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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Kennedy Ray


Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: Conspiracy in Newtown

A Connecticut news blog posted an article that tries to clear Rodia’s name in the events that took place on December 14th in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. The fact that it was necessary to write a news article from a Connecticut blog, disputing some random blogger, just means that many people are questioning this tragedy. You’d think they would just ignore it if it was not related to the official story. Is there a conspiracy in Newtown?

The popular conspiracy site ATS has censored and closed most of the threads related to the Sandy Hook elementary shooting. I even witnessed bans and posting bans for members, who were leading great investigative threads regarding a conspiracy in Newtown. Someone was clever and remembered the license plate on the tow truck. Christopher A Rodia was first investigated there!

Read more on Cointelpro agents.

Police claims no conspiracy in Newtown.

“Greenwich Detective Vincent O’Banner remembers pulling Rodia over in that city around the time of the Newtown shootings. “I do remember that,” he said. “I gave him a verbal warning.”

I will post a timeline someone on ATS put together, so you can listen to it for yourself. His name comes back to the license plate. Many will argue that it is the other license plate that was run 5 Minutes prior. But this license plate was traced back by a member from ATS through a VIN number to a Porsche.

“The car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia, he said.”

Yes Newtown, Conspiracy!

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: Conspiracy in Newtown

Can Christopher A Rodia be cleared in regards to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting? A friend ran the VIN number of yet another license plate that appears in the timeline recordings, police recording video (1) on 21:58. Here is a screenshot of the car type associated with the license plate:


At this point we are not sure if he can indeed be cleared. It was about 20 seconds after 872-YEO was called on the police recordings. A cop comes on saying “I have run the operator and gives us Christopher A Rodia. Think about this:

Why do you give all that info over the police radio for a warning of a parking violation? Why does he give us back Christopher A Rodia’s name if he was supposedly driving his mother’s car? Shouldn’t her name be on the recording then? Sorry but it seems to me, they are just trying to cover their tracks. How you get a parking warning while you are driving? They said he was pulled over, he was not parked.

A member stated this: “In my short time in law enforcement, whenever there was an emergency, especially a massacre of this scale, there would be police radio silence unless it was to do with said emergency. I highly doubt that an officer would call in a parking violation, checking for warrants in the middle of a school shooting.

At this point we can not be sure if that cleared Rodia or not. A member name SmokingGun2012, who is also the member who provided us with the single recordings (thanks again!) takes the following notes:

1.) Lt. Vance has never heard of Christopher A Rodia but felt the need to talk to this reporter in the middle of an investigation, after he told all reporters he would have nothing else to say except what is released on the website.

Read this statement again from Lt J Paul Vance:

While the school shooting is still an active case, State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said there was only one shooter: Adam Lanza, 20, who took his own life at the scene. “We aren’t looking for anybody else — for any other person,” Vance said Wednesday, adding he has never heard of Rodia. The car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia, he said.

A judge signed an order stating the info in those warrants was to remain sealed. View them here. If that’s the case, then this police officer just violated the law by revealing info supposedly in those warrants. If in fact it is a relative’s car, like he says, he just got himself in a lot of trouble.

2.) He very well may have been just clearing a few things up for Christopher Rodia’s safety, but why would release information in violation of a court order and remind us that there is one and only one shooter? He is a well seasoned officer, why did he agree to be interviewed by a random reporter and make those statements?

3) Notice how he did not get a written ticket or warning of any kind? There is no paper trail to prove it happened. A verbal warning and this article is released because his name is on the internet and attached to this story?

Anyone else find these things odd?

In addition, a quick run of the tags or registration of the Black Honda Civic would have surely and instantly told police and law enforcement who the license plate belongs to.

“That disclosure and delivery of the affidavit would seriously jeopardize the outcome and success of the investigation by divulging sensitive and confidential information known only to the investigators and any potential suspect(s) and also identify persons who are cooperating with the investigation thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.”

Think about what it says. Does delivery of the affidavit ring a bell? I believe here is or still one or more suspects at large. There is still a whole list they need to explain in the Sandy Hook elementary shooting, and it appears they are back to the 1 shooter story, with Adam Lanza being the lone gun man.

I am very confident that some of these statements are absolutely NOT true. Here is a message a member on ATS received from a person that supposedly lives in Connecticut. Note that the member never heard back from this person regarding the car.

I was on the phone for a good hour with Lt Vance this evening, I’ve known him ever since I worked for the US Government (long since retired) and he was still a Sgt with the State Police, he’s an old friend and I trust him implicitly with my life if necessary. He is going to log in and run those two plates for me in the morning I’ll PM the info to you here, but you cannot under any circumstances say where the info came from, he made me promise that because this is still very much an investigation in progress, although he indicated that he is frustrated by the sheer lack of evidence information they are recovering.

Number 2: This is by no means an official statement but all of the departments in CT are on alert for a second suspect still, which lends some credence to the second shooter theory, the State Police are hesitant to put that information out as it would cause a statewide panic at a time that our state is still attempting to repair infrastructure and basic services to a good 90% of the state after two storms last year and Sandy this year. This could not have happened at a worse time for us.

I’ll give you some personal info on me, I live just north of Hartford CT, in a small subsection of Windsor called Poquonock, I spent many years with the US Justice Department and retired to become a (personal info edited out), which was my passion.

My only issue right now is how the families if they saw this thread would react to the blatant people that are calling them actors or liars and somehow they didn’t react properly.. I know that a lot of people in this state are still trying to comprehend it all.

NOTE: I responded to the message and asked that they must know already who the license plate belongs too:

Little bit of info that I got out of my conversation, Vance is not being told everything that’s going on, he is only the State Police spokesperson, Col. Dan Stebbins is the acting head of the agency, and he would be the one that hands out the bullet points, if HE knows who owns the cars etc, he is certainly not giving that information to Public Relations (Vance)

Think of it this way:

State Police Major Crime Squad answers to Col Stebbins, he writes up a summary to give to Public Relations (Vance) and PR goes to give the press conferences. If the information isn’t given to PR they don’t know it, and in Lt Vance’s case, he really doesn’t know much, indicated that only a small group of Detectives (Captains and above) are working this case.

As far as ME Carver, he is having his strings pulled by Dr Henry Lee, who is the acting Director of Public Safety for the State, and Governor Malloy, both of whom do not have the foggiest clue how to handle this. As such Vance is doing me a professional (and personal) favor as well as satisfying his own curiosity as well as he’s read this thread and is now interested.

While we do not know if this was a true statement, it sounds legit to us.

Other burning unanswered questions:

What is going on with the lack of video evidence for the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting? It needs to show Adam Lanza, how he shot his way into the school. They just had a new security system installed, and it was confirmed that you had to be buzzed in after they verified over camera who you are.

It took law enforcement and officials approximately 1 week before the Columbine shooters were shown on the school video surveillance cameras, with their weapons in the school cafeteria.

It is a FACT that ambulance crews were not only told to stand down, they were forced to stage far away from the school, the firehouse, in violation of all protocols in place for mass casualty incidents. They were never allowed into the scene, to check if anybody could have been saved. This a major red flag. Regardless of age or severity of injury, they might had a chance of being saved with proper medical care.


09:46Am – Recording at 02:59:”We got bodies here” (3)

Who is checking said bodies for vitals, and why aren’t they requesting more ambulances by now?

09:48AM – Recording at 05:11: “Might possibly need a second medic” (3)

Might need a second medic? So all of this carnage and they might need a second medic. Just maybe.

09:53AM – Recording at 09:50: “You’re going to stage with the EMS crews at Sandy Hook Fire Department” (3)

10:03AM – Recording at 20:06:“What is the number of ambulances you require? Response:”They don’t know, they’re not giving us a number” (3)
10:03, and not even a rough estimate for more ambulances. Heck, not even a request for one. So by 10:03, “they’ve” checked all of the vitals of all of the victims, and have concluded that they won’t need ambulances? Or is it by 10:03, they hadn’t even found the victims in the two front classrooms yet? I don’t understand…”They’re not giving us a number” – why not?

10:11AM – Recording at 28:16: “I got multiple ambulance personnel coming in now, can we create that staging area, command area, within the fire eh Sandy Hook School parking area?” (3)

10:12AM – Recording at 28:26: “Negative Newtown, any ambulances coming in will have to stage at Sandy Hook firehouse and we’ll follow up” (3)

They really don’t seem to want any ambulances near the scene. Or any ambulances period.

A member posted this: Ambulances were told to stand down, because there wasn’t a need for them. Unfortunately, the victims were shot multiple times. There were only 3 wounded patients that were evacuated to a hospital because the carnage was so bad that hardly anyone survived it.

1. Last I checked dispatches, the police on scene and any school officials that may have seen the carnage did not have EMT training, check every victim on the scene or have the ability to make that medical diagnosis.

2. Even if the ambulance was called 10 minutes after the initial call (overestimating) the fact they were called off so soon defies any ability for the most experienced and trained EMT personnel to make that call on 26 victims.

3. By every state law, only the Coroner or a licensed Doctor (depending on the state), can declare someone dead. That would be the only justification for calling off EMT personnel.

So tell me again how in less than (and I am being generous) 30 minutes the police on scene could legally declare all the victims dead?



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6 Responses to Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting: Conspiracy in Newtown

  1. swansong says:

    Fantastic work, Kennedy.

    It takes a great deal of fortuitude to stick with it through the insults and derailments…and you’re holding your own.

    Keep it up!

  2. Kennedy Ray says:

    Hi there my friend! Well this is the work from the entire ATS community including you :) I will dedicate a special column on your work soon! Thanks again for everything!

  3. Ben says:

    I think you’re on to something here.There is a bunch of bullshit surrounding this story.

  4. Mo says:

    Interesting view point. I watched the video and looked through all the links. My question is, what is the purpose of a fake school shooting? Are you suggesting that it was staged so that American’s would get behind a mass gun control policy? If that’s true, what is the purpose of the guy that blamed Israel? He works for the Iranian Government. Of course he will blame Israel, he’s PAID to do that. I guess I just don’t get it. You’ve done a lot of work here, so I’m hoping maybe you can help me understand why you believe “they” would orchestrate this shooting. And who are “they”? Thank you for your time and consideration of these questions!

    • Kennedy Ray says:

      Thank you for your comment. To be honest, I do not have a definite answer on why it was staged. The gun control policy, we will have to wait what actually transpires there. There are many theories on the “why” and “who”..
      I’m personally going to wait before I make any accusations, on the “why” and “who”. I’d like to have undeniable proof. This is the whole reason of this blog. Gather information and present the inconsistencies.
      Then we will see where we go from there.

  5. Marie says:

    Excellent questions and data – thank you for this. One of the first things that struck me as this news was breaking, was “Where are the injured?”

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