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ATS Exposed - Cointelpro ats-exposed-above-top-secret-censors-sandy-hook

Published on January 13th, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Sandy Hook – COINTELPRO

In this article we will expose one of the top conspiracy sites on the internet. Above Top Secret censors Sandy Hook threads, closes or deletes them and bans members who are leading great investigations in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, ATS Exposed -Cointelpro:

ATS has a lot of crazy topics, but you can actually find smart people with great minds on their board, depending on what forum you visit. Beware though if your IQ is above 70. They will target you. Two killers who were clearly mentally disturbed participated on ATS before their shooting rampage, we will cover this below. ATS Exposed will give you a little insight on who they really are.

Just yesterday, I received an email by a member who was banned after authoring one of the investigative threads regarding Sandy Hook – Who is Christopher A Rodia.



“I was a lurker on their forum for years. When I started to look into the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, I stumbled across one of the Sandy Hook threads and read eagerly what the members on ATS had to say. I decided to make an account, so that I could participate in the discussions. I authored the thread “Who is Christopher A Rodia”.

This thread started to get a lot of attention in a very short time-frame, 216 flags with over 1750 member replies. Meanwhile, SkepticOverlord and Springer send out mass emails with warnings to their members, opened posts accusing their members of narcissistic conjecture, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves if they are participating in the Sandy Hook threads.

They issued a warning that they will not tolerate this behavior any longer. Shortly after, most Sandy Hook threads were closed or censored as well as the “Who is ChristopherA Rodia” thread.



They banned me from posting for 72 hours after I questioned the moderator Neformore who closed my thread and moved it to the RATS forum (Not visible for members below 200 posts or search engines). After this, they basically made it clear to me that they didn’t want me to participate in the Sandy Hook threads any longer.


UPDATE: ATS continues to censor or delete Sandy Hook threads. They deleted the Mike Powers Sandy Hook Interview investigation thread, including various others.



I authored another thread about Symbolism and Free Masons, that also attracted a lot of attention in a short time and I noticed that it was the same 5 members, trying to discredit me and attempting to derail my thread. LINK



All clearly disinfo-agents with obvious names like CIAGypsy – Go figure. Above Top Secret Moderators removed a post that proved me right, as a TOS violation and banned me from posting again. Shortly after, I received notice that they were going to ban me for good, claiming I had created another account (which was not true) and that I was essentially not worthy of being a member.




There is an interesting article, explaining in detail how Above Top Secret is infiltrated with Masons:

“The Secret Society Network.” Notice right from the start, AugustusMASONicus, one of the many Mason shills who constantly monitor the site, comes to “debunk” me (with no sources) turning the thread into a “he said/she said” mess as they always do.

Anonymous exposes ABOVETOPSECRET

Anonymous speaks May 18, 2012:

ATS employs several sock puppets that use the same script. They campaigned against OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters catering to the status quo. They are giving special privileges over other members for a purpose. They keep the same working hours, and log on at the same time.

When threads were created accusing ATS of being a PSYOP, these same sock puppets and MODs showed instances of guilt. Without being named, they would post “I’m not an agent.” This is an instance of guilt. They resorted to ad hominem attacks, and would then derail the thread so it would get closed. That is when I baited them and logged their IP addresses. They are not members, however they all used the same IP address.

This was when me and a couple other members collaborated our findings. In one of the threads accusing ATS of being DOD funded, Mod neformore post banned me by going back and removing my previous comments in other threads under the “Off Topic” excuse. Anonymous sees everything.- WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE ARE LEGION. WE DO NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET EXPECT US.



Biggest ATS Puppets: Bknapple32, AugustusMasonicus, CIAGypsy, and the Site Owner SkepticOverLord decided to hide behind a member name Sconner755, to derail and troll every single Sandy Hook thread. This member would show up to do nothing more than derail and insult, and would quote SO derisive postings in many of his threads. He was either a shell profile…or a huge fan of SO. There are probably 100’s more, however these are the ones who participated in the Above Top Secret Censors Sandy Hook mission. IF you have participated in the 9/11 discussions, you will remember that ATS is doing the exact same thing with Sandy Hook.

Let’s go over the “Best staff On the Internet”: Supermoderator Neformore and SiteOwner SkepticOverlord have the same IP’s. Supermoderator DontTreadOnMe, Forum Moderator General Eyes, maria_stardust. They allow threads with which they disagree to get derailed by their sock puppets, they will remove posts that show proof of a claim as Off Topic, or TOS Violation and use it as a reason to ban you.

Sock Puppets:

Proudbird– Every Chemtrail thread
Hooper- 800+ 9/11 posts, no other posts in any category
Goodoldave-800+ 9/11 posts, no other posts in any category

There was also another username SkepticOverlord used, now deleted, exposed by a Supermoderator:

William (aka Supreme Skeptic Overlord)

Registered: 3-7-2002
Location Manhattan
Member Is Offline
Mood: eh


Registered: 3-7-2002
Location Manhattan
Member Is Offline
Mood: eh

William posted on this thread:
posted on 25-11-2003 at 19:48

SkepticOverlord posted on this thread:
posted on 25-11-2003 at 19:49

Let’s read the interesting response the Site Owner revealed in this thread:

SO:“Then you haven’t seen both me and William in ATS chat. Nice try Columbo!”

MOD:“Columbo says: “if you had a laptop and a desktop computer next to each other and logged into different accounts on both you could chat to yourself in ATS chat”

SO:“Or… If I had a laptop that ran Mac OSX, Mac Classic, X-Windows, and Windows XP all at once (I do), there’s lots I could do

ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Sandy Hook – COINTELPRO

ATS Exposed – this has been covered in great detail, after Above Top Secret started censoring people questioning the 9/11 event, and particularly a thread that proved an airplane never hit the Pentagon.

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn’t Impact the Pentagon on 9/11 – and Neither Did a Boeing 757

Some of you may have noticed that Signs of the Times was down three times today. This was a result of threats by Above Top Secret’s attorney to our website host. It seems that abovetopsecret.com finally could no longer stand the negative attention they were getting from our exposure of them as a probable CoIntelPro operation, initially in the form of Joe Quinn’s article

A former member posted this on David Icke:

They, ATS, are preoccupied with hacking, editing/blocking posters, and trying to cause computer crashes. As a former member I can vouch for Above Top Secret being government controlled. More needs to be said about that website before more unsuspecting victims are sucked in to it. I know of no other website that has over 50 moderators, all acting as damage control at the slightest hint ATS is anything less than what it claims to be.

Below are in-depth investigations into whether Above Top Secret may be COINTELPRO. The support for this claim is overwhelming.

Signs Under Attack! abovetopsecret.com EXPOSED!!!


Notable ATS Members



Another former member Boondocksaint, researched ATS and posted an article on AMKON. His profile and threads are deleted. Since this was revealed, all you need to do is post any link on Abovetopsecret from AMKON, it will get you banned. Excerpts from his post are below.

ATS current financial officer is Steve Melzer from Manhattan NY. His first name was left off which is Lawrence. Lawrence Steve Melzer is a Jewish Banker with direct ties to Israel. Steve does consulting work for Leumi Bank in Tel Aviv Israel and HSBC of London. Both have Jewish ties as well as royalty ties. Rothschilds have a share in HSBC. And Simon Gray had an affair with Katherine Rothschild. And are Jewish and Masons.

Simon Gray was actually a real person but it was not the person who was involved in ATS. The real Simon Gray died in 2008 at the age of 71. This Simon Gray also had royal connections. He had an affair with Katherine De Rothschild of the elite Rothschild Dynasty. Katherine was the daughter of Nathan De Rothschild.

This info was important to show the links between Simon Gray and the Rothschilds. Simon had a son by his wife by the name of Benjamin Gray who now works for Dept. of Homeland Security in the US. Benjamin Gray has connections to the OSO division of the Central Intelligence Agency within Dept.of Homeland Security. His expertise is counter terrorism and financial fraud and money laundering. He used the name of his father instead of his own to remain hidden behind the curtain.


I warned everyone over there that the place had been overrun with Socialist Global Unionists. — Doc Velocity

His threads and posts are deleted.


His threads and posts including profile have been deleted.

Whispers in the Dark

Whispers in the Dark is a big part of ATS history. S/he was thought to have correctly predicted the July 2009 Jakarta terrorist bombing and was accused by the site owners of hacking the forum to set the date of his/her post back to make it appear s/he was predicting these events when s/he actually wasn’t. There are several other members however, who swear they saw the post on this particular date. This is one of the posts in question.

Whispers —

Chaos on Capital Hill.
The football has been replaced by a dummy for the dummy.
Doves are fighting but hawks are regrouping.
The commander-in-chief takes a little time off. A trip. Out-of-the-hill. Just like before 9-11.
Who has the football? Why?

Rumors. Whispers. Fears.

Watch Jakarta.

Some Members of ATS went as far as contacting the FBI about WITD’s postings which led to an investigation.

The last of his/her posts revolved around the theme that Above Top Secret was part of a CIA counter intelligence program. The community on ATS became divided on the matter, and the forum owners had to respond. All of Whispers in the Dark’s postings have been removed by ATS.

Here are the WITD posts that SkepticOverlord doesn’t want you to see, they’ve been erased off the ATS servers. Dragonrider, who supported WITD and I believe even used to be a MOD has been banned. Interesting post shortly after the incident, that reveals Government IP’s, can be read here, and the entire thread for that matter.


John Lear

Even though the owners of ATS say he was not banned, he states :

“finally on following Sunday they allowed me just long enough time…and then I was banned forever” -John Lear

On that note, he is probably banned from posting, they did not ban his profile. John Lear is quite a Legend on ATS, so I suggest you go and read about him. However, I found an interesting interview from John Lear regarding ATS and COINTELPRO:

John Lear: ATS.com Above Top Secret Is A CIA Front

Be careful, ATS has not only been known to ban people for having an IQ over 70, if you post interesting conspiracy theories they may break into your house:


This user has not only been banned, but they removed his entire profile and posts on ATS.

About Living a Charmed Life – Thomas Henley


First I want to state very clearly a break-in to my home actually occurred and my computer actually was tampered with and it was absolutely a result of my posting and what I posted on ATS. I know this for a fact because it was a fellow ATS Member who both lured me out of my home when the break-in occurred and later admitted that my home was broken into and my computer was in fact tampered with as a direct result of him being able to lure me out of my home, so my home and computer would be available for that purpose in my absence.

This is absolutely no joke and I shudder to think what might have happened had I not actually taken the bait and been at home when the break-in occurred. I very well might be six feet under right now, or in jail for putting someone else six feet under for trying to intrude into my home during the wee hours of the morning.

I remained in private contact with Bill Irvine off and on for the better part of two weeks and the fact is that he knows the thread was not a hoax, and it was not a farce, and not only has he stated privately to me that a crime occurred but also banned the member Tristar who lured me out of my house so the break in could occur unmolested by me.

So why would Bill Irvine ban this other member within 48 hours of launching his own investigation to the Charmed Life Thread if he believed I made up the whole story to hoax or farce ATS? Answer: He wouldn’t.

Bottom line because the conspiracy originated on ATS and I made it clear I was going to talk about it on ATS and investigate who and all on ATS that might be involved, Bill Irvine simply did not want me on the site anymore.

While I know a bit more today about some of the people involved in the plot to get me off ATS, break into my home, tamper with my computer and attempt to run a psychological operation on me, I still do not know the exact make up or origin of this organization and who and what they may or may not be connected to. We may never know.

Another blogger wrote in great detail about how Above Top Secret censors content and it was even discovered that their I.P is hosted by the government. You can see email exchanges with SkepticOverlord, Mark Lawson and Simon Gray in the first link below.

COINTELPRO Above Top Secret

Above Top Secret Cointelpro Update 1 and Update 2 by Laura Knight Jadczyk

Lets look more into their connection to CONTELPRO.

1.COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum 2. Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation 3. Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist 4. How to Spot a Spy (Cointelpro Agent) 5. Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression. COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum.

COINTELPRO is an acronym for “counterintelligence program.”

A little off topic, but interesting nonetheless:

Murderers – Members on ATS – Above Top Secret


Jared Lee Loughner

Jared Lee Loughner is the gunman of the tragic Tucson shooting that left six people dead and wounded twenty on Saturday, January 8th, 2011. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the target of the shooter and got shot in the head, her condition is critical.

Investigation was started by a Reddit member in this post.

Profile on ATS: erad3

Last Visit: September 23, 2010.

His last post in July 2010 on ATS:

The green screen is great in the porno films! NASA can use the green screen to the advantage of faking the whole program. That is a pure green screen image! Everyone should wish on a falling star! What would you use a green screen for when creating a film?

His membership was discussed in detail on ATS.

His friend Zach Osler noted that conspiracy theories had a profound effect on Loughner, particularly the online conspiracy theory film Zeitgeist: The Movie, with which friends claimed Loughner held an obsession. He was a member of the message board Above Top Secret, which discussed conspiracy theories; members of the site did not respond warmly to his posts. Loughner espoused conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks, the New World Order, and beliefs in a 2012 apocalypse, among other controversial viewpoints.

Apparently nobody could answer his question:

“What is government if words have no meaning?”

Jeff Weise

Profile Weise on ATS.

Would you please try to be a little bit more considerate? BRB school shooting.


Jeffrey James “Jeff” Weise was a Native American student at Red Lake Senior High School in Red Lake, Minnesota, located within the Red Lake Indian Reservation of the Ojibwe people. He is known for having murdered a total of nine people in a shooting spree on March 21, 2005. He first killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s companion before going to the reservation high school, where he murdered seven more people and wounded five others.

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Sandy Hook- Cointelpro

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About the Author

Just a girl who owns the black belt in blogging and publishing. I have a passion for justice and people who are different than the majority. Normal people lack of creativity and imagination.

56 Responses to ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Sandy Hook – COINTELPRO

  1. woogleuk says:

    What a load of crap, ATS was trying to keep a civil discussion about Sandy Hook without people posting hurtful material.

    Just because you got on the wrong side of them does not give you the right to slander them in public.

    Grow up.


    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Really? It appears you haven’t even looked at ATS a little deeper…

      Hooper- 800+ 9/11 posts, no other posts in any category
      Goodoldave-800+ 9/11 posts, no other posts in any category

      I experienced it first hand, and 100’s of others, give me a break…

      You call this this slander? You’ve got to be kidding me. Go back to ATS and cheerlead for Springer, WannabeLord & Co

      • Oruval says:

        I was banned from the Daily Paul after losing my cool with shills there a cussing the site owner Michael Nystrom. You must always remember. The flack is always thickest when over the target. Great site BTW. You seem to have pushed off some big time ZOGS!

  2. GREENCOW says:

    Im beginning to wonder just how many of these so called freedom of speech sites are being run by the boys club( thats what I will call them).I have been observing another popular forum site and it seems the administrators or moderators are really turning nasty towards any new member who is finding new info on Sandy H. They seem to be restricting what you can and cant submit and were recently talking about ending the thread.One person submitted the Lanzas divorce papers and was hauled over the coals.Good thing was that someone posted something from this site and thats how I found you.Great site,and so much more information….

  3. shellgame says:

    The world would be a better place if ats were gone for good. I hope more people realize that the are compromised and stop playing the game. It’s a honeypot, and those in charge have admitted it on numerous occasions. Anyone paying attention can see that. Too bad about the real people who have integrity and are intelligent and informed.

  4. stephanie says:

    I have been posting on ATS for 6 years. I have recently left, for good. It took Sandy Hook for me to open my eyes to the fact that ATS is crooked and full of liars. SO’s post on Sandy Hook made me realize he’s a shill.

    All of the other shills over there can go to hell. They keep shutting down SH threads constantly so no one can talk about it. This should show everyone who posts over there that ATS cannot be trusted.

    • -swansong- says:

      Allow me to add my “welcome” to you, as well, Stephanie.

      I had lurked at ATS for a year or so prior to posting. It was Sandy Hook that finally spurred me to join. I don’t need to tell you just how surprised and disappointed I was.

      It seems that Sandy Hook is not the only topic that has been censored by ATS. I notice they are also censoring any threads involving the sovereign citizen movement.

      Initially it was merely a suspicion, but now, I am convinced that ATS has an agenda pushed by the very same people we are struggling to overcome.

      Again, welcome. Stay as long as you like. 🙂

  5. stephanie says:

    Oh and you can add FlyersFan to your list of disinfo trolls. There are a bunch of new disinfo troll names popping up in SH threads before they are 404’d too.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hi Stephanie, welcome to the “club”.. I’m glad your eyes were opened. Make yourself a home here. If you would like to contribute to our Sandy Hook category, and this is to anybody who was censored on ATS or elsewhere, contact me via our contact us form. You may also interact by commenting on the existing written content. We are looking for truth writers..no censorship here.

    • ShivaShidtz says:

      FlyersFan, A little while back I outed her for spreading lies and such. Spreading disinfo and spreading anti islamic statements. She had left for a few days because she was butthurt, then some how she became a mod.All her postes I outed her on were removed. The mods still attack anyone who does not agree with them. I am watching threads now that the mods are saying no Cheney never gave anytype of stand down order. They are promoting GMO as health food as well. Follow the money. Follow the money. Oh and Donation buttons up as well. ask about the media by out a few years ago , where they were going to get a tv show/ why Bill moved to AZ. don’t ask cause you’ll get it deleted and you can’t post for a while.

  6. subg88 says:

    There is no doubt ATS is cointelpro. if this article isn’t enough to convince you, keep looking.

  7. subg88 says:

    GLP, too

  8. Somebody says:

    Accidentally stumbled over this page in a Google search, had to comment that neformore and Sceptic Overlord are certainly not the same people. Not sure why you claim they are using the same IP, but one is from the states and the other England. I cannot comment on the rest as I know little more, aside from that they are different people and live in different places.

    Going by the above it is possible that your methods are fallible somehow and it has to be considered that some of the sock puppet claims you make may also be incorrect? Whatever the case truth is most important hence my comment, I wish you luck.

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Hi. The claim that neformore and overlord are using the same IP address was researched by anonymous. Not sure if you have watched the video.

      Regardless, the shutting down of Sandy Hook threads, the censoring, and the emerging of several sock puppets in said threads is a undeniable truth.

      Please check the posting history of the sock puppets mentioned, especially the more accomplished ones with 800+ posts only in 9/11 threads. Just a couple days ago, a shill was busted on another forum. News were posted on ATS in the early morning hours.

      Research by several forum members led to the CIA and the sock puppet script that was accidentally posted including .doc name was hosted behind a wall with the DOD.

      The thread was closed by Neformore and trashed within a couple hours, the information was also deleted on GLP, everyone who reposted it would find their thread deleted.

      Do your own research.

      ATS is full with sock puppets. Not only that but the research about the owners conducted by a former member were also really interesting.

  9. Pilot says:

    Kennedy it was DontTreadOnMe who closed the thread finally. I have screenshots of the post, do you have a screenshot of the google string with the eda site?? I can find it if you don’t.

  10. Kennedy Ray says:

    Sorry.. DontTreadOnMe and yes, just talked with you regarding the screenshot.

    I had him/her included already in the “Best staff On the Internet” highlights ..lol

  11. orkojoker says:

    I’ve also been post banned from ATS for Sandy Hook-related posts. Prior to my ejection I had several posts removed for “off-topic” and “T&C violation” – posts which certainly didn’t fall under either of these categories. I watched numerous Sandy Hook threads build incredible momentum only to be yanked in their entirety. Their treatment of the topic has absolutely convinced me that there is something going on at ATS. No doubt whatsoever.

  12. Pilot says:

    Yep orkojoker,
    it has never been more obvious than this. someday that place will be nothing but a shill circle jerk, if it isn’t there already.

  13. Big D says:

    I actually like ATS but its been getting very weird lately.

    Youre right about both Sandy Hook and Sovereign Citizenship.

    They’ve also started to censor posts on 9/11. You cant post or start a thread unless you have achieved a certain point level…

    Some of the “conspiracies” regarding Sandy Hook had to do with 1) parents being played by actors, 2) multiple shooters, 3) foreknowledge, 4) the alleged weapons used 5) and countless inaccuracies, lies and apparent corrections/cover-ups.

    All of a sudden, we cant discuss possible conspiracies on a “conspiracy website”???

    There was a recent thread trashing the sovereign citizen movement and plenty of people agreeing with the OP about how the movement had been “discredited”.

    It seemed to me that people weren’t even aware of what it was that they were agreeing with or were they just trolls pushing a certain agenda?

  14. Watcher says:

    Yet Again ATS Exposed: Above Top Secret Censors Boston Bombing Crisis Actor Thread


    • A says:

      This is a scary subject for me. I changed a lot of peoples minds on my social media due to FACTS. I started recieving weird threats. A couple of weeks later I was in a plane terminal and literally asked to touch a bottle that was sitting in the window. Turned out to be a bomb and the guy who asked me to touch it was no where around. Happened at Sky Harbor Airport and there are NO records of it. My dad is an airline pilot [captian] with top senoroity…. he cant find anything on it and he will be the first to say something is wrong and told me not to stay away from the topic. Its not worth mine and.my.familys lives. BTW.. off duty military on the flight. Boots, shaved head, kacki from head to toe but no fatigues or patches or anything

  15. Dodge says:

    Can anyone tell me who hosts ATS server?

  16. Jaymp says:

    Sheesh. Somebody got their carpet pissed on.

  17. archangelmichael2 says:

    Wow! I went to another forum about alternate history and anybody who isn’t an extreme Liberal or kiss their asses gets the boot pretty fast even if the conversation is decent.

    They claim to not support Genocide but 3/4ths of their posts is about extreme warfare and nothing peaceful ever emerging from it. Especially the WW2 section with pro Nazi posts and even posts questioning if the Nazis were the good guys giving fake evidence out of thin air pretending The Holocaust was no big deal.

  18. archangelmichael2 says:

    Hate to tell you guys this but the cat is out of the bag. The government is waiting for a cyber attack or some other false flag to create TWO internets. One for the elite and one for us that is censored. Of course the elite would be exempted just like the Obama Care they are exempt.

  19. noneya business says:

    ATS is in bed with the Rothchild! Victoria Katherine Rothschild & Simon James Holliday Gray

    The Above Network, LLC owns ATS , page 1 – Above Top Secret
    14 hours ago – The Above Network, LLC owns ATS. page: 1. 0. log in. join. trinityalways. posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 08:50 PM. link. Simon Gray and Spouse: Katherine … Rothchild

    from my ats email : Their disclaimer on the bottom right of the home page
    “The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.

    • noneya business says:

      Email from ats here: It was necessary to move a thread you created titled, The Above Network, LLC owns ATS , which was originally posted in the Rant forum, to the Trash Bin forum. tothetenthpower has initiated this action. If you have any question, simply respond to this private message.

      I posted an email back stating “do enlighten me who really OWNS ATS?”

  20. Brandon says:


    I created this thread in response to the moderator and sockpuppets demand for Sandy Hook victims’ privacy. Nothing was posted that violated ATS’s existing or recently modified T&Cs as far as I can tell, but they show up and prove that they are indeed covering up the truth. Thread locked with no reason given.

    Also received this for a post I made that quoted somebody else’s post that included a name which they decided needed to be censored:
    “A member of the forum staff, maria_stardust, has sent you a warning regarding your activity on the thread titled,
    The report on Sandy Hook has just been released by the state’s attorney’s office.. Your have been warned 1 times.
    Warnings are recorded, and each individual warning expires in three days (72 hours) from the time it was applied.
    If forum staff continue to warn you and you gain 5 or more warnings, a temporary posting ban will be enforced automatically.

    Individual warnings carry a points penalty of 500 points which have been deducted from your board total.
    Do not reply to this U2U.”

  21. Its a shill site. No doubt about it. I was a member there for 4 years and anytime an arguement broke out between fake skeptics and believers, the believers would get warnings and eventually banned, while the fake skeptics remained. Its a damage control site and the firehose feature proves it imho; it has all the threads that are active so the debunkers can attack them. The mods tend to play it neutral, a few of the lower ones start conspiracy theories on occassion and lend support to the believers, but the higher ones make it known that they support the status quo by trashing people like alex jones and david icke. The fake skeptics in general outnumber the believers by 5 to 1 on average, and there are also the controlled opposition type that say this yeah but not that. The owners to this day probably think 9-11 was done by alqueda and they even attacked Russia Today as propaganda this summer. UFO, area 51, secret society, political forumns all get trolled routinely by subject matter experts that have their debunking points enumerated in advance and parrot the official lines. Its a damm shame that the site has a really organised professional look but totally lacks substance. I have no idea why I remained a member there for so long. I finally got banned for supporting the remote control plane theory for 9-11 after it was moved to the hoax bin and I told everyone off big time. I simply could not take the BS any longer.

    • guest says:

      > I finally got banned for supporting the remote control plane theory

      That is actually the most credible “theory”, since WTC plane #2 had obvious structural modifications and executed a high-speed, high-G maneuver which exceeded the performance envelope of a civilian airliner. And whatever hit the Pentagon was not even an airliner – it was something smaller like a cruise missile.

      I know plenty of ordinary working class people who do not want to know if 9/11 was an inside job – but NONE of them are interested in debating or debunking conspiracy theories – they just ignore it. So when I see people working around the clock to discredit evidence which does not fit the official narrative, I know they have a hidden motive and a covert agenda.

  22. BTW every serious conspiracy theory with proof ends up in the hoax bin. They never tell you this in advance of course. You can have all the proof in the world and it wont matter one bit if the subject matter is too sensitive. The debunkers swarm like flies to shit attacking relentlessly until the moderators move the thread. You dont get banned the first or even second time, but the debunkers will tempt you to violate the TC quite often with their ridiculous replies. Eventually you do get banned though.

    Sure minor conspiracies have no problem at all. Just dont try to prove anything with the big conspiracies. The site is a pathetic waste of time. I dont plan on ever going back and consider their banning me a favor. Time for better boards that value CT, although I suspect all the big ones have been compromised to an extent.

  23. anonymous says:

    Semperfortis is running around closing all threads that discuss the content of the newly released 911 tapes that obviously don’t support the official story. I have never seen such obvious coverup and damage control, they aren’t even waiting for trolls to derail threads anymore.

    • guest says:

      When the state commission investigating 9/11 concluded in its final report in 2005 that American intelligence had no information about the terrorist acts that were being prepared, several people were outraged to the depths of their soul and broke their oath of silence: 20 months before the tragedy a list of individuals who potentially posed the greatest danger had been compiled. For reasons unknown to analysts, the top military leadership did not pass the list to the FBI for processing, and soon after, the mass of information obtained from the internet was ordered to be destroyed. When a few years later analysts, circumventing official channels, sent the information about Able Danger to the 9/11 commission, their evidence was ignored.

      The spring of 2004 saw the publication of a report from the US Department of Transportation’s inspector general that detailed evidence from ~15 air traffic controllers who had been tracking the hijacked aircraft. At mid-day on 11 September, immediately after completing their shift, they gathered in a conference room and, passing a microphone from one to another, described all the important things that they remembered. But the leadership of the New York Air Traffic Control Center did not make public either this cassette or the fact that it existed. On the contrary, some unnamed manager from the Federal Aviation Agency immediately appeared and confiscated the recording, smashed it, tore the tape into little pieces, and distributed all the fragments among various garbage cans around the Center here.


  24. Gene says:

    The masonic gangsters are thick on the majority of ‘conspiracy’ sites. Same tatic used on the ATS. I was there for a while, they tried to incite you for sure. Joshnorton is a tool deluxe. He accused me of tampering w/the Wikipeda story on Albert Pike.

    • guest says:

      The masons are not a unified entity and have been infiltrated like everything else. Pike is the last thing that you need to worry about.

  25. Col says:

    I got this a couple of days ago.

    This is an automated u2u message. A member of the forum staff, SkepticOverlord, has applied a posting ban because of your activity on the thread titled,Shocking evidence Hitler escaped Germany (click to review). Your status as a member of ATS is being reviewed by our staff. In the mean time, please review these threads:
    ATS Terms of Service
    Actions for general abuse and Terms and Conditions violations.
    They may help you understand the reasons for the action taken by our staff.

    Until we consider the issues under which your temporary ban has been applied, you will be unable to post new threads or post responses. Please do not attempt to circumvent the system by creating a new account. Your access to ATS will be permanently denied if you attempt to do this.

    This is a very large and active discussion board community. Very often, these situations are resolved amicably. Please have patience.”

    Guess they don’t like my facts on Hitler’s escape from Germany in WW2….Truth Hurts!

  26. geobro says:

    i used to be on ats until a ban by dont tread in me jeez those t&c especially when you post a picture in a thread called funny pictures but type in 9-11 WHAT TIME DID YOU HEAR ABOUT IT MY STORY I OFFERED skeptic overlord a $10.000 bet that i was talking the truth and it was deleted then some mods dissapeard weird green eyed leo never logged on again

  27. Col says:

    I complained my Sandy Hook thread got sent to the Ludicrous Online Lies forum and closed. Now I’m banned! Get this message when I try to access now!

    It looks like the either the content you’re looking for doesn’t exist, or there was something wrong with the URL you used.
    Sometimes we need to remove entire threads from our site because someone posted something they shouldn’t, and sometimes people used bad URLs. While we feel sorry for bad URLs (see the advocacy group at SaveTheURLs.com), we don’t feel sorry for people that post something that’s against the rules.

    Guess I pissed off the CIA guys….lol

  28. Portia says:

    I have not only been band–but they have blocked my IP so I cant even reach the site. They also have infected my computer with crap. Its a shame we cant discuss conspiracies on the internet–I guess we have to shift the discourse off the internet and into our every-day lives.

  29. Bryan See says:

    I first joined ATS in September 2012 as bryansee, three months I’ve got completely banned from Wikipedia by Boing! said Zebedee, on behalf of BatteryIncluded, via personal attacks and ad hominem (I was also banned from filing further appeals to WP’s BASC by AGK on behalf of them). Since then, I used ATS as my soapbox to complain about particular mistreatment and other things that happen in Wikipedia, especially the events around Russavia. There’s no conspiracy as I originally thought from the Encycopedia Dramatica article, but a mere obnoxious personal vendetta. My last visit is on 25 May 2014, as I’ve got banned. I think the same thing will happen when I join the David Icke forums to write about my experiences about the Wikipedia administrators and BatteryIncluded, who have became, in Geoffrey Liu’s words, evil and satanic beings who stalk people to their obvious fates, namely deaths, while denying freedom of speech. I hope activist group Anonymous will expose them.

  30. Hyacinth.BucketBouquet says:

    The deletion of the Mike Powers interview said it all.
    I guess SkepticLordBurthurt couldn’t handle a real expert.

    Some really nasty things (totally against ToS) were said by people using names like…SandyHookDad… SHMom, people claiming to live there or know people involved. But they were never banned or even warned!
    In their book it is not OK to question the possible over medication/big pharma aspects BUT it is OK for me to be repeatedly called retard because I have AS.

  31. Fenton says:

    I have been posting on ATS for a long time. (More than 5 years) I have seen the site change considerably in that time. I have had one thread deleted. Having said that, I still think that there is some value to posting there. The archived threads on the site are a treasure trove of information about 9/11 that are well worth looking at for a serious researcher. One tip would be to find a poster you like and then read everything they have to say.

    Things like “No Planes”, “Sandy Hook”, “James Holmes”, “Media Complicity in 9/11” are very dangerous topics, and now we can add “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev” to the list. These topics are very dangerous to the government and by extension, very dangerous to ATS.

    I have seen some good people banned by ATS because they couldn’t deal appropriately with being pushed around. They couldn’t not push back.

    I think people have to be realistic about the situation. We are living in times that are too “interesting”. The first casualty of war,they say, is truth. We are at war in our society with some very sinister forces. It is serious stuff.

    I don’t think the owners of ATS are sinister, but I do think they are under pressure. Let’s face it, the people running the US now are the sort who can wreck anybody if they want to, including popular website owners.

  32. bam bam says:

    look at the place now and it is a joke just like facebook , I bet it vanishes in a few years as the content of the site is rubbish now as most people have figured it out to be controlled

  33. Rob says:

    Amazing site, really appreciate the effort you put in! I am posting my experience on as many ATS censorship related sites as possible, so if this looks copied/pasted it is because I am currently pasting this onto as many sites as I can before I lose my focus! Here goes…

    A few friends of mine recently came across a similar form of ATS censorship. We liked the website due to it’s active nature, and every once in a while led to some interesting debates.

    What I am about to share will open up your eyes as to how far ATS has been infiltrated.

    My black friend was contributing to a thread about the black lives matter movement today. It was regarding a black lady who was very passionate about the black on black crime in her own community. She was trying to help her community, and my friend was also sharing his experiences as a kid growing up poor and black.

    He was belittled, harassed, and called a racist by multiple members and an ATS moderator.

    I replied to his comment regarding his story growing up, letting him know that I appreciated his input and to not give up. Withing 30 seconds my post was removed.

    The racist comments were allowed to continue however…

    Later on my friend posted a new thread asking why it was okay for people to attack him, calling him racist against blacks as a BLACK man, and his thread was immediately removed.

    Me and my friends opened up multiple threads that were either immediately removed, or removed within a matter of minutes. They ranged across general conspiracy forum, dreams and predictions, etc…all using generic language to try and get the thread moving so it would hopefully not get insta banned.

    Well within a matter of minutes all of our threads were removed, all of our posting rights were banned, and no reasons were given. In no way did we break any T&C rules, and the fact we were trying to expose ATS and its moderators obviously made them nervous to the point they felt the need to use instant bans.

    Luckily we all saved screenshots of the experiences and I will be posting them all over every single social media outlet available.

    ATS is going beyond covering up UFO/GOVERNMENT conspiracies, they are covering up member/moderator racism and bigotry and promoting anti-black movements under the guise of things like #blacklivesmatter.

    I realized that they were removing every SH thread a while back, but shrugged it off as maybe they were just sensitive to SH. I remember the same shills posting the same things on every thread trying to derail them. FlyersFan was a major player in that. They were originally a member, but after a successful career of derailing SH threads they appeared to promote her to moderator. It always felt wrong to me, and I sent a few messages to mods asking why certain people were banned/threads were removed. I guess I was just in denial that they could be as evil/corrupt as they truly are.

    ATS is beyond government controlled, it is racist/bigot/asshole controlled.

    I ask anybody who has ever had a similar experience of censorship to spread it across as many media forums as you can. We can’t let this continue to happen!

    • -swansong- says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words…and for sharing your experience. Hopefully others will find this article and your comments and think twice before engaging on that site.

    • guest says:

      ATS is going beyond covering up UFO/GOVERNMENT conspiracies, they are covering up member/moderator racism and bigotry and promoting anti-black movements under the guise of things like #blacklivesmatter

      The deep state has been trying to start a race war for years, to make the general public beg the government for protection, instead of opposing government corruption & coverups. Like when they killed MLK to divert attention away from the JFK coverup. In more recent times, far-right and far-left activist groups have both received “tip offs” to go to a certain place at a certain time to “counter a protest.” They were being set up and goaded into a fight. Then you have the occasional MKULTRA zombie on psych drugs being sent on a rampage with a race war agenda. That’s not a fad, it’s a program. Government is a magnet for sociopaths, and government officials routinely use false flag operations to advance their personal or political agendas. The Northwoods Memo essentially admits this, and nothing has changed since then because the power structure is exactly the same. So what you relate about ATS is just more proof that it has been infiltrated by psy-ops.

  34. VTR says:

    I’m sick of getting my posts erased because I’m calling a bigot a bigot or a shill a shill. Some can troll all they want while others like me get cornered till the account is blocked.

    We know the truth, deny ignorance my ass.

  35. Marcus says:

    Been posting since early in 2014, have written 200 threads and posted 4,500 times, have 1,600 flags, etc. I like that you CAN share information with some people who will hear it out, but it is definitely being run for a purpose and dissenting ideas/topics are immediately silenced or “scrubbed”.

    No longer will I put so much time and effort into that sketchy website. Thanks for sharing this.

  36. Dave Burke says:

    Jared Lee Loughner and Jeff Weise are both innocent, the crimes they are supposed to have committed were false flag operations orchestrated by the CIA. The fact that you believe Loughner and Weise are guilty is proof that your website is COINTELPRO.

  37. HnD643 says:

    ATS just shut down Pizzagate Discussion. Sandy Hook Censorship 2.0.

  38. AugustusMasonicus says:


  39. Indiana Joe says:

    And it is still happening. An agenda is being pushed there. I have no use for ATS.

  40. ATS Sucks says:

    They’re still doing it, nearly all of them , I was banned in june i’m still reeling from the fuckup of these supposed Operators abuse their power non stop. DontTreadOnMe just climbed the intel ladder up to super abuser op status along with Djarums Administrators. Clearly the jerks running it aren’t all there, AugustusMasonicus is another huge Sock Puppet Asshole fuckfaced SHILL that needs to be banned but never will be because it’s all fake fake fake.

  41. twitchy says:

    ATS was a decent site for a couple years. Around 2008 they sold out to god only knows who and started promoting moderators like ‘blaine’ and others that were anti-conspiracy and started actively and aggressively censoring material. During a Government shutdown, someone posted a whois that showed them to be owned and operated by the US Government. The thread was deleted and explained away as a april’s fools joke, but the whois was real, Myself and several others checked it out. The site is now pretty much so overmoderated, any real conspiracy content is either moved to a ‘hoax’ forum or an ‘LOL’ forum, or moderated into compliance with whatever agenda-du-jour uncle same wants pushed. I made the terrible mistake of returning there after several years and posted on a 9-11 thread, within a few minutes all I got was a 404 error page, they didn’t even have the cajones to ban me outright, after years of being a regular contributor there. Stay clear of that place, it is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS and unless you want your internet traffic monitored in real time by a gang of freemasons, mooks, and spooks, don’t post anything there.

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