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Canada & World Bill C51 From Fear to Law

Published on May 8th, 2015 | by -swansong-


Bill C-51 – From Fear to Law

In this article titled Bill C-51 – From Fear to Law we will examine Canada’s new anti-terror bill that was recently passed by Canada’s Members of Parliament.

Are you a Canadian citizen? Does the country feel any different today? The sun still came up. You went to work, the kids went to school and the bills still need to be paid. In all the ways that matter to most people Canada will feel little different today than it did yesterday.
Make no mistake though, this is no longer the country our grandfathers fought and died for.

Bill C-51 – From Fear to Law

May 6, 2015. Remember that date. Etch it into your brain so if your children ever ask when it was that Canada officially became a pawn in the contrived global war on terror you’ll be able to tell them. May 6, 2015, the day MPs (in the face of nation-wide protests and letter writing campaigns) voted 183 – 96 in favour of enacting the most draconian set of laws to ever disgrace our once proud nation. A vote that was taken without comment or even the participation of Daniel Therrien the government’s own privacy watchdog.

Here’s a little refresher in case you haven’t been paying attention.

8 things you need to know about Bill C-51

Some of the highlights from the above article





Were that not troubling enough all of this will be done with virtually no oversight

Elizabeth May Bill C-51

Elizabeth May is the leader of Canada’s Green Party. If anyone knows where a bear does it business in the woods, it’s her. If she’s telling you these new laws contain little to no oversight for those charged with enforcing them you can believe it.

Should you wish to familiarize yourself further with the details of C-51 and the integrity of those who will be enforcing the laws it contains I would recommend watching the following presentations.

IM Pissed – Bill C-51 Edition


Insanemedia Emergency Oval Table – Bill C-51 Edition


The outcome of this Parliamentary vote was never really in doubt as Canada’s ruling Conservatives hold a majority government meaning they hold a majority of the seats (voting MPs) in Parliament.

As mentioned the eventual vote was 183 – 96 in favour. While several Conservative MPs did not vote every one that did voted along party lines. As for the Liberals, again, while several did not vote, every one that did voted in favour. For all intents and purposes that left only the NDP (The New Democratic Party) to vote in opposition. And that is exactly what they did. Every available NDP MP voted against the implementation of Bill C-51.

You can see how the vote broke down here

Tom Mulcair (the leader of the NDP) is by no means perfect and his opposition surely didn’t go far enough, in my opinion, but I commend his vocal opposition to this abomination of a bill.

I found this interview he did with a CBC talking head to be rather telling. She baits him with a decidedly sketchy “threat” supposedly made by a Somali “terror group”. The idea being that we should get our knickers in a knot and fundamentally change the nature of our democracy in response to each and every supposed threat. Were that not bad enough they also try to manipulate us, not so subliminally, with b-roll footage in the background of scary terrorists doing scary terrorist stuff.


Judging by the following exchange between Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair it seems Monte Frank, of Connecticut Freedom of Information fame, may have been sharing notes out of the Prime Minister’s Deflect & Distract playbook during his encounter with Wolfgang Halbig.


At this point C-51 is in Senate. The Senate could, in theory, send the bill back to the House for alterations, etc…but…considering the bulk of senate members are Conservative appointees (Senators are appointed not elected) it should be nothing more than a rubber stamp.

There have been some token amendments made to C-51 thanks to the immense pressure levied by average Canadians. In the grand scheme of things they are unlikely to matter much. The Conservatives laid out this bill in much the same way a prosecutor prepares a case against a suspect. Throw the book at them then offer to drop some of the charges if they agree to plead out.

One of the more disturbing aspects of C-51 was the creation of what would amount to a secret police force. Canada’s Security and Intelligence Services (CSIS) was to be given the power to not only surveil and investigate suspects/threats in virtual secrecy, as they do now, but was also to be given the power to “disrupt” potential threats and to make arrests. All under the same umbrella of secrecy.

Ironically the very reason CSIS was created was to avoid any future occurrences of abuse such as the ones committed by the RCMP in the 70s when they were given the role of not only police force but secret intelligence gathering agency. The Cons are well familiar with these abuses and the reasons for the creation of CSIS yet decided to push forward with this proposal anyway.

This particular section of C-51 has been slightly amended to now allow CSIS the authority to disrupt potential threats but not to make arrests. How they will go about these disruptions is anyone’s guess.

Bill C-51 – From Fear to Law

With Canada on the verge of a Federal election this fall, an election the Cons are sure to lose, I have been watching closely to see how the leaders of the opposition parties would deal with this…ahem…swansong…from the Conservatives.

We’ve already seen where Tom Mulcair came down on the issue but what about Canada’s media darling? The heir apparent. The Trojan Spliff. The New World Order shill cloaked in a Zig-Zag wrapper. I’m speaking, of course, of Justin Trudeau (True-‘Dough) the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin became leader of the Libs and soon after began making his case for cannabis legalization. It was a great tactic to appeal to youth voters that, in recent years, have been shunning the voter’s booth in droves. Justin’s hope is that the bleary-eyed youth voters will focus on rings of smoke and not Liberal policies that seem to closely mirror the Cons.

In the following vid from the University of B.C. Justin Trudeau explains his support and concerns about C-51. Take note of his support for “better use of preventative detentions”. Because, you know, that’s what Canada needs…more people arrested without due process.


It may be worthy of note that Justin’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Canadian Prime Minister sold out the country in the 70s when he turned over creation of Canada’s currency to private banks. Is Justin here to finish the job his Father started?

Given the rhetoric of some of his party members, notably his defence critic, it’s somewhat difficult to tell where the Cons end and the Libs begin.

Joyce Murray Accused Of ‘Fear-Mongering’ In Defence Of Bill C-51

New Democrats have accused a senior Liberal MP of resorting to fear-mongering to defend her party’s support for the Harper government’s controversial anti-terror legislation.

During a debate in the House of Commons Tuesday, NDP MP Wayne Marston wondered how the party of Pierre Trudeau could vote for Bill C-51.

Liberal defence critic Joyce Murray responded by saying governments must keep up-to-date with security requirements. Then, she ramped up the rhetoric.

“I would ask the member whether he would want it on his conscience should there be an attack that leads to deaths of Canadians because of the loopholes that the bill is attempting to fix?” Murray asked.


Should you be interested in some of Justin’s other thoughts and views I would recommend this article by our friends at MaxResistance : Justin Trudeau’s Speech Distorts Facts & Insults Canadians

Due to the broad and generalized nature of Bill C-51 many Canadians, from writers, to reporters, bloggers, YouTubers, activists and protesters have reason to be concerned today. Is participating in oil pipeline blockades now going to label me a terrorist? Will sympathizing with the plight of Palestinians now make me a general supporter of terrorism? Will my attempts to return Canada’s right to currency creation back to the publicly owned Bank of Canada make me an economic terrorist?

Would this facebook post by the Conservative Party of Canada put them in violation of the very law they created?

Conservatives’ Facebook post promoting Bill C-51 may be violation of same law: expert

The quote used in the Facebook post is drawn from a video of the al-Qaeda-linked group al-Shabaab. The use of such language, experts argue, is in violation of the legislation that the Conservatives are trying to promote.

Bill C-51 aims to remove terrorist propaganda from the Internet, and the party’s Facebook post could be interpreted as a retransmission of such propaganda –- using a still from the terrorist group’s video and a quote from the video message.

Using fear to forward a political agenda. I think there’s a name for that. I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Bill C-51 – From Fear to Law

On the very same day Canada’s MPs passed Bill C-51 France also passed their own set of conveniently prepared new anti-terror laws.

French Antiterror Bill Legalizes Political Police amid Apathy

The legislation, overwhelmingly approved by the National Assembly on Tuesday, is expected to be implemented without many amendments despite the strong opposition of various human rights groups. President President Francois Hollande imposed a fast track procedure on the bill which limits the time for debate in Parliament and restricts the ability for lawmakers to add ammendments.

It is this writer’s opinion that it is no coincidence that France’s bill and Canada’s both come on the heels of events with all the hallmarks of false flags. The Charlie Hebdo “shootings” and Canada’s “attack” on Parliament.

The playbook was followed as it was followed in the US following 9/11 in the form of the Patriot Act and the NDAA (The National Defense Authorization Act) and as it was followed in the UK following the London Bombings. The method is tried and true.

I wish I could say that there was still time to put the brakes on this bill. Unfortunately with the Conservatives well aware of their diminishing status on the National and Provincial stage they have nothing to lose. The Liberals, hoping to form the next government and needing to appear tough to the right leaning voters have gone along with this bill. They may even be hoping to make use of some of it’s provisions in the future.

In short…this bill will pass the Senate and will become law. Canadians, for generations to come, will pay the price.

“With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.”


Are you a Canadian citizen concerned about Bill C-51? Or do you think this is of little consequence? We welcome your thoughts on Bill C-51:From Fear to Law.

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