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Sandy Hook Investigation

Published on April 6th, 2013 | by -swansong-


60 Minutes Sandy Hook: Gun Control

In the wake of the events in Newtown many family members of those reportedly killed, along with various other motivated Connecticut residents have made no secret of their unity to lobby for stricter gun laws and harsher penalties for those that breach them. Next stop for the Sandy Hook families…60 Minutes Sandy Hook: Gun Control.

Newtown Parents and Family Vow Lifelong Mission

In the 60 minutes Sandy Hook episode they took their crew to Newtown for the filming of these interviews scheduled to air on Sunday, April 7 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Newtown families 60min

A quick examination of the photo tells me I have no idea who any of the people in the back row are. 2nd row from left is Bill Leukhardt and Teresa Rousseau. Teresa is the mother and Bill is the step-father of Lauren Rousseau the recently hired, 30 year old, permanent substitute teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary. The one without a key to lock her classroom door thus causing her to perish along with all her students.

I wonder if Scott Pelley will ask Bill what it was like to be at the scene of the shooting all day in his capacity as a reporter for the Hartford Courant and not report on the day’s events? You’ll notice him in this photo from the Danbury Newstimes.

Bill Leukhardt LaurenRousseau

You’ll also notice that while Bill has one hand in his pocket he has the other one on what appears to be a mobile device of some sort. Bill has a twitter account and did make a few tweets on the 14th and 15th but he never tweeted about Sandy Hook or Lauren.

Interestingly enough, Teresa Rousseau is also employed by a media outlet in Connecticut, the Danbury Newstimes

Lauren, after years of working as a substitute teacher, — while working other jobs to earn a living — landed a permanent substitute teaching job at Sandy Hook Elementary School in October.
“It was the best year of her life,” said Teresa Rousseau, Lauren’s mother and a copy editor at The News-Times.

Next to Teresa Rousseau we have Neil Heslin. Neil, along with Scarlett Lewis (who does not appear to have accompanied Neil) were the parents of Jesse Lewis. I can’t help but wonder if Scott Pelley will ask Neil about his upcoming court dates where he’s facing trial by jury for several counts of fraud?

Neil Heslin Court Dates

About now you might be asking, “Hey, swanny, what kinda fraud we talkin’ ’bout here?” Why, financial, of course. Oh, and a few driving charges including operating a motor vehicle while disqualified.

The State of Connecticut is kind enough to allow us all access to their databases for various searches should you wish to see Neil’s pages first hand.
Connecticut Case Look-Up

Neil Heslin Charges

Neil Heslin Charges 3

Neil Heslin Charges 2

You’ll notice the last set of charges are even felonies. Hopefully Neil will still be able to join his compatriots on their crusade after the 15th.

Seated next to Neil is Nicole Hockley, one of the more vocal members of the Sandy Hook brigade and next to her, Bill Sherlach the husband of Mary Sherlach, former psychologist at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In the front row we have the parents of Anna Marquez-Greene, Jimmy and Nelba, next to them, Francine and David Wheeler the parents of Benjamin and then the parents of Daniel Barden, Mark and Jackie.

Some folks notable by their absence include Veronique Pozner, the Hubbards, the Sotos and of course, the Parkers.

60 Minutes Sandy Hook: Gun Control

We have updated the video to the full version of 60 Minutes Sandy Hook and you can view the entire transcript at the following link.

60 Minutes Sandy Hook Pt.1

60 Minutes Sandy Hook Pt.2

Update 4/8/13

I have now had an opportunity to watch the 60 Minutes Sandy Hook segment a couple of times and am prepared to offer a few thoughts. Presented in the order they occurred to me.

The very first ad on pt.1 of CBS’ online clip of this segment is from Pfizer. That might go a long way to explaining why they never even sniffed near the topic of prescription drugs and acts of violence. To be clear we have no idea whether Adam Lanza was taking prescription meds of any kind but it seems to at least be a worthy topic of discussion.

During Scott Pelley’s opening remarks he takes the time to note that 12/14 (the name by which most families are now referring to this event) when added together equals 26, the number of people Adam Lanza is alleged to have killed.

Without fail when some member of a conspiracy group attempts to apply neumerological coincidences into a discussion of this kind they are quickly written off as being ridiculous, irrelevant and superfluous. It seems an odd inclusion by CBS.

60 Minutes Sandy Hook Families

If you have followed my articles you will have noted that I spend very little time examining the reactions of parents and other participants. I have long been one who tries very hard to not judge especially as it pertains to situations with which I have no familiarity. The events in Sandy Hook certainly qualify as those with which I have no familiarity.

That being said I feel compelled to mention that up to and including this 60 Minutes segment I have not seen one tear trickle down the cheek of one parent or family member. Not one. Should that notation offend you be aware that I will happily amend that comment should anyone be able to provide me one photo or video clip of a weeping parent.

The thought was really driven home to me in a comment made by Jimmy Greene at the beginning of the program, “Everyday I cry.” He cries everyday but couldn’t work up as much as a sniffle during this segment.

The current purpose of this group of families representing Sandy Hook Promise is no secret. They are committed to influencing changes to gun laws in the United States and they are committed to keeping up the fight “for a lifetime”.

Make no mistake though, this is a group still evolving. They are a group with powerful political (and media) supporters who know how to massage and manipulate public opinion for their own purposes.

These comments from the Greenes made me wonder if they haven’t been advised to proceed with a soft-sell approach.

Nelba Marquez-Greene: At first, that was where my heart was. “We’ve gotta get– you know, let’s have a big bonfire and burn everything. Let’s burn all these damn guns. I have since learned that it’s a more complex issue than just saying, “Let’s ban assault weapons.” We’re looking for real change and common sense solutions.

“Real change” that goes beyond just the banning of assault weapons? One would think that the banning of assault weapons would go a long way to satisfying their desire for change.

Jimmy goes on to expand on this thought…

Jimmy Greene: When we talk ban and confiscate, we– it becomes a political argument. It’s so much bigger than a political debate. It’s so much bigger than Democrats versus Republicans, conservative versus liberals. I believe, in my humble opinion, this all transcends that.

Jimmy Nelba Greene

The comments of the Greene’s have the odor of semantical poli-speak, as though they were constructed by some Madison Avenue PR firm.

I don’t know why but I can’t shake the sense that there is a much larger agenda at play here. The families seemed very careful to moderate their comments regarding changes they’d like to see made but reading between the lines it seems like they might extend far beyond guns.

Scott Pelley: Is parenting part of this?

Jimmy Greene: I feel like there is a huge, huge gaping hole in the way that that child was parented.

David Wheeler: It’s more than a parenting vacuum as well. There’s a community vacuum here.

Bill Sherlach: We have this sense of complacency where it should be someone else’s job to take care of this. You have to worry about your community. You have to be involved.

I may be reading too much into these comments and if I am it may have something to do with some other recent comments. I don’t want to get too far off topic but you may find this quite startling.

MSNBC Host: Your Kids Belong to the Collective

College professor and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says your children are not yours – they are owned by the community.

“We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” says the professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna Julia Cooper Project on Gender, Race, and Politics in the South. Kids belong to whole communities, she insists, and once we realize this we’ll make “better investments” in government indoctrination of children.

Getting back to the 60 Minutes Sandy Hook segment Bill Sherlach is commenting on how he thinks that limiting the size of magazines for weapons is an important first legislative step.

Bill Sherlach: You can have a million bullets, but if you have to put them in one at a time, the ability to do any kind of real damage is significantly reduced.

Scott Pelley: The legislature has decided to limit the size of magazines in Connecticut to 10 rounds. The gunman at Sandy Hook was using 30-round magazines. I’ve heard the argument made, “You can change these magazine clips in these rifles in a matter of two seconds. So what difference does it make?”

Bill Sherlach: Well, I mean, there was one instance where it wasn’t two seconds. And it allowed 11 kids to get out of the classroom.

Scott Pelley: Tell me about that.

Oh yes, Bill please tell us about that. Unfortunately Bill goes on to describe how limiting magazine sizes makes common sense. I was very much hoping that Bill would tell us about the 11 children that escaped when one of Lanza’s alleged magazine changes stalled his progress.

To this point I had heard of 6 children that had escaped, then that number climbed to 9, now it has apparently climbed to 11. Perhaps if we all hope hard enough, over time they will all end up having escaped.

In answer to the questions I asked prior to the airing of this program…no they did not ask Neil Heslin about his upcoming trials and not only did they not mention Bill Leukhardt’s attendance at the crime scene on 12/14 they didn’t even introduce or identify him.

Oh…and I still have no idea who all the people in the back row were. I wonder if they will be accompanying the families on their next stop in this lobbying tour…the US Congress.

Sandy Hook Parents Coming to DC on Air Force One to Lobby Congress

Eleven parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre will fly to Washington with the president on Air Force One tonight following Obama’s speech in Hartford, Conn.

They are coming to Washington to lobby Congress this week to pass measures to combat gun violence.

“There is no more effective advocate than a parent who has lost a child,” a senior administration official tells ABC News.

The best tool for the job, as it were. And as with any good tool you can bet it will be used at every opportunity.


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