, where is his reply? It is a perfectly valid point!

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